Missy: Day Five


Friday morning was uneventful, I got up and dressed as usual. Mommy was running a bit behind in schedule because Daddy had fucked her instead of getting a morning blowie. She was perky though, energized by the early morning endorphins from the orgasm. Looking pretty in an emerald green sundress she ushered me into the car, worried about being late for school. We drove through the neighborhood, Mommy asking me about my day and if I had any exams. I didn’t but I was excited for Study Hall later in the day with Hannah. I went to get out of the car when we pulled up to school but Mommy stopped me.

“Oh one more thing Missy-girl,” she waited until she had my full attention and met her eyes. “Daddy says no cumming for you today. He wants you to have a hot cunny tonight and has plans.”

“What kind of plans?” I asked, curious.

“Plans that involve your little ass baby girl,” she explained.

“Oh! I can’t cum at all?”

She shook her head no, “Daddy wants you desperate for cock when he gets home tonight. It’ll make taking your anal cherry easier on you.”

I nodded, reluctantly understanding, “Ok, I’ll behave and not cum.”

“Good girl. When you get home I’ll give you an enema to clean you out so you’re prepared for whenever Daddy is ready.”

“An enema?” I asked nervously.

“Yes baby, you’ll see. You’ll love it, Mommy does,” she smiled and shooed me out of the car. “Have a good day at school!”

I ran in and made it into my seat for homeroom just as the bell rang. The morning announcements droned on as I twirled my hair around a finger. This had been such a crazy week, so much happened. I could hardly believe it was already Friday. Ooh, Friday night was movie night. I couldn’t wait to see what movie we were going to watch after dinner. And my ass was going to get fucked, I couldn’t believe that either. I was nervous but also excited at the same time. I hoped it didn’t hurt too much. I had to remember to ask Hannah later on in Study Hall.

The day was a blur, lunch rolled around and I sat quietly in the corner of the cafeteria eating my ham sandwich and chips. Most of my friends had a different lunch period, I was stuck with most of the jocks as they chatted away around me. Finally it was time for Study Hall, so I headed to the school’s library where it was held. Because we were Seniors we were able to check in at the front with Mr. Peterson and then be on our own until the end of the period. I walked to the Science section, sat down in my usual seat at my usual table in the back and took out my notebook to go over some notes from History.


Hands fell onto my shoulders and I jumped at the loud whisper.

I looked up and smiled at Hannah, “Hi!”

“Hi friend,” she said running her hands down my shoulders to my chest and quickly cupping my breasts, giving them a quick squeeze.

“Hey!” I whispered, covering my little tits protectively.

She just laughed and pulled out a chair to sit beside me.

“So where were you yesterday?” she asked, pulling out her books.

“At the spa with Mommy,” I explained, “Daddy wanted me to have a treat.”

She stopped organizing her things on the desk and looked at me.

“Oh?” she asked, one blonde eyebrow cocking up.

“Mmhmm, he said I deserved it,” I said casually.

“Oh really?” she said, both eyebrows going up to match her wide open eyes.

I looked down at my notebook, pretending to read whatever I had written a few periods before, drawing out the suspense. Usually Hannah has the upper hand in telling juicy stories, it was fun to be able to tease her a little bit for a change.

As nonchalantly as possible I said, “He said I deserved it for taking all nine inches of his cock.”

Hannah bounced in her seat and squealed, throwing her hands up in the air.

“He popped your cherry?!”

I nodded, biting my bottom lip to hide my smile.

“Ahhh!” she yell whispered, doing a little victory dance in her chair.

I couldn’t help giggling at her enthusiasm. I also appreciated her pert tits bouncing from all the celebration.

“How was it?” she asked once she calmed down.

“It hurt a lot at first, he’s so so big but feeling him cum… Oh my God Hannah, I came so hard,” I said as I fanned myself with my hand.

“Mmmm I bet you did,” she said, “How was the spa, did you love it?”

“I did! It was so relaxing and I loved the treatments I got. Abuela’s fingers are magical,” I sighed remembering how hard she made me cum.

“Oh she’s the best, the dirtiest grandma around for sure. Did she fist you?” Hannah asked eagerly.

I shook my head no, “She fingered my butt until I came.”

“Mmm that sounds so good right now. Do you like it in the ass? It’s one of my favorites.”

“I don’t really know, I came hard when Mommy fingered my ass and then with Abuela but this morning Mommy said Daddy is going to pop my anal cherry tonight,” I looked at her nervously.

“Are you scared?”

I nodded, my eyes wide.

“Don’t be! It’s going to feel so good you’ll probably squirt. And then once you can take it in both holes you can start having DPs!” she explained excitedly.

“DPs?” I asked.

She nodded, “Double penetrations, a cock in your cunt and another one in your asshole.”

My eyes went wide, it sounded so so slutty. My cheeks went red and my clit tingled in response to the idea of it. Hannah watched me closely, clearly seeing my reaction.

“You like that idea? Taking a cock in both your holes at once? Hmm?” she asked, her voice lowering seductively.

I nodded, growing redder. She laughed softly.

“Are you getting wet Missy? Does it turn you on to be a little slut?”

I nodded again, unable to respond with words, her low sexy voice lulling me into a highly aroused state.

“Prove it little slut, pull up your skirt and let me see your wet pussy,” she commanded, pushing her chair back a little so she could turn and face me.

I did the same and mirrored her position. Without thinking, my hands went to my knees and slid up my thighs. They grasped the hem of my skirt as I lifted it up to my waist. I heard her make a little noise of approval as I opened my thighs so she could see my panty covered pussy. I bunched my skirt up and held it with one hand and used my other to pull my blue panties aside to show her my cunny.

“Oh look at you dirty girl, your cream is coating your lips,” she said, reaching out and rubbing her thumb up and down my slit, feeling the silky wetness there. “Still no hair on your pussy, so strange, your Daddy must love his good girl.”

I moaned as quietly as I could at her touch, her thumb running up and down my length. She stopped her thumb directly on my clit and rubbed it gently. My legs fell open wider and I slouched down into my chair to give her more room.

“Mmm you like this? Me fingering your little cunny in the library? Anyone can see us. Anyone can see how slutty you are.”

I groaned a little louder and she laughed.

“I think you love this, don’t you?” she asked. Not bothering to wait for my obvious answer she continued talking, all the while rubbing my clit. “I want to feel how tight this tiny twat really is!”

She slid her thumb down to my pussy hole and pushed it in as deep as she could. I couldn’t help but let out a long moan as my head fell back and my eyes closed from the pleasure. She pumped it in and out of me slowly, the wet sounds of her fingering me loud in the almost silent space.

“Oh yea, you’re so tight Missy. I can see why you had a hard time taking your Daddy. He must love splitting you open. Let’s see if I can make you squirt on my thumb.”

“Oh no!” I said, struggling to sit up and remove her hand from between my legs.

“What? What’s wrong?” she said concerned.

“I can’t cum!” I said frantic now, righting my clothes and sitting up.

“What? Why not?”

“Daddy said! He wants me to be desperate for cock when he gets home so he can fuck my butt easier,” I explained.

She nodded and pulled her hand out of my panties.

“It’s a shame though, we could have had fun this period. I get it though, next time,” she said reluctantly.

I smiled in thanks and went back to studying, squirming once in a while in my chair. A while later we heard a man shout with pleasure and a girl moan loudly. We looked up, scanning the library to find the source of the noise. Up at the front of the library we could see Mr. Peterson sitting at the front desk with one of the volley ball girls bouncing up and down on his cock. Her tits were out of her uniform shirt, jostling roughly with each thrust. She was holding on to his maroon tie, using it as leverage as she pumped her ass up and down his decently sized cock. He was holding on to the tips of her tits, pulling her nipples away from her body and making her groan. We watched for a few minutes and then made eye contact with each other.

“Lucky bitch,” Hannah said.

I smirked in agreement, “Sure is.”


By the time Mommy picked me up from school I was so hot I was cranky. The whole drive home my nipples were hard and itchy rubbing against my shirt and my clit was hard and constantly throbbing. My panties were soaked and my inner thighs were coated with moisture. I needed to cum so badly.

“Have a good day dear?” Mommy asked.

I nodded and looked out the window, desperate for any kind of distraction.

“Did you cum today?”

I shook my head emphatically, “No! And it hurts so bad Mommy! I want to cum!”

Mommy only grinned, irritating me further.

“The longer you wait the harder you’ll cum later,” she explained calmly.

“I don’t want to wait! I need to cum now!” I yelled.

I was a big girl, I could decide when I needed to cum and when I couldn’t! I rebelliously raised my skirt and shoved my hand under my panties, moaning at the wet heat I found between my legs.

“Missy Bourne! You stop that right now!” Mommy scolded.

I looked at her defiantly and slid a finger up my cunt.

“Fuck that feels good!” I sighed, pumping it into me furiously.

“Stop it right now little girl! Get out of the car immediately!”

I looked up and realized we were parked in the driveway. Unfazed by Mommy’s stern voice I used my other hand to rub my clit. Oh yea, I was so close.

“I am going to count to three and then I’m going to make sure you get ZERO cock for a month. Do you hear me young lady?!”

I just needed a little more.


An image of Daddy’s cock filled my mind, how good it felt to have it inside of me.


Did I want to go a whole month without dick just to cum right now? Ugh I was so close to cumming.

“Last chance little girl!” Mommy yelled.

Defeated, I sighed and took my hands out of my panties, my fingers sticky from my pussy juices.

“Go inside, strip and go directly to the master bathroom. You’re still going to be punished for your little stunt in the car,” she said sternly.

I quietly did as she asked. I went upstairs and stopped by my room, taking off my school uniform and putting them in my hamper. My bra and panties joined them and I walked slowly through my parents bedroom to reach their bathroom.

Their bathroom was three times the size of mine. It had a large walk in shower with three shower head and a stand alone soaking tub with jets. They had a bidet and toilet and his and hers sinks. It was very luxurious and I only ever got to use any of it when they were away on vacation or Daddy traveled for business with Mommy.

Mommy was waiting for me by the counter, unfamiliar items laid out on it next to her.

“Bend over the sink Missy,” she said sternly.

She clearly wasn’t messing around so I did as she asked, my breath catching as my skin touched the cool marble top.

“I’m going to give you an enema to flush out your ass and then I’m going to spank you for your disobedience. Understand?”

“Yes Mommy,” I said meekly.

“Good! Now spread your legs a little wider. I need to have better access to your asshole.”

I again did as she asked and widened my stance. I felt her hands on my butt cheeks, spreading them slightly to expose my back hole. I jumped when I felt cold jelly being spread on my pucker.

“I’m just lubing you up, calm down,” she said.

She picked up something from the counter and I felt a hard object being pressed against my asshole.

“Push out and relax!” she directed.

I took a deep breath and exhaled and tried to relax and do as she asked. She continued to push the object until I felt my ass giveway and open slightly. She pushed harder and the smooth plastic entered my ass.

“Ugh!” I breathed, feeling whatever it was go deeper. It felt like it was a mile long.

“There you go! The nozzle is seated properly.”

“It’s too deep Mommy!” I whined, trying to stand up to relieve the pressure.

She placed a firm hand on my back to hold me in place. “Nonsense!” she said “It’s only a three inch nozzle, Daddy’s cock is three times this length. Now stay still while I fill you with the water.”

Mommy reached over and lifted a large brown rubber bag attached to a hose, my guess was that the other end of that hose was firmly planted in my ass. Sure enough after a few seconds I could feel warmth spreading inside my belly.

“Mmm,” I moaned, enjoying the soothing feeling of being warmed from the inside out.

Mommy ran her hand soothingly up and down my back, occasionally running her fingers around my asshole to check the seal.

“Feels good huh baby girl? I know, Mommy loves getting an enema too.”

After a few minutes my belly started feeling full and when I looked down could see my stomach pooching out a little from the water inside me.

“Mommy I’m full,” I said, figuring she needed to know so she could stop the flow of water.

“You still have a third of the way to go. Keep holding it,” Mommy said.

Hold it? It dawned on me that everything she was putting in had to eventually come out. My face reddened with embarrassment and I now truly understood what she meant when she said ‘flush me out’ earlier. My stomach gurgled as I took more and more warm water. My belly was extending and I started to feel cramping.

“It’s starting to hurt Mommy!” I said, nervous.

“Mmhmm, just a little more. You’ll be fine.”

I started moving my hips back and forth, trying to find a more comfortable position as I bent over the sink.

“Ok all done!” Mommy said triumphantly, reaching down to pull the hose out of me. “Now don’t let anything out until I tell you, ok?”

I nodded, happy to do whatever she told me to if it meant I could empty everything out of my as soon as possible. My stomach was cramping badly now. With a quick tug I felt the nozzle slip out of my asshole and clenched my pucker tight in response. There was a lot of pressure against it to let all of the water out.


“Oh! Mommy!” I gasped out. My ass stinging from the hard slap she had given it.


“Mommy please!” I said in shock, my other cheek on fire from her spanking.


“Ow!” I cried out.


“You were a bad girl today, disobeying me in the car.” Mommy said calmly.


I whimpered, leaning my forehead against the counter, my ass cheeks throbbing in pain.


“Are you going to disobey me every time you get a hot cunny?”


“Answer me Missy! Are you?!”


“No Mommy!”


“I’ll be good Mommy! I won’t disobey you or Daddy again. I promise!” I cried desperate for the bare bottom spanking to stop.


Tears were running down my face as I waited for the next spank. It didn’t come and I looked up at Mommy. She was staring at my ass cheeks and I could see in the mirrored reflection that they were covered in bright red hand prints. She was admiring her work. My belly seized again, distracting me from the searing pain on my ass.

“Mommy can I let it out now?” I asked.

She shook her head, still staring at my ass. She lifted her hand and I tensed, ready for another blow. Instead I felt her hand between my legs, roughly rubbing my pussy.

“You’re still soaked little girl. Does my baby like a little pain?” she asked.

I didn’t know how to respond so I stayed quiet and moved my hips so that I could press my cunt harder into her hand. She chuckled and slid two fingers inside of me. I immediately clenched my pussy onto them, loving how they felt inside of me.

“I’ll make sure to tell Daddy he has a little pain slut for a daughter. He’s going to love giving you pain and pleasure.”

She abruptly removed her hand from my cunt and I moaned in protest.

“Go sit on the toilet and empty yourself out,” she instructed.

I straightened up carefully and walked over to the toilet. I sat down and relaxed my body. The sounds and smells from the ordeal were mortifying but Mommy never left or said anything, she just cleaned and put away her enema tools. A while later, when I was finally empty Mommy told me to shower and to come downstairs to the living room when I was done. She needed to nurse, she explained, and then Daddy would be home soon for dinner.

The hot spray of their shower stung my still reddened ass. I sighed, I’d have to remember to ask Hannah if being a pain slut was a good or bad thing.

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