Missy: Day Seven


It was Sunday, one of my favorite days of the week. Mommy spent most Sunday’s at Grandma and Grandpa’s house with her sisters and brother for Sunday dinner. Daddy said it was important for her to get alone family time too. This meant Daddy and I had Sundays all to ourselves.

“What are we going to do today Daddy?” I asked as I skipped into the living room.

Daddy glanced up from the DVD player and looked at me, his eyes going to my little buds under my t-shirt. I wasn’t wearing one of the bralettes Mommy bought for me and my puffy nipples were sticking out.

“Daddy’s going to introduce you to a new kind of sex baby girl,” he said calmly, turning on the tv and walking over to the couch.

“Ooo am I going to like it?!” I asked excited.

Daddy started talking off his clothes, showing off his hot muscles. His chest was wide with defined pecs and he had something Mommy called a V down by his hips. His chest wasn’t too hairy, just enough that trailed down to his yummy hard cock. I watched as he moved his fist up and down the length, rubbing some pre-cum into the tip.

“Take off your clothes baby, we’re going to watch some movies,” he said.

He sat down on the couch as I quickly stripped. When I went to sit down next to him to cuddle he shook his head.

“No Missy, sit on my dick,” he said huskily.

Facing me away from him, he lifted me up by the waist with his strong hands and slid my pussy directly onto his cock. He lowered me down without stopping, pushing my shoulders down slightly so my cunt opened for him. Once my ass cheeks rested on his thighs he had me lean my back against his chest, my knees and legs spread by his strong big ones in between, holding me open. His left hand reached down to start playing with my clit as he held his cock still, fully seated inside me. His right hand reached for the remote.

“Daddy!” I squirmed impatiently. “Aren’t we going to fuck?!” I whined, wanting to bounce on his cock.

“Soon baby, but first I want to watch the movie with you,” he explained.

With that he hit play, his finger slowly and gently stroking my clit. I loved being Daddy’s little play cunny.

A woman on the tv walked into what looked like a living room. It had a couch and a coffee table. Based on the quality of the picture the movie looked like it was a few years old. She started taking off her clothes and I wiggled on Daddy’s lap. When the woman turned her face to the camera I gasped.

“That’s Mommy!” I said, surprised.

Daddy laughed, making me jostle a bit on his cock.

“Yes, it is,” he said.

I watched as another woman joined Mommy on the couch, also naked. They started fancy kissing and touching each other’s titties. Mommy moaned and opened her legs like a little whore, just like me. The woman with her started fingering her with one, then two and then three fingers. Mommy was laying down on the couch now and I could tell she was cumming based on the grunting noises she was making.

“That’s it Brenda, we need to get you nice and stretched open,” the woman fingering Mommy said.

“Daddy, why does she need stretching?” I asked, looking up at him.

Daddy pinched my clit and told me to just be patient and watch.

After Mommy came a couple of more times and the woman could fuck her with four fingers the woman stopped and stood up from the couch.

“She’s ready Jack,” the mystery woman said.

That was Daddy’s name! The woman stood beside the couch, while Mommy recovered from her cums. The woman was sucking Mommy’s juices off of her fingers one by one like a sweet treat. Mommy did taste good. They seemed to be waiting for something.

I watched the tv as Daddy walked in, his hair a little longer and sporting a mustache. He leaned down and slid several fingers inside of Mommy and grunted, I guess he was verifying she was ready. But ready for what?

Daddy leaned over and grabbed something off of the side table next to the couch. In his hand he held a little medical bottle, it looked like an inhaler. He held it up to my mouth.

“Here baby, take two puffs of this and hold it,” he said sternly.

I was scared.

“What is it Daddy?” I asked.

The movie kept playing in the background. I watched as two tall men came in. Both were naked and looked identical with shaved heads and lean bodies. They had to be twins! They each sported a nice sized cock like Daddy but they were super thick.

“It’s called Twilight honey, it’s going to relax you and you make you cum harder than ever on Daddy’s cock,” Daddy patiently explained.

“Okay,” I said nervously, taking it from him and putting it in my mouth.

I was scared but I trusted Daddy. I pressed it down twice and inhaled, holding my breath like he said.

“That’s a good girl,” he said, starting to thrust gently up into my pussy. “Let it out baby. There you go,” he said, putting his hand back on my pussy to rub my clit, his big dick sliding in and out slowly and shallowly.

My head spun a little and my arms felt tingly for a minute. I leaned back into Daddy’s chest and let him fuck me like he wanted. It felt like time had slowed down a little and my body felt like it was moving through warm honey. Everything felt sooo good. What was I scared about again? I couldn’t remember, my whole body was focused on how my clit was pulsing and my cunt was full of Daddy’s cock. I blinked my eyes to clear them a little and glanced back at the tv.

On the video Mommy was on her hands and knees on the rug and the men were rubbing her behind. One of the men leaned down and his tongue came out and swiped at Mommy’s pussy and asshole.

“Oh!” I gasped as I watched Mommy jerked and moaned.

I bet that felt good, his tongue was long and it looked like she really liked it.

“Would you like that baby? Would you like to have a strange man lick your cunt?” Daddy asked, murmuring in my ear.

I stayed silent as I watched the other woman knelt down and started sucking both of the men’s cocks. Mommy groaned and wiggled her ass in need. She looked like I did when I need to be fucked. But why wasn’t Daddy fucking her?

Daddy was pinching and pulling on my clit, making my pussy juicy and sloppy. You could hear his cock sliding in and out of my cunny I was so wet. The fuzzy feeling in my head and body made the sounds louder and hotter.

“Oh Daddy, I feel sooo s’good!” I said closing my eyes, having my first cum on his cock for the day.

“I know baby, keep watching the movie Missy, I want you to see Mommy get double fucked,” he said, sliding his hands down to feel where his cock penetrated my pussy.

I was stretched so tight around him.

I forced my eyes back to the screen, feeling lazy and in a pleasure filled fog.

“Ok boys!” the woman said sternly. “Pound her out!”

I watched, wide eyed and turned on as the huge man mounted my Mommy, doggy-style. I giggled out loud at that, doggy-style was such a silly term!

“What’s so funny little girl?” Daddy asked, still steadily fucking my pussy.

“Mommy’s s’going to get fuck-ed doggy-style!” I giggled, slurring my words and watched as the man’s hips hump into Mommy’s ass.

“That’s right baby girl, she sure is! Mommy loves doggy-style fucking,” he said calmly.

Just then Mommy let out a low groan and arched her back into the man.

“See Mommy take his cock Missy? See how hard he’s able to fuck her?” he asked, his voice low with arousal. “See him pounding into her?”

Daddy’s hips sped up a little, fucking up into me. I nodded, unable to take my eyes off the screen. Mommy was crying out about how it felt so good and how deep he was. The woman and Daddy sat on the couch, encouraging Mommy as they watched her get fucked.

“Take her ass Paul,” Daddy directed on the screen.

We watched as the man rutting into her pulled out and laid down on the floor. His cock was shiny and wet with Mommy’s juices. They helped her straddle him and slide down his fat cock. She moaned at the feeling and they roughly pushed her down so that her tits were pressed against his chest. Paul quickly came in from behind, notched his cockhead against her asshole and shoved in to the hilt. Mommy screamed at the penetration and my cunt clenched around Daddy’s cock.

“They’re being so s’rough Daddy!” I whimpered.

“Yes baby, your Mommy is nice and tight so they have to work hard to get their cocks in as deep as she needs them,” Daddy explained in my ear, jabbing his cock into my cunt now in time with Paul’s thrusts into Mommy’s ass. “See how they time their thrusts so she’s always full of cock? Her holes are stretched tight around their dicks.”

Mommy was still screaming every time Paul fucked into her ass but I could see her hips moving a little to fuck back at him.

“Does it hurt Mommy?” I asked, my head falling back against Daddy’s chest.

“A little baby,” he said, sucking on my earlobe. “It’s a good hurt. You’ll love it Missy, it turns Daddy on so much to see his girls get used.”

Daddy was thrusting faster now, clearly turned on telling me about how double fucking worked. I was turned on too, trying to pump my hips back against him and ready to cum again. Daddy was grunting now, fucking into me so hard. I could hear the slap of his heavy sac against my ass, full of cum. I bounced around on his lap, my body limp, simply taking his thrusts, in my drugged haze, unable to control my body well.

“I see her cummings Daddy!” I said, “Her cunny s’is so hot it’s s’dripping!” I yelled, trying to point to the screen.

“That’s right baby. The whole time they’re fucking her she’s cumming. Soon they’re going to nut in her holes. You like being filled with cum don’t you honey?” Daddy said, his cock thickening, stretching me wide.

“Yes Daddy! I loves it!” I panted, my pussy starting to pulse around his cock.

“Daddy’s going to give you some now baby!” he said, holding his cock deep in my pussy. “Take it!”

Feeling his hit cum hit the back of my pussy I came with him. Exhausted I fell back against Daddy’s chest and watched more of the movie.

A few hours later Mommy walked into the living room and took in the scene before her. I was still sprawled on top of Daddy, a different movie featuring group fucking was playing on the screen. Daddy’s cock was slowly pumping in and out of my cunt and I was barely conscious, my head thrown back and resting on Daddy’s shoulder. To keep me hot and easily influenced he had given me multiple puffs of Twilight throughout the day. His cock hadn’t left my pussy, keeping it full all day.

“Well well, look at you two! What did you two do today?” she asked with a little chuckle.

Daddy leaned down and whispered loudly in my ear, “Show Mommy what we did today Missy.”

Groggy from all the fucking and Twilight I slowly spread open my legs to show Mommy my well fucked pussy. She walked closer to get a better look. My cunt was red and puffy, overflowing with cum that was frothing around Daddy’s pumping cock. His cum had seeped out of my cunt and down to coat his balls. Showing off my twat to Mommy in such dirty condition turned me on and I arched my back, starting to cum again. Daddy’s hands came up to my nipples and pulled them roughly away from my body.

“That’s a good girl, cum again for Daddy. Soon you’ll be cumming on two cocks, won’t you baby girl?” he said, fucking me harder through my cum.

“Did she take to the idea of DP ok?” Mommy asked, watching Daddy play my body perfectly so I came as hard as I could.

“I gave her a few hits of Twilight throughout the day and her cunt squeezed me like a fist every time she came so I’d say it was a success. We’ll be able to use Twilight on her whenever we need to, her pussy responds so well on it,” he said.

“That’s good to hear, I was worried about taking her to Tori’s tomorrow without it,” Mommy said, her gaze going to back down to my sloppy cock filled cunt.

“Missy you’re going to be a good little slut and do a DP like Daddy wants right?” he asked me, twisting my nipples. “You need lots of cock don’t you baby girl?”

“Yes Daddy!” I whimpered and closed my eyes to get some rest, the rocking motion of Daddy’s dick deep in my pussy helping me sleep.

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