Missy: Day Four


The next morning I woke up groggy and sore, everywhere. I was surprised that I hadn’t been woken up by my alarm or Mommy for school yet. Morning light streamed into my bedroom window so I knew it couldn’t be too late in the day. I gingerly sat up in bed and took inventory of my naked body. It turns out fucking is a whole body sport. My arms were sore from holding myself up on the table, but I lifted them to gently cup my breasts. My nipples were a little red and tender from sliding against the hard surface of the kitchen table.

I can’t believe I lost my virginity. When I thought about how it could happen it was always a warm hazy fantasy in my mind. Romance, candle light and lots of kissing. Dreamy soft bedding, words of endearment and tenderness were always themes for how I thought it would go. Having my cherry popped roughly by my Daddy bent over my kitchen table was never one of them. My body sure had loved it though. I don’t think I had ever cum so hard as I had on Daddy’s cock.

Thinking about that first thrust, feeling his cockhead pop into my little cunny and then finally the feeling of Daddy pumping his cum into me made my pussy clench.

“Oof!” I said with surprise.

That clench hurt, I was so sore. I spread my legs a little and smoothed my hands down my belly and onto my thighs. I had bruises on my hips and I ran my fingers over them. They were from Daddy’s hands, pulling me back into his cock or holding me still to take more of it. My skin pebbled with goosebumps. He’s so commanding and strong, I loved the way his hands manipulated my body for his pleasure.

I ran my finger over my bald pussy, sliding over my lips. I didn’t dare rub my clit or finger my pussy, afraid to feel how raw they were this morning. Instead I got up slowly and made my way to my bathroom. My legs were slightly wobbly, my thighs burning a little from being stretched and held open for so long.

When I caught sight of myself in the mirror I smiled a little, my cheeks were rosy and flushed. I rinsed my face and brushed my teeth. Once I was done I started the shower and adjusted the temperature to be a little cooler than I normally like, I didn’t think my skin could handle any more harsh sensations. I sat down to pee on the toilet while the shower heated up. It burned coming out and startled me. I’d have to ask Mommy if that was normal but with the soreness in my cunt hole and clit, it didn’t seem too out of the ordinary. Not bothering to wipe since I was getting right into the shower I stood and slid the shower door open to step inside.

Steam had already filled the small space and was pleasantly warm. I stepped under the spray, leaning my head back to soak my hair. Every part of my body felt different, it was like I was aware of every little thing. The water lulled me into a daze, the feeling of it on my scalp and running down the length of my body so soothing. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the relaxing sensations.

“Feel good baby?”

I opened my eyes to see Daddy watching me, his eyes staring at my little breasts.

“Yes Daddy, my whole body hurts,” I explained, surprised by the gravelly sound of my voice.

My throat was hoarse from screaming the night before.

He laughed softly, “Oh I’m sure, I rode you hard last night.”

His eyes traveled from my tits to my cunny, a devilish grin on his face as I blushed.

He slid the shower door open and I realized he was naked, his cock hard and bouncing slightly against his abs as he moved. His large balls swinging against his thighs. My mouth watered as I looked at his body. His biceps were large and his chest had pecs that were chiseled to perfection. He stepped into the shower with me, his thigh muscles flexing and I got a glimpse of his tight and firm ass as he reached to close the door. His hand lifted and picked up a bottle of shampoo, squeezing some into his hands. I groaned as Daddy started massaging the shampoo into my hair.

“Did you enjoy last night?” Daddy asked.

I closed my eyes and nodded.

“Tell me what you liked about it,” he said.

“It hurt at first and I was surprised but once you got it all the way in…” I sighed, remembering the sensations. “It hurt, but it was a good kind of hurt, you know?” I asked him.

“Of course honey, you’re not the first cherry I’ve popped,” he explained.

“I’ve had good cums with Mommy before and by myself of course but having something to cum ON felt amazing. And when you came…” I sighed again.

Daddy grew still for a moment and then leaned my head back to rinse my hair.

“You liked it when I filled you with cum?”

With my eyes closed I couldn’t see his face but his voice sounded strained.

“Yes Daddy, it’s so warm and feeling the pulses in my cunny from your cock, mmm, it feels so good to have a piece of you inside of me.”

Done with my hair I felt his hands slide down to my shoulders and then to cup my little buds. The soap washed from my face I opened my eyes to meet his.

“Did you feel naughty with my cum inside you?”

He pinched the tips of my breasts and I gasped in response.

“Yes! I loved feeling it drip out of me when you were done, it meant it was your pussy. It was proof I had been a little slutty,” I said rambling, nervous, it was hard to concentrate with his fingers twisting and pulling on my nipples.

“You are a little slutty, you’re Daddy’s little slut aren’t you?” he asked.

I nodded, my body going on my tippy toes as he pulled me up by my puffy nipples. My clit was throbbing.

“Its a natural response, having cum in your cunt means you were well fucked. You’re going to need to be fucked a lot, aren’t you baby girl?”

“Yes!” I gasped as he lowered his head and sucked one tip into his mouth, suckling hard.

“Good girl,” he said switching sides.

His mouth on my teats felt so good. No wonder Mommy liked it when I nursed on her.

“Mommy is going to make sure you get all the cock you need so if you have a hot cunny, you need to tell her or I okay baby?”

I nodded and felt his hand slide down my body to my waist and then around to cup my ass. His big hand squeezing and fondling my little cheek.

“In order for you to be a good girl and be Daddy’s little slut you need to spread your legs whenever I need to fuck. Understand Missy-girl?” He said crudely, his hand moving down to grab my pussy and rub it back and forth.

I whimpered as I felt him spread my lips and run his finger along my pussy, his finger circling my clit a couple of times. I thrust my hips into his hand, wanting more.

“I know baby, I’ll fuck you in a minute but first I want you to fully understand what I expect of you now that you can take cock ok?”

I nodded impatiently.

“A daughter’s job is to take it anywhere her Daddy wants it. In the car, in the house, at a restaurant, anywhere,” he explained.

He waited for me to nod in understanding before he continued.

“I might want to use any of your holes, I’ll want to fuck your throat or your ass too so you’ll need to practice with Mommy ok?”

I nodded again, groaning as Daddy slid one finger into my cunny.

“Mmm such a tight pussy baby. Uncle Johnny is going to love fucking you. Daddy can’t wait to open you up again.”

As I tried to make sense of what Daddy was alluding to about his brother fucking me Daddy took his finger out of me and put both of his hands on my ass. He turned us so my back was against the shower wall, steam now filling the entire bathroom from our lengthy shower. Daddy lifted my body so that my pussy was at the same height as his cock, my arms automatically going to wrap around his neck.

Daddy held me with one hand and used his other to reach down and aim his cock at my hole. Once the head of his dick touched me he pulled my body towards his, forcing his cock into my body.

“Oh god!” I yelled. “It’s too big!”

My body slowly opened against the force of his. My cunt was tender but I was soaking wet, eager for his cock. I needed to feel it pounding into me again. I needed something to cum on and rubbing my clit was no longer going to be enough.

Daddy ignored my outburst and moved my legs to wrap around his waist. His hands were firmly holding my ass, steadily pushing me onto his cock. My head fell back to lean on the cool tile behind me.

“Sometimes Daddy won’t be around when you need cock baby girl,” Daddy explained. “Mommy will make sure you get what you need so when she tells you to fuck, you fuck. Understand? Disobeying her is just like disobeying me little girl.”

He was moving my body up and down onto him now, using my whole body to fuck his cock as he lectured me. I looked down to see his fat dick splitting open my pussy, my lips spread wide around his girth. My clit was out from under its hood and hard.

“Ugh your twat is still so tight baby. Daddy loves how hot and hard you squeeze my dick,” Daddy grunted, his arms bulging with the effort from holding me up. “Fuck yea that’s good pussy!”

Daddy pushed my back fully against the wall, pinning me there so he could fuck me faster. His hips pumping up into my cunt, my body jostling with each thrust. I felt so helpless and small being fucked like that, no part of my body touching the ground or in control. I was 100% Daddy’s play thing. I loved it.

With our new position Daddy was bottoming out in my cunny, his cock slamming repeatedly into my cervix. I couldn’t stop the sounds coming out of me. I was panting and moaning louder and louder, his groin rubbing against my clit every time he thrust deep. I felt the familiar pulse of my body starting to cum and I screamed.

“I’m cumming Daddy!”

“Fuck baby! Fuck that’s a good twat, cum all over Daddy’s cock!” He grunted, fucking me harder.

My body squeezed down on him, clenching and making it difficult for him to fuck his cock in and out of me. I felt his cock swell at the base and I knew it was going to happen again. Daddy was going to cum.

“You want my cum inside you Missy? You want Daddy to pump you full again?” He asked, panting to hold back his orgasm.

“Yes Daddy! I need it! Fill your little slut!” I yelled back, feeling bolder than I ever had before.

Daddy pulled all the way out and slammed back into me with all of his strength. His cock head pressed and held against the back of my cunt. I felt Daddy pulse inside of me and then felt a warmth fill me. He was cumming.

I felt my cunny start to cum again, the feeling of Daddy filling me triggering a second climax right on the heals of my first. Out of energy I let my body relax against the hard tile, my head laid back and my eyes closed letting the orgasm roll through me. My body was made to accept his cum.

“Oh yea Daddy,” I breathed as he grunted into me.

I lost count of how many times I felt him pump cum into me but it was a long while before he pulled his cock out of me and my feet touched the ground.

He held me steady and without warning reached down and slid two fingers up my open cunt. He swirled then around a couple of times and pulled them out, bringing them to my mouth.

“Open,” he said, rubbing his fingertips on my lips.

I did as he asked and he slid them inside my mouth onto my tongue.

“Suck,” he ordered.

A tart saltiness flooded my mouth. Daddy was making me taste his cum and my juices. I licked and sucked his fingers clean, treating the combination of our fucking like a delicacy.

Once his fingers were sucked clean he reached over and grabbed a bar of soap.

“Let’s get cleaned up and rinsed off, no school for you today Missy-girl. Mommy is going to take you to the spa this afternoon for a treat.”

I couldn’t wait.


After Daddy left for work I took my time getting dressed and came down the stairs, Mommy already downstairs and ready to go.

“Have a good morning baby girl?” She asked, locking the door behind us.

I nodded and got in to our car.

“Still sore?”

“Yes, but it’s a little better than last night. I’m more achey now,” I replied.

“Was Daddy gentler with you this morning in the shower?” she said.

I shook my head, “No he was pretty rough again but I didn’t mind too much.”

Mommy laughed as she pulled out of the driveway.

“Like mother, like daughter,” she said.

We drove for about fifteen minutes and pulled up to a building nestled in some trees away from the main road. The sign out front said “Rock & River Spa” and it looked like a very upscale place. I was excited. I had a massage once for my birthday but I’d never been to a spa before.

“Here we are!” Mommy said as she held the door open for me to enter.

I walked inside and was impressed by how luxurious everything looked. The waiting room has plush white leather furniture and soft lighting, a pitcher of fruit infused water on a small table near by. The front desk was a white polished marble, the young woman manning it dressed impeccably. She stood to greet us when we entered.

“Mrs. Bourne! So lovely to see you again!” She said and took Mommy’s hand into hers warmly. “And you must be Missy! Congratulations on your cherry!” She said enthusiastically to me.

I felt my face heating with a blush and tucked myself behind Mommy, a little embarrassed at the attention.

“Oh isn’t she precious!” She exclaimed, “Mr. Bourne must adore her!”

Mommy nodded and smiled, “We both do Jessica. She’s quite the natural.”

“Oh I’m sure!” Jessica walked back around the desk and leaned over to read her computer screen. “It looks like we have a cleaning scheduled for young Missy and a pedicure. And then after that we have a light rosebud massage with Abuela! Oh excellent.”

Mommy nodded along as Jessica listed treatments.

“And for you Mrs. Bourne we have you scheduled for a manicure, a rosebud flushing and then it looks like you have time booked with Andre. Ooh I’m so jealous. He’s the best!” Jessica continued.

“Yes, he really is, isn’t he?” Mommy said, leaning in closer conspiratorially.

They laughed together and Jessica waived us both forward to follow her. She held open a door for us and walked us down a long hallway that was dimly lit and smelled of fresh flowers, heavy teal carpet running down the length of it.

“Missy this is a women’s only spa so any male you see here is a staff member. Our facility is not only state of the art but also ranked number one in satisfaction in the state. Your mother has been a customer of ours for a very long time. We’re so excited to have you joining us as well.” Jessica said as we walked.

We finally reached a door marked ‘Lounge’ and she ushered us inside. Mommy moved immediately to a numbered locker, taking a small key out of her purse to open it. I turned to see Jessica waiting for my attention, her hand outstretched with a key on it.

“You’ve been assigned locker number 42,” she explained. “Your father has paid for a yearly membership for you as well so this will be your personal locker for the duration of your time with us.”

I smiled shyly, excited, and took the key from her. I glanced over at Mommy and she was removing her clothing and folding it neatly on a padded bench nearby.

“You may get undressed now. Feel free to wear a robe if you’re chilly otherwise you’re welcome to be nude during your stay here with us. Clothing tends to just get in the way anyway!” she winked at me and left us alone.

I followed Mommy’s lead and unbuttoned my long tunic shirt. I folded it and shimmied out of my skinny jeans. Once that was folded as well I reached back to remove my small shelf bra and panties. I saw that there was a small shelf in the locker and a robe hanging up neatly below it. I placed my shoes on the bottom like I saw Mommy do and slipped my feet into plush padded slippers the had provided with the robe. I stored my stack of clothes on the upper shelf and took the robe out. It was heavy and felt like silk on the outside. The inside was lined with a velour like fabric that was smooth and buttery against my skin as I slid it on. It was a creamy beige color and had a *** MB monogrammed over my left breast. I felt very fancy. I locked locker number 42 and tucked the key in my pocket.

“They’re ready for you,” Jessica said softly from the door.

We followed her out, Mommy in her robe as well. “The hallways can be chilly,” she explained.

We turned a corner and entered a large open space. One corner was set up similarly to a nail salon, manicure stations set up on one side, the desks large and roomy. Along the wall were what appeared to be pedicure stations, three luxurious chairs lined up side by side. Instead of the usual one bowl to place your feet in for the hot water there were two smaller ones side by side. It appeared as if there was one for each foot. How strange.

Along another wall there were traditional massage tables spaced apart from

one another. Those I was familiar with. A few salon style chairs were grouped together in a corner next to a couple of hair washing stations. Each salon chair appeared to have stirrups to hold your legs open built into them. Maybe this was where some of the girls at school had their pubic hair styled. On one wall I saw a door with the label ‘River Room’ on it and wondered what went on in there. A large double sided dark navy velvet banquette sat in the middle of the space.

Everything felt rich and sensuous. The lighting made our skin look luminous and flawless, the temperature a bit warm with my robe. Small tables were scattered here and there with beautifully potted plants on them. Wood details were everywhere to add a modern artistic flair to the space. While the room was stunning it wasn’t what was drawing my attention.

There were people having sex everywhere. The room was filled with gentle spa music in the background, babbling brooks and harp strings. That didn’t cover the sighs and occasional cries of pleasure though. A woman was bent over a plush ottoman, being taken from behind by a man. I could see his cock shining with her juices whenever he pulled out of her.

Another woman was having her pussy fingered on the massage table. The masseuse’s fingers on one hand pumping at a lightning fast pace as her other smoothed oil down her client’s back. A woman was getting her hair washed by a stylist in a black apron, her legs spread wide while she diddled her own clit.

“Mommy…” I said in wonder as I took everything in.

“Welcome to the spa baby girl,” she said affectionately and squeezed my hand.

Two women walked over to me and introduced themselves as Sonny and Tina. They explained that they would be doing my pedicure. Mommy was brought over to a manicure station by two women as well, I didn’t hear their names but Mommy seemed to know them.

Tina stood behind me and asked me to take off my robe. I looked over at Mommy and saw that she had already removed her robe. I shrugged my shoulders and took it off, handing it to Tina. I sat down in the buttery leather seat and leaned back, placing each of my feet in the separate glass bowls below me.

Tina stood beside me and reached down to pick up an attached remote for the chair, sliding the seat forward and the back support lower so I was relaxed and comfortable. With one more button the two bowls for my feet separated and moved apart, taking my legs with it. Suddenly, I was open and on display. Sonny turned on the hot water and added oils and salt crystals to the water for my feet to soak.

“Comfortable?” Tina asked from my side and I nodded.

She squeezed my shoulder and walked around the station to kneel between my now spread apart legs.

“Tina will begin the cleaning now,” Sonny said with a small smile as I looked down at Tina curiously.

Tina ran her hands up my thighs and used her thumbs to pull apart my pussy lips.

“Oh so pretty!” she said. “So new! Scoot down for me, scoot, scoot!” she instructed, pulling my bum closer to the edge of the seat.

“Jessica said you lost your virginity last night?” Sonny asked me, taking my right foot out of the hot water and scrubbing the bottom.

I nodded, “Yes, my Daddy popped it.”

“Such a naughty little girl! I think I see cum in here!” Tina said excitedly.

Tina encourages my thighs to fall back so I was open wide for her inspection. She slid her finger inside of me and quickly withdrew it. Her finger was coated with Daddy’s cum. She made a clucking noise with her mouth.

“That’s what I thought,” Tina said. “Someone got fucked this morning!”

I was mortified and started to ramble nervously.

“My Daddy fucked me in the shower this morning and I thought I washed out all the cum but then before he left for work he fucked me again in the hallway. I was going to clean myself up but Mommy was waiting and I needed to get dressed!”

Sonny and Tina giggled.

“Don’t worry about cum sweetheart, you’re here for a cleaning silly girl,” Sonny explained, lifting my left foot to repeat the scrubbing there.

I watched, transfixed as Tina leaned down and licked my pussy, humming a little to herself at my taste. She looked up and made eye contact with me as she licked. Long swipes of her tongue up and down my open slit. I heard a moan and looked up to find Mommy similarly spread open at the manicure station, one of her attendants between her legs licking her pussy as well.

I noticed two thin tubes running around Mommy’s body. When she turned to check on me I could see two little suction machines attached to her breasts, milk flowing out of her nipples and into the tubes. Mommy was being milked! Her teats wobbling back and forth as the pump compressed and released her nipples. All this was going on while Mommy held her hands out to her attendant to file and shape her nails.

While Sonny tended to my toes Tina was using her tongue to scoop out Daddy’s cum from my cunt hole. She seemed to enjoy watching my face as she did it, pleasure rolling through my body. She moved her mouth up to lick and suck on my clit, making my toes curl and Sonny tsk to remind me she was working too. After a few hard sucks my clit started to pound and I cried out, the climax hitting me hard.

“That’s a good girl Miss Bourne! Cum for Tina!” Sonny said excitedly, kneading her fingers into the arch of my foot.

Tina continued to suck on my little bud until I went limp, tired from the orgasm. She moved her mouth lower and tongue fucked me for a while, thrusting her tongue as deep as she could and wiggling the tip inside me. Between Sonny massaging my calves and Tina’s tongue it felt amazing. I loved being pampered like this.

“Oh!” I exhaled quickly.

Tina had stopped tongue fucking me and started sucking directly on my cunt hole. She stopped and seemed frustrated.

“Push down! I want to get all the cum out,” she explained.

She lowered her face and sucked again, I pushed down with my pussy muscles as much as I could. It seemed to do the trick and I felt Tina moan in approval against me. The feeling was intense and I could feel another orgasm building in me. Sonny was drying my feet now, getting ready to polish my toes. I looked up to find that Mommy was standing, her manicure finished and her pussy glistening from being eaten the whole time. Her tits had been disconnected at some point from the dual pump and her nipples looked swollen and tasty. Her attendant walked her towards the door labeled ‘River Room’ and they slipped inside. I still had no idea what went on in there but I assumed Mommy was going there for her next treatment.

I relaxed and let the cum build inside of me, Tina sucking hard in my clit again so I would cum in her mouth. I did as she asked, pushing down again as I came, Tina eagerly slurping up my juices. I slumped back against the chair and let her lick me clean while Sonny painted my toe nails a pretty pale pink.

Once they were dry Tina placed a kiss on my inner thigh and stood, licking her lips.

“Did you enjoy your cleaning? Nice and relaxed?” she asked.

I nodded, “Thank you so much, it felt amazing. And my toes look so pretty.” I said, acknowledging Sonny’s hard work.

“Good good! Let’s get you over to Abuela now for your rosebud massage. I think you’ll love it!”

Sonny walked me across the open space to an open massage table. As we passed the banquette I saw the woman who was being fucked over an ottoman earlier sipping tea and eating a small piece of chocolate.

Sonny had me lay on my belly. She propped my upper body up on a pillow so I was slightly elevated.

“So you can watch,” she explained and I folded my arms to lay my head down on them.

With how I was positioned I could clearly see the rest of the room and watch the activities there. A new woman was being led to the pedicure area. I knew what she was in store for now. The woman getting her hair washed earlier had a fancy new up do and was getting her pussy licked by an African American woman.

An older woman with grey hair and short stature walked towards me. She leaned down to look into my eyes, hers were kind and warm.

“Hello señorita!” she said softly. “I am Maria but everyone calls me Abuela, for grandmother.”

I smiled warmly, liking her immediately.

“I’ll be massaging you today with some warm oils and will be helping open your rosebud. I understand your papa has not yet taken you there?”

“No Abuela, not yet,” I explained.

“Okay señorita, relax and let Abuela make you feel good.”

She rubbed her hands together briskly and I heard a small glass ding that I assumed must be from the bottle holding the massage oil. I felt her hands on my shoulders, warm and smooth on my skin. She spread the oil around evenly on my back, running her hands up and down my torso. It felt so relaxing. I started to close my eyes when I saw Mommy walk out of the ‘River Room’ with a tall black man behind her. He was naked, his lengthy cock swinging between his thighs.

Mommy waved to me as they walked towards the banquette. They picked a spot closest to me and I watched as Mommy draped her body over an ottoman, facing me. Andre stood behind her and then kneeled, rubbing his hands up and over her ass.

Abuela’s hands mimicked what Andre was doing. Her oiled hands gliding over my ass cheeks and down my thighs. She gently pushed my thighs a part slightly so she could massage my soft inner skin.


The noise came from Mommy, her eyes glassy and her mouth hanging open. Andre was clearly entering her body, his long cock forcing its way into her hole. I was excited, I had only ever seen Mommy be fucked by Daddy before. Andre kept pushing until his groin was pressed against Mommy’s backside. He leaned down to whisper something in her ear and she nodded in response to whatever he said. He pulled back and began fucking her at a steady pace.

“Is your mama no?” Abuela asked, her fingers now running up and down the seam of my bottom cheeks.

“Yes, it looks like she’s really enjoying his cock in her pussy,” I said, trying to sound like a mature adult comfortable with all the sex around me.

Abuela chuckled and lowered her hand so that she rubbed two fingers against my anal star. I sighed at the feeling and relaxed my legs, giving her a little more room.

“Your mama is not getting fucked her in pussy little one, she’s getting fucked in here.”

Abuela pushed her two fingers into my ass, making me groan in response.

“Fuuuuck!” I gasped.

She pushed her fingers deep into me as her other hand squeezed my ass cheek, pulling them apart so she could finger my bottom.

I watched as Mommy moved her hips, fucking Andre back. Sweat was dripping down off her face. He too had sweat dripping down his chest. He was fucking her ass hard and deep with what had to be at least a seven inch cock. Mommy was such a bad ass.

“You like to watch your mama little one?” Abuela asked.

“Yes!” I said, my hips writhing against the massage table.

She was twisting her fingers inside of me now, scissoring them to open me up more.

“Abuela I think I’m going to cum,” I said in surprise.

Abuela squeezed a third finger into my asshole as I started to convulse. My body was overwhelmed with the sensations. My clit still tingling from all of my orgasms from Tina. My cunt hole still tender from Daddy’s cock. Now my pucker was stretched and burning around Abuela’s thrusting fingers.

She placed her had on my lower back to keep me still as she finger fucked my bottom, whispering encouraging words into my ear.

“You’re so beautiful little one, your papa must be so proud of you. That’s it señorita, come for me. Watch your mama take that big cock up her ass. Soon you will be taking cock like that up there too!” she said.

Stars burst from behind my lids and goosebumps spread along every inch of my skin. I came from a different place that I had felt before, my back hole clenching down hard on her fingers. I humped my ass back against her and she let me ride out my climax until I was limp and panting on her table.

“There there little one, take some deep breaths. You had a very nice anal orgasm. Based on the way you came you’re going to love getting fucked in the ass. Your parents are going to be so proud,” she said gently as she covered me with a sheet to wipe off any excess oil.

At some point while I was busy cumming, Mommy and Andre had cum too. Andre was no where to be found but Mommy was relaxing on the banquette in her robe. Abuela helped me sit up and handed me my robe to put on. I gave her a hug and thanked her. She patted my back and told me to have a good rest of my day and quietly slipped out of the room. I sat down next to Mommy and took a deep breath.

“I love it here,” I said to her.

She smiled. “I knew you would.”

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