Missy: Day Sixteen


“Daddy?!” I squealed with surprise. Instead of Mommy in the school pick up lane, it was Daddy sitting in the car waiting for me after high school on Tuesday.

“Hi baby girl, hop in!” he smiled. Sigh, he was so handsome.

I did as he asked, clicking up seatbelt and looking up at him with a smile.

“Where’s Mommy?”I asked happy to see him but confused, Mommy always picked me up from school.

“Mommy’s having some girl time with Grandma this afternoon and I thought you might want to come to the spa with me instead,” he winked and I clapped my hands with excitement.

“Ooo I love the spa!”

Daddy laughed, “I know baby girl, me too.”

Daddy drove with confidence, his strong, lean fingered hands gripping the steering wheel. We chatted about my day and my English essay that I had due later on in the week. Before I knew it, we were pulling in to the a Rock & River Spa parking lot.

Gentleman that he is, Daddy held the door for me and gestured for me to go inside. I practically skipped with excitement.

“Oh Mr. Bourne so good to see you again sir!”

This came from a gushing Jessica behind the counter, the other female attendant next to her was quiet but smiled shyly in greeting. We walked up to the counter and Daddy leaned over it, smiling.

“Hello Jessica, nice to see you as well. You both look lovely, new uniforms I see,” Daddy said, his eyes roaming up and down the length of the two brunettes.

They both wore simple cream colored silk dresses with cute little cap sleeves and a few buttons down the front. They hit at mid-thigh and we’re delightfully see through. Both ladies were clearly not wearing undergarments and Daddy’s eyes lingered on the dusky circles of their nipples that showed through the silk. You could see Jessica’s full bush between her thighs as well.

The quiet girl blushed at his blatant admiration, her cheeks and neck warming to a nice rosy color.

“And who might you be my dear?” Daddy asked her.

“I’m Chloe, sir.”

“Lovely to meet you Chloe, I’d like to get myself and my daughter, Missy, checked in please. Can you help me with that?”

“Yes sir, of course sir,” Chloe stammered nervously and began typing quickly on the computer in front of her. The phone rang behind the counter and Jessica picked it up, murmuring responses to another member.

“It looks like you have a milking scheduled sir and your daughter has some time with Abuela is that right?” she asked, unable to quite meet Daddy’s eyes.

“Yes that’s correct, my little girl loves Abuela, doesn’t she?” Daddy said, looking down and winking at me.

I grinned up at him in response. Chloe sighed sadly as she watched us smiling at each other. Daddy raised his eyebrows at her as if to ask, ‘what’s that all about?’

“It’s just so nice, that’s all,” she explained quickly, gesturing between the two of us.

“What’s nice?” I asked.

“Your relationship with your father. Are you also in an incestual relationship?” she asked almost eagerly.

Daddy slipped his arm around my waist and hugged me to his side. His hand blatantly rubbing my ass cheek under my school uniform skirt.

“Of course I fuck her,” he said firmly, looking down at me. “Don’t I baby?”

“Oh yes, I love it,” I said happily, feeling my pussy clench at the thought.

Chloe sighed again, “I’m envious, you’re very lucky Miss Bourne.”

“Your father doesn’t fuck you?” Daddy asked her, his voice calm and compassionate.

“No sir, Dad doesn’t believe in it. My brother tries to make up for Dad but he lives an hour away in Kiterbury so I don’t get to see him that often.”

“That’s a real shame Chloe, I’m sorry to hear that,” Daddy said kindly, his hand now absently fondling my breast.

“Thank you sir, I appreciate it,” Chloe said looking back down at her computer. “Now I have a few questions before we bring you back for your treatments. You have plenty of time to relax in the members lounge since you’re almost an hour early so there’s no rush.”

Daddy and I nodded and I tried to concentrate on what she was saying as Daddy tweaked my nipple.

“Miss Bourne for your session with Abuela would you like her to focus on your cunt or asshole today?”

I looked at Daddy for guidance as I thought about it, squeezing my thighs together for some relief.

“If she fists your cunny baby you’ll be opened up for me to fuck you harder later. Cunt?” Daddy asked me.

I nodded in agreement, I loved it when he fucked me almost painfully deep.

“Okay then, and what lube would you prefer for your fisting? Water based, saliva or cum?”

“Cum please,” I said immediately.

Daddy chuckled quietly and leaned down to my ear.

“You love having sloppy cum filled holes don’t you baby girl?”

I blushed and nodded, burying my face in his chest.

“I want your cock Daddy,” I whispered, nibbling on his nipple through his shirt.

“Mmm yes baby girl, I’ll be able to fuck you so deep…” he murmured into my ear. “Do you still have my load dripping out of you from this morning?”

I turned bright red and nodded again, thinking about the quick fuck Daddy gave me before he left for work. The juices from my pussy had made his slacks wet by the time he was done filling me up. Chloe cleared her throat to get Daddy’s attention again.

“Now Mr. Bourne for your milking would you prefer a male or female attendant?”

“Male please, Andre if he’s available.”

“Of course sir,” she replied clicking away at her keys. “Wrapped or bareback?”

“Bareback,” he said firmly, twisting my nipple until I was whimpering with the twinge of pain.

“Okay, and what lube would you prefer? Water based, saliva or cum?” Chloe stuttered slightly, her eyes fascinated with Daddy’s hand on my nipple.

“Saliva for me please.”

“Great!” she said cheerfully. “And would you like a hole to fuck when you’re done?”

“No thank you, I’ll be using Missy’s cunt for that. If she could be brought to my milking room when she’s done with Abuela?”

“Of course sir. Such a lucky girl to have a father like you.”

“I’d be happy to be your Daddy anytime Chloe,” Daddy said, his voice lowering to a sexy growl.

Daddy was offering to fuck her! My clit started to throb at the prospect.

“Oh, thank you sir, that’s very kind of you,” she said quietly, her face turning scarlet once again.

Daddy leaned against the counter, running his finger down the slope of her pointy breast. He left his finger softly against her tip of her nipple and met her eyes.

“Would you like that Chloe? For me to be your pretend Daddy?” he asked lowly, tugging on her nipple.

It was clear she was a little reluctant. Stuck between being scared and not wanting to be rude by declining an offer from a customer and also her body’s desire for a good hard dicking.

“Yes sir,” she shakily whispered after they stared at each other for a few moments.

“Why don’t you take a break with Mr. Bourne in the waiting room Chloe,” Jessica said, nudging her slightly out of her trance.

I watched with wide eyes as Daddy didn’t wait for her to respond. He took Chloe’s hand and led her around the counter towards one of the opulent couches in the waiting room.

“Come sit on Daddy’s lap honey,” Daddy said patting his thighs as he sat on the couch.

I took a seat across from them on a overstuffed chair and curled my legs under me, fascinated by the idea that I might see Daddy fuck another woman again. Seeing him breed Molly yesterday was one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen. Chloe went to sit with her bum on his thighs and he tsked.

“No no silly girl, daughters sit on their father’s laps like this,” he said, rearranging her body so that she straddled him, grabbing her ass and pulling her body tight against his. “Cunt to cock, good girl.”

He tucked a piece of her hair back behind her ear and kissed her forehead.

“Take Daddy’s cock out and play with it so it gets hard while we talk,” he directed.

Her hands shaking slightly she did as he asked, unbuttoning his pants and sliding down the zipper. Reaching in to pull out his semi-soft cock a small gasp escaped her when she saw his already expanding size.

“You’re so big sir!” she whispered in shock, a blush across her cheeks again.

“Daddy. Not sir,” he correctly gently, tipping her chin back to meet his eyes.

“Daddy,” she said. “I’ve never taken anything over 6 inches or so.”

“That’s okay, you’ll be nice and tight for me,” he praised and ran his hands over her bare ass. Her dress had ridden up in her position, allowing her ass to be revealed. Her skin was milky and looked satiny soft. “Now tell me, when was the last time you were fucked?”

“This morning si-Daddy,” she said quietly.

“That’s good. By who honey?” he asked, using both hands now to squeeze and rub her ass cheeks.

“My roommate,” she said, stroking his cock with both hands now. I could see a bead of pre-cum on his cock head and my mouth watered wanting a taste.

“Excellent, ass or cunt?”

“She likes to fuck my pussy sir,” she replied softly.

“Ah I see. Are you a lesbian?” he asked gently, spreading her cheeks apart now so I could see her small asshole winking at me.

“No no, it’s how I pay my rent. She-she makes me fuck her twice a da-ay,” Chloe stuttered as Daddy’s finger tip pressed against her back hole.

“Hmm when was the last time you were ridden by a real cock?”

“Last Thursday, my brother visited and did my ass a few times,” she said wiggling on Daddy’s lap now.

One of his hands slid around to lightly touch her bare pussy mound, rubbing it in soothing circles as she talked.

“Aw honey, that’s quite a while ago,” he said. “Did he give it to you in the cunt at all?”

She just shook her head and looked down, seemingly ashamed.

“So you haven’t taken any loads up your pussy in a long time then huh?” Daddy said, moving her hands off his now fully hard cock and grasping it in his own hand.

She shook her head no again and looked so sad.

“No Daddy, I haven’t,” she whimpered brokenly. “Aiden likes my ass because he doesn’t have to use a condom.”

“You use condoms?” Daddy said surprised now, pulling back to look at her face.

“I have to, I’m allergic to birth control so he only fucks my ass,” she explained sadly.

My heart broke for the poor girl, she was softly crying now. She had to use condoms, limiting the pleasure she’d get from sex, AND no Daddy of her own to help her? Such a shame. I was so proud of my Daddy for taking care of her.

Daddy slowly pressed on her lower back to move her pelvis closer to his, holding his thick bare cock straight up towards her pussy.

“Oh honey, you poor thing,” Daddy crooned as she cried. “It’s okay, Daddy’s here now, shhh.”

Her dress was so short I could see Daddy subtly rubbing his cock head against the wet folds of her pussy.

“Shhh, shhh, Daddy’s here,” he soothed into her ear. “You feel that? You feel Daddy’s cock?”

She nodded, resting her head on his shoulder as he rubbed her back with one hand, and guided his dick to her cunt hole with the other.

“Daddy’s big dick is going to take good care of you now. Go ahead honey, slide down on Daddy’s cock,” he crooned. “It’s okay now, Daddy’s here. Let me give your pussy a nice big load.”

“But we need a condom,” she said quickly. “It’s not safe.”

“Shhh, shhh,” Daddy said, circling her hole with the tip of his cock. “Your pussy needs some real dick Chloe, listen to your body. It knows what it needs. It needs Daddy’s big thick cock opening up this little pussy of yours.”

She whimpered again and rubbed her pussy against his dick.

“There you go, you need this nice and raw, sit down on Daddy’s lap,” he said softly but firmly. “Trust me sweetheart, you’ll feel so much better after your cunt is good and stretched, dripping with cum.”

She slowly sank down onto him and I watched her tight twat snap around his blunt cock head.

“Oh!” she winced at the sudden pain.

Daddy continued stroking his hands up and down her back to calm her.

“Don’t worry honey, your body can take my cock. It was made for this. It’s a good burn,” he said, his hands going to her shoulders to gently push her down onto his fat, long dick.

From my point of view I could see her cunt lips stretched tight around his shaft like a red rubber band. I knew that burn and welcomed it every single time.

“That’s a good girl, Daddy’s here,” he whispered as she cried out into his shoulder. “You’ve got a perfect little cunt here, it’s meant to be used. Just. Like. This.”

I watched as Daddy pumped himself in and out of her pussy with short, shallow strokes, letting her get used to his cock little by little. Soon though he was thrusting up until her fully, his balls softly banging up into her asshole.

“That’s a good girl,” he murmured as her hips started moving more on their own. “Work that pussy, fuck Daddy’s cock.”

Wanting to join the fun I scooched down in my seat and lifted my pleated skirt around my waist to have access to my pussy. I moaned when I felt how wet I was, my honey coating my inner thighs already in need. I spread my legs a little wider to give myself more room to rub my clitty, sliding a finger into my cunt hole. It felt soooo good.

“Daddy!” Chloe cried out, her whole body pumping now on top of Daddy.

“That’s it, ride my cock baby,” Daddy praised. “Work yourself into a nice hard cum.”

“Yes Daddy!” she panted and did as he asked, sliding her pussy up and down the full length of his cock.

“Doesn’t that feel good sweetheart?” he asked her. “A nice big cock stretching your twat open?”

“Ugh,” she grunted. “Yes!”

“That’s it, your pussy knows what it needs,” Daddy said, his hands loosely on her hips as she rode him. “Let your twat control your body.”

I watched them fuck for a while, alternating between fingering my tight little cunny and rubbing my clit. Soon I could see Daddy’s balls draw up tight, signaling to me that he was close to cumming.

“I’m gonna cum!” Chloe gasped, Daddy’s fingers tugging hard now on her nipples.

“You want my cum Chloe?” Daddy asked her, watching her undulate on his thick pole.

She whimpered.

“Does your cunt want a cum bath sweetheart? Huh Chloe?” Daddy taunted, slowing his strokes into her to tease.

“Mr. Bourne please!” she cried and immediately received a hard slap on her ass.

“Daddy!” she corrected quickly. “I need it Daddy!”

“Need what little girl?” he said roughly, pumping hard up into her again.

“Your c-c-cum! Give me your cum,” she plead desperately, her tits bouncing everywhere.

I rubbed my pussy harder, my little clit hard and red. I wanted to cum with them when they finally did.

“You want it?” he asked again. “I’ve got a nice big load for you Chloe.”

She whimpered and nodded weakly, her body frantically riding his cock.

“Then squeeze your cunt and milk it out of me,” he commanded and my cunny gushed at the filth of it.

She looped her arms around his neck and leaned back slightly, hunching her pussy up and down his length. Her pussy so wet now, the juicy noises of their fucking squelched obscenely in the open waiting room. I watched as her asshole winked at me as she worked my Daddy’s dick with her cunt.

“That’s it, work that cunt on my cock,” Daddy praised, clearly loving the tight pussy wrapped around his dick.

“I’m gonna,” Chloe panted. “Ugh, I’m gonna, ugh cum!”

Her body started to spasm, humping into Daddy as she fell into him. Daddy roared and grabbed her ass, slamming it down as he thrust up, seating himself fully so that he was balls deep inside of her. I slid a finger into my pussy and watched their genitals pulse and clench together as they came. Her body doing everything it could to suck the seed out of his dick and his body making sure it pumped deep inside of her.

With one little rub of my throbbing clit I came, my eyes glued to where their bodies connected as I peaked. Fuck it felt good. Daddy’s thick shaft was throbbing and I knew that a full load of cum was being spewed out of him, right against her womb where it belonged. She groaned at the sensation and I saw a white ring appear around his dick where it split her little body open. His load was so big she was overflowing.

He rubbed her back as she came down, whispering sweet things to her until his cock slipped from her body. She eventually stood, his cum trailing down her thigh, trying to straighten her dress.

“Hey,” Daddy said, tucking his wet and shiny dick back into his pants.

Chloe stopped fidgeting and looked up at him.

“What do you say?” he asked her, zipping up his pants.

“Th-thank you Daddy,” she said softly, clasping her hands together behind her back.

“You’re welcome,” he said smiling. “You’ve got a nice cunt between those thighs of yours. Don’t let it go to waste.”

“No sir-Daddy, I won’t,” she said shyly.

She started to walk back behind the front desk when she stopped and took a step back towards us.

“Do you want to know if I’m…?” Chloe asked hesitantly.

“Bred?” Daddy asked and quickly shook his head. “No need. You don’t have to wait to see if you caught, you can make sure your cunt gets all the cum it needs. Then you’ll never know who the father is like a good little single whore.”

Chloe exhaled with relief and went back to work behind the counter with Jessica, giggling when Jessica lifted her dress to look at her red and dripping pussy.

“Mr. Bourne and Miss Bourne?” a spa attendant called out, waiting by the door to walk us back. “We’re ready for you.”

Thank you for taking the time to read this little dirty story, hopefully you enjoyed it. Over the years my writing has improved and my mind just got dirtier. If you’d like to read more of my work, head over to www.amazon.com/author/misspadventurous and let me know what you think!

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