Missy: Day Nine – After School


“This way ladies,” Jessica called over her shoulder as she walked down the dimly lit hallway.

I adjusted the tie on my robe as I walked, tightening it around my waist. The Spa’s lounge had a couple of women in it, all in various states of undress. One woman was walking back into the lounge as we were walking out, her gait awkward and a little bow legged.

“She must have had a session with Michael,” Hannah whispered in my ear.

“Michael?” I whispered back.

I looked back at her to see her holding her hands about a foot apart. I raised my eyebrows in disbelief and she nodded. I looked at Mommy for confirmation but she just smiled.

“Personally he’s a once a month treat for me,” came from Jessica at the front of our little group.

“Lucky bitch,” murmured Hannah, “his waiting list is always months in advance.”

“Just one of the perks of working at the Spa ladies!” Jessica replied with a smirk.

She walked us to the Rock Room and gestured us inside. The sight was just as fascinating as the first time I saw it. Several women were being pleasured in different ways. Mommy and Hannah’s mother, Mrs. Tunt, broke away from us and walked towards the salon area. They were getting waxes and massages.

“This way girls,” Jessica said, walking us towards the River Room.

We walked with her and I jumped, the cry of pleasure startling me from the woman bent over the banquette. The man behind her pumping his cock into her roughly caught my eye and winked. I smiled tentatively back.

Jessica led us both inside the large open room. It was brightly lit and took a moment for my eyes to adjust. The large square space had multiple shower heads lining the wall, some mounted, some hand held. Hoses of various thicknesses and lengths were coiled along the opposite wall and the whole floor was covered in black padded rubber mats. Drains were scattered here and there on the floor and ballet barre was mounted down the middle of the room. It seemed to be one large shower room, how odd.

Two female attendants walked towards us, warm smiles on their faces.

“Welcome to the River Room,” the one closest to me said. “I understand this is your first time in this area.”

I nodded and she took my hand, leading me over to some large hooks mounted near the door.

“Let’s hang your robe up here dear,” she said.

I hung mine alongside Hannah’s. Confident and comfortable in this environment Hannah walked over to her attendant. According to the small brunette woman’s name tag her name is Carly. They hugged and started chatting about how school is going. I hung back reluctantly, unsure of what to do. Seeing this my attendant put down the hose she was coiling neatly and walked back over to me.

“My name is Marisa. You’ve had an enema before right Missy?” she said kindly.

I nodded.

“Great! Then you’re a pro already, come on over here next to your friend. Do you have to urinate?” she asked.

I paused a second to assess if I did and the telltale pressure on my bladder had me nodding my head again.

“Okay great, go ahead and go and then we’ll get started,” she said, walking back to what I assumed was her station to prepare.

I looked around for a restroom and didn’t see anything.

“Oh you can just go anywhere dear, this is the River Room after all!” Marisa said with a laugh when she saw me looking around.

“You mean, just pee on the floor?”

“Of course! Many people are in to water sports these days and we like to cater to everyone. It’s really quite liberating and you definitely don’t want to have a full enema and a full bladder at the same time, that can be quite uncomfortable for a novice like yourself,” she explained.

“Oh yea!”

I looked and saw Hannah being fingered in her ass, her body bent over, hands holding on to the barre in the middle of the room. She looked up at me and had a puzzled look on her face.

“What’s wrong?” she asked me.

“Missy has to urinate and seems a little shy,” Marisa explained.

“Oh babe this is the River Room, you just let out whatever fluid is in you wherever. It’s no big deal, watch!”

A few seconds passed and a heavy steam of urine shot out between my best friend’s legs. The fluid stopped and started as her attendants fingers thrust in and out of her ass. It was fascinating to watch.

“See? Feels so good to just let go,” Hannah said.

Feeling strangely turned on I shook off my shyness and squatted. I took a deep breath to relax and let go. While not as strong as Hannah’s stream, pee trickled out of me. Once I got started it was easier and I was able to pee normally.

“Atta girl! Let it all out!” Marisa encouraged.

Once I was done I stood as Marisa quickly hosed down the area and had me mirror Hannah’s position on the other side of the barre. Hannah’s eyes were closed as she focused on the fingering she was receiving. I jumped as I felt Marisa’s soft small hands parting my pussy lips.

“Oh my you sure got a good fucking. How many cocks did you take dear?”

“Just Daddy’s this morning but I was fisted for the first time yesterday,” I explained.

She made a tsking noise with her tongue and ran her fingers over my cunny lightly as if to soothe it.

“Did you cum hard at least?” she asked.

“Oh yes, for hours.”

“Good good, once we’re done here I’ll apply a cream that will make you right as rain by the morning,” she said, “Now let’s get you started!”

With that she used one hand to spread my ass cheeks and the other to rub a cool gel over my asshole.

“Deep breath in!” she instructed and I did as she asked. “And out!”

On my exhale she slid what I assumed was an enema nozzle into my ass. There was a small pinch as my body opened to accept it but then it slid smoothly into place.

“Okay dear I’m going to let you fill and then we’ll do your growth stimulation treatment.”

“Growth stimulation treatment?” I asked.

“Oh yes dear, your Daddy has requested that we massage and stimulate your breasts. He would like them to start growing so that when you begin nursing you can hold more milk.”

I looked back at her, confused.

“He doesn’t want you much bigger, just a tad. All men love a good titty bounce when they fuck you know and you’re a bit behind in the puberty department my dear.”

I nodded in understanding, it made sense. I still had no hair on my cunny and my tiny barely A cup breasts were almost all nipple. Hannah’s moan distracted me from my train of thought and I looked up to meet her eyes.

“Feels, ugh, so, ugh, full,” she grunted. Her attendant had abandoned Hannah’s asshole as it filled with the warm water from the enema hose. Her attention was now on fingering Hannah’s pussy with two fingers.

“Just starting to loosen you up for your fisting with Abuela later on,” Carly explained to her, pulling the two fingers out and putting three back in.

Hannah twitched and moaned, her arms shaking to hold herself up.

Marisa’s soft hand, slicked with oil reached around and started rubbing my belly. The cramps had already started but were manageable. Her hand was so soothing as it stroked and rubbed my skin. Occasionally her hand would slide down and caress my pussy mound, not venturing inside or between my lips. It was incredibly erotic and relaxing at the same time.

“There you go dear, halfway done now. You’re doing great,” she said quietly in my ear.

I could feel my pussy moisten with arousal and my clit start to pulse. My hot cunny made me feel bolder than usual and I looked up from my bent over position and found Marisa’s face.

“I’m going to need to be fucked soon,” I said.

“Of course dear, I know a needy hole when I see one,” she smiled, “You’re scheduled with Andre later on after your treatment, he’ll give you some good cock.”

I relaxed my head back down and just enjoyed the belly massage.

“Okay you’re full Hannah, let’s let that settle in and then we’ll release ok?” Carly said removing her fingers from Hannah’s pussy and then pulling out the enema nozzle.

Hannah’s face was twisted in discomfort, her stomach must be cramping too, but she nodded.

“Spread!” Carly directed, tapping on Hannah’s inner thighs.

Hannah did as she asked and I saw Carly kneel down behind her.

“Yea baby!” Hannah cried a moment later.

I had a good idea what Carly was doing between Hannah’s spread legs. Hannah looked up at me and grinned.

“Carly’s got the best damn mouth in this place,” she described, “her tongue rivals Gene Simmons.”

I smiled in support as much as I could with my belly cramping so much.

“All full!” Marisa declared behind me.

She slid the nozzle out of my ass and reminded me to clench to keep the fluid inside of me.

“Okay dear let’s do your breast treatment while that does it’s magic inside your delicious ass.”

She walked over to the corner of the room and rolled over two small stools. She had me sit on one of them and sat down on the other one behind me.

“Go ahead and lean back against me,” she instructed and I did as she asked, my back resting against her chest.

I heard a noise that sounded like a small pump from a lotion bottle and her hands came around to my chest. She quickly brought them to my breasts and began rubbing the cream into them. Her hands made small circles around my chest, getting closer and closer to my nipples.

The pumping noise happened again and she returned with even more of the milky white fluid on her hands to rub into my skin. It felt unbelievably good and I rested my head back on her shoulder.

“What kind of lotion is this? I don’t smell any kind of fragrance,” I asked, my eyes closed in relaxation.

I felt her chest move up and down as she laughed.

“Oh it’s not lotion my dear, it’s cum. There are many vitamins and hormones in a man’s cum that are good for growing tits,” she explained. “And if that isn’t enough on its own, we add a few medicinal elements to make it extra helpful.”

She rubbed the cum into my nipples, working the tips between her fingers and pulling them away from my body. This shot pain and pleasure straight down to my clit and I groaned.

“Yes that’s it, let me make you feel good while I work on these teats,” she crooned into my ear.

Her hands where now squeezing my breasts, using her thumb and pointer finger in a milking motion to pinch and manipulate my now aching nipples.

“That looks so hot,” Hannah said and I opened my eyes to meet hers. “Your tits are dripping with cum.”

I looked down to watch as Marisa twisted my nipples and pulled them out to the sides of my body. I groaned from the sensation and saw that both my breasts were covered in a thick coat of milky white cum. Hannah was right, it was so hot.

Marisa continued her massage until I was convinced I was going to orgasm just from nipple play alone. As she rubbed and pinched more and more of the cum absorbed into my skin. When I thought I couldn’t take any more of the pleasure Marisa pumped more cum into her open palm. She slowly slid her cum covered hand down my abdomen and onto my pussy, her middle finger coated in cum splitting between my pussy lips and lightly circling my clit. It was just enough to send me over the edge and I screamed, cumming on the stool with Marisa whispering encouragements in my ear.

“That’s a good girl, cum from your titties being pulled,” she said hotly, “You love cum don’t you, you little slut.”

I moaned as my whole body shook with pleasure as I endured my orgasm. She efficiently rubbed the tablespoon or so of cum into my pussy, pumping a finger or two inside of me to make sure I was coated with it internally as well. As the waves of my orgasm settled she continued massaging my breasts until all of the cum was absorbed and then gently pulled away from me and stood.

“Okay! Time to expel that water.”

I sat up on my stool and tried to catch my breath. I looked over to find Hannah squatting near the barre and holding on to a lower railing. Carly was squatting similarly behind her, rubbing Hannah’s belly with oil.

Marisa ushered me over to the barre opposite Hannah and had me squat in a similar position, crouching behind me as well. During my soothing massage and orgasm I had barely felt the cramps in my belly, but once the endorphins started to wear off they came back with a vengeance.

“Oh! Ow!” I cried out as a large one hit.

“Just let it out now my dear,” Marisa whispered in my ear as she rubbed my belly.

“Ahhh,” Hannah sighed and I watched transfixed as fluid streamed out of her backside into the floor.

I looked back at Marisa for confirmation and she just nodded encouragingly. I again took a calming deep breath and relaxed my sphincter. The cramps and desire to expel the enema liquid out of my body overruled my embarrassment and I pushed down carefully. The fluid dripped out of me and Marisa pressed firmly against my abdomen, removing my ability to control the flow. Fluid shot out of my bowels and I gasped for air, the relief from the release of pressure felt amazing.

I reached up to pull my damp auburn hair out of my face and met Hannah’s eyes as she too, continued to empty herself. She wagged her tongue at me and I giggled. I watched as her eyes closed and she groaned. Carly’s hands had slid down to Hannah’s open pussy. Carly was using one hand to hold open her pussy lips, and the other to vigorously rub her clit.

“I’m going to cum again!” Hannah panted.

Carly slid two fingers into Hannah’s open cunt and started pumping them as fast as her arm could go.

“Cum!” she ordered Hannah.

Her body clenching in climax Hannah’s knuckles went white from gripping the railing so hard. I watched as my friend had a quick but strong orgasm, pleasure rippling across her face. I grinned and bore down, emptying myself of the remaining liquid as Hannah did the same.

Both attendants helped us stand once they were sure we were empty and had us shower while they hosed down the floor. Once we were clean they patted us dry and squeezed any excess water from our hair. The pampering was such a nice treat. They helped us into our robes and then led us back to the Rock Room to join our mothers.

My eyes took a moment to adjust to the dimmer lighting and I was pleased to see Mommy was next to Mrs. Tunt on the banquette, each woman getting their pussies licked by an attendant. When Mrs. Tunt saw us she gave us a little wave and then reached down with her hand to adjust the position of the woman’s head between her legs, giving a little nod of approval when the attendants mouth hit the right spot.

Carly walked Hannah over to one of the massage tables to meet Abuela. She was placed face up and Carly positioned Hannah’s knees against her chest. I was led one of the ottomans by the banquette and Marisa helped me lay face down on it after removing my robe. The position was perfect for getting fucked doggie style.

“Oh!” I gasped at the fingers penetrating my bottom hole.

“Just lubing you up dear, just relax,” Marisa said, scissoring her fingers apart in my asshole.

I let out a happy sigh and let the ottoman beneath me take my full weight. From the massage table I heard Hannah grunt and then sigh, Abuela’s hand busy between her wide spread thighs. Marisa’s fingers left my body and I felt the blunt head of a cock pressing against my ass.

“Good day Missy,” a deep voice from behind me said.

I looked back and winced as I felt a cock pushing its way into my back hole. My eyes found a kind face staring back at me and strong hands grasping my hips, pulling me back into his cock.

“I’m Andre,” he grunted, pushing his cock in to the halfway point, “it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

My ass burned around his cock as it got thicker towards the base. He slid it deeper until I took most of it and then pulled back quickly. His fingers tightened on my skin and he pulled me back into his body hard, shoving the full length of his cock into my ass.

I grunted at the force and held on as he started pumping into me at a decent rate.

“Nice to meet you too,” I panted.

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