Missy: Day Two


The next morning I made a pleasant discovery. It seemed like the more I masturbated, the more aware of my body I was. Everything felt different. The sheets felt softer on my bed, making me stretch lazily like a cat when I woke up. My cute little toes pointing and toned legs stretching to their full length.

When I stood up my perky little buds of breasts felt heavy and swollen. My hands slid up my body to cup them through my cotton sleep shirt. My nipples tingled and tightened. I could see them peeking through the threadbare white tee I loved to wear to bed. It was an old workout shirt of Daddy’s and was worn from the years of washing. Sometimes I swore it still smelled like him though, fresh and sexy.

As I walked to the bathroom to start my morning routine before school, my bare feet felt cold on the hardwood floors. The sound of them slapping onto the surface seemed loud and jarring in the quiet house. As I opened the glass shower door I stretched again, my arms going up over my head, reaching up on my tippy toes and arching my back. I adjusted the temperature of the water until it would be hot like I liked and took off my pjs.

I tossed my tee in the hamper and shimmied out of my blue boy shorts. They were comfortable and cute, with a pretty pink flower on my right butt cheek. When Mommy gave them to me she said they were more appropriate for my age. They rode low on my hips and showed just a little bit of the underside of my butt cheeks. They were definitely an upgrade from the plain cotton bikinis that were high waisted and hid everything. Luckily I hadn’t had to wear those granny panties anymore. Mommy loved lingerie shopping and always came home with bags of goodies for us when she went to the mall.

As the shower heated up I turned and looked at my body in the mirror behind the sink. It was so different from Mommy’s but today I was looking at it with new eyes. My hair was getting long, it’s curls and natural waves shining under the bathroom light. It was the same color as Mommy’s, a deep auburn that looked brown in low light but sparkled in the bright sun. For years it was my favorite feature. My eyes were blue, a genetic oddity from Daddy’s Sicilian heritage. They really were a startling contrast to my red hair. I smiled at them, loving that I was a mix of both my parents. My mouth was a little wide but my lips were full and plump, my lower lip pouty. It was a woman’s mouth, I smiled wider, pleased.

My eyes traveled down my neck to my shoulders, my skin smooth and pale. Daddy’s skin was always tanned and darker than ours, his Italian heritage shining through. I reached my breasts and cupped them again, my fingers automatically rolling my nipples gently. They were a dusky pink and puffy, the same shade as my lips. My breasts were much smaller than Mommy’s. Hers were a full C cup, but I could see now that mine were the same shape. Round and high on my body, I was hopeful that they’d fill in a little and stay as bouncy as Mommy’s were even after breast feeding. Hers were the softest things I’d ever felt and I loved rubbing my cheeks against them before I nursed after school.

After one last squeeze on the tips, I slid my hands down my torso to my waist. I could see now that there was a hint of a curve, flaring out a bit to my hip. I wanted womanly curves to show off, great tits, a tiny waist and hips that were full and sexy. I wanted ones like Mommy and some of the girls at school had. Some of them already had their cherries popped, the lucky ducks. Gossiping before and after class about who they blew or fucked. Mommy told me to pay them no mind and to be patient, it would be worth the wait.

My hands slid down to my thighs, the skin creamy and unblemished by marks. Between my legs my pussy looked as untouched as it was. It was bare of hair, something some of the girls at gym class had teased me about. They were able to grow full mature bushes of hair if they wanted. Some of them opting to shave or wax but others, wanting to show off their new womanly status, left them trimmed short and tight. One of my friends Lisa even had a design shaved on it, a little star right on her pussy mound. Her identical twin, Amelia, had a matching heart groomed into hers. Lisa had squealed excitedly about how her Mom had taken them to a salon to have it done but the class bell rang before I got to hear more about it.

When I asked Mommy why I didn’t have any pubic hair she simply smiled and said that I needed to be patient and that everyone grew their cunnies when their body was ready.

“Besides,” she had said with a wink, “Daddy likes a bare cunt to lick.”

My eyes had gone wide at her statement and she laughed at my expression. After getting that piece of information I had spent the rest of the day imagining Daddy’s head between my legs, licking my little clit. I shivered at the memory and put a finger in my mouth to suck.

My pussy was smooth and puffy with a seam down the middle made by my lips. The outer lips were plump and full with no gap in between them. Apparently they wouldn’t loosen up until I had taken a few cocks, at least that’s what my best friend Hannah said. But for now they stayed tight and made my pussy look almost sealed. I knew behind them hid my little bud. My clit was rapidly becoming my new favorite part of my body. I wanted to touch it all the time, right now actually. I popped my wet finger out of my mouth and slid it in between my lips, giving my clit a little good morning rub. It was proportional to the size of my pussy but always turned a deep red and got hard when I played with it, peaking out from its hood.

My inner lips were dainty and protected the entrance to my vagina. So far I had listened to Mommy and hadn’t put anything in there, not even my finger. I had circled the rim of the hole a couple of times, loving how it felt, but was too scared to penetrate myself against her orders. The last time I came I had felt it flexing and clenching below my hand as I fiddled my clit. It wanted to squeeze down on something.


At my mothers call from downstairs I jerked in surprise, yanked out of my lazy perusal of my body.

“We’re leaving in fifteen minutes!” She called up, “Shake a leg young lady!”

I sighed and stopped rubbing my clit. I popped my finger back in my mouth, sucking off my tart and sweet juices from my pussy and stepped into the shower to wash up. It was going to be a long day.


Dressed and ready for school, I bounced down the stairs as quickly as my legs could take me, not wanting to make my Mommy angry for being late. When I reached the bottom of the stairs I saw Daddy standing by the door, briefcase at his side, his hand squeezing the handle, white knuckled. His belt and the fly of his pants were undone, his head thrown back as he groaned. Mommy was on her knees before him, her hands holding his hips still, the whole length of his dick buried in her throat. Her eyes were watering a little, her eyeliner and mascara smudging from the tears. I watched, transfixed, as I saw her throat move as she swallowed. Daddy was cumming down her throat.

“Yea Brenda, so fucking good!” Daddy said roughly, holding the back of her head against him and thrusting his hips into her, fucking her throat with short deep jabs as he came. She held still and swallowed with every pulse of his dick, reaching down to squeeze his balls, making sure they were empty. During one of our afternoon nursing sessions Mommy had told me about how Daddy liked his balls played with during a blowie so I knew he loved what she was doing.

Daddy pulled back and left just the head of his fat cock in her mouth, her tongue swirling around it to clean the head. She even dipped the tip of her tongue into his pee hole to get every last drop. She looked up at him and grinned.

“You couldn’t shoot at least once in my mouth? You know I love your cum.” She said teasingly. “When you pump it directly into my stomach I don’t get a taste!”

Daddy chuckled, stroking her hair as she gently tucked his cock back into his boxers and started to zip his fly.

“I’ll give you more tonight Brenny if you really need it,” he said, using his pet name for her.

They were so sweet together. Mommy stood and finished buckling his belt, standing up on her tip toes to kiss him. I could see them using their tongues, it was so hot when they made out. I bit down on my lower lip as I watched, jealous.

Finally Mommy pulled away and told him to have a good day at work. He smiled down at her and then turned to see me, still frozen on the stairs, not wanting to interrupt their moment.

“Come give me a kiss goodbye baby girl.” Daddy requested.

I shyly walked over to him and leaned up to give him a kiss on the cheek like I always did in the morning. But when I got closer to his face Daddy turned his head and his lips met mine. My eyes went big in surprise and my mouth opened in shock. Daddy had never kissed me on the mouth other than some quick pecks for holidays and my birthday. He took advantage of my surprise and pushed his tongue inside my mouth, flicking my lips with it. I made a strangled noise that sounded like a groan and Daddy deepened the kiss, slanting his mouth over my lips and rubbing his tongue against mine. I was in heaven.

Daddy was kissing me! I moaned into his mouth and he encouraged me with his tongue to stroke his back. Soon I was panting and my panties were growing damp under my school uniform. It felt amazing. All too soon he pulled back and I felt his hand was on my ass, holding me tight against him as we kissed. He squeezed my butt cheek hard, looking down at me.

“Have a good day at school and behave for your mother,” he said.

With that he let me go, gave my mother another quick kiss and walked out the front door as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. I just stood there, still stunned by what happened. Daddy had kissed me! I looked over at Mommy who was studying my reaction. I smiled back at her tentatively, placing my fingertips against my lips. They were still buzzing from his kisses.

“Well!” She said brightly, “It looks like you’re going to have a very good day today!”


First and second period went by with a blur, the teachers droning on about their topics, no more awake at that time of day then their students. I however, was still on my kiss high. Third period was science lab with my bestie Hannah. I couldn’t wait to tell her about my morning.

Before she even sat down on the stool next to me I blurted out, “Daddy made out with me!”

She dropped her book bag next to us and slapped her hands against the counter top.

“GET OUT!” She yelled loudly.

This drew some attention from the other kids in the class and they all stopped to stare at the two of us. I blushed, embarrassed.

“Shhh!” I said desperately.

“Well how did you expect me react?!” She asked laughing.

I giggled, I guess she was right. Quickly before the bell rang and the class started I told Hannah about my morning.

“Do you think this means he’s going to fuck you?” She asked when I was done.

I shrugged in reply, not really knowing. Her cherry had been popped when she turned 18, a few months ago. Her Daddy and Uncles has spent the whole night with her. The next day she had practically limped in to school. She had loved it but was so sore from their fucking of both her holes, sometimes at the same time, that they had to let her heal for a week. Only able to give blowies she said her Mom had to call her Aunt to come help her with her Dad’s appetite during that time.

“He says he has to wait until I’m 21 because it’s Mommy’s family tradition.” I told her, placing my face in my hands defeated.

Since she started having sex Hannah had been respectful about my virgin status. She kept most of the details to herself around her sex life so I wouldn’t be uncomfortable or jealous but I knew she got fucked regularly by the men her family. She was the only daughter in her generation, everyone else was male. That meant unless they didn’t mind a boy’s ass, her pussy was used and used often by her Dad and Uncles.

“Pfft!” She said, dismissing my statement. “Most girls these days are losing it at 18! 21 is practically ancient. How are you supposed to get enough experience to join a Sorority in college if you only have a year to practice? You should force the issue.” She said getting animated now.

“What do you mean?” I said.

“You should just walk up and say ‘Daddy! I need to fuck!’ And then sit your little ass right down on him. Women are liberated these days Missy, liberated!” She said all this with her hands on her hips, her head moving back and forth with enthusiasm.

I laughed, “Daddy’s not the kind of man you can boss around Hannah and you know it. I don’t think I’m taking cock until he and Mommy are good and ready.”

“It’s a shame,” she said licking her lips, her eyes going up and down my body. “Once it’s popped we can have a hell of a lot more fun together.” She waggled her eyebrows suggestively.

“Hannah!” I said, blushing at her innuendo. Was she suggesting what I thought she was suggesting? The bell rang then and marked the start of science lab.


I waved as Mommy pulled the car up to the parent pick up lane. I tossed my back pack into the back seat and plopped down in the front. Before she pulled out of the lane she turned her cheek expectantly at me and I leaned over to kiss it hello.

“Hi Mommy,” I said, staring out the window as she pulled out of the school complex.

“How was school baby girl?” She asked.

“It was fine, nothing new.” I said in reply.

“Did you have any good cums at lunch or at gym honey?” She said, knowing that some of the girls had started masturbating in the bathrooms and locker rooms to relieve their tension.

“No Mommy,” I said, disappointed that I hadn’t had time.

“Well have you cum at ALL today yet?!” She asked as if shocked by my behavior.

“No, Mommy,” I said again.

“Well that is just UNacceptable, pull up your skirt. Let me see your pussy immediately young lady.” She said sternly, pulling to a stop at a red light.

I sunk down in my seat and raised my skirt up to my lap, opening my legs a little so she could see.

“Wider!” She demanded.

I did as she asked, bending my right leg up against the car door. She put her hand down and cupped my pussy. I gasped at her touch. Until that moment I was the only one who had touched my girly parts. She slid her hand over me and briskly rubbed my clit with two fingers. I moaned loudly in the quiet car. She took her hand away when the light turned green again.

“Just as I thought!” She said smartly. “You’ve got a hot cunny that needs to be taken care of immediately. You can’t let yourself get to this state young lady. And it’s only going to get worse once you start taking cock.” She lectured. “Once we get home you are to go straight upstairs to your room so we can fix this. Do you understand Missy?”

“Yes ma’am” I said, staring to sit up again and close my legs.

“Don’t you dare!” She scolded. “I want you to rub your clit until we get home. I want you nice and slick.”

I did as she asked, dipping my fingers down to the source of my juices and dragged them up around my clit. Moaning I circled my clit with my wet fingers. It felt so good. I whimpered, my hips moving. By the time we got home my thighs were coated in my juices and my whole cunt was throbbing with the need to cum.

“Go upstairs and take off your clothes. Mommy will be right up to nurse you.” She directed me. I ran up the stairs, eager to touch my clit, it was on fire.

By the time I took off my school uniform, a crisp white short sleeve button down shirt with the school crest on the breast and a green and blue plaid pleated short skirt, I was making pathetic needy sounds in the back of my throat. I threw my body back onto my bed and spread my legs wide, my hands going to my pussy immediately. I used one to hold my meaty lips open so the other could go straight to my throbbing clit.

“If you took care of yourself more often it wouldn’t get this bad,” Mommy said from the doorway.

She had removed her shirt and bra, just wearing the white linen pants she had on all day. Her breasts were so full and her nipples were already hard. As she walked towards the bed they bounced and swayed a little, making my mouth water. She sat down on the side of the bed next to me and looked down and my frantically moving hand.

“Tsk tsk, what are we going to do with you.” She sighed, picking up my head and placing it in her lap.

She cupped one of her breasts and moved it towards my mouth. I leaned up to latch and started suckling hard. To my surprise my mouth filled with a sweet liquid.

“Oh!” I said, startled and let go of the nipple. Mommy laughed.

“That’s right baby girl, Mommy’s milk came in from all of your suckling. Do you like it?” She asked.

I swallowed what was left in my mouth. It was thin and tasted sweet like melon. I nodded shyly and reached up with my mouth for more.

“That’s my good baby, drink up.” She said, stroking my hair.

I resumed rubbing my clit, circling it so that it came out from under its hood and stood proud and hard. With Mommy’s nipple in my mouth and my cunny on fire I started to cum. My whole body clenched and I yelled out that I was cumming. Mommy watched and continued to stroke my hair soothingly. When I was done I was exhausted and laid limp on the bed. Mommy pulled her teat from my mouth with a pop and moved my head to nurse on the other one.

“There you go Missy, can’t forget about the right one now can we? Mommy’s going to need you to nurse more often now that I’m milky. Whenever they get full I’ll need you again ok?”

My mouth full of her nipple I nodded. Mommy reached over and started to rub my clit with her pointer finger, ever so gently.

“Let me rub it for you baby, I know you need more and I know you’re tired.” She said as I moved my hips from the pleasure. “That’s a good girl, let Mommy make you feel good.”

I nursed while she diddled my pussy. Once in a while she teased my hole, more daring that I had been so far. She’d slip the tip of her finger in and swirl it around to get more of my juices. Then she would rub her finger around the entrance of my hole, circling the small opening. She chuckled when she saw my reaction.

“Oh you little slut, you’ve got a greedy little hole don’t you?” She said as she did it again.

My pussy hole clenched uncontrollably as she did it, my clit spamming. I nodded eagerly, my head shaking her breast.

“Daddy’s going to love this cunt hole,” She said. “He loves breaking in cherry pussy.”

Her nipple popped out of my mouth, milk dripping down my chin as I came. My whole body shook and I squeezed my legs together to try and contain the pleasure, trapping Mommy’s hand in between them. She had made me cum harder than I ever had. If my hands were great, hers were even better. I sighed and relaxed into the bed.

“There there little one, close your eyes and take a little rest before dinner. Daddy will be home soon.” She said softly, tucking a blanket around my naked body. I was out before she even left the room.

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