Missy: Day Thirteen – The BBQ. Sex stories


The picnic table we had out back was covered in a traditional red and white tablecloth, the square corners ruffling with the slight breeze. I giggled quietly, and watched Mommy straighten each dish that was out there just so as Daddy snuck his hand onto her ass to cop a feel. She shooed him away and adjusted another dish, grinning up at him. Daddy smiled and walked back to one of the chairs on the deck under one of the big umbrellas we had and sat down, reaching for the beer he’d left on the small side table. In the distance I watched Hannah jump into the large in-ground pool we had installed a few years ago, her tiny pink bikini covering barely anything. I pushed away from my perch inside the kitchen and stepped back from the window overlooking our backyard. Everyone was so happy.

I froze as I felt a hard, warm body press into my back. I felt their breath against my ear, and my heart pounded with fright.

“Hello there niece.”

I squealed, immediately recognizing my Uncle’s deep voice.

“Uncle Johnny!” I cried, spinning around to hug him tightly.

“How’s my girl?” he asked, pulling back to look down at my smiling face.

“She’s good! How are you?” I asked, happy to see him.

Uncle Johnny adjusted his hold on my hips and goosebumps rippled up my arms as he slid them back to rest on my ass.

“I’m good little girl. I see your troublemaking friend is here too,” he replied, nodding towards the window.

Through the glass I watched Hannah run and execute a decent cannon ball into the pool. I laughed.

“She is! You know Hannah isn’t that bad,” I scolded. “Mommy said Tiffany was coming with you?”

“Yea, she’s in the bathroom,” he said dismissively, pressing me back against the kitchen counter.

We stayed still like that for a few moments, the fly on his jeans pressing into my soft belly, his hands gently squeezing and pulling apart my ass cheeks. I could feel cool air ticking my rosebud whenever he pulled them apart, it was a very naughty sensation. I liked it. It made my cunny wet.

“I hear you’re taking cock now Missy, that true?”

I nodded shyly and his hands gripped my ass hard at my response.

“Well, well,” he said looking down at me again, blatantly rubbing his dick against me now. “Want to bend over and give me some of that fresh pussy then?”

I blushed hotly and looked up at him from under my lashes. I nodded again.

“Good girl,” he growled low and spun my body around so I was once again facing the kitchen window.

Over my quiet breathing I heard his zipper pull apart and the sound of fabric ruffling. With one of his hands on my back and he pushed me down so that I was bent over the counter top. A chill ran through me as Uncle Johnny lifted up my dress and bunched it up around my rib cage.

“Fuck you’re soft,” he whispered behind me, running his hand down my back and onto my bare bottom. “My brother trained you well, nice and easy access to fuck.”

“I’m not allowed to wear panties at home,” I explained breathlessly.

I jumped as I felt the hot, wet tip of his cock drag against the back of my thigh.

“Spread wider for me Missy,” he said, kicking my legs farther apart with his foot. “Good girl.”

I felt the thick, blunt tip of his cock splitting my pussy lips open from behind. He quickly notched the head against my hole and then without any foreplay to warm me up, thrust his fat cock hard into me.

“Oh!” I shouted in surprise, lifting my head in shock, not ready for the forceful penetration.

Uncle Johnny pushed my head back down onto the counter and grunted behind me.

“Fuck you’re tight little girl!”

I whimpered as he fucked into me from behind, trying desperately to relax my body and let him in.

“That’s it, open up that fresh pussy,” he said into my ear, his hard body bent over mine. “Your twat sure is soaked Missy, you like fuckin’ don’t you?”

Unable to speak from the tension and somewhat painful stretching between my thighs I nodded again.

“Yea that’s what I thought. I always knew you’d be a little slut.”

He stopped talking and focused on working his thick cock into my little body. He was definitely thicker than Daddy was, his dick felt like it was splitting my cunny apart. After a few minutes of grunting and moaning I felt his cock head push up against the back of my pussy.

“You like your Mama Missy? Like getting your cervix punched?” he grunted and thrust hard and deep against it.

I cried out, my legs shaking as my first orgasm flowed through me. I gripped my hands hard on to the counter and held on as he pumped violently into me through my climax.

“Fuck yea you do!” Uncle Johnny growled. “You’ve got another inch to take Missy, you’re almost there.”

“You couldn’t wait even five minutes to fuck her, could you Johnny?”

I opened my eyes and watched Tiffany walk into the kitchen. My mouth opened to greet her but any breath I had was fucked out of me as I felt my pussy lips push against Uncle Johnny’s groin, his heavy balls resting against my clit. He had fucked his full length into me. I couldn’t tell for sure but since it took him less time to work his whole cock into me, I think he’s a little shorter than Daddy.

“She begged me for it!” he said defensively, holding his body flush against mine, keeping his dick buried fully into me.

I wanted to roll my eyes at the lie but I didn’t have the energy, my cunny pulsing hard around his now still cock. I could feel both of our heartbeats through my tightly stretched tissue. He reached up and cupped my breasts under my dress, quickly pinching my puffy nipples cruelly. I couldn’t help the small cry of pain that left my mouth but my pussy just clenched down harder onto his cock.

“Whoa! She took your whole dick?” Tiffany said, surprise replacing the annoyed look on her face as she got closer.

She walked over to us and peered down to watch his prick slide slowly in and out of my cunt again.

“Hey Missy,” she said greeted absently, patting my head like a dog as I panted against the countertop. “You’re splitting her open!”

“Her cunt is fucking fantastic. I wish you had a dick so you could feel it for yourself. She’s trying to suck the cum right out of me!”

“You and I both know you don’t want me to have a dick,” Tiffany said dryly, the sound of his hips smacking into my ass cheeks echoed in the room as he picked up his pace.

“You gonna stay and watch?” Uncle Johnny asked her.

“If you don’t mind, her pussy looks amazing stretched around your cock,” she said.

Uncle Johnny just grunted in response and kept giving me long, deep strokes of his cock. She stayed and watched us fuck for a few minutes, but soon it was clear Uncle Johnny wasn’t paying her any attention and I could tell she grew bored.

“Okay I’m going to head outside and say hello to everyone. You be a good girl Missy and cum nice and hard on your uncle’s cock okay?” Tiffany said, running her hand over my hair.

“Oh-kay,” I gasped between thrusts, arching my back to try and take him deeper.

She leaned up and kissed Uncle Johnny on the lips goodbye and left the room.

“Ok Missy now that she’s gone, let’s really give that cunt a dirty pounding,” he grunted.

One of his hands squeezed tight onto my hip as the other wound it’s way into my hair. He fisted my auburn curls and used them like reins to pull my head and body back onto his dick. My whole body was being used to fuck him violently now, my little tits bouncing painfully on my chest.

“Fuck yea look at them baby titties go!” he growled. “You like the way I fuck you Missy? You’re going to feel me between those slutty thighs of yours for days!”

“It. Hurts!” I panted, my cunt squeezing down on him with every brutal pump of his cock. “So. Good!”

“Yea, you love my cock baby, I feel you cumming again you little slut! You’re going to make your Uncle Johnny cum,” he said, his voice raw and low. “Where do you want my cum?”

“My! Ugh! Pussy! Please!” I begged, needing to feel him fill me up.

His grip was painful in my hair as he slammed his hips into me, my whole body jolting with the impact. He roared and started pumping cum into me. I saw stars as he ground his dick as deep as he could into my cunt, his hot seed burning against the back of my pussy.

“You dirty slut!” he grunted.

“Uncle Johnny!” I screamed, cumming with him.

“That’s it! Milk my cock Missy!” he yelled. “Suck all that cum into your twat!”

Exhausted from the brutal, physical fuck I collapsed against the counter when he let go of my hair. He pulled his half hard cock out of me and I felt some of his warm cum immediately drip out of my pussy along my inner thigh. I stayed still, bent over the counter to try and catch my breath. My pussy burned painfully between my now jello-like thighs.

“Damn that was some good pussy girl!” he said behind me, tucking his cock back into his pants and zipping up.

He slapped my naked ass hard and I jerked from the impact. Pain blossomed across my skin where his palm met my cheek.

“I’ll see you outside,” he said and without a backward glance walked out of the room.

I took a few minutes to compose myself and then shakily stood up. My dress fell back down and I ran a hand over my hair to try and smooth it back into place. I took a deep breath and wobbled out of the kitchen to head outside with the rest of the group.

Pushing the back screen door open I squinted as the sun hit my eyes. Every step I took I was reminded of the brutal fuck Uncle Johnny had just given me. He was right, I was going to feel him for days. As I walked onto the deck towards the chairs in the shade I felt more of his cum slide out of me, making my thighs slide against each other.

Mommy was sitting with Tiffany at the large table, snacking on some chips and salsa, Tiffany’s hand resting on Mommy’s thigh comfortably. Uncle Johnny was chasing Hannah around the pool, trying to reach and untie her bikini top. They were screaming obscenities at each other as they ran. I shook my head, those two were constantly at each other’s throats anytime they crossed paths. As I got closer to Daddy sitting on his chair, he looked up and met my eyes. He made a quick path up and down my body and watched as my cheeks turned red with embarrassment.

“Uncle Johnny give you some good cock baby girl?” he smirked knowingly.

I nodded shyly.

“Show me,” he commanded, sitting up straight on the chaise.

I stood in front of him and shyly raised my dress to my waist, knowing full well that I must look like an absolute whore.

“Mmmm,” he said, reaching out to push my legs slightly apart. “My little brother is a rough mother fucker isn’t he baby girl?”

I nodded.

“Did you fight him?” Daddy asked, leaning down to look at my red, swollen cunny.

I shook my head no.

“Good girl,” he murmured.

Daddy slid his hands up my leg from my knee to my pussy, coating his fingers in his brother’s cum along the way.

“You look very well used Missy girl, I like it,” he said rubbing two fingers along my red and aching clit. “Did you enjoy his fat cock?”

I nodded again.

Daddy slid his fingers off of my pussy. I opened my mouth expectantly but he surprised me and slid them into his own, sucking off our combined juices.

“Go sit and relax for a bit baby while everyone else arrives,” he said gesturing to the lounge chair next to him. “That’s not the only cock you’ll be taking tonight.”

Daddy winked as I took a seat, leaning back against the comfortable cushions. At some point while Daddy was examining me Uncle Johnny had caught Hannah. He had her face down on her stomach on the grass next to the pool, her top and bottom pieces floating on the water nearby. His clothes were equally strewn all over the place. Her legs were held tight together, her body flat as he crouched over her and slammed himself into her ass cheeks. My mouth opened wide in shock, I was finally seeing my best friend getting fucked. I watched as he pulled back and realized suddenly that he was fucking her already sore ass.

After a few minutes of fucking he reached up and grabbed her hair to lift her head. He leaned down and whispered something into her ear that I couldn’t hear. Whatever it was though definitely pissed her off. Her scream of outrage ripped through the backyard but he just fucked her harder. Mommy looked over and shook her head laughing softly. She adjusted her body in her chair and I saw that Tiffany was no where to be found. Mommy moaned and I realized Tiffany was kneeling under the table, hidden by the festive table cloth, eating Mommy’s pussy.

“Hey ya’ll!”

Everyone turned at the sound of the cheerful voice coming through the backyard gate. Tori and her daughter Peggy were all smiles as they walked towards the deck. Tori was carrying a covered dish and Peggy held the leash of one of their big dogs. They both had pretty summer dresses on. Tori’s was full length to the floor but Peggy’s stopped short just below her ass cheeks. I could tell Peggy didn’t have a bra on underneath it, the outlines of her nipples and their piercings were clearly visible under the thin fabric. My mouth watered a little, wanting to suck. They joined us on the deck, Tori placed her dish on the already full table and leaned down to kiss Mommy on the lips. I watched as Tori sucked Mommy’s tongue into her mouth.

“And who is this little treat?” Tori asked, pulling back from Mommy and looking down at Tiffany’s busy mouth between Mommy’s spread legs.

Mommy reached down to run her hand over Tiffany’s hair and guided her to suck on her clit.

“Mmm good girl,” she cooed, “This is Tiffany, Johnny’s current girlfriend.”

They shared a long look over the stressed word, current, and Mommy nodded over towards the pool area. Following her line of sight Tori looked over to see Uncle Johnny balls deep, violently fucking Hannah’s asshole. She smiled and shook her head, unclipping the dog’s leash so he could run around freely in the yard.

“Peggy say hello to Mr. Bourne,” Tori directed, taking a seat next to Mommy.

Peggy did as she asked after pecking a Mommy on the cheek, and walked shyly over to Daddy, sitting down next to him when he patted the space beside him. Her dress was so short that when she sat down it rode up, leaving her bare bottom exposed to sit in the cushion. She squirmed a little and then settled.

“Hi Mr. Bourne,” she said shyly.

Pleased with her daughter’s manners Tori reached down and forcefully grabbed Tiffany’s hair, pushing her face into Mommy’s cunt harder.

“Make her cum girlie! I want your mouth next,” she growled.

“Did you miss me sweetness?” Daddy murmured into Peggy’s ear, kissing the side of her head and sliding his arm around her.

She nodded awkwardly.

“Yea?” he asked, rubbing his hand up and down her thigh and nuzzling into her neck.

“Yes sir,” she said quietly.

“Your cunny miss me too sweetheart?” Daddy asked, running his hand up her leg and onto her pussy, sliding his fingers down the sides of her clit, rubbing it back and forth. “Mmmm yea it did.”

Peggy gasped as Daddy slid two fingers inside of her, her body leaning back and her legs falling open in response.

“Your Mama letting you have any real dick in here sweetie or just strap-on cock?” he asked her, fingering her pussy as a steady pace.

“Just a strap-on lately Mr. Bourne,” she moaned and spread her legs wider.

When her hips started to undulate he pulled his fingers out of her twat and turned her around so that she faced away from him. She complied and let Daddy move her so she was on her hands and knees on the chaise. Daddy stood behind her, lowering his pants down to expose his cock, hard and heavy.

“Don’t worry sweetness, I have just what you need,” he said as he lined up his cock against her cunt.

“Please Mr. Bourne,” she begged as Daddy teased her hole with his cock head.

Daddy slid his cock deep inside of her until he was full seated. His ass flexing as he hunched into her body. She was moaning constantly now, every movement of his hips made her gasp or moan. It was clear that unlike me, she was used to taking larger cocked easily, her body putting up none of the resistance that mine does every time he fucks me. He was able to immediately fuck her quickly with long, deep strokes.

“Yea? You miss this big cock sweetie?”

He was hammering into her now, making her frantically try to hold herself up. You could hear his full balls slapping against her wet pussy.

“You cumming Peggy?” her mother yelled out at her.

“Yes!” she screamed, her thighs shaking as she orgasmed, clear fluid gushing down her thighs.

“Mmmm, that’s it. Suck that cunt whore,” Tori said, looking down at Tiffany.

After finishing off Mommy at some point Tiffany had moved over to suck on Tori’s pussy. Her hands were still grabbing Tiffany’s hair roughly, practically riding Tiffany’s face. I watched Tiffany’s tongue slurping madly against Tori’s widespread thighs.

“Bruce!” Tori called, “Here boy!”

The large dark brown Rottweiler trotted over to the deck, happy to see his mistress. He walked over to Tori, Tiffany and Mommy first, sniffing between Mommy’s legs. She scratched behind his ears and kissed his forehead. Tori patted his hind quarters and he trotted over to where Daddy was steadily sawing his cock in and out of Peggy.

Daddy had pulled off his shirt and her dress entirely at some point when I wasn’t looking. Their bodies had a sheen of sweat on them, her little ass pushing back to meet his thrusts. His big hands were mauling her tits, squeezing and pulling on her nipple rings. Every time he twisted them cruelly she cried out but juice trickled out of her pussy to run down her leg. She was getting off on the rough treatment. Bruce trotted over to where I was laying, his nose immediately going between my thighs. After a good sniff he flopped himself over on the deck, out of the way of the action.

I was resting on the chaise lounge, my body reclining against the back, my legs stretched out in front of me. I pulled my dress up and out of the way, the sun warming my skin. I reached down a lazy hand and lightly rubbed my clit. Sighing with happiness I relaxed into the cushions and spread my legs, letting my fingers dance across my sloppy pussy.

“Fuck that looks hot baby girl,” Daddy grunted, slamming into Peggy. “Feel good Missy?”

I nodded and used my hand to spread apart my cunny lips so I could finger myself deeper, trying to hook my fingers the way Daddy did.

“I knew you were a slut at heart babe!”

This came from Hannah, naked as a jay bird with Uncle Johnny right behind her, his hand possessively on her ass. They joined us all on the deck and as Hannah sat down I could see his cum seeping down her leg. It definitely looked like more than one load. Uncle Johnny’s cock laying was half hard against his thigh and his balls were still heavy and full. The Bourne brothers had cocks that dreams were made of.

Seated next to me Hannah and Uncle Johnny were bickering again. I sighed and had a small orgasm from my rubbing fingers, I tried to tune them out. I closed my eyes and could hear Tori’s quiet directions to Tiffany, the slap of Daddy’s balls against Peggy’s sopping wet pussy and the occasional pants of Bruce on the deck.

“You need to get fucked again.”

“I can’t take any more in my ass today, you tore me apart!”

“I’m not asking Hannah, I’m telling you. If you’re still able to mouth off to me, you haven’t had enough cock.”

“You’re being ridiculous!”

“And you love it!”

“I do not.”

“Get on all fours and let me mount you.”

“I’m so sore Johnny, I can’t take anymore.”

Their conversation got quieter and I opened my eyes to see what was going on. Uncle Johnny was tenderly stroking Hannah’s face, his forehead resting against hers.

“I’ll just fuck your pussy baby, I promise,” he was crooning to her. “You’ll cum so hard.”

“You’ve already fucked me so hard…” she whispered. “I’m sore.”

“Shhh,” he said quietly, kissing her lips. “Do this for me? I want to watch your ass from behind, dripping with my cum.”

They stared into each other’s eyes for a few moments and then finally Hannah nodded. Before she could change her mind Uncle Johnny was tossing a couple of cushions down onto the deck and physically lifting her body. He placed her on all fours and smacked her ass hard. She cried out and glared at him.

“That hurt asshole!”

He laughed and just winked at her. Uncle Johnny knelt down behind Hannah, his hand tipping her chin up and back so he could watch her face as he fucked her.

“That’s it, keep your eyes on me,” he said to her. “I want to see the moment my dick pushes up into your twat.”

I could see Hannah was shaking, from fear or adrenaline, I wasn’t sure. There seemed to be much more going on here than a simple fuck.

“Eyes on me Hannah,” Uncle Johnny said to her. “Let me see how much of a slut you are for me.”

“Ahhh!” Hannah screamed, Uncle Johnny had hit his target. His whole body frantically fucking into her. His hips were like a jackhammer, working more and more of his dick into her body. Their body’s colliding together with rippling flesh from the force of his hips slapping against her ass.

“Yea baby, take this dick for me!”

“I. Hate. You.” Hannah sobbed as her first climax ripped through her. I knew what she was feeling. You were helpless when you’re being fucked like that, your body not yours to control.

Uncle Johnny smiled bigger than I’ve ever seen and grabbed a hold of her hair, lifting her face up to his again and kissing her brutally.

“You love me and you know it,” he declared triumphantly.

She gasped and shook her head no but I could see the truth. She did. My best friend was in love. She was in love with a man making her fuck again, at a barbecue, in front of people, while his current girlfriend ate out another woman.

What kind of world did I live in?

Thank you for taking the time to read this little dirty story, hopefully you enjoyed it. Over the years my writing has improved and my mind just got dirtier. If you’d like to read more of my work, head over to www.amazon.com/author/misspadventurous and let me know what you think!

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