Missy: Day Nine. Sex Story


I woke up in bed groggy and stiff. I cracked my eyes open and winced, shutting them quickly against the light flooding through my bedroom window. It was morning and I was back in my bed. I groaned, my head spinning and still a little sluggish from the day before. Mommy and Tori had given me a lot of Twilight, not that I hadn’t enjoyed it.

I forced my eyes open and saw a glass of water and two tablets next to it on my nightstand. Mommy must have left me some pain meds for me. Twenty minutes after I take them I should be right as rain. I sit up slowly to reach them and discover my whole body hurts. My abs are sore from the workout they got the day before and my inner thighs burned from holding them open all day.

My cunt though was on fire. It stung and throbbed painfully, Tori had fist fucked me for hours while Mommy took Peggy’s fist over and over. I sat up fully and took stock of my body. My arms seemed okay but I had a bright purple hickey on my right breast. I vaguely remembered Tori urging her daughter Peggy to suck on my tits. She had gone to town on them, nursing on them as if the harder she sucked the more likely she’d get milk out of my dry teats.

The skin on my taut stomach was fine but I had some redness and light bruising on my thigh. I ran my hand over it recalling the slaps of Tori’s hand on my skin. Every time I fought her fist she slapped me, eventually I gave up fighting and just took it. Once she saw I was accepting Tori’s fist Mommy had praised me for being a good slut. Tori had fucked my pussy, or cunt punched me as she called it, until I was dry. She made me squirt time and time again until my body gave out.

My cunny was a deep red color and puffy, incredibly sensitive to my light touch. I spread my legs slightly to run my fingers over my clit and hole. I had been fucked raw. Once Tori was sure I couldn’t squirt anymore she had focused on my clit. I had heard the sound of wet suction breaking and felt her pull her hand out of my pussy for the last time. I remembered feeling relieved that the fisting was over and was eager to close my eyes and sleep. Instead Mommy had lifted her head from under whatever beast was currently plowing her from behind and told me to take more Twilight like a good little slut.

I did as she asked and Tori had pushed my legs up and back so that I was bent in half with my knees touching my shoulders on the couch. Unable to move much from the fuzzy drug and my pussy still throbbing from all of the abuse I had just laid there. I watched hazily as Tori leaned down to smell my open cunt. I slowly shook my head no to say I couldn’t take anymore when her tongue swiped against my pussy. I remembered my head falling back against the couch cushion as she licked me.

Her tongue was so softer. Her long licks went from my exposed asshole all the way up to and past my clit. She ate my cunny sloppily, slobbering all over it making my pussy drip with her lube and mine. Her long tongue also reached into and curled inside my open cunny. The sensation was unlike anything I had every felt before.

Once she got into a rhythm of slurping on my cunt Tori reached up and tugged on my nipples. With her lapping at my cunt and the fucking Mommy and Peggy were doing in front of me I came multiple times before I blacked out. I vaguely remember being bundled into the car and then carried by Daddy up the stairs to bed.

In the middle of the night I had heard Daddy fucking Mommy brutally in their bedroom, her screams of pleasure occasionally pulling me out of my deep sleep. I winced in empathy for how she must be feeling too this morning. She had taken a lot of pounding herself and then Daddy’s fat cock as well all night. She must be as sore as I am. I quickly downed my two pills and shakily stood to head to the shower. School was starting soon and I didn’t want to be late.

“Morning baby girl,” I heard Daddy say from the open doorway.

He was naked and stroking his thick cock with his hand. He was already hard. I took a step back towards the bed and laid down on my back, spreading my legs for him without a word.

“Good little whore,” Daddy praised, joining me on the bed.

He held his body over mine, ready to fuck me when he saw my raw pussy.

“That’s one well fucked cunt baby, let’s see if you can take some more pounding,” he said, aiming his dick towards my open cunny.

He mounted me, pushing his thick cock into me in one powerful thrust.

“Ow fuck Daddy!” I wailed, my poor pussy tissue hurting.

He grunted and fucked me at a steady pace, once again struggling to get his full length into me.

“Still so fucking tight,” he muttered under his breath and adjusted his arms so that he held my legs open behind my knees.

He thrust his cock into me and I felt him hit the back of my pussy again, making me cry out.

“Even after taking a fist your pussy is still virgin tight Missy,” he said leaning down to suck on one of my little titties.

As painful as the fucking was my body started to respond, loving the feeling of Daddy’s cock stretching my little pussy open. It was so sensitive that I could feel every vein and every inch of his cock sliding in and out of my body.

“Fuck you’re such a good little Daddy slut baby,” he grunted, fucking me harder. “Did you like playing with Tori yesterday?”

I nodded, “Yes Daddy.”

“Mommy said you came until you blacked out from her licking and fisting your cunt, is that right Missy?”

“Yes Daddy,” I said again, feeling my cunt clench down on his cock at the memory of the Tori’s tongue reaching inside my pussy.

“Fuck yea baby girl, you like that big cock in your cunt?” he asked rhetorically, not bothering to let me answer as he continued. “Your twat must be sore as hell and you still got on your back and spread your legs for Daddy like a good little slut.”

I whimpered as he ground his cock head against my cervix, I could feel his small patch of pubic hair against my clit and knew he had succeeded in fucking the full length of his cock into me.

“You like it when Tori fisted you?” Daddy asked me.

“It hurt Daddy but I was so full,” I panted.

“She opened you up real good yesterday Mommy said,” Daddy grunted, “said you begged to cum.”

I was moaning non stop now, the ripples of an orgasm starting to build.

“Yes Daddy, it looked so hot!”

“Fuck yea baby, you cumming on my cock again?” he said, pumping his cock into me deeply. “You want to cum on Daddy’s fist too? Huh? Does my little girl want to be Daddy’s slut?”

“Yes Daddy!” I screamed, my body bucking as I came.

“Cum on that dick baby, your twat’s going to milk my morning load right out of my cock!”

Daddy fucked me brutally for a few more seconds as I came and then held his dick deep inside me. I felt him pulsing as he climaxed and my body went limp around him. I loved feeling him pump me full of cum.

“Oh Daddy,” I sighed happily.

“Such a good little slut,” Daddy said, stroking my hair.

He pulled his half hard cock from my body and I winced, my body throbbing from the pain of the brutal fucking.

“You’re going to have to take it up the ass until your pussy hole is healed up,” Daddy said, using his fingers to hold my cunt lips open.

He examined me for a few minutes, playing with his cum that was seeping out of me. He coated two of his fingers in our combined juices and rubbed them over my asshole.

“Are you excited for the BBQ Saturday?” he asked me, pushing his fingers into my ass at the same time.

I sucked in a breath and tried to relax my sphincter.

“What BBQ Daddy?” I asked.

“The couple we met on the train, Mr. and Mrs. Henderson are coming over Saturday afternoon for some steaks and burgers,” he explained, slowly finger fucking my back hole.

“Oh that’s nice,” I said.

“Uncle Johnny will be coming over too with his new girlfriend.”

I smiled, I liked Uncle Johnny a lot, he was always so funny.

“What are you guys up to?” Mommy asked from the doorway.

She was in her blue terry cloth robe, the belt left untied around her waist. She had panties on but I could see her heavy breasts were bare, an engorged nipple popping out once in a while as she walked towards me.

“I was just telling Missy about the BBQ,” Daddy said.

Mommy sat on the bed with us near my head. She reached out and placed my head in her lap, lifting me towards one of her breasts. I automatically opened my mouth in search of her nipple and began to nurse.

“That’s a good baby girl,” Mommy murmured, “I invited Tori along too Jack, Peggy is excited to see you again.”

Daddy chuckled, “That girl has quite the crush on me.”

“Who wouldn’t crush on the guy who popped your cherry?” Mommy laughed, “She’s definitely craving your cock.”

Daddy nodded as if he understood the young girl’s dilemma and slid his fingers out of my ass. He held them up, offering them to Mommy and she quickly sucked them into her mouth, cleaning them off with her tongue.

“I don’t want her taking any cocks in her cunt today, it needs rest,” Daddy said gesturing to my bright red sloppy pussy.

“Oh it looks like you gave her another big load darling,” Mommy said, reaching out to spread my lips open with one of her hands.

“The little slut got on her back as soon as she saw my cock,” Daddy said proudly.

Mommy stroked my hair as I suckled, praising me for being a good daughter. Her nipple warm and plump in my mouth as I drained her teat of milk.

“Since she’s such a good girl maybe I’ll take her to the spa after school to get cleaned out so she’s ready for you tonight,” Mommy suggested.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Daddy nod his head in agreement.

“Ass only,” Daddy instructed again and got off the bed, “and make sure to make an appointment with her doctor, I want her checked. Her cunt isn’t breaking in like I expected it to, as much as I love how tight it is let’s make sure there’s nothing wrong.”

“Yes dear,” Mommy said.

We both watched as he walked out of the room, his tight ass flexing with each step. Daddy had the most delicious body. Mommy and I stayed in bed until she guided me to her other breast to empty that one as well.


“Wow, your pussy is raw babe!”

I looked up from folding my skirt to see Hannah plopping herself down on the bench next to me. The locker room was full of girls changing for gym class. I was just about to reach for my gym clothes to get dressed when Hannah put a hand on my thigh to stop me. She leaned in closer and shook her head.

“Gang bang?” she asked.

I shook my head with a laugh and stepped into my shorts.

“Mommy took me to her friend Tori’s yesterday and she fisted me,” I explained.

“No way!” she shouted, “Did you love it?!”

I nodded shyly, looking around to see if anyone else was listening to our conversation.

“She fit her whole hand inside of me,” I whispered at her.

“Fuck yea!” she yelled pumping her fist in the air, “Did she go wrist deep?!”

“Shhh! Hannah!” I said, frantically looking around.

Hannah burst out laughing.

“Babe almost every girl in here with their cherry popped has thought about fucking a fist,” she explained at a normal volume. “Its not uncommon at all.”

“Well I didn’t know!” I said pulling my shirt over my head. ” It was really hot.”

“Nice!” Hannah said.

I could tell she was genuinely excited for me.

“Did she have a hard time fisting you? Your cunt looks like it hurts,” she asked.

“It did take a while and they gave me a lot of Twilight,” I shared.

“Oooh I love Twilight!” Hannah squealed. “It makes my whole body feel like one big clit. Did you love it? The fist?”

I nodded, growing red.

“It felt really good. I was so sore when I woke up but Daddy fucked me anyway,” I said tying my sneakers in the bench. “He wants me to go to the doctor with Mommy because he said I shouldn’t be this tight still.”

“I bet you he loves how it feels though,” Hannah said giggling.

“I definitely think so too, he came so hard inside of me this morning,” I smiled, “Mommy is taking me to the spa after school for some treatments. I’m excited!”

“Oh maybe my Mom will take me too! I could really use a good fisting from Abuela myself.”

“Maybe call her during lunch to ask?” I suggested.

Hannah nodded in agreement and quickly pulled her shirt over her head to get changed. Our gym teacher, Mrs. Davis, waited for no one.

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