Missy: Day Ten


School was boring and uneventful that Wednesday. I sat in English class listening to my teacher ramble on about the differences between two types of poems. Talk about boring. I squirmed in my seat. It seemed the more sex I got, the more I wanted. Every stray thought I had now always ended up back to sex and when I was bored, boy did my mind run rampant.

I reached down to scratch an itch on my bare knee. Sitting down at our little desks made my school uniform skirt reach the middle of my thigh. I took the opportunity to run my hand up and down my smooth thigh, sighing quietly at the sensation. It had only been a few hours since I had been fucked and already my pussy was starting to let me know it needed attention.

After a quickie fuck against the stairway banister before school Daddy had left for work. Not having time for another shower Mommy had knelt down in front of me and quickly cleaned up my pussy. Her tongue was wickedly talented and had me cumming twice before she drove me to school. I tried to be patient, another ten minutes of English torture and the bell would ring. Then I’d be able to relieve myself at lunch and be more comfortable.

This morning Daddy was pleased that my treatment at the spa had helped my pussy recover nicely from the first-fuckathon it had endured. As he pumped his cock deep into my cunt he told Mommy he wanted to have some of the medicinal cum on hand in the house just in case I needed it. That way all my holes would be accessible for him without much down time. On the brink of orgasm at the time, I couldn’t agree with him more.

I really loved the rhythm we were getting into as a family now that I was able to join them in their adult activities. Daddy would usually come to me in the morning to take care of his morning wood. After school Mommy and I would play together and then at night Daddy took care of Mommy’s needs. So far I loved everything they did with me, even if I was unsure of it in the moment.

I jolted in my seat at the sound of the bell. I smiled to myself, quickly packing up my books and exiting the class as soon as possible. In the hall I met up with Hannah who was also headed to lunch.

“Slow down!” she urged, trotting to keep up with my pace. “Some of us are still sore here!”

I smiled and slowed down. Abuela had fisted Hannah for over half an hour, her forearm halfway up her cunt for the last ten minutes of it.

“Quit complaining, you know you loved it,” I said to her.

Hannah winked at me.

“Of course I did, that woman played with my cervix more than my gyno did during my last exam.”

I giggled, “Andre was no slouch yesterday either. Man was he strong!”

“Oh did you enjoy your time with him? I couldn’t tell from all of your screaming and ‘Fuck me deeper Andre! Deeper!'” she said sarcastically.

I laughed, “You should talk! ‘Oh Abuela! Oh babe I’ve never been so open! Oh fuck Abeula, you’re so DEEP!'” I mimicked in a high pitched tone.

We laughed together and I walked towards the girls’ bathroom near the cafeteria. This bathroom had some padded benches in addition to stalls and was the ideal place in school to masturbate if you had to take the edge off.

“Do you need to pee?” Hannah asked as she held the door open for me.

“No, I need to cum before we eat,” I said, walking over to the olive green covered bench and plopping myself down on it. I tossed my backpack underneath and leaned back against the wall. My hands lifted my skirt and went to my naked pussy as quickly as I could manage, a sigh escaping my lips as soon as my fingers hit my clit. My pussy was wet and hot to the touch, my little clit begging for attention.

“I’m pretty hungry myself…” Hannah said, her voice trailing off as she stared at my hand between my legs.

I slid two of my fingers in and out of my cunt hole, warming myself up. Hannah quickly dropped her bag beside mine and sat next to me, hiking her skirt up as well. She had panties on so she just moved them to the side to get to her clit.

“Excuse me?”

Hannah and I both looked up from what we were doing to see a girl our age I didn’t recognize. She stood with her hands meekly behind her back, her head dipped forward. Her waist length brown hair falling across her face, hiding her eyes from us.

“Hey Suzy, what’s up?” Hannah said, her pointer finger swirling around her clit.

“My father wants me to practice eating pussy so that I can surprise my mother for her birthday next week. Do you think I could…?” she asked shyly.

“Sure babe, chow down!” Hannah said, lifting up her butt to pull down her panties and spread her legs wider. Suzy smiled gratefully and knelt down between Hannah’s thighs.

“Thanks!” she said right before she dove into Hannah’s cunt.

Hannah placed a hand on the back of Suzy’s head and looked back up at me.

“Suzy just moved here last week, she’s in my history class,” Hannah explained.

“Oh, welcome Suzy,” I said, continuing to finger myself.

Suzy popped her head up and smiled at me, the lower part of her face shiny from Hannah’s pussy.

“Thanks!” she said and Hannah pushed her face back down into her twat.

“There you go,” Hannah murmured as Suzy sucked on her clit.

I continued to slide two fingers inside my pussy and set a steady pace, pushing them in and out.

“Let’s make this quick Suzy-girl, tongue my hole first,” Hannah directed, moving her head lower.

Hannah’s eyes closed and she sighed as Suzy’s tongue did as she asked.

“Feel good?” I asked, I loved watching Hannah’s facial expressions when she was having sex.

“You know it babe!” Hannah grunted, “Back to my clit!”

I used my other hand to pinch my nipple, pulling and rolling it between my fingers.

“Suck hard! Almost there!” Hannah squealed and went still, her thighs shaking from the pleasure as her orgasm crashed into her.

Hannah roughly grabbed Suzy’s hair and lifted her head to stare into her shy eyes.

“Not bad little slut, now make my friend cum,” Hannah directed.

Suzy quickly crawled between my legs and watched me pump my fingers in and out of my body.

“Your pussy is so pretty,” she whispered.

“Thank you,” I laughed.

Impatient and enjoying playing the dominant one Hannah reached over and guided Suzy’s head towards my open cunt.

“Suck on her clit so we can go eat,” she commanded.

I felt Suzy’s soft lips glide over my pussy. Once they surrounded my clit she sucked hard, making me see stars.

“Oh fuck!” I cried.

Suzy nursed my clit into her mouth with strong continuous suction, her tongue occasionally teasing it with quick little strokes. I was in heaven.

“She’s a little Hoover. Right Missy?” Hannah asked, grinning when she saw how much I loved Suzy’s little mouth.

“Fuck yes,” I sighed.

Suzy started pulsing her mouth so that my clit was sucked in the same rhythm as my heartbeat. I groaned.

“She gonna blow?”

I opened my eyes to see our gym teacher, Mrs. Davis, washing her hands in the sink. I made eye contact with her and nodded.

Suzy started humming and I could feel the vibrations spread through my whole pussy. My climax started to ripple and grow and I came, staring into my gym teachers eyes. I sagged into the bench, Suzy’s tongue cleaning my cunny with long wide strokes. Mrs. Davis winked at me and left the bathroom.

“Can we go eat now? I’m starving,” Hannah whined.

I nodded and we gathered our things to head to the cafeteria.

“Thanks Suzy!” I called back into the bathroom as we left.

“Welcome,” came the soft reply.


“Hi Daddy!” I squealed, running up to hug him when he got home that evening.

“Hi Missy girl, how was school?” he asked, his strong arms hugging me close to his body.

“It was good! Classes were boring but then a girl named Suzy licked my cunny at lunch time,” I rambled, walking with him to the coat closet.

He took off his tie and placed his jacket and briefcase inside the closet.

“Oh yea? Did you cum baby?”

“Oh goodness yes! It was great!” I said excitedly.

“Good I’m glad, are you ready to go?” he asked.

“Where are we going?” I asked, puzzled.

“We’re going to visit Grandma Liz and Grandpa Joe for dinner tonight,” he explained, walking to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

“Oh! I didn’t know. Is Mommy meeting us there?” I asked.

Daddy took a drink of water and shook his head.

“Mommy has a book club meeting tonight,” he said, “it’s just us. Put your shoes on so we can head out.”

“Okay Daddy!”

The short drive over was uneventful and when we pulled into their driveway I hopped out of the car, eager to see Grandma and Grandpa. They always had little presents for me. I walked up the sidewalk with Daddy, holding his hand. My little hand was enveloped in his larger one. It felt nice.

Their large and ornate front door opened a moment or two after Daddy rang the doorbell. Their lawn was perfectly manicured and their doorbell always sounded so serious. Grandma’s arms immediately opened wide to welcome me with a hug.

“Missy!” she cried, smiling.

“Hi Grandma Liz!” I said, squeezing her tight.

I breathed in her floral perfume. She was just a little taller than I was and although she was fit and trim, her body had a comforting softness to her. As always her short blonde bob was coiffed to perfection and her tailored clothing fit her to a tee.

“How’s my little grand-daughter?” came from Grandpa Joe just inside.

I let go of Grandma and walked into his arms for a good squeeze and a kiss on the cheek. His large hands lingered on my waist and I loved feeling the rasp of his unshaven cheek against mine. His salt and pepper beard was well groomed and sexy as hell. An inch shorter than Daddy he was still an impressive man in his fifties. Daddy would age well if my silver fox of a grandfather was any indication.

It was good to see them.

Daddy hugged and kissed his mom on the cheek and shook his dad’s hand. Grandma led us to the living room and we all sat down on the formal furniture catching up. I sat down close next to Daddy, my head leaning against his shoulder, his hand on my knee.

“So what’s new with you Jack?” Grandpa asked Daddy after I told them about how my classes were going.

“Well,” Daddy said, looking at me and beaming with pride, “I popped Missy’s cherry about a week back.”

I blushed and looked up at him. He smiled back at me.

“She took my full nine,” he said proudly.

“Missy, be a dear and get your Grandfather and I some tea from the kitchen?” Grandma asked quietly.

I looked up at Daddy and his face had turned serious. He nodded once and I got up to do as she asked.

When I got to their kitchen I began to assemble the items we’d need for tea on a tray. I couldn’t help but over hear the raised voices coming from the other room.

“It’s modern times!” I heard Daddy yell.

“Not in our house!” I heard Grandpa say back.

“I thought you might enjoy her as well,” Daddy said.

“Absolutely not!” came from Grandma.

“You love eating young pussy Mom! You have the neighborhood girls over all the time!” Daddy said.

“It’s not my flesh and blood!” Grandma stated coldly.

“Do you even hear yourselves?! I’ve never met anyone so backwards in all my life. There’s nothing wrong with loving your family!” Daddy said sharply.

“Not in this house!” Grandpa replied back.

“You’re telling me you don’t think about how tight her twat would feel around your dick Dad? You hired little SueLynn just for her cherry pussy! I thought tonight we could share Missy, show her how two cocks feel at once. But no, you have to be conservative believers of rules society gave up hundreds of years ago!” Dad said with disgust.

They continued talking but the sound of the water boiling in the kettle distracted me from hearing the rest. By the time I had arranged everything on the tray they had quieted down. I walked in and the air was visibly tense. I set the tray down on the coffee table and Grandma leaned over to start to pour.

“Thank you Missy dear,” she said calmly. “Dinner will be ready around seven.”

“You’re welcome!” I said, walking back over to Daddy’s side.

Sensing that he may need some comfort from the argument I wiggled onto his lap sideways and placed my head against his chest. I felt his body take a deep breath and his hands rested lightly on my waist and thigh.

The conversation from there droned on, Daddy and Grandpa talking about sports with my Grandma interjecting occasionally with town news and gossip. I was getting bored. My mind wandered and I squirmed on Daddy’s lap, his hand automatically running up and down my thigh soothingly. A little higher and he could slip his big hand between my legs and play with my little pussy I realized. I squeezed my thighs together at the thought, squirming on Daddy’s lap and rubbed my cheek against Daddy’s chest.

“Missy!” Grandma scolded.

“Don’t talk to my daughter that way, she’s allowed to be affectionate,” Daddy said slipping his hand under my skirt to rest on my bare bottom to pull me closer.

They bickered back and forth and I tuned it out again, instead choosing to focus on Daddy’s hand stroking my ass cheek gently under my skirt. I felt my nipples grow tight and hard and my pussy start to dampen.

“Daddy?” I asked quietly.

Distracted by whatever they were arguing about now, Daddy didn’t hear me. I tried again, louder this time.

“Daddy can you fuck me?” I asked, tugging on the collar of his button down shirt to get his attention.

“What’s the matter baby girl?” he asked concerned, his eyes roaming over my face.

“Can we fuck?” I ask shyly.

“Absolutely not!” came synchronized from Grandma and Grandpa across from us.

Daddy ignored them.

“You didn’t get enough cums today?” he asked.

I shook my head no.

“Mommy was running late after school for Peter so I didn’t get to play with her,” I whimpered, my thighs parting slightly.

“Aw poor baby and you only got my cock this morning didn’t you,” he said, sliding his hand between my open thighs. “That’s definitely not enough for my greedy little slut.”

I nodded and then moaned when his finger tips started tracing my pussy lips under my skirt.

“You will not commit this sin in our home Jack!” Grandma said seriously.

“She needs to be fucked Mom, look at her,” Daddy said angrily as he pulled his hand from between my thighs to show them his fingers coated in my cream.

Daddy shifted me slightly in his lap so that I was straddling him. Now I was able to grind my hot little cunny against his hardening cock. It felt amazing.

“Not in our home,” Grandma said sternly.

“I’ll just fuck her real quick before dinner,” Daddy said in a rational tone reaching between us for his belt buckle, “it won’t take long, she cums very easily on my cock.”

I whimpered and moaned, resting my head against his chest as I humped my bare pussy against his belt. It was rough but felt good.

“Not in our home,” Grandpa repeated.

“Look Dad, I’ll take her to the other room and we’ll be done before you know it.” Daddy laughed trying to make peace. “You know how young cunts are Dad, it’ll be fifteen minutes, tops.”

Daddy placed his hand under my skirt and rested it on my bare bottom, guiding my movements so I rubbed against his cock.

“That’s it baby, let Daddy get his cock out for you to ride.”

“Not. In. Our. Home!” Grandpa said again, putting emphasis on each word but his eyes stayed on my humping ass.

“She just needs a quick and raw pounding,” Daddy said trying again. “She’ll take your cock Dad too if you want, you’ll love cumming in her cunt.”

“You fuck your daughter bareback?!” Grandma shrieked in outrage.

“Of course I do! Missy loves being filled with my cum, don’t you baby?” Daddy asked me.

I moaned in his ear in response and Grandma and Grandpa just sat silently in their disapproval.

“Just let her sit on my cock here while we visit then, we’ll finish our tea.” Daddy said reasonably in a last ditch effort.

Silence was the only response he got.

“Fine!” Daddy said disgusted and stood, taking me with him.

I squealed and wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. He was so strong, he carried me through the house.

“Can you wait baby until we get home?” he asked, reaching their front door.

My head foggy with lust I ground my clit harder into his belt buckle and moaned.

“I don’t think so Daddy!” I panted in his ear.

“Okay baby, hang on.”

Daddy left their front steps and walked onto their perfectly cut lawn and knelt down. He leaned over me and put me down so that I was on my back. I let my knees fall open to the sides leaving my skirt around my waist and my pussy open and bare as he unbuckled his belt. The grass was cool against my bare skin and smelled fresh.

“Mmm Daddy!” I sighed as I watched him unbutton his slacks and lower his zipper, reaching into his boxer briefs for his huge dick.

“Here you go baby,” he murmured, leaning over me and rubbing his cock head around my cunny. “Here you go.”

“Daddy!” I screamed as he thrust in, immediately setting a brutal pace, not waiting for my little body to adjust around him.

“Shh baby girl,” he said calmly and brushed away the hair that had fallen into my face, his hips slamming into mine.

“It burns Daddy!” I cried, the base of his thick cock splitting open my little cunny.

“Shh, shhhh,” he soothed, biting my earlobe to distract me from the painful stretch of my cunt.

“Daddy be gentle!” I begged and he grunted, fucking me deeper.

My cunt stung from his quick and deep penetration, my hole stretched tight like a rubber band around his thick cock.

“You don’t need me to be gentle Missy, you need to be fucked,” he said. “You love it when I stretch that twat open, don’t you baby girl?”

“Yes Daddy,” I whimpered, raising my little ass off the ground to meet this thrusts.

“Who’s cock fucks you open the best?”

“Yours Daddy!”

“Who always knows what you need?”

“You Daddy!”

“Who’s cock is deep in your twat?”

“Daddy’s cock!”

“Good girl!” he grunted and continued to pound me into the grass, my legs flopping with each brutal thrust.

I opened my eyes and saw Grandma and Grandpa watching us from the big bay window on the front side of their house.

“Daddy they’re watching!” I whispered frantically.

“Baby we’re fucking on the front lawn, lots of people are watching us,” he said with a laugh.

I looked around and saw a woman walking her dog across the street staring, when we made eye contact she smiled. The house next door had a woman around Mommy’s age getting her mail, when our eyes connected she gave me a thumbs up in encouragement. I felt my pussy flutter with an oncoming orgasm.

“You going to cum on my cock baby girl?” he asked, grinding his cock head against my cervix.

I cried out, “Yes Daddy!”

“My little slut loves being fucked in public, doesn’t she,” he asked rhetorically as my cunt clenched down on his cock and I started to cum.

“That’s a good girl, cum on Daddy’s cock!” he shouted while staring at his parents through the window.

“Daddy!” I cried, my whole body shaking with the force my climax.

“Do you want Daddy to cum in you Missy?” he asked, panting, “Do you want to be full of your Daddy’s cum?”

“Yes Daddy!”

Daddy ground his pelvis against mine, getting as deep as he could go and I felt the wet slap of his cum against the back of my pussy.

“Daddy!” I whimpered, my cunt milking his cock empty of cum.

We lay there breathing hard, my forehead damp with sweat and Daddy’s button down shirt sweaty and stained from the grass.

“All better Missy girl?” he asked.

I nodded.

Daddy rolled off of me and placed a hand on my belly to keep me in place. He opened my thighs wide again and pushed my knees back so my well fucked pussy was bathed in the fading daylight. With one hand he reached down and spread my cunt lips apart and I felt his cum slowly dripping out of me. He had pumped me so full. He ran his fingers through my cunny, gathering our combined juices. Maintaining eye contact with his parents the whole time he brought his fingers to my mouth. I immediately sucked them deep inside, bathing them with my tongue.

We watched as Grandma Liz walked away from the window into the house, a look of disgust on her face. Grandpa Joe however, stayed behind to watch Daddy’s hand dip into my pussy again.

Thank you for taking the time to read this little dirty story, hopefully you enjoyed it. Over the years my writing has improved and my mind just got dirtier. If you’d like to read more of my work, head over to www.amazon.com/author/misspadventurous and let me know what you think!

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