Modern Family – Lack of Love. Sex diary



Sylvia is a hot MILF and she got by accident into a rough affair with Michael. Because Michael seems to be a good guy and because Sylvia has daughter named Katin who is just 3 years older than Michael, Sylvia suggests to meet her daughter Katin. Somehow Sylvia feels Michael would be a good boyfriend for Katin.

Chapter: Join The Love Place

Introduction Part @ Meet My Love Ones

# Sylvia: “Katin Sweetie, be ready when you meet Michael!”

Sylvia knows that Michael isn’t looking for a girlfriend. She also knows rough and degrading sex is very important for Michael. Therefore Sylvia tries to get a romantic dinner between Katin and Sylvia and same time she promises to Michael an rough but happy end for him. In this regard, mother Sylvia briefs daughter Katin best she can and is ready to support in their first date best she can. Sylvia has a good feeling when she needs to support with her sexual experience. In fact, Sylvia is highly motivated to do everything to get a romantic dinner with happy end going.

# Michael joins nervous and well dressed the mother-daughter-session

The door to Sylvia’s house is open. I enter the house, but I am not sure where to go, when a voice appears to me “Come upstairs Michael!”. It seems to be Sylvia. I am not sure if she is still alone or already with her lovely daughter. When I go upstairs, my nervousity increases step by step. By the way, I just wear a business shirt as well as tight jeans and shoes

# Such romantic atmosphere

When I am coming upstairs and enter the first floor, I see the first floor softly lighted by candles distributed everywhere. In the middle there is a table places with plates, glasses and a big candle direct in the middle. This candle isn’t lighted yet. Moreover lovely and romantic Italian music is playing in background.

# Mother Sylvia and daughter Katin present them in same dress

The ultra hot MILF Sylvia is appropriate dressed with a black blouse, black and short skirt and black shoes with high heels. Sylvia is standing in front of the dinning table and lean over it in order to light the last big candle in the middle of the table. Just lighted, she looks left side over to me, smiles and tells me: “Hey Michael, come over to me!”.

I move over to Sylvia and look unsure when I ask her with surprised voice: “Where is your lovely daughter Katin?”. Just spoke out a voice surprises me from back. I turn around and there she is. Katin just stands on the highest step and leans against the left handrail. She obviously took the way, where I came from few seconds ago. Lovely daughter is dressed same as her mother with with a black blouse, black and short skirt and black shoes with high heels. She looks like her mother, jus a bit smaller but she is equipped with a bigger ass and bigger tits.

Katin just smiles at me, says nothing more. Next I notice hands on my left and right hips coming from behind. I look sideways over my left shoulder and recognize Sylvia’s face in front of my left shoulder. Sylvia leans left to my ear and whispers from behind: “How does my lovely daughter looks like?” and I answer with nervous voice: “Fantastic!”. Katin smiles even more and says: “Thank you, Sir!”. Sylvia interrupts and tells her daughter: “What did I tell you?” and Katin answers: “Sooorrryyyy … I mean Thanks Michael!”.

Katin keeps her smile and we keep eye contact to eachother. Then Katin leaves her leaning position on the handrail in order to come closer to me. Still, we keep eye looking eachother. Now, I am getting even more nervous. Katin arrived in front of me and we still keep looking into our eyes without any disruption.

Suddendly, Sylvia comes beside Katin and me in order to handover a glass of vine to me first and then to Katin. I didn’t recognise that Sylvia moved away and picked up so quick two glasses vine for Katin and me. Anyway Katin and I take the glas of vine each and I still keep eye contact with Katin. I cannot say I am looking at Katin because I am too nervous to look away or if I really like to look at her.

Spit Part: @ Sweeten My Wine While We Get Naked

# Katin: “Sweeten my vine, Michael”

Katin and I let the glasses filled with vine meet with eachother and we hold our glasses taht way when Katin adds: “Thanks for tonight, Michael!”. Katin smiles and hold her glass still that way. Then I move my head over her glass, look down and move my lips to a kiss mouth to let drop some spit into her glass of vine. Still Katin let the glass same position, which encourages me to let drop even some more spit. Keeping my head over her glass, I move my head up and come back to eye contact with Katin again. To my surprise, Katin still smiles, even I dropped already 5 or 6 spits direct into her glass of wine. Sylvia is still beside us and motivates me: “Oh Michael, that is so romantic sweetening the vine of my daughter!”. Moving my head back I add: “Cheers!” and Katin replies by “Cheers” while she is moving her glass of vine to her mouth and keeping eye contact with me. She drinks some of the wine mixed with my spit.

# Katin: “Keep sweeten my wine while I rip off your clothing by teeth only”

Finished our first slug of vine, Katin holds her glass left side of her in order have some space to lean forward to me. Next Katin opens first buttons of my shirt, but only by teeth. First button opened, Katin moans for pleasure and moves down to the next button. Piece by piece she opens my shirt only by teeth ans she keeps moaning in between. Meanwhile I use the chance to spit few times into her glass of wine again. This time I not just drop spit, I spit in into her glass with purpose. Katin recognises my glass filling, because some spitting not quite hit the glass only, also drops down on her hand. Therefore Katin keeps the glass where it is and tells me: “Thank you Michael to spend some sweetener for me!”. Sylvia looks at the glass too then moves her smile direct to me and adds: “Oh wow Michael, this is really kind from you to sweeten the vine of my daughter again! … Katin, just be respectful and take a slug again!”. Katin does before she continues with opening my shirt further. It takes some time till she gets the shirt opening this way done, but it is worth is. Shirt opened, Katin goes down on her knees in order to open my trouser by teeth as well. She keeps the glass all time hold up to let me spit further into it. Trouser open, Katin is looking on it and is spreading my pants apart and letting my full erected cock out of its cage. Katin is not pulling down my pants yet. When he jumps out she just add: “Oh my goodness!”. When Katin is in front of my dick still wondering, Sylvia is behind me and helps me out of my Shirt first and then out of my trouser.

# Sylvia: “Katin let me undress you while Michael keeps sweeten your glass of vine”

Sylvia takes Katin by hand and let her stand up again. Then Sylvia steps back few steps from me and lead Katin with her. Katin isn’t just moving away, she is dancing away, moving her body very sexy to the Italian music. I recognise Sylvia having a scissor in her other hand. Before I can even ask, Sylvia already uses this scissor and cut blouse first during Katin keeps dancing and looking to me. Meanwhile I try to hit her glass of vine with spit from where I stand. Mostly I hit the glass of vine outside and Katin’s hand. I am too far away, to add some spit into the content of the glass itself. Then Sylvia cut off her skirt next. Now Katin presents herself into her underwear to me. She wears a black fishnet shirt and a suitable underbutt hotpant. This dress is very suitable for girls with big tits and big ass like Katin has.

# Michael: “Let me dump my glass of vine over Katin”

Katin comes back in front of me again and I say “Cheers” when our both glasses of vine touch eachother again. While Katin drinks and keeps eye contact with me, I spit into her face. Unimpressed Katin keeps drinking and it follows a second spit by me which lands direct on her forehead. The spit drops from her forehead direct into her glass, but she keeps drinking till the glass is empty. When she finished her glass of vine, I didn’t even touched my glass of vine this time. That means, I still have some vine left, which I right away dump over Katin’s face. Katin doesn’t say any word, just stands there and may wait for more, because she let her eyes closed, after I emptied my glass this way.

# Dealing With Emotions

Katin handled the spit in her wineglass and her face very well, but it looks like the dumped glass of vine over her face may getting too much right now. Because Katin looks at me without any face expression, I can not tell if she is upset or may frighten to say anything. I guess emptying my glass of vine over her face may a little to much for her. It looks like she deals with herself in order to swallow down the emotions just appeared.

Spit Part @ Romantic Dance With Me And Spit On Me

# Katin: “Dance in romantic way with me”

Sylvia takes off the both glasses of wine from Katin and me. Katin opens her eyes again, because she gets surprised by this unexpected take off by her mother. Katin looks to her mother, who is smiling back at her. But Katin still looks without any face expression. Sylvia adds: “My little girl, don’t be upset!”. May a good idea to pick Katin up from the place where she is right now. Therefore I take the lead by taking her hand and ask her: “Do you want to dance with me?”. Right away Katin moves her face to me, smiles again and replies to me: “I would love to dance with you!”. Just the spoke sentence shows me Katin okay again. My left hand took Katin’s right hand already, so I just stretch along out our both hands to left side. I take my right hand to position her around Katin’s hip and Katin positions her left hand around my hip. Then we start dancing to the Italian music playing in background. Katin still wears her black fishnet shirt and the suitable underbutt hotpant. On the opposite I am fully naked and press my full erected dick against Katin while we are dancing. Katin is smaller than I am. In fact her head ends at my chin. Therfore my full erected dick is touching Katin’s stomach all time while I dance with her. She likes my dick touching her this way, I can tell.

# Katin: “Spit into my face, while dancing romantic”

Without any announcement, I form my lips to a kiss mouth again and let drop a spit from above into Katin’s face again. In fact my first spit lands on Katin’s forehead and then flows down into her face. She let it happen, but her disgust is obvious. Next spit follows same way. I just getting comfortable to spit on her forehead continuously this way when Katin’s disgust let her face go lower. In fact she even looks down to my full erected dick now to get away from this spitting. That way I cannot reach her face with spits anymore. Sylvia see it and appeals to her daughter right away: “Hey Sweetie, what are you doing? Look up to Michael!”. Of course Katin does it immediately, even she doesn’t want to. Face up to me, but she let her eyes closed. I get my next spit ready by drawing him from deep out my stomach. It takes a while till I get up into my mouth. Katin still looks up to me with closed eyes when I do this. Her face expression shows only disgust even before I spit. Then I spit with purpose direct into her face that even her hair flies away. Katin’s reaction is obvious: She gags two times but keeps her face up to me. Anyway Katin’s and mine hands keep where theye are and we stay dancing.

# Sylvia: “Michael, don’t forget her beautiful eyes!”

Mother Sylvia is beside us again and tells her daughter Katin: “Good girl, I am proud of my little daughter!”. Katin keeps her head this way and still let her eyes closed. Sylvia goes behind her daughter and spread her eyes open by stretching her thumb and forefinger, while she is telling her: “Open your wonderful eyes for Michael!”. Of course the eye open forcing by Sylvia makes it impossible to dance further. Therefore we just stand there, but Katin and I keeping our hands as they are. My left hand and Katin’s right hand keep stretching along out to left side. Still my right hand holds Katin’s hip and Katin’s left hand holds my hip.Her stretched eyes invite me for an eye spit, which I let drop down this second. After the first spit lands into Katin’s left eye, immediately she tries to turn her face away. Sylvia brings her daughters face back looking up to Michael by her placed hands. Then she tells her daughter: “Keep your head straight and eyes open!”. She knows that she has to do it, therefore she is nodding. Sylvia not only witness, she even takes the chance to spit into the eyes of her daughter as well. Sylvia takes care of spitting into the right eye and I am spitting into Katin’s left eye.

Slap Part @ Slap For Wrong Step

# Michael: “Dance in romantic way with me again”

When Sylvia and I dropped about 10 spits into Katin’s eyes each I tell Sylvia: “Let’s dance again!”. Sylvia get off the back of her daughter Katin and I start dancing again. Easy to start again because our hands as still the way they are before. My left hand and Katin’s right hand keep stretching along out to left side. Still my right hand holds Katin’s hip and Katin’s left hand holds my hip. Katin moves with me again.

# Pussy Slap For Out Of Step

Because Katin get out the step, Sylvia kneels behind Katin and looks between her legs down to Katin’s and mine feet. Every time Katin does a wrong step there is a slap with the edge of her hand right up her pussy. Sylvia slaps her daughter’s pussy from behind in order to get her back in step. After some more pussy slaps with the edge of her hand, Sylvia change positions in between. Therefore she kneels behind me and looks between me legs down to our feet again and gives Katin some more pussy slaps, when her feet get wrong again. Anyhow brave Katin keep dancing with me.

# Come down for Face Slap

Katin catches so many pussy slaps from her mother that Katin is disappointed again. In fact she gives some inappropriate comments to her mother. Of course Sylvia doesn’t take it as her mother and requests from underneath: “Hey Michael, send me Katin down, I want to punish her face!” I tell Katin: “Go down there and grab what is waiting for you!”. Katin goes down in squat position and get face slapped by her own mother. Slapped face Katin come up again and dance again. Dancing again is working fine.

Michael: “It looks Katin quite handles slaps better than spits!”

During Sylvia keeps Katin slapping her pussy with the edge of her hand, I use the chance to drop some more spit on forehead Katin which flows down into her face.

Rub Part @ Rubbing Belongs To Dancing

# Dancing: Ass on Ass

After some more moves, I turn around and try to rub my ass on Katin’s ass. Katin gets it and answers by turning around as well and pushes her big ass back as well and tries to rub my ass as well. Unfortunately Katin is smaller than I am, therefore our cheeks don’t match quite well. Sylvia gets it and tells me: “Go over to the stairway and one step down … this should work!”. Just spoke out she takes my hand and lead me to the stairways I came from few miniutes ago and I go one step down as Sylva proposed. Katin follows Sylvia and me, stand on the highest step of the stairway, turns around again and pushes her ass to me. Sylvia to me: “Try again!” I press my ass against on Katin’s ass again. Katin and I are dancing ass on ass. Meanwhile Sylvia is beside our rubbing asses and pulls down the underbutt hotpant og her daughter just over her ass cheeks. Furthermore she spits on our rubbing butt cheeks in order to smoothen the ongoing rubbing. Then Sylvia tells to us: “This should go way better now!”. I cannot see Katin’s massive butt because it is pushed against mine. I just look left and right along my leg to catch a view, but I see not much of her monster butt.

# Dancing: Ass on Tits

I keep in position on this step of the stairway and Katin turns around gets on her knees, same time she pulls up her fishnet shirt just to the beginning of her big boobs. Then she rubs her massive tits on my ass. Meanwhile Sylvia keep spitting in between ks in order to smoothen the ongoing rubbing. I cannot see her massive tits, just look left and right along my leg to catch a view, but I see not much of her monster boobs.

Chapter: Dinner For Two

Gag Part @ Get Space For Tasty Meals

# Sylvia: “Michael, I introduce you to our lovely dildo snake!”

During Katin rubs her big silicon tits and nipples on my ass cheeks, I am having my head straight directed to the stairway down and same time my eyes closed in order to enjoy the rubbing much as possible. Suddenly I recognize somebody gagging behind me. I turn my head left side under my shoulder, but have struggles to see Katin there. Just after this one, the next gagging appears. I move my head to look over my left shoulder and see Katin with head fallen in neck, mouth maximal opened and tongue on her chin. Meanwhile Sylvia stands on right side and sinks down a long thin dildo which looks like a snake into her daughter’s mouth. I don’t see more than this. Just after the third gagging by Katin, her mother Sylvia tells her: “Sweetie you doing good … just keep going … we want to make sure you stomach is empty and you don’t make Michael upset by not emptying your dinner plate, right!”.

# Sylvia: “Michael, try your first Dildo Snake!”

Because of the gagging and Sylvia’s comments I am too curious and turn around and have Katin right in front of me now. In fact she has my full erected dick in front of her face. Anyway Katin keeps that way positioned as she is: Kneeling with closed legs and sitting on her legs on the highest step. Still Katin keeps her head fallen in neck, mouth maximal opened and tongue on her chin. I am looking down to Katin when Sylvia asks me: “Do you want to try by yourself?” and I am not really sure what to answer when Sylvia hands over me the that thing already accompanied by telling me: “We called this lovely thing Dildo Snake. … because the dildo is moving down into holes very fast and there is nothing which can stop it … like a snake … that’s why we call it Dildo Snake .. Try it!”. So because it looks like even Katin in her position is awaiting the Dildo Snake again, I feel comfortable to try to let the Dildo Snake sink in her mouth.

I take the snake and sink it into Katin’s mouth when I feel a light withstand in her mouth back which let her gag right away. This dildo thing obviously touches Katin’s uvula or part of her back mouth which let her gag. I am unsure and pull the Dildo Snake out of her mouth again. Sylvia is not excited watching it and tells me: “Why you pull it off again … just let the Snake sink down into her throat!”. All time Katin keeps brave in position and waits for the Snake again. Sylvia proceeds: “Look, Katin is ready to get pampered by that Snake … Let’s let it sink down … she can’t wait for it!”. I answer back: “Well, I try it again!”. Just spoke out Sylvia looks happy and sells the next try to Katin and me: “Ohhhh … what a nice surprise … I hope Katin will enjoy it much I would do!”. Yes Katin is ready, but she doesn’t look amused at all, I can see how she looks at the snake and her face expression comes with her look.

Anyway I hold the end of that thing into her open hold mouth and ask Katin:” Ready?” and Katin answers by taking a deep breath. This time I stick this thin and long Dildo Snake direct into her throat. It is not touching her mouth at all, just going straight way down the pie hole into her stomach. Of course her gagging just starts when the Snake entered her throat channel.

# Katin: “Dildo Snake is hard to take, but I will get it!”

Katin tries to keep her head in her neck pushed as well as tries to swallow in order to suppress the gagreflex as long she can. Sylvia still besides me just smiles at Katin and tells her same time: “You are so sweet … but it will not help you … trust your experienced mom!”. Just a moment later, Katin falls into a long gagging. The snake obviously constantly touches the wall of her throat channel when she moves down. Sylvia tells Katin: “I told you sweetie!”. Katin tries even harder to suppress her gag reflex by swallowing as well as keep her head maximal fallen in neck and even hold her tongue out of mouth. But no chance to stop the gagreflex, this long womanizer is too deep and aggressive moving down further her throat.

# Sylvia: “Dildo Snake is hard to take, get some help!”.

The snake is moving down Katin’s throat further and she is non stop gagging now. Wet eyes followed by tears rolling down her face. It must feel very uncomfortable. Seconds later Katin grabs my arm in order to stop the snake moving further down her throat. Right away Sylvia slaps her daughter hand off my arm and tells Katin: “Let him do his job sweetie!”. Some throat slime comes out left and right then snake and flows out of her mouth, down to her chin before it drops down on her big silicon tits. Sylvia motivates her daughter by saying her: “Good girl … keep swallowing!”. Sylvia supports further by grabbing with her left hand into her daughters hair in order to keep her head in neck positioned. Same time Sylvia uses her other hand to go along her daughter throat at front side in order to help her to relax somehow while Sylvia keeps strong telling Katin: “All the way down to the stomach … show your lovely Michael you have enough space for the tasty Dinner!”.

# Sylvia: “Katin, there is no hide!”

Katin tries to turn her head away, but her mother Sylvia keeps her in position by ther hand holding her head fixed. Next, Katin pinches with both hands in my legs. The pinching in my legs distracts me from the pain Katin is going through right now. This enables me, to push the snake even more into her throat. The sounds coming from Katin doesn’t sound healthy at all. It sounds like a abnormal choke-concert, but Sylvia and I keep doing. Sylvia tells me: “Michael keep pushing … we are almost done!”. Katin’s gagging is ongoing and Sylvia tells me: “Katin’s eyes rolled away … they not come back yet … wait a second, don’t push… okay they are moving back again .. keep pushing Michael!”.

# Sylvia: “Stomach reached, well done Michael!”

Sticked this Snake so deep, there comes up a withstand. Unsure I tell Sylvia: “It feels like I reached her stomach … I guess I am into her stomach!”. Sylvia smiles even more and answers: “Well done Michael, there is just some throat slime coming out of Katin, but not more. It looks like her stomach is really empty. Then pull the Snake out again… but do it veeeeery slooooowly!”.

# Dildo Snake makes sound of love

Bravely, Katin keeps in position. When I pull out the Snake again intense gagging ongoing. Snake sticking deep Katin, I start pulling it out again, but very very slowly. Katin freaks out somehow and tries to move her head left and right in order to go away from it, but Sylvia keeps her head strong in position by Triple H and adds: “Darling, there is no escape anyway, it is too deep sticking into you!” Her face get red colored. Katin is begging with her eyes. Meanwhile her first Burp occurs and Sylvia just shot out: “Wow … these are the sounds of real love!”. Just pulled the Snake fully out of her mouth and looking at the length of the buried part when Sylvia tells me: “Wow … have a look on the length she swallowed down. Let’s try to measure the length in order to figure out if I really reached her stomach.

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