Missy: Day Twelve


“Rise and shine Missy girl!”

I blinked my eyes open, my lids gritty from the deep sleep. I took a deep breath and felt it ache throughout my whole body. I must have made some kind of noise of pain.

“Aw poor baby, are you sore Missy?” Mommy asked, leaning down to run her hand over my messy auburn hair.

I opened my mouth to tell her yes and found found my throat raw and my mouth dry.

“Here Missy, take these with some water,” she placed two pain pills in my mouth and held a straw up to my mouth to drink.

I sucked down the water eagerly, the cool liquid soothing my throat and waking me up a little more. I felt the bed dip as Mommy sat down beside me.

“Lay back baby, I’m going to massage you with some of that magical cream from the spa.”

I groaned, rolling over onto my back and Mommy pulled the covers off of my body. Apparently when they put me to bed last night I was naked.

“Tsk tsk,” she said more talking to herself than to me. “Look at all that dried cum! I knew we should have bathed her before bed but no, Jack said not to wake her.”

She reached for a bottle on the nightstand and poured some of the special ‘lotion’ into her hand.

“Mommy everything hurts,” I whimpered.

“I know baby girl, you had quite the night!” she said, smoothing her hand over my stomach and hips. “Daddy and I are so proud of you Missy. You took their cocks beautifully.”

She rubbed the medicated cum into my belly and thighs, using strong small circular motions with both of her hands. It felt amazing and I tried to relax into the bed.

My head was full of images from last night. I remembered everything relatively clearly up until the second larger bull, Bo, shoved his knot into me. After that it was more than a little blurry.

“I blacked out I think,” I murmured, mesmerized by Mommy’s soothing hands.

She poured more cum cream into her hands and massaged my breasts. My back arched involuntarily at the pleasurable sensation. She worked the cum into my tits and nipples, paying special attention it seemed to my teats. She pinched and tugged on them, her fingers slippery with the milky white fluid.

“You most certainly did, you came so hard,” Mommy said. “You were pretty out of it for the rest of the night since you were constantly cumming.”

“I remember feeling so full that I thought I was going to burst,” I said groaning as she twisted my puffy nipples.

“Mmhmm, bulls can feel like that if you’re not used to them, especially when your twat is as tight as yours is,” she made a humming noise as she rubbed the cream into my shoulders and arms. “The cock you took from Bo plugged you really well though. Almost none of his cum leaked out of you as he came. You were tied to him for about twenty full minutes, it was amazing to watch him fill you up with cum.”

“Oh,” I said, unable to think of what to say in response to that.

“As soon as he popped out of you though, WOOOSH went your pussy. Henry couldn’t get his mouth on your cunt fast enough.”

I felt my face go hot with embarrassment.


“Oh yes dear, he tried to catch as much cum as possible straight from the source. At that point you were begging for more cock but you were practically unconscious from all the Twilight. Daddy decided to just fuck you instead of letting Henry call for a third bull.”

Mommy tapped my inner thighs to get me to open them and I did as she asked.

“My goodness look at all that cum! Your pussy is practically glued shut baby,” she said.

I reached down to feel for myself and slid my fingers over my cunny. I was super sticky and sloppy with cum. Cum was dried along my inner thighs almost down to my knees. My cunt was a mess. Swollen and hot to the touch, thick sticky cum coating my bare lips and inner folds. Loving how it felt I rubbed the cum into my overly sensitive little clit and moaned.

“What a greedy little hole you have baby, let me give it some more cum,” she said, pushing my hand to the side and pouring the enhanced cum cream directly onto my mound.

“Oh! It’s cold!”

“Shh, it’ll warm up soon enough,” she said, holding open my cunt lips so it could drip inside. “You’ve got some small marks on your clit hood here that I want to make sure get coated.”

“Marks?” I asked, feeling the thick cream sliding down my open cunny.

“After Bo pulled out and Henry sucked on your pussy Daddy wanted to see how you would feel after being bull fucked and full of all that cum. So Daddy fucked you doggie style and Henry stayed below you to lick you both at the same time,” Mommy explained and slid one finger and then two inside my body. “That boy sure does love your Daddy’s dick, not that I blame him.”

I groaned at the burning stretch I felt, my pussy tight and tender.

“Cherry tight even after all that cock, amazing,” she muttered. “You were having trouble cumming again so Daddy had Henry bite your clit.”

“Bite my clit?!” I said, shocked.

“Oh yes baby, you came like a rocket!” she said, steadily pumping the medicine into my pussy. “Just a love bite, nothing harmful. You needed something harsh to push you over the edge with all of the night’s sensations. After Daddy came in you, you were out for the night.”

“Wow…” I said, the memories of the night before fuzzy but I did remember the strong, overpowering orgasms.

“Pull your legs back Missy, I need to get to your asshole.”

“But I didn’t get fucked in the ass Mommy,” I said, reluctant to move my tired and achey thigh muscles anymore than was absolutely necessary.

Mommy just laughed.

“You absolutely took it up the ass!”

At my blank stare of confusion she pushed my legs up and back to my chest, holding them in that position with her forearm on her back of my thighs. She then quickly slid her finger up my exposed asshole.

“Oh!” I winced at the quick penetration, the tissue sore and sensitive.

“Once we got you home and in bed Daddy rode your ass hard to give you one more load before bed. He was insatiable last night and your asshole was the only tight hole left between the two of us,” she said making sure the inner walls of my back hole were coated in the medicinal cum. “You may have been passed out but that slutty twat of yours still shot out cum when you came from getting your ass fucked. You’re definitely my daughter.”

Mommy was smiling sweetly at me, pulling her fingers out of me and patting my bottom.

“Let all of that nice healthy cum soak in for about an hour or so,” she said standing up from the bed. “We have an appointment to see Dr. Danielle at 1pm at the Wellness Center to get that overly tight cunt checked.”

She pulled the covers back over me and kissed me on the lips, her tongue sliding into my mouth to play with mine. She ended the kiss and leaned up to kiss my forehead.

“Rest for a little bit baby girl, I’ll wake you later for a nice hot shower and some warm milk.”


“Missy Bourne checking in to see Dr. Danielle,” Mommy said politely at the front desk.

“Good morning,” the woman said taking Mommy’s health cards, “thank you.”

I looked at Mommy and she squeezed the hand she was holding. I had visited Dr. Danielle for several years now for physicals and when I had a cold and such. During my last visit, with my legs spread on the gynecologist table she had lectured Mommy about how I would need to have my cherry popped soon now that I was 18 and offered to have a bull on staff pop it for me in the office. Mommy had explained what our family tradition was and so I waited. You know how that turned out.

“Looks like everything’s in order!” the woman said cheerfully. “Did she get fucked today at all?”

“No,” said Mommy.

“Any orgasms?”

“Nope,” said Mommy again.

“Okay then, perfect! Have a seat until we call your name. It shouldn’t be too long.”

We sat in the waiting room, a mother and daughter across from us. Mommy and the girl’s mother smiled at each other in greeting. Mommy picked up a magazine to read and focused on an article that was titled ‘Fisting: How deep so too deep?’ with a picture of a woman holding up her fist Rosie the Riveter style.

I sat and swung my legs back and forth to entertain myself. My little yellow t-shirt dress puffing out a little over my knees with the motion.

“Katie why won’t you sit still?” asked the mother across from us.

The girl had curly blonde hair and blue eyes. She was definitely squirming in her seat even more than I was. I was familiar with that type of squirm.

“I’m itchy Mom!” Katie said impatiently.

“Can’t you wait until we see Dr. Bill? You know he loves to scratch your itches.”

“I like it when you and grandma do it better!” Katie said defiantly. “His hands are too rough and big!”

“Fine, lay across my lap,” the mom said, putting down her magazine.

I glanced at the cover and giggled at one of the headlines. ‘To be or knot to be: How to *** the purfect family pet.’

I watched as Katie stood and pulled down her shorts and underwear. Then she laid down over her mom’s lap as if she was going to get a bare bottom spanking. Fascinating! Who needed a magazine when you had waiting room entertainment?

“See this Missy?” Mommy said showing me the article she was reading. “It says here that you should never fist a cunt past halfway up the forearm and an ass past an elbow. Abuela was right!”

“Fuck Mom!” gasped Katie and Mommy and I both looked up.


“Language young lady!”

Katie’s mom had three fingers buried in her daughter’s asshole and was fucking her with them. When Katie cursed she had spanked her daughter’s bottom, a nice clear red handprint visible on her cheek.

Katie moaned again as her mother quickly pumped four fingers into her.

“That’s all you’re getting right now. I have no lube to get my fist in so you’ll have to wait for Dr. Bill,” she said sternly.

Katie continued to make sounds of pleasure and occasionally begged her Mom for all five fingers.

“Daughters,” the mother said to Mommy, shrugging as best she could. “Always needy, am I right?”

Mommy laughed, “Oh absolutely, my husband popped Missy’s cherry a little bit ago and it takes all my energy keeping the little slut satisfied.”

“Katie here is still a virgin, her brother wants to be her first when he gets back from deployment,” she explained. “So in the meantime we just make use of her ass. She doesn’t seem to mind,” she said with another laugh, pointing to Katie’s pumping hips.

“Hopefully your son gets home safe and soon,” Mommy said respectfully.

“Missy Bourne?” a nurse called from the door.

“Right here!” Mommy waved and stood.

“Good luck!” Katie’s mother called.

We followed the nurse to a standard doctor’s room. Small counter with a sink and some upper and lower cabinets in the corner. A poster on the wall advertised the latest lactation inducing drug. There were a couple of chairs and a small rolling stool. In the center of the room was the gynecology table, stirrups already out and ready to go. Muted beige and purple was everywhere.

Mommy sat on one of the chairs and the nurse asked me to remove my clothes. I did as she asked and folded my dress neatly on the second chair. Since I wasn’t wearing panties or a bra, it took me all of three seconds. She handed me a standard blue paper gown, instructing me to put it on with the slit towards the front since Dr. Danielle was going to do a breast examination. The gown gaping open and not doing much to cover me, I hopped up onto the table. The nurse smiled at me as I tried to adjust the rough paper garment.

“I don’t know why we don’t just let our patients go naked. It’s not like we’re not going to see everything anyway,” she laughed.

We all chuckled and agreed. The nurse quickly took my temperature and pulse.

“Her temperature is slightly elevated. Is she in heat?” the nurse asked.

Mommy nodded, “She took her first cock a little under two weeks ago but she’s still on the birth control that Dr. Danielle prescribed.”

“Good, good,” the nurse said, moving on to take my blood pressure.

“Your daughter has lovely nipples,” she commented to Mommy as she put away the blood pressure cuff.

“Why thank you, they’re very sensitive,” Mommy said, reaching over to roll one of them peaking out from under the gown.

“So I see,” the nurse said, her eyes fixated on where my nipple hardened. “Have you thought of pumping them?”

“Oh yes, my husband and I have considered it at length. With me producing enough to feed her and enough for him to enjoy we’ve decided to wait until she’s bred later on,” Mommy explained.

This was all news to me so I just laid there quietly as Mommy twisted and pinched my tit.

“Absolutely makes sense! If they’re that sensitive she might like a pump milking them, even if she’s dry,” the nurse went on conversationally. “I hear the Spa downtown has a milking service on their menu.”

“Oh yes, that’s true! Thank you for the reminder, I’ll have to look into it for her the next time we go. I usually have it done for myself since I’m expressing but I hadn’t considered it for Missy.”

The nurse nodded and finished up her notations quickly and let us know the doctor would be in shortly.

The door barely closed when Dr. Danielle entered the room. She was so lovely, with long straight brown hair and green eyes. She always smelled like flowers and had pouty full lips. They always looked so soft.

“Missy! Brenda! How are you girls?” she asked, coming in to give me and Mommy a quick friendly hug.

“We’re good! How have you been?” Mommy asked.

“Great! I just came back from Spain, lovely people there you know. And the COCKS! Brenda, you must go. Jack sized cocks, EVERYWHERE!” she said enthusiastically. “Brenda, I swear to you, I walked bow-legged the entire time I was there. Our hotel catered to single women and they must have had 30-40 bulls on staff at all times. HEA-VAN!” She said, drawing out each syllable for emphasis.

Mommy and I laughed as Dr. Danielle sat on the stool.

“I’ll make sure to tell Jack,” Mommy laughed.

“So what brings you lovelies to see me today?” She asked.

“Well, Jack has some concerns about Missy,” Mommy said, Dr. Danielle making a concerned sound in response. “He says she’s not breaking in quite like he would expect at this point.”

Dr. Danielle gasped and clutched her hand to her chest dramatically.

“Are you telling me that you FINALLY had Missy’s cherry popped?!” she asked.

Mommy just laughed, “See for yourself!”

The doctor immediately stood and made shooing motions with her hand.

“Scoot! Scoot!” she said, “Lie back, that’s a girl. Feet on the stirrups, you know the drill.”

Dr. Danielle took two white latex gloves from a drawer under the counter and snapped them on.

“Do I need lube?” she asked me, raising her eyebrows.

Embarrassed I shook my head no, she just smiled in response. Dr. Danielle stood between my spread legs and parted my pussy lips.

“Okay, slightly puffy like you received a good hard pounding, a good sign!” she said looking at Mommy and pushing my knees back to open me more. “She sure is soaked.”

Mommy shrugged and nodded.

“Here we go!” Dr. Danielle said and pushed two fingers up my cunt.

“Oh!” I gasped.

“Oh yea!” She said excitedly, fingering my little pussy in and out quickly. “You got fucked for sure! Did your Daddy pop it for you babe?”

I nodded and moaned, her fingers felt so good. She knew exactly where to press and stroke as they slid in and out of me.

“I’ve been wanting to get inside your little snatch for YEARS babe!” She said with a wicked grin. “You like fucking?”

I nodded again, groaning as she rubbed my g-spot roughly.

“Yea? Who’s your favorite cock?” She asked, reaching up to rub my clit with her other hand.

“Oh! Daddy’s!”

“What a little whore you have on your hands! She really is still virgin tight Brenda. When did she take her last cock?” she asked Mommy, pulling her hands from my body just as I was about to cum.

“Last night around 11pm Jack fucked her pussy and then her ass around 1am,” Mommy said.

“Gentle, normal or rough?”

“Very rough, she was mostly unconscious so he could do whatever he wanted to her.”

“Oooo you lucky bitches! And with his cock size too, mmm you should at least have a slight gape this morning,” she said taking a moment to think.

“Have you fisted her yet?”

“Twice now, once last night.”

“Hmmm, double penetration?”

“Not yet, no.”

“Have you tried having her stretched by a bull?”

“Just last night, she was fucked twice.”

“Last night!” Dr. Danielle said, shocked. “She should definitely be gaping. That reminds me, Brenda remind me to tell you about the breeder I met in Spain before you leave.”

Mommy nodded, “Oh absolutely!”

Dr. Danielle continued her line of questioning.

“Does she squirt?”

“Most often when ass fucked.”

“Ooo lovely! Does it take a lot for her to orgasm?”

“Not at all, she cums very easily.”

“Excellent! Any reluctance issues?”

“Just to double penetration and we’ve been using Twilight on her for that.”

“Ohhh yes, an excellent tool. I used it myself when I had the hotel concierge arrange a gang bang for me on my last night in Spain. I was hoping to get bred but it didn’t quite work out that way,” she said to me. “Could you imagine having a son with a cock the size of any of those bulls? Ugh! Such a shame. Maybe next summer!”

Mommy laughed, “Dr. Danielle you are outrageous!”

The doctor winked at me and then went back to playing 21 questions with Mommy.

“How many fucks a day is she getting?”

“Usually once in the morning and one or two after school.”

Dr. Danielle was already shaking her head.

“Not enough. Definitely not enough for a young girl her age. I can give you a note for school so she can get fucked there as well. Let me see your tits babe!” She said, rapidly changing topics and walking towards me.

She pushed the paper gown apart so my little buds were on full display. They were still hard from Mommy playing with them and her earlier fingering. She pinched and rolled my nipples.

“Bare cunt and barely any tits still, Brenda I think Missy might have a rare form of vaginismus called Vaginismus Ciliegia.”

Mommy’s hand came up to cover her mouth, her face full of concern.

“What’s that doctor?!” she asked, concerned.

“In it’s most common form vaginismus is an involuntary tightening of the vaginal muscles, mostly due to emotional trauma. If your daughter has what I think she does it means she’s missing the gene that triggers the body’s changes during puberty,” she explained gently. “No underarm hair, small breasts, no pubic hair or sudden mood swings.”

“Oh my!” Mommy whispered.

“Fortunately we’ve learned that the reproductive system has a separate gene to trigger growth in the uterus and ovaries. That’s why she’s had her period on a regular basis before we put her on birth control. She should have no difficulty being bred if you and Jack should choose to down the road.”

“Okay, so what does this mean?”

“It means that your daughter has a one hell of a special cunt,” she said with another wink to me, patting my pussy with her gloved hand.

Mommy laughed again in relief.

“So it’s nothing bad?”

“Goodness no, your little girl will stay looking like a cherry girl and be just as tight. In most cases pussies with this condition only stay stretched for 1-2 hours after they’ve been fucked. With a cock as big as your husband’s it’s going to feel like he’s fucking a virgin every time.”

“I can’t see him too upset about this,” Mommy said dryly.

“Oh definitely not. We’ll take a blood sample to be sure but I’m 98% confident that’s what this is,” she said, walking between my legs again and sitting on the stool. “Let me test one more thing just to be sure.”

She leaned down close to my pussy and inhaled deeply. She quickly lapped her tongue from my taint to my clit and smacked her lips, smiling at the sound of my gasp.

“Yup! Tastes like cherries!”

“Dr. Danielle!” Mommy laughed.

Thank you for taking the time to read this little dirty story, hopefully you enjoyed it. Over the years my writing has improved and my mind just got dirtier. If you’d like to read more of my work, head over to www.amazon.com/author/misspadventurous and let me know what you think!

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