Mom’s affair with house owner



This is the story of my horny mom getting seduced and fucked by our house owner when his family members are out of town and struck at time of lockdown.

Hi this is vijay and am 22 years old.My dad is working in USA and we are from kerala.But now we are living in chennai as mom got a job there.My mom is velamma she is 42 years old.Mom got a job as supervisor in an company and so we moved to chennai.Must tell about mom she is so fair,pink lips,long haired milf.She is a typical malayali women.She maintains her physique by doing yoga.Her vulptous body make men go crazy on her.She had abnormal sized boobs and huge ass and her sexy navel make her a sex symbol.Her sizes are 38-34-46 and her melons are 38d sized huge melons and is ripen.

We seeked our family friend to see for a good house and he found a house in chennai but was little away from city and not of much but little remote place.The owner was Subramaniya iyer and he lived wity his family members wife daughters grandchildren and sons.He is 58 years old man.They are an orthodox family and we arrived the address our friend gave and me and mom went to his house.Mom wore a yellow saree which was little transparent and her sexy navel is visible barely.Her long hair with jasmine flower made her look like angel.We entered the house and rang the calling bell and a old women opened the door and asked who we are and i told about the rent home and she asked us to come in and wait for a while and we waited for few min.Then came the owner Subramaniya iyer he was 6’1 tall bald with big fatty belly.He came and addressed about us.Meanwhile i noticed something wierd that he was oogling over mom hot body as he saw her huge elevation over her chest.

After getting signed from agreement and payement he tood about the rules of his house and was bit orthodox.He has still eyes over mom and he was bit flirty with mom.Suddenly his wife came in and he now changed his attitude to be like a tough guy and he is a good actor accordingly.He asked us to come and see the rooms and we went along with him.It was ground floor portion for us and the bathroom was outside the house as its orthodox and but okk with that.His eyes were on moms sexy navel barely visible in that yellow saree.We now went to take all the goods from parcel service.And we started to arrange the things in our rooms.After some time mom boiled milk and its a traditional and she took some sweets and milk to the owners house and she left and she entered their house.Now owner came and got those things with him.And she left the house and came here.And it was before the covid pandemic the works were smooth and its goin on and i have got admission in delhi BE civil engi And i left home and was staying in hostel.Mom was alone here and she joined the job.Mom travelled to her office by bus or train and it was very rush sometimes and there were many romeos who will do groping in those crowds and everyday she would get in those encounters as men find her gorgeous maal and they try to get close to her and they enjoyed rubbing their dicks and some have touched her ass and rubbed it too.And when she walks around the street man will oogle her fleshy navel and huge melons.Everymen in our area have a lust over her and they will oogle whenever she comes out.

Meanwhile Subramaniya iyer have 6 children and all are married 4 daughters and 2 sons.Sons were in abroad and 2 daughters were in India and other Two are in Europe among those girl was pregnant and so owners wife and her daughters went to that pregant girl for during her delivery.So owner stayed here and every one left the house and they may come after few months.And it was at the time of lockdown and work from home was for mom and she stayed at home.I cant come home as the flights are stoped and nothing to travel.Now its some jackpot for the owner its mom and him alone in the house and he had other ideas for now.

As mom have work form home she stayed all time at home and the owner have a jackpot now.Mom usually takes bath at morning and due to lock down she now does all work and baths at noon.Owner have eyes over mom from first day on wards he was waiting for a good opportunity like this.One day he was reading news paper on balcony and he watched mom getting into bathroom and he was so eagerly waiting for such a chance to see.The bathroom door is not fully closed and only place one can see all things inside bathroom is balcony and he was waiting there with half eyes and now mom closed the door and she didnt noticed him over there and now mom removed her saree and he could see mom’s beautiful top over there and he was so happy to see such a beautiful.Now he has a hard on and now mom removed her jacket hooks and she was wearing a white bra and her huge cleavage was visible her boobs are locked inside the bra and in no time she removed her bra hooks and her huge 38g melons pooped out of her bra and he was shocked to see soo huge melons he opened his mouth seeing such a beauty.Now she removed her skirt and her milky thighs and sexy curvy navel was visible to him and he almost seen every inch of her body an now she removed her pink panty and he saw pink shaved pussy of mom and she was fully naked and he got a hard on seeing such a beauty for first time in life.What a treat for this old man.He wanted to suck those melons right now and bang her very hard.Now mom started to take bath and her mangalya sutra was inbetween her huge titties and few chains too she looks absolute like a sex bomb.she applied soaps and moisturiser all over her body and its a real treat for this old man.He watched everything from there and she didnt saw him watching.She almost took bath and she wore a towel that barely covers her ass and breasts and she went into the room.He now was on hard on and he went into the bathroom and jacked in view of moms nude body.Now he had other plans to seduce this hot maal and make her his slut and fuck her throughout the day still his wife comes home.

He badly wanted to fuck her today but he is bit afraid of her wife. But he had a plan he planned to lie mom that the cooking gas was over and so that he can get a chance to approach her.He waited till evening and then he went to our house and he rang the calling bell and mom opened the door.She was shocked to see him now.Now mom was wearing a white nightie and loose hair she loooked like a angel and seeing this he cnat take his eyes of her.She asked him to come inside the hall and she wlaked into kitchen to make coffee for him.While she was walking her huge ass giggled seeing this he had a hard on.Her long hair was also near the ass and it makes her so sexy.She have a cup of coffee and some sweets to him and the coffee was so much nice as like her.He enjoyed the coffee with the sight of mom near by him.His eyes were oogling over her neck amd boobs and her dress cant hide her huge melons and her huge clevage was easily visible to him and he was fucking her with his sight.Now he tole her about the cooking gas was empty and he wants to cook food here itself if she doesnt mind it.Hearing this mom told him ohh sirr why are struggling like this.If u have asked me before i would have done u all food stuffs.So dnt worry u can come and eat whatever u want.I will do it for you.

And she told him to wait for dinner here and she would fresh her up and do the cooking and she took the dress and towel and went to bathroom.Now he followed her and she went into bathroom and she removed all her dreess and now she is fully nude infront of him.He was very hard seeing her entire beauty very close but yet it was dark and he couldnt see it properly and she finished the bath and he somehow came into the house and he was waiting outside for her and mom wore a small towel that barely covered her huge mleons and huge ass and half of her body is easliy visible to him and he cant take the eyes of her body and she noticed him oogling at her hot body and she some how covered with her drees and came into the bedroom and changed her dress.Now she prepared food and she asked him to take food.The food was so delicious as her and he was so impressed with her cooking and he praised a lot about her cooking skills and both ate the food.

Both mom and house owner became close and he enjoyed her delicious foods and her sexy curvy body every day.But he badly wanted to seduce and fuck her.Eventhough he watched mom bathing nude he badly wanted to fuck her hot body.One day morning mom was cooking in kitchen and he came to our house and rang the bell and mom came to open the door and she opened the door and he noticed mom was wearing a white nightie and her huge melons were giggling inside.Seeing this he had a hard on and he wanted to squeeze them so hard but he cant do it.But that day was his jackpot when mom came to the kitchen she slipped on the watery floor and fall down she shouted ohhh and she was hit on her back and her ankle was spraine.Hearing the sound uncle came and he helped her to stand and uncle was so happy for this chance and mom’s soft body was in touch with his shoulder and he was feeling so good.He grabbed mom hand and it was so soft and she fell on his shoulder and her soft boobs pressed him and he was so hard on and he wanted to fuck her now itself.He now took her to her bedroom and now he asked her where the pain was and she told him that i will manage it just take that pain relieving spray and he told her no problem velamma i will help u get rid of this and now he went to his house and brought back some oil and he told her that i will releive her pain soon.Now she told him thank you and he asked her where is the pain and she told i dnt want to bother u i will put it and he told dnt worry i will help you.And mom lifted her nightie and he could see her sexy milky legs and he wanted to kiss them and now he put the oil over the ankle and it was so painful for her and his hard arms touching over her joints made her some better and she closed her eyes and he just enjoyed touching her hot legs and then he asked her where all the places pain is in and she told him she had pain over back and she will put it later and he told her dnt worry i will help u and this lock down times u cant go to hospital and if u leave it will cause serious problems later on and mom said okk and she told pain is in her back and hip.Now he had smile over inside and he told her to lift her nightie so that he can apply oil over there and mom was thinking for a while but she had no ideas and now she lifted her nightie and she was wearing a short skirt and he could barely enjoy the view of her sexy thighs and he saw her sexy navel with some curves and he applied oil over it and mom was shouting in pain and he went on pressing her back and she closed her eyes and now his hands pressed all over her back and he enjoyed it.Mom was too releving her pain and he slowly pressed her belly too and mom didnt stop him.Now he inserted his hands over her back and slowly pressed over there and he pressed her side of her left boobs and he could feel her soft boobs of mom.There is no sign of resistance from mom and he slowly pressed her boobs too and with other hand he pressed her thighs too and now mom shockingly opened her eyes and saw him pressing her boobs and she shouted what are you doing and he was shocked and told her am sorry i was carried away as uour hot body made me so horny and mom understood his nature and now he told her vela you are so beautiful and your body wants some good sex.I can understand from your body language and i cam help you out of it and i will make u satified if u allow me to fuck you.Mom was shocked to hear and told him we both are married and we have family and what if we get caught.He told her nothing to worry it will be secret between us both and i will nake u enjoy every second if u agree.Mom thought for a while and she said okk to him.

He was amazed and cant believe that this was his day he wanted and now he rushed near her and now mom had fast heart beat as a man other than dad is gona fuck her first time.Now he started to kiss her lips so passionately and she was aching for this long time and she too enjoyed it and he hugged her so tightly and his hard tongue went into her mouth and he sucked her juices and bite her pink lips too.Now he started to smooch her and he pulled her over the bed and he kissed her neck ans mom was enjoying it a lot and now he removed her nightie and he was amazed to see her huge 36g melons locked inside her bra and now he removed her bra hooks and her huge melons was partially hanging and is so huge was infront of him and her areolas are so dark and huge like a circle and her nipples are so big like grapes and he started to squeeze them so hard and now he removed her skirt amd her sexy fatty ass is giggling and he just smacked them with his hard hands and now mom was wearing a pink panty and he removed it and now he could see her pink pussy which is so wet and shaved and it was so beautiful to see.Now mom was completely nude infront of a man other than dad for first time and he was amazed to see such a beautiful maal for first time he said wow vela u r so beautiful babe and i want to enjoy your beauty by every inch by inch.Hearing this mom smiled at him and told am yours and you can do anything u need.

Now he smiled at her and now started to remove his shirts and she could see her huge fat belly and hairy chest.Now she noticed a huge buge below his belly and now he removed his tracks and mom was shocked to see his huge thing inside his boxers and now he removed his boxer and mom was amazed to see his huge cock.Its 9 inches long and so big is size and fatty cock and so thick.She was amazed how could this old man pack so huge cock.Its erect and rock hard and his testicles are so big like a cricket ball.Now he stroked his cock and now he came near her and started to suck her huge melons like a baby.And she was amazed with pleasure and he sucked her nipples so well and hard and he bite them hardly.She was moaning with pleasure and he went on sucking and squeezing her melons so hard and eagerly like a teenager.

He went on sucking and squeezing her melons for 30 min and he manhandled her melons so hard and now he sucked all over her navel and kissed her armpits too.She was enjoying a lot.He now stood on the bed and made her to kneel and he came near her mouth.He unplucked her hairband and her long hair fall down and now he stroked his cock and removed his foreskin of his cock and asked her to suck his dick.Mom took his monster cock in her hand and she was amazed to see his huge cock and how it will fit inside her not well used pussy.Now she started to lick his cock like a ice cream and his precum tasted so well and she became mad like a slut.She took his whole cock in her mouth and sucked it like a whore.After few minutes of sucking he took out his cock mom sucked and licked his balls too.Now he started to kiss her lips so few minutes and played with her boob.After some play he went in bey her thighs and started to lick her cunt and her pussy juices made him mad and he started to lick her cunt so nicely.He inserted his finger inside her pussy and lick her cunt so well and mom was filled with lot of pleasure and she started to moan louding ahhhhhhhhhhhhshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooh and his hard tongue just licked and sucked her pussy and labia.He bite her clit and her pussy is now on fire and she was squirting like a pipe and he sucked her juices.Now her pussy is all set to be fucked and now he jumped over her and started to suck her titties and now he pressed his cock inisde her cunt amd his cock eased into her pink pussy.Though married very long time dad fucked mom since i was child and after very long years she doesnt get fucked well.Now his cock went into her pussy and started to drill and he sucked her nipples so hardly.Mom was filled with lot of pleasure and she hugged him so tightly and he went so deep into her pussy his huge cock just tored her pussy and went so deep.Eventually he increased his speed and he just started to fuck so hard his balls hit over moms thighs and sounded tap tok tok tok tok tok toktoktoktaptaptaptaptap and she was moaning very loudly ahhhhhhhhshshshshshshshshshshshshshooooooooooohhooooooooh and she was squirting like hell.Her pussy juices were flowing out and it eased his cock and it went so deep into her pussy.After 10 min of fucking he changed his position to cowboy and now mom sat over his thighs and she fucked his huge fatty cock and he sucked her boobies so well and his cock went so deep and after 10 min he fucked her in side ways position and his cock hit her gspot so many time and she was squirting a lot.She was enjoying with lot of pleasure.Now he was about to cum and now he made her in missionary position and pounded so hardly now his body was trembling and shivering he was grunting in pleasure and he squeezed her melons so hardly and he kissed her lips so hard and now both came together and he deposited a huge load of cum into mommy fertile womb and she was filled with satisfaction of her life and now both kissed and cuddled for some time.Mom has got the fuck of her life.

After some time of cuddling he started to suck her boobs and told her vela i wanted to do it when the day i saw u and i love you so much.Am gifted that u are my second wife now on.Hearing this mom smiled at him and kissed him affectionately on his forehead and told am always yours my dear.Now he started to suck her boobs and bite her nipples and now his cock is hard as a rock and now he made her sit on his lap and she started to fuck his cock in cowboy while he sucked and squeezed her melons.His cock hit her pussy so well and he fucked her for 15 min and now he made her in doggy pos and started to fuck her so hardly this time.His cock went so deep inside her pussy and he plucked her hair and pounded her pussy so hard.She was moaning very loudly ahhhhhhooooooh and his cock went so deep and it hit her gspot so many times.She started to squirt and now after 10 min of hard fuck he was about to loose his nut.Now he inserted his cock into her little assholes and mom told no its toobig for my asshol and he told no baby i will take care and he spit his saliva into her ass and inserted his huge dick into her tiny asshole and it was so tight and he stretched it with his finger and she was screaming in pain and now he inserted his dick into her tiny asshole and only half of his cock went into her asshole and he slowly increased the speed and he was about to cum and now he inserted his dick into her pusssy and pounded so hard and released another huge load of cum inside her fertile womb.Now her pussy is filled with lot of sticky cum coming out and now he made her to suck his cock and its still hard on like a rock.She sucked it like a pro slut and its again ready for next round.

Now he made her lie on bed and raised her legs and placed on his shoulders and now inserted into her assholes and fucked so nicely slowly and it stretched it so well and good she could feeel the heat of cock inside her anal hole.After 10 min he took her in his huge arms and fucked so hard.His cock drilled her pussy so well and now he made doggy position and started to fuck her so well and good his cock went so deep and she was enjoying a lot like a whore and she could feel the heat produced inside her womb by his huge cock and after 30 min he was about to cum he inserted his dick into her ass hole and now entire cock went into her asshole and now he plowed her ass very hard and spanked it with his huge arms till she shouted in pain and her sexy ass became red and now he released another load of cum into her anal hole.Now bith looked tired and took some rest and he kissed her and cuddled with her.

Aftersome time they went to bathroom to hit the showers and both cleaned their bodies and he again got hard and now fucked her in standig position so well for 25 min and he now rel his load in her mouth and she drank it like a pro slut.Now both cleaned and came back and now mom went to kitchen naked and he too followed her and she cooked some food and he too helped her and he was spanking her huge ass and after meal they again fucked in different positions and the whole day till morning he fucked her many times and released his nuts into her pussy and other holes.Mom got the fuck of her life.He stayed in our house and he fucked her everyday and night and it continued for a month.Mom found her periods was missing and he gave some pills from medshop and she used it and again she got her dates.Though she was bleeding he fucked her assholes and ripened it.And now its 10 months of lock down they stayed together and fucked.They had fun of thier life.Mom has missed her periods 5 times and she was on pills.Now his wife came back and its very rare for him to fuck her and i also went once to see mom.Whenever he gets chance he fucks her well and satisfies her urges.They are stillhaving affair and enjoying fucking…

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