Missy: Day Fourteen


I woke the day after the barbecue and immediately groaned. My whole body hurt, again. I carefully stretched it, enjoying the feel of the silky sheets against my skin. I glanced at the clock on the nightstand, 11:37am. I had certainly slept in, but it wasn’t surprising considering I went to bed so late. And oh what a day it was. The party had been unlike anything I had experienced. My young mind struggled to catch up to everything that had happened.

I sat up in bed gingerly and took stock of my body. My small tits had bite marks on them, my nipples red and puffy. Peggy, full of Daddy’s cum, had laid down with me on the chaise and suckled on my breasts. Peggy had an aggressive little mouth, one I loved on my pussy but had my nipples protesting the morning after. Based on Tori’s perky tits it didn’t look like Peggy was breastfed as a baby. Clearly, she was trying to make up for it now. Peggy had whined and whimpered, rubbing her cum soaked pussy against my leg as she nursed. As I sat on my bed and gently touched my nipples, my thoughts continued to drift back to the day before.

Together we had all watched Hannah take Uncle Johnny’s cock. Daddy was getting a sloppy blowie from Tori while Tiffany continued to munch on Mommy’s pussy. Uncle Johnny cheered Hannah on the entire time, panting praise into her ear, it was very sweet. And very hot.

“That’s it baby, take my cock,” he panted, tugging on her nipples as he thrust. My mouth watered at the sight of his cock sliding into her. Nearby on the chaise I spread my legs a bit, hoping he’d mount me later with that rough cock of his again but it seemed he only had eyes for Hannah.

She moaned weakly until the swollen head of his dick finally banged its way into the back of her cunt, screaming as it rubbed against her g-spot, the pressure too much for her.

“Here baby, relax against it,” Uncle Johnny said as he reached under her to rub her clit. “Squeeze and relax your pussy babe, work yourself into a good hard cum.”

“Oh god! It’s too much!” Hannah cried as Uncle Johnny pinched and twisted her clit.

“That’s it,” he soothed.

“You’re going to make me-ahhhhh!” she screamed again, fluid rushing out of her pussy around Uncle Johnny’s cock and balls.

“Oh baby yes! Look at you squirting!” Uncle Johnny said his voice filled with pride. He leaned down to kiss Hannah, her body continuing to shake from the force of the orgasm.

By this point Peggy had soaked both of my thighs with her mix of cunt juice and Daddy’s leaking jizz. She switched sides, giving some relief to my abused right teat.

“Need cock,” Peggy whimpered pitifully.

“You want fucking?” I asked her, watching Peggy’s lips latch onto my nipple again.

Peggy just nodded and went back to suckling, running her hand in between my thighs and petting my pussy.

“Daddy?” I called out to him.

Daddy pulled his cock from Tori’s greedy mouth and walked over to us, his hard cock bobbing up and down.

“What is it baby girl?” he asked and I gestured to Peggy, who had spread herself open now that Daddy had come over.

“Ah, I see,” he chuckled and knelt between Peggy’s thighs. He smacked his cock onto her mound a few times and teased her a bit. “Greedy bitch,” he muttered with a smile as he thrust into her hard.

Daddy gave Peggy a punishingly rough fuck while I lay beside them and watched. My body shaking with the force of their fucking. I loved watching his fat cock plunge into her, but I was jealous. My pussy was still empty.

After Peggy had cum, squealing two times in a row, Daddy spread her legs wide and pushed his groin up against hers as closely as he could. I watched as, for the second time that day, he filled her with his cum. Panting, he leaned back and got off of her.

“Better?” he had asked standing up, his dick shining with their combined juices in the fading sunlight.

Peggy just nodded and reached down to play with the spunk dripping from her cunt. Daddy laughed and walked back to sit at the table where Mommy was sitting with Hannah, helping her recover from Uncle Johnny. Peggy joined them as well, quietly petting her dog Bruce and praising him for being such a good boy.

Hannah looked so exhausted, her body limp in the chair, legs spread open in disarray as Mommy talked softly to her. Mommy was slowly rubbing Hannah’s belly to try and coax the cum out of her body. As it dribbled out Mommy scooped it up with her hands and rubbed it into Hannah’s tanned skin. She paid special attention to the young girl’s thighs and breasts, massaging until the sticky fluid was absorbed. All the while Hannah kept her eyes closed and rested under the soothing touch.

I played with my pussy and watched, wide-eyed, as Uncle Johnny crouched down and pushed his cock right into Hannah’s open pussy. I couldn’t believe he was hard again. Hannah’s legs immediately rose up and her hands pushed against his chest in shock at the quick and deep penetration.

“Oh no! No Johnny, no more!” Hannah had cried.

“Shhh,” Uncle Johnny whispered and slowed his strokes into her body to a more sensual pace. “Once more for me and I’ll take you home.”

She opened her eyes and looked up at him, her hand cupping his face as he leaned down to kiss her.

“That’s my girl,” he said softly and pumped faster into her open body. She whimpered and held onto him as he fucked into her. I watched, fascinated as my best friend’s legs wrapped around my Uncle’s waist, his toned ass flexing into her over and over again. How they had the energy to fuck again, I’d never know.

“Fuck your cunt is wet, fucking dripping with my cum,” he panted. “Such a good fucking slut for me.”

Hannah merely nodded and started to cum on his cock.

“Hello there!”

All of our eyes moved from the humping couple to the gate. Mr. and Mrs. Henderson had arrived, each carrying a bottle of bubbly. I giggled a little at Mr. Henderson’s very formal attire for the casual party. Hell, except for Tiffany, everyone was nude and there he was in a short sleeve navy button up and khaki slacks. His wife in a cute white dress, pinup style, with red polka dots.

Uncle Johnny kept steadily plowing into Hannah, not wanting to interrupt her orgasm, as the Hendersons made their rounds. Daddy made polite introductions along the way.

“And you remember my Missy girl!” Daddy said proudly, walking them over to me. I was still sprawled our on the chaise, one hand between my thighs, the other playing with my now lonely nipples.

“Oh yes, I most certainly do,” Mr. Henderson said, rubbing his hands together, his eyes trailing up and down my very naked body. I closed my legs slightly at his blatant inspection and sat up a little higher.

“She still cherry tight I hope?” he asked Daddy.

Daddy slapped him on the back and laughed, “See for yourself my man! She’s in need of some more cock, why don’t you give her a go?”

Nervous now at the leering look on Mr. Henderson’s face I pulled my knees up to my chest.

“Daddy?” I asked, looking back and forth between them.

“Let him have your asshole Missy girl, he’s our guest!” Daddy suggested and walked away with Mrs. Henderson to join the group heading to the pool.

“Don’t mind if I do,” Mr. Henderson said quietly to himself as he undid his belt. “Let’s get to it then Missy,” he said as he casually pushed his pants and boxers down to his knees, his now hardening cock popping out. He didn’t bother removing any of his clothes now that his cock was free.

“Come on then, bend over,” he said impatiently and stroked his long but skinny dick.

I looked around and saw that Hannah and Uncle Johnny were the only ones left on the deck with me. Everyone else had gone down to the pool to swim. Tiffany already with her head under Mrs. Henderson’s dress. That girl really did love to eat pussy. Hannah gave me a thumbs up.

Seeing my hesitation Mr. Henderson came closer, putting his hands on my hips to move me into place himself. “Ah there you go,” he said once he had me on all fours. “I’ve been waiting to plow your ass since that day on the train.”

“Oh yes, just as I remembered,” he said as his hand smoothed over my ass cheek. Goosebumps flowed across my skin from the unwanted touch.

I heard and then felt a wad of spit hit my ass crack. He spit again, using his thumb to rub the makeshift lube into my asshole. Even after all I had done sexually so far, Mr. Henderson spitting on my asshole felt like the dirtiest. I felt my pussy clench internally at the thought. He dipped his thumb into me a couple of times and then, apparently satisfied, lined his cock head up with my pucker.

“Let’s give it a ride, shall we?” he asked me rhetorically and didn’t wait for my answer. His hands on my hips, he pulled me back onto his dick as he pushed into me. I cried out as my body protested, not nearly prepared enough for a backdoor fucking.

“Hush now and bear down,” he said harshly. “A slut like you should be used to taking it up the ass and I was even nice enough to lube you up.”

I clenched my hands into the cushions and tried to take a deep breath, the stabbing pain easing as I exhaled and relaxed my ass.

“That’s better,” he said reaching down to cup and fondle my breasts as his cock head finally popped into my bowels, “Let me in.”

His cock was smaller than Daddy’s and I realized if I could take that monster in my ass and eventually enjoy it, I could do it with this one as well. He pulled me back hard forcing his dick deeper and I felt his soft, saggy balls brush up against my pussy. He was all the way in.

“Fuck, yes that’s a sweet asshole you’ve got here Missy,” he grunted and started to saw his cock in and out. “Nice and tight like I like.”

“Thank you,” I muttered sarcastically, unable to do anything but take it, bent over in submission.

“Ha!” he barked out a laugh and slapped my ass hard with his palm. It stung but made my pussy clench in response.

“Oh you like that little whore?” he asked, grabbing a fist full of my hair and tugging. “You like it rough?”

I grunted as his hips started to slam into my ass, making loud clapping noises with each stroke. He was going balls deep with every forceful thurst. I looked up and saw Daddy smile and nod in approval from the pool, Tori’s lips tight against his groin, his cock fully down her throat. He was throat fucking Tori, but watching me get fucked. My pussy pulsed again at the idea of Daddy watching me fuck.

“Yea I think you do, you dirty little whore!” he cried out, pulling my hair hard, causing me to cry out and lift my body up against his on my knees.

“That’s it Missy,” he panted in my ear, “I’m gonna ride your ass until it gapes!”

He cupped my breast, pinching my nipple and twisting it hard until I whimpered again in pain and pleasure. He let go of my hair and slid his hand to my pussy, slapping my thighs until they spread apart enough to get his hand between them. I gasped as his fingers pushed into my pussy as his cock fucked my ass. It burned.

“Oh!” I screamed out in surprise as I felt my pussy clench down on his fingers. I was going to cum on this old man’s cock.

“That’s right whore, cum!” he hissed into my ear. “That’s all you’re good for! Cumming and taking cum!”

I moaned low and loud as my body shook, my burning and stretched asshole spasming on his cock.

“Yes! Fuck!” he cried out and slammed into me. Ripping his hand out from my pussy he pushed me back down into my hands and knees and pumped furiously into my ass, his balls smacking into my wet pussy.

“I’m going to get your Daddy to let me borrow you for a weekend,” he grunted into my ear, his body hunched over mine as he humped me. “I’ll use you to teach my granddaughter what a cumslut is for!”

I moaned, feeling my body tighten again at the thought of being so carelessly used.

“You’d like that wouldn’t you?” he seethed, spit flying from his panting mouth onto my face. “Just look at you, cumming while you’re fucked in the ass by a stranger, what a whore!”

“Yes,” I whimpered weakly, cumming again.

“Fuck yes, I’m going to flood you with my cum,” he said grunting like an animal. My asshole throbbed from his rough pounding. “Take it!” he screamed and held himself deep in my ass.

I felt a warmth spread inside me and knew it was his cum. I did my best to milk his cock with my ass but it was tired and weak from his violent fucking.

“Fuck,” he sighed, resting his heavy body on top of mine.

Eventually, as I struggled to breathe under the weight of him, he pulled himself off me. His cock popped out of my sore asshole with a gurgle of juices. I felt some of his fresh cum seep out of my ass as I stood up and resettled myself back on the chaise.

Mr. Henderson sat down and began tugging his shoes and socks off, folding the rest of his clothes in a neat pile before walking down to the pool with everyone else. I let my eyes drift over to the pool and saw Mrs. Henderson on her back, Tori’s forearm visible from between her thighs. It looked like she was getting fisted. Weakly I lifted my head to see better and sure enough, Tori was popping her closed fist in and out of Mrs. Henderson’s cunt. Peggy was riding Daddy in the pool, his fingers digging into her ass as he guided her pumping hips. She really was desperate for his cock. Mommy and Tiffany were locked in a passionate sixty-nine in the grass nearby.

“We’re going to take off,” I heard from beside me. Hannah, fully dressed and holding hands with Uncle Johnny.

“Oh ok,” I said smiling. They really were cute together. Hannah leaned down and kissed my cheek, taking the opportunity to twist my sore nipple.

“Ouch!” I said and she just winked at me.

Uncle Johnny leaned down and I turned my cheek, expecting a kiss there from him as well. He laughed softly, “My cum is deep in your cunt little girl, I think I can kiss your mouth.” He kissed me deeply, his tongue thrusting into my mouth. I moaned in surprise as I felt his fingers slide down my pussy, rubbing my clit and then pumping quickly a few times into my hole. I was writhing and panting with need when he pulled back from me, sliding his wet, coated fingers into Hannah’s mouth.

“Taste my cum baby?” he asked her and she nodded, sucking them clean.

“We’ll see you later Missy, thanks for the cunt,” he said as they walked towards the front of the house.

I laid back and watched the fuckery going on down by the pool as I lazily stroked my pussy. I came softly as I pulled my puffy nipples.

“Well what do we have here?” said a deep, male voice.

A man, tall and in his late twenties walked through the open gate, closing it behind him. He was handsome with blonde hair and green eyes, his arms nicely muscled. He walked towards me, his eyes fixated between my thighs where my hand was diddling away.

“Looks like we’ve got a little slut, don’t we,” he said, coming up to stand beside me. I could see the bulge forming in his shorts as he briefly rubbed a hand over it. Whoever he was, it looked like he was well hung.

“Hey Collin!” came from Tori by the pool.

“Hey sis!” he waved, pulled off his polo and started to unbutton his shorts. This must be Tori’s brother. He was so handsome.

He pulled his shorts off, stepping out of them and his shoes as he came closer. Just like I did with Daddy I automatically raised my knees to my chest and spread my legs, offering my pussy to him. Kneeling on the chaise with me, he ran his hands down my thighs.

“Good girl,” he murmured as he stroked his cock. It looked like it was as big as Daddy’s. I whimpered, feeling my pussy drip with my need. I loved big cock. He leaned over me, holding his weight with one hand, using the other to push his cock head against my pussy.

“Nice and ready for fucking,” he commented. Slowly, he pushed himself inside of me as I groaned, my walls stretching around him.

“Good girl,” he said again, using his now free hand to move my hair out of my face. I moaned, feeling him push steadily into me until he bottomed out against the back of my pussy. He pulled out and thrust back into me, fucking me with short stabs that had me panting quickly.

“You like that?”

I nodded frantically.

“Good, you’ve got another inch or so to go. You’re going to take me balls deep,” he said as he pushed my knees back farther. I felt like I was being split in two by his cock I was so full.

I cried out in surprise as I felt his fingers rubbing my clit.

“Your pussy feel good?” he asked, his voice sharp with need.

“Yes!” I moaned, “Fuck yes.”

“Good cause it’s strangling my cock,” he said, pumping into me now with longer strokes. “You’re not allowed to cum until I tell you.”

I opened my mouth to protest but suddenly his mouth was on mine, giving me his tongue to suck on. I did, eager to have him inside me as many ways as possible.

“You like that big cock dirty girl?” he said in my ear.

“Yes,” I said weakly.

“You like feeling my cock stretching your cunt?”

“Oh yes,” I panted, “yes!”

He sucked on my neck, using his teeth to nip and taste.

“I think your pussy just might be made for my dick,” he said, pumping into me harder now. “I could stay in your cunt forever.”

“Yes,” I sighed. “Please let me cum,” I begged.

He rocked into me, deep like Daddy does, grinding his cock into my body. I could feel the smooth plains of his abs pressing against my belly, his body rubbing against my swollen clit as his cock head did the same inside me against my cervix. I couldn’t stop the cry of pleasure that escaped my lips from the deep pressure.

“There you go,” he said against my mouth. “Now you’ve taken all of me, such a good girl”

“Please!” I begged again, needing to cum.

“You’re too tight to be fucking for long,” he muttered and then asked, “How long have you been taking cock little girl?”

“Two, ugh, weeks,” I groaned as he bottomed out again and again, his fat cock stretching the soft walls inside of me.

“Mmm nice and fresh like I like. You’ve got some cum leaking out of your pussy and your ass, your Daddy been fucking you?”

“Yes but ugh, it’s Uncle, ugh, Johnny’s, ugh,” I said gasping for air. “And Mr. Henderson’s ugh.”

“Ah an incest slut,” he said.

He leaned down and sucked one of my bouncing nipples into his mouth. My pussy clenching down on his cock as he sucked. With a pop he released my nipple and looked at my face and grinned.

“You like being fucked by strangers?”

I nodded again and cried out as he brutally thrust his dick into my cervix.

“Good girl, I have friends I’d like to see you fuck” he murmured into my ear.

He fucked me for a bit and then asked “You being bred yet or can I fill you up?”

I shook my head no and felt my pussy flutter at the idea of being bred my this man.

Reading what was in my eyes and feeling the ripples on his cock he grunted, “You’d like that huh? For me to breed you?”

I bit my lip and nodded ever so slightly. He gave me a wicked smile in response and said “Good girl,” again.

He stopped talking then, settled in on top of me and just rutted, his body covered in a sheen of sweat. I watched as he plunged the thick length of his cock into my body. My cunt lips red and stretched tight around him. I could hear the sloppy wet noises of our fucking, my pussy absolutely weeping with my girl cum. Both of us were drenched in sweat now, panting, our hips thrusting and meeting each other brutally. When his mouth wasn’t on mine, we were gasping for air. It was primal.

“I’m gonna cum,” he said against my mouth. “I’m gonna fill you up with so much cum I’ll be dripping out of you for hours.”

“Please,” I whimpered, feeling my pussy flutter around his cock, desperate to cum.

“When I cum I want your cunt milking me,” he said, grinding his cock into me again.

I moaned and opened my mouth for his tongue again.

“Cum!” he commanded before covering my mouth with his own.

My pussy exploded as light burst behind my eyelids as I came harder than I could remember. He ripped his mouth off of mine.

“Fuck!” he yelled, holding his cock as deep inside of me as he could go. I felt the blasts of wet heat against the back of my cunt, my whole pussy milking his cock as it pulsed inside of me.

“Good girl,” he praised, thrusting his cock into me with short jabs as he came. “Milk it all out.”

I did as he asked, my pussy rippling and continuing to cum around him.

“That’s a good, good girl,” he said, leaning down to kiss me again, his cock still pumping bursts of cum inside of me, although weaker now.

Sated I limply ran my hand up and down his naked back as he kissed me. He lifted his head and brushed my hair away from my face, smiling as he did.

“I’m Collin,” he said and I laughed.

“Missy,” I said, smiling back at him even though my cunt was burning from the pounding he gave me. I could already feel his cum dripping out of me around the base of his cock. I felt fantastic.

“I’m going to give you more cum again in a little bit,” he said grinding his cock gently in my pussy. I lifted my hips up slightly to meet him.

“When I breed you for real though, you won’t be able to walk,” he whispered in my ear, his teeth nipping at my lobe.

“Mmm yes please,” I said, reaching down to cup his ass and pull him closer into me.

He grinned down at me and laughed softly, “Fuck you’re perfect.”

Thank you for taking the time to read this little dirty story, hopefully you enjoyed it. Over the years my writing has improved and my mind just got dirtier. If you’d like to read more of my work, head over to www.amazon.com/author/misspadventurous and let me know what you think!

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