Missy: Day Six


I woke up on my back, my t-shirt riding up above my belly button. Before I could open my eyes I felt rough hands pulling down my panties. I opened my eyes to find Daddy kneeling on my bed naked, his fat cock hard and throbbing against his abs.

“Daddy needs to fuck baby girl, open your legs,” he said gruffly, his eyes glued to my puffy bare pussy.

“Oh!” I said, surprised and did as he told, my eyes struggling to adjust to the morning light.

I spread my legs wide and without any foreplay he mounted me, sliding his cock into my tiny pussy with one long thrust. Pleasure burst through my body, making me groan out loud. He bottomed out with two inches to go and ground himself against the back of my cunt until I was crying out from the pressure. He was determined to fuck me with all nine inches.

“Just a little more baby, take it all for Daddy,” he said.

He pulled back and thrust again and again, hitting my cervix and getting a little deeper each time. Finally my pussy gave in to his pounding and he was fully seated in my little cunny. Once he was all the way in he paused, groaning in pleasure from my tight wet cunt squeezing his cock.

“That’s a good girl, taking all of my cock,” he smiled down at me. “Now Daddy’s really going to fuck you.”

He pushed himself up off of me and put his hands on my knees, pushing them back against the bed, butterfly spreading me to fuck me deeper. After just a few hard thrusts I was whimpering and cumming on his cock.

“Daddy I’m cumming!” I cried out.

I pulled him down on top of me and wrapped my legs around his waist. He was so big, everywhere.

“I know baby, I can feel you cumming on my cock. Such a tight little twat you have.”

Daddy stayed on top of me and started fancy kissing me, using his tongue like he did with Mommy. He fucked me through my orgasm and showed no signs of stopping. My Daddy has amazing stamina.

A little while later Mommy walked in to my room while Daddy was still fucking me deep, missionary style. He stopped kissing me and glanced up at her but never stopped pumping his cock into me.

“Hey there! How was the gym?” he asked her.

“It was good,” Mommy said, “Peter is such a great personal trainer, he always makes sure I have a good session.”

“He do you good?” Daddy asked.

“Of course honey, you know he’s my favorite bull,” she replied with a wink to me.

Daddy grunted and thrust deep, holding his cockhead against my cervix and started to grind his hips in a slow circle, driving me crazy from the pleasure and pain.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there to relieve you this morning,” Mommy said to Daddy.

Daddy grunted and grinned up at her, continuing to grind himself deep in me.

“It’s okay, I had sweet fresh cunt to break in,” he said.

“Mmm I see that,” Mommy said looking at his ass pumping as he drove his cock into me. “Did she give you any trouble?”

“Nope, she spread her legs real wide for me. You’re a good girl for your Daddy aren’t you?” He said, looking down at me as he started to thrust again.

I nodded and moaned, my breath coming out in pants as he pumped into me with more speed.

“How’d her ass look after last night?” Mommy said curious, trying to peak around Daddy’s balls to see my asshole.

“A little red this morning but I’m sure she’ll be fine to take more cock there again soon,” he said.

“Well when you’re done I want to go to the mall uptown to get her some new school clothes. I’ll get breakfast ready for when you two come down,” Mommy said.

“I just need to dump my morning load into her and I’ll be right there,” Daddy said, leaning up to peck Mommy on the lips before she turned around and left the room.

Daddy spread my legs wide again and started to slam his pelvis into me, fucking me harder than he had before, grunting about how I was “warmed up to take a real pounding now.”

His balls drawn up and tight, he reached down to pinch my swollen and hard clit, making me scream and cum around his cock again. After a few minutes of brutal pounding Daddy held himself deep and I felt his hot cum burst into the back of my cunt.

“Fuck yea baby! Your cunt is so good!” He yelled as he came.

Sweat was dripping off his forehead from the exertion and I felt a few more pulses of cum in my pussy. Daddy finished cumming inside me and pulled his cock out, making a popping noise when the head slid out.

He caught his breath and said “When you shower don’t wash your little cunny, I want my cum in you all day.” I nodded and he continued “And no panties little girl, I might need to fuck again before we leave.”

With that he left the room and went to have breakfast with Mommy. Still on my back with my legs spread wide open from his fucking I reached down to feel my pussy. It was hot to the touch from being so abused and when I closed my legs I winced because it was so tender. Being Daddy’s little cunt was hard work but I couldn’t wait for my next fucking. I got up and stretched and headed for the shower, time to get ready for the day.


The subway car was half full with people coming and going to their destinations. In the back a woman was quietly sucking on a man’s cock as they sat in silence. His hand rested on the back of her head, guiding her mouth up and down his cock. Mommy and Daddy took seats next to each other and I sat down across from them. Mommy rested her head on Daddy’s shoulder and it made me smile, they were so cute together. I heard a groan and looked up to see the man cumming in the back, his girlfriend or wife slurping down his cum eagerly. My pussy was still sore from Daddy’s pounding this morning but watching the woman eat the man’s cum made my pussy clench. Unable to stop myself I slipped my hand under my skirt and rubbed my little clit. I was wet already, some of Daddy’s cum adding to the mess. It felt so good that I whimpered and looked at Daddy, unsure of what to do. I didn’t want to get in trouble again.

“What’s the matter baby girl? Got a hot cunny?” he said.

I nodded, “Yes Daddy.”

“Show your mother and let her check,” he directed.

I crossed the aisle and stood in front of her. I looked around the subway car and saw some people watching me. I hesitated and looked back at Daddy. He nodded encouragingly. I took a deep breath and slowly raised my skirt up around my waist as Mommy leaned forward, reaching out to put her hands on my waist, pulling me closer.

“Such a good girl you are, not wearing panties so your Daddy can fuck you whenever he needs. Such a good good little girl,” she commented.

Mommy put her hands on my thighs and pulled them apart to widen my stance. She took her hand and without ceremony stuck two fingers in my pussy and slowly pumped them in and out making me moan in heat.

“Oh baby girl you sure do have a hot cunny,” she observed.

I groaned and thrust my hips a little against her fingers.

“Do you want Daddy’s cock to fuck you some more on the subway?” she offered.

I looked around again at the people watching. A man a few seats down was jerking off his smaller sized cock, staring at Mommy’s fingers in my wet pussy.

Looking back at Mommy I nodded and whimpered, “Yes please Mommy, it hurts so bad.”

I heard a zipper and saw Daddy taking his big cock out, already hard for me. My mouth watered at the sight.

“Come sit your cunny on my cock honey,” he said.

Mommy stopped pumping her fingers in my cunt and rubbed them over my clit.

“Take off your skirt so it doesn’t get it the way baby and go let Daddy fuck your twat for a while,” Mommy ordered.

I carefully stepped out of my skirt and naked from the waist down straddled Daddy’s lap facing him. I took his cock in my hand and rubbed the big head all over my pussy, lining it up with my hole.

“That’s a good girl, get it nice and wet and sit down on it,” Daddy said.

I spread my legs wider and put all my weight down on his dick and felt the head pop inside my tiny cunt hole.

“Daddy you’re so big!” I whimpered as it went in slowly.

“I know honey, you’ll be broken in soon enough after I fuck you for a few more weeks,” he explained. “That’s it baby, you know it’ll fit, all the way down like a good girl.”

Thanks to his rough fuck that morning, I sank all the way down until my bare pussy lips were rubbing against his belly, all of his thick nine inches buried deep against my cervix. I heard a muffled ‘fuck’ coming from the man jerking off and watched him cum on the floor. The white blobs blending in against the beige floor of the subway car. I knew he had a perfect view of my naked ass and pussy humping my Daddy’s cock.

Overwhelmed with the sensations I leaned against Daddy and put my head on his shoulder. He slowly rubbed his hand up and down my back soothingly while slowly thrusting up into me, staying deep in my pussy.

“There ya go baby, there you go,” he murmured.

We sat this way for a couple of stops, Daddy thrusting hard when I’d start to cum, making me scream and draw attention to us in the otherwise quiet subway car. At one point an older couple got on the train and sat across from us.

“Hot girl you have there!” the man commented.

“She sure is, thank you,” Daddy responded politely, reaching under my shirt to pinch my titty tip.

I gasped at the slight pain and moved my hips to the faster rhythm Daddy wanted.

“She your daughter?” he asked.

“Yes sir, definitely a daddy’s girl,” Daddy chuckled as I moaned in response to a particularly deep thrust against my cervix.

“Oh how I miss having my daughter around when she was that age, I loved having access to tight cunt like that all the time. How long have you been fucking her?” he continued conversationally.

His wife and Mommy started a conversation on their own, talking about the weather we’d been having lately.

“I popped her cherry three days ago. As you can see she’s taken to it pretty well,” Daddy laughed.

The casualness of the conversation and the fact that I was fucking my Daddy in public was too much for me and I started to cum for the third time. Daddy grunted “fuck yea” at the tightness of my cunt around his cock as I ground it against him.

“She looks like a good cummer that one! And by the looks of how tightly stretched her cunt is around your cock, still pretty cherry,” the stranger commented.

“Yea, seems like no matter how much or rough I fuck her her cunt closes right back up afterwards. A gift, this one is.” Daddy said proudly.

“Mind if I take a closer look?”

Daddy waved him on and the older man gingerly crouched behind my slowly pumping ass. I was embarrassed and turned on at his inspection, my face reddening and my pussy getting wetter. I buried my face into Daddy’s neck shyly, still pumping my cunt up and down his cock, needing the friction.

“She sure is a stunner, nice fat pussy lips and a hard little clit. Her ass looks nice and tight too, you pop that yet?”

“Oh yea, she loves it in the ass, don’t you baby girl?” Daddy said, taking his hand to lift my head up from hiding under his chin.

I looked at the older man and nodded.

The old man stood but didn’t go back to his seat. Glancing over at the two women chatting away like old friends he looked back as Daddy.

“Mind if I give it finger? It’s been a long time since I had ass as fresh as this,” he asked.

Daddy adjusted his hold on my hips and reached around to spread my ass cheeks even wider, fully exposing me to the whole train.

“Be my guest man, baby why don’t you make sure his finger is wet enough for you,” Daddy said.

Knowing what was expected of me I opened my mouth and sucked on his finger, bobbing my head to make sure to coat it with enough spit. Turned on by all of this and on the edge from the lengthy casual fuck, Daddy began thrusting up into me harder. Under my shirt my titties started to bounce as Daddy held my cheeks open for the stranger.

The older man placed his hand on my ass and slid it down until his saliva soaked finger was on my hole. He tapped it on my pucker for a minute and then slowly and steadily pushed it into my ass. I groaned at the feeling and whimpered into Daddy’s chest.

“Such a good little slut you are honey, getting fucked and having your ass fingered on the subway!” I heard.

This came from Mommy, proudly showing me off to the older man’s wife. The wife smiled and nodded in encouragement, commenting to Mommy about how big Daddy’s cock was and how lucky we were. I heard her ask Mommy about breeding but I didn’t hear Mommy’s reply, my moans getting louder.

The man fingered my asshole, muttering ‘fuck’ and ‘oh yea’ as I bounced on Daddy’s cock. I could tell Daddy was close because his cock was swelling and getting thicker. I was also on overload with everything my body was experiencing and I was ready to cum again.

Right when I started to cum the man stuck a second finger up my ass, making me tighter than before with Daddy’s cock so deep in my pussy. I screamed and came all over Daddy’s cock, soaking him with my juices. Daddy groaned in my ear, thrust deep and held himself against my cervix, filling my cunt up with more of his cum.

When our breathing came back to normal the old man slid his fingers out of my ass and patted my bottom in thanks. Daddy helped me off of him and I sat down next to him, exhausted from the almost hour long slow fuck.

“Let me see your pussy baby,” Mommy murmured as she knelt down in front of my seat.

I raised and spread my legs for her, showing her my well fucked pussy.

“Oh honey! Look how red and swollen you are, I know Daddy’s cock is big but it fucks you so good doesn’t it?” She asked rhetorically. “Such a good girl taking it all, let me clean you up baby so we can get off the next stop for the mall.”

Without any other warning Mommy dove into my cunt, licking and sucking up my juices and Daddy’s cum. Her tongue was gentle on my clit and dug into my pussy hole to get the cum Daddy pumped me full of. I moaned and leaned my head back. Mommy ate my cunt so good, even better than Daddy.

“Such a wonderful family you have!” said the older woman, watching Mommy clean up Daddy’s big load.

Daddy and the man shook hands and they introduced themselves as David and Dorris. They exchanged contact information with promises of a BBQ soon while Mommy made me cum one last time, sucking hard on my little clit.

Once Mommy was done cleaning up my pussy she helped me put my skirt back on just in time for the next stop.

We waved goodbye and the old man yelled out “Maybe next time I’ll get to fuck you little girl!”

I blushed and looked away as we walked off the subway car and into the station.

Only Daddy got to fuck my pussy.


Mommy and I walked hand in hand down the sidewalk towards the mall with Daddy. Everywhere I looked in the mall there were beautiful clothes and people. Mommy lead us into a department store and let Daddy know we’d be in the lingerie section. He nodded and said that he would be in the men’s department and would meet us at the front in an hour when we were all done.

“Nothing over 8,” he said seriously to her before we separated.

“Of course honey, whatever you say, and only if I think she needs it,” Mommy said as she leaned up for a kiss goodbye.

Daddy deepened the kiss and I could tell he had his tongue in her mouth. I was jealous, I wanted Daddy to kiss me like that again.

The lingerie section was overwhelming. There were panties and bras everywhere. Mommy let me wander around as she gathered items she wanted for herself and for me. Occasionally she would call me over and hold something up against my body to gauge the size. Once she had what she was looking for she took me into a dressing room and told me to take off my clothes to try them on.

Some were silky, some were see through and the bralettes she had me pull on over my little buds were lacy and soft. Having adult lingerie was making me feel very sexy. Mommy noticed the wet spot on my panties immediately.

“You feeling good honey? Do you like them?” she asked, cupping my pussy over my panties.

“Yes Mommy! I love them all,” I said eagerly, wanting my young body to match the womanly feelings that I had inside.

The lingerie helped me feel less like a little girl. When we were done in the dressing room she had me get dressed and we walked to the counter to pay. At the resister I couldn’t stand still, pressing my thighs together to try and create some friction on my clit.

“Excuse me miss, where is your family room? My daughter needs some relief,” my mother asked, gesturing to me.

The woman looked around the counter at me and smiled.

“She certainly looks like she does! It’s just around the corner on the left,” the woman explained and handed us our bags. “Enjoy!” she called out after us as we walked towards the area she had indicated.

“Mommy where are we going? What’s a family room?” I asked.

“A family room is something most stores have for people to fuck in if they can’t wait. We’re headed there now so I can help relieve some of the tension in your pussy honey.”

“Oh! Okay,” I said nervously, curious about what it was like.

When we walked in the lighting was low and soft. On one wall there were several raised padded tables that looked like they belonged in a doctors office all lined up on one side, the tables’ backs raised so the person could lean back on an angle. The temperature was a little warmer than the rest of the store. On the opposite wall was a vanity with hair styling tools, makeup wipes, a couple of sex toys and different kinds of lube. A few lounge chairs were scattered here and there. What really surprised me, however, were the activities going on in the room. My mouth opened wide in surprise as Mommy lead me to an open padded table and started removing my clothes as I watched the scene around me.

On one ‘table’ a girl was bent over with her mother’s hand buried deep in her pussy. The girl was obviously in the middle of orgasming, squirting juices into her mother’s waiting open mouth.

Mommy saw that I was watching them, fascinated and said “Would you like Mommy to fist you some time?”

I looked at her with a little fear in my eyes, could something so huge fit inside me? She laughed at my expression and gestured for me to hop up on the table.

“You’ll love it baby, I promise,” she explained.

She winked and gently pushed me back to full lean back against the raised portion of the table. My eyes wandered again through the room.

In the corner there was a small family like mine. A mom, dad and young girl, maybe a couple of years older than me. The girl was spread open wide on the table, her feet strapped into stirrups that pulled out and were attached to the table. She was getting fucked by her father and didn’t seem to be enjoying it, laying there with out a single moan. Her mom was trying to coax the girl into fucking him back by rubbing her clit but the girl just tried to get up and away from them. The father leaned down to forcibly hold her down.

“You can fight all you want you little whore, it just makes my dick harder,” he said calmly, pinning her arms to her sides. “You know you love it when I fuck you, I don’t know why you’re fighting it lately. I can feel you cumming on my cock!” he said sounding annoyed.

Sure enough Mommy and I watched as she convulsed and let out a reluctant moaned as her climax ripped through her. Mommy reached down to the sides of the table and pulled the stirrups out, placing my bare foot in each one and then spreading my legs wide. I looked back to watch the family.

The girl, exhausted from her orgasm, laid there limply as her father continued to pound into her pussy.

“I’m going to cum!” he said to his wife as she watched.

She immediately held her daughter down as he pushed his cock as deep as he could inside his daughter and started to cum.

“No!” the daughter yelled, “I don’t want a baby! Papa no!”

“Yes! Take it! Take! It!” the man yelled, his cum starting to drip out of her pussy around his cock.

When he was done he pulled his cock out of her and sat down in one of the lounge chairs, sipping from a water bottle. Leaving his wife to deal with his softly crying daughter.

Mommy sat down on a stool between my legs and pulled my butt down so it was closer the edge of the table. I could feel her breath on my pussy lips and she started to run her tongue all around my cunny. I wanted to close my eyes to enjoy the sensations but instead forced them open so I could continue to watch.

“There there,” the mother cooed to her daughter, rubbing her clit softly, “You know you love it when Papa breeds you. Once you’re pregnant you’ll feel so much better, I don’t know why you’re fighting it.”

“I shouldn’t want it!” the girl cried, turning her head to look away from her mother.

“Of course you should Sandy! All little girls and boys want to grow up to fuck their parents. You know you always cum the hardest when you’re ovulating and Papa fills you with cum. Why are you so upset Sandy?” her mother asked gently, her fingers sliding in and out of her daughter’s creamy pussy hole.

Mommy started to groan into my pussy as my juices started flowing, slurping them up loudly. If she kept sucking on my clit the way she was I was going to cum hard.

Sandy squirmed on the table, her mother’s fingers fucking her harder now. She was panting and moaning out loud, shaking her head back and forth in denial. She tensed and came again, sinking down into the table, seemingly more relaxed.

“I’m scared Mom, what if I don’t like being a parent?” she whispered.

“Oh Sandy you’re going to be a wonderful mother! And Papa and I will be there to help you. You’re going to love it. Just think about the baby nursing on your sweet little tits,” she said.

She ran her hands up to Sandy’s breasts, pinching and pulling her nipples roughly.

“With how much you love your nipples played with, you’ll want a baby on each teat!”

They both laughed and the daughter slowly sat up.

“I guess you’re right Mom, I won’t fight Papa if he wants to fuck me again,” Sandy said sheepishly.

Her mother patted her cheek and helped her off the table to get dressed.

“That’s my girl,” she said, “Go apologize to your father.”

Mommy was tongue fucking me, driving me out of my mind while I was a voyeur to the intimate family moment. Sandy cuddled on her Daddy’s lap and apologized for her behavior, wiggling her hips around his lap as she did so. After a quick cuddle, he shooed them off to get dressed. He chuckled and smiled, watching his two girls go back to shopping while he stayed behind to relax.

Mommy took my clit in between her teeth, bit down gently and thrust two fingers up my cunny at the same time. Stars burst behind my eyelids and I came, screaming out to let her know.

“I’m cumming Mommy, I’m cumming!”

I came so hard I must have dozed off. When I opened my eyes again Mommy was brushing her teeth by the vanity. I looked over and saw the mother who had fisted her daughter had left but Sandy’s Papa was still sitting in a lounge chair, stroking his nice sized cock. It was hard again.

I made eye contact with him and he stood up and walked over between my legs, still spread wide from the stirrups. He looked down at my still wet pussy.

“Can I ride her?” he asked, looking back at my mother.

Her mouth full of toothbrush and toothpaste, she nodded and made a go ahead motion with her hand.

Before I even realized what he meant he was stuffing his cock into my cunt, groaning in pleasure when he felt how tight I was. Not knowing what to do I laid there and took it, unable to help the small grunts that were forced out of me every time he thrust.

“Look at you little slut, taking a stranger’s cock for the first time!” Mommy said, her grin huge and proud.

He changed his angle and I could feel his cockhead dragging over my g-spot, making my legs shake with pleasure.

“You like that huh baby? The more cock the better for my little girl,” Mommy said, running her hand over my stomach as it bounced with each thrust.

“But what about Daddy…?” I said, looking down at where the strange cock was splitting open my pussy.

“Daddy said you could fuck any cock eight inches or less honey, he wants your pussy to still stretch on his nine inches,” she explained. “He knows you’re going to need to be fucked a lot and won’t always be there. It’s Mommy’s job to make sure you’re well fucked all the time.”

I gasped in surprise and couldn’t take the pressure on my g-spot anymore, closed my eyes and came.

“Fuck yea you’re tight!” the man said and started cumming inside me.

His cum was hot and although he gave a prime load to his daughter earlier, still came a good amount. When he was done cumming he pulled out. He wiped his cockhead head on my thigh, tucked his cock back into his pants and left, thanking Mommy on the way.

“Wasn’t that good honey? A nice little quickie before we go meet Daddy.”

Mommy helped me get dressed, the strangers cum dripping down my thighs. I felt dirty and used and ashamed but part of me couldn’t wait to be taken like that again.

When we met Daddy at the front of the store he reached down to lift my skirt, not caring that there were people standing around.

“Looks like she took at least one cock! Such a good girl! Did she love it?” Daddy asked Mommy, not even acknowledging that I was even there to answer myself.

Mommy nodded eagerly, “She came on his cock real good!” Mommy said excitedly.

“Such a good girl,” Daddy said as we walked back to the subway to head home.

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