Missy: Day Fifteen


That Monday morning I was in my pjs eating a bowl of cereal at the kitchen table with Mommy and Daddy when there was a knock at the door. Since it was a long holiday weekend we were all off and I was hoping to spend the day playing with Mommy and Daddy. Hopefully whoever was at the door wouldn’t derail my plans. While I may have been confused by the unexpected visitor Daddy simply looked up and put down the leftover Sunday paper.

“That must be Elizabeth,” he said standing.

Daddy looked handsome as ever today. A dark navy polo shirt stretched tight around his chest and biceps, his thick thighs and tight ass filling out the dark grey slacks nicely. As he left the room both Mommy and I watched him walk away. Both of us quietly sighing at the sight of him.

I knew from hearing Daddy talk about work that Elizabeth was his secretary. A middle aged woman, I’d met her a few times at office parties or during the holiday events. Mommy liked her because she was efficient and didn’t take any crap but wasn’t terribly attractive. I remember her giggling about how he had Elizabeth and she had Peter. Both helped scratch an itch but weren’t attractive enough to pull them away from a happy marriage. But the office was closed today, so what was she doing here?

We heard murmured greetings from the hallway and what sounded like a small scuffle and then a hard slap against skin. A moment later Daddy walked into the kitchen with Elizabeth and a young woman by her side. The side of the young woman’s face was red, the source of the slap was found.

“Girls, you remember Elizabeth?” Daddy said.

We both nodded and said hello politely.

“How are things Elizabeth?” Mommy asked with a gentle smile.

Elizabeth shrugged, clearly frustrated and glared at the girl.

“They’d be better if she found her manners and had some gratitude,” she said sadly. “Some people are harder than others when it comes to being a match-maker.”

“Well don’t get too discouraged, I’m sure Jack will be able to set her straight,” Mommy said confidently. “Regardless, the work you do with these young adults is so much more than most even think of doing.”

Elizabeth smiled at the praise, “I’m just grateful for your help today. You guys are saving me a ton of money for sure.”

Daddy just laughed and winked at the strange girl, “This won’t be any hardship at all.”

I kept eating my cereal, my eyes on the young woman. She kept her head down, staring at her feet the whole time. She had dark black straight hair and green eyes. Nice sized breasts and very long legs made her body attractive. It looked like she had a bubble butt underneath the baggy jeans she was currently wearing.

“What’s her name?” Mommy asked politely.

“Molly,” Elizabeth said.

“Molly are you excited for today?” Mommy asked her.

The girl looked up and glared at Elizabeth and an uncomfortable silence filled the kitchen.

“Ok then!” Daddy said quickly to pass over the awkwardness. “Is she going to fight me or will she get on her back when she’s told?” Daddy asked, reaching out to touch and squeeze one of Molly’s breasts.

Before he could finish his sentence and get a good feel of her tit she pushed him away from her with what sounded like a growl. Next to her, Elizabeth just sighed.

“As you can see she’s very difficult and Twilight has zero effect on her,” Elizabeth explained. “I have something new on its way from Europe that might help her calm down but it won’t get here until later in the week and with her court date coming, we can’t wait for it.”

Daddy nodded, “We can always restrain her, that won’t be a problem. Is there anything that gets her wet though? I’d prefer not to chafe my dick trying to get into her and I hate using lube on cunts, especially when I’m trying to fuck a baby into them.”

“If you help me restrain her I can eat her out for a little bit. She says she hates it but it makes her soaking wet.”

“Excellent. Let’s move to the living room, we’ll strip her and then you can let me know when she’s ready. I’d like to finish the paper,” Daddy said with a curt nod.

With a small wave from Elizabeth to Mommy and I they left the room.

“What’s going on Mommy?” I asked, beyond curious.

“Elizabeth is a match-maker part time who helps women and young adults like Molly find a man to marry them.”

“Oh that’s so sweet! Why does she need Daddy’s help?”

“Molly has a potential suitor later this week to maybe get engaged. The man that’s thinking about marrying her would like a large family but he can’t have kids of his own. So if Molly is already pregnant, it’ll be more tempting for him to marry her,” Mommy explained.

“Oh I see, so it’s like he’d be getting two for one,” I smiled.

“Exactly!” Mommy laughed. “Since Elizabeth isn’t married or have a boyfriend she’d have to hire a bull to breed Molly and they’re expensive baby girl. Daddy has done it in the past for friends so when he heard of Molly’s poor situation he offered his cock and cum.”

I sighed dreamily, “He’s such a good man!”

Mommy nodded and smiled, “He’s one of a kind baby.”

Daddy walked back into the room and leaned down to kiss the top of both of our heads before he took a seat.

“I’m so grateful for my beautiful, sexy ladies,” he said, shaking open his paper again.

We smiled back in return.


Twenty minutes or so later I was doodling wrong answers into the crossword puzzle when Elizabeth came into the kitchen. Her face, shiny with girl cum, smiled.

“All set?” Daddy asked.

“She’s ready as she’ll ever be,” Elizabeth responded.

“Okay then, let’s do this!”

Daddy stood up from the table and walked out of the kitchen.

“Want to go watch Daddy fuck her baby girl?” Mommy asked.

I nodded eagerly and Mommy grinned wickedly.

“That’s what I thought,” she stood up and held out her hand to me. “Let’s go get front row seats on the couch!”

Her hand swinging in mine, we walked into the living room. Daddy was still standing, removing the last of his clothes and throwing them hap hazardly onto the couch behind him. On the rug was Molly, laying naked on her back. Her hands were tied behind her head, making her breasts prominently displayed on her chest. There was a thin piece of rope wrapped around her thigh and shin, effectively making each leg unable to straighten. This made her pussy open and available as her bound legs were pushed back and out. In her mouth was a bandana, muffling her sounds of protest. Her pussy was shaved and I could see moisture glistening on her pussy lips. Elizabeth was right, she liked having someone eat her pussy.

Mommy sat next to Daddy’s pile of clothing and began to fold them neatly for him. I sat on the end of the sectional that had me facing Daddy and Molly so I could see them both equally from the side. Daddy was still standing over her body, stroking his hardening cock above her.

“Elizabeth be a dear and get my cock wet?” he said.

Elizabeth immediately knelt in front of him and sucked his cock down her throat in one go. I gasped and my mouth hung open in shock. She took his whole length as if it was nothing, her nose buried against his small patch of pubic hair and I could see her tongue moving around the underside of his cock.

“I don’t know why you look so surprised baby girl, she sucks my cock twice a day at work,” Daddy said looking at me with a laugh.

He grabbed her head, roughly fucked her throat a few times and then pulled his cock out of her mouth with a loud suction noise. Elizabeth gasped for air and sat back down on the couch, wiping the drool off her chin.

With his cock now shiny with spit he knelt between Molly’s open thighs. His hands touched her knees to place her legs as far back as they would go and we all heard her muffled scream at his touch.

“Shh,” Daddy said soothingly. “You’ll like it, I promise.”

Daddy inched closer until his cock was able to smack her pussy lips. The sound of his hard cock slapping wet pussy cracked through the air. I’d never seen the look on Daddy’s face. It was a little wicked, a little mean, he was definitely enjoying this.

Daddy grasped his cock and teased her hole a little with the tip. You could hear him laughing low in his chest.

“You need this big cock to fuck you, don’t you?” he murmured.

She violently shook her head no and began to buck her body to try and get away from Daddy’s cock teasing her cunt.

“No? You shouldn’t lie little girl, your cunt sucking at my cock says you do,” Daddy said with a wicked smile. “You were made for this Molly.”

She bucked her body again and tried to close her legs. Daddy reached up and placed a hand on her throat, squeezing lightly. Molly’s screams immediately stopped and she stayed still, frozen in place. He lined up his cock head with her small opening and I watched his ass clench.

“Hold still Molly so I can pop your cherry real quick,” Daddy lectured, letting go of her neck as she stilled for him. “You’ll feel so much better once I’m inside of you.”

Her eyes went wide and latched on to his, pleading. He ignored her and thrust his cock into her bound body. Molly let out a scream of pure rage as Daddy sank half his cock into her.

“Shh, that’s it, let me in sweetheart.”

He pulled out and I could see some faint red streaks in her cream. Her cherry was good and popped. I watched as he pulled back and started pumping into her shallowly.

“That’s it! You’re going to love fucking,” Daddy grunted, pulling his dick out of her so he could thrust it back in again, working it in deeper each time. “Feel that Molly? That’s my dick in your cunt!”

He held her throat again and her eyes went immediately back to his. He had her full attention.

“That’s a good little slut, relax that twat for me so I can fuck it real good,” Daddy grunted when he heard a muffled moan come from her bandana stuffed mouth. “Like that big dick in there sweetheart?”

Molly’s eyes rolled back in her head and I watched as her hands formed fists so tight her knuckles were white.

“Baby girl, you watching me open her up?” Daddy called to me.

“Yes Daddy!” I replied.

“See how stretched her cunt is around my cock Missy?”

“Yes Daddy, she looks so tight!”

“This is how your pussy looked wrapped around my cock the night I bent you over the kitchen table,” he said, grinning at me while sawing the full length of his nine inch dick into her body. “That’s it, I’m all the way in now.”

“Feel good Daddy?” I asked.

“Fuck yea,” he sighed happily, “I love breaking in fresh cunt.”

I could see Daddy’s prick bulging in her belly, she was much thinner than I was. Her whole body jolting with the force of his thrusts as he finally bottomed out in her.

“Elizabeth, her cervix is harder than I’ve felt before,” Daddy said casually as if he wasn’t breeding a tied up girl on the living room floor. “Even when I fuck Missy as deep as I can her’s still nibbles softly on my cock head. You’ll want to get Molly’s checked out now that I’ve opened her up for you.”

Elizabeth nodded absently and went back to watching whatever day time television was on the screen. Daddy ground his hips hard into her body. I knew that feeling, it made my eyes roll back into my head with pleasure and pain when his cock pressed against my cervix. I looked at Molly’s face and she was staring off into space, her head to the side, eyes shining.

“There ya go, now you get it,” Daddy said, “Keep relaxing that twat and I can really pound it like you need.”

I watched as her tits jiggled on her chest from the passionate fuck Daddy was giving her, her breathing ragged and deep. Daddy fucked her for some time, his body beginning to glisten with sweat from the workout but his pumping hips never broke their rhythm.

“You like watching me fuck Missy girl?” Daddy asked looking up from watching her cherry nipples bounce.

I nodded, my eyes unable to tear away from where his cock was pumping into her pussy.

“Elizabeth?” Daddy asked.

“Yes Jack?” she replied, standing at attention for him. “Do you want some water?”

Daddy shook his head, “Go eat my little girl’s cunt.”

“Sure thing Jack!” she said cheerfully and walked over to me.

“Would you like that baby girl? To have Elizabeth suck on your little clitty while you watch me breed Molly?”

I nodded eagerly and quickly pulled my teal sundress up around my waist.

“Yes Daddy!”

Elizabeth knelt in front of me and immediately dove into my cunny, slurping and licking my juices. Just as I cried out in pleasure I felt her groan into my pussy as her tongue dug deep into my hole. It felt amazing, the suctioning pressure of her mouth against my sensitive pussy.

“She’s delicious Jack!” Elizabeth praised, licking her lips.

Daddy just smiled in response and fucked his cock into Molly harder. His ass was clenched tight with the effort, his hips pumping and grinding into her body. I watched her legs and tits shake with the force of his thrusts.

“Don’t think I can’t feel you clenching your cunt on my cock Molly,” Daddy said with a slight laugh. “You gonna cum sweetheart?”

Her eyes went wide and she frantically shook her head.

“Yea I think you’re gonna cum on my cock like a little slut,” he said full out laughing now and ground his hips hard against her pubic bone.

I watched her thighs start to shake and her eyes squeeze shut.

“Oh yea sweetheart, cum on that dick!” Daddy roared and held his cock deep inside her.

I knew from experience that Daddy loved feeling the rippling, milking sensation of a cunt cumming on his cock. He held his dick tight inside of her body as she rode out her orgasm.

“Fuck yea that was a good hard cum!” Daddy grunted, pounding into her again. “You want my load girl?”

She shook her head no again.

“Yea you do, don’t lie sweetheart,” Daddy said sternly. “I’m going to give you a nice big batch for that fertile pussy of yours. I saved my morning load just for your cunt.”

Elizabeth sucked hard on my clit and slipped a finger into my ass. The sensations were amazing and I grabbed her head to keep her on my happy little clit.

“Here it comes Molly!” Daddy said, holding himself deep inside her pussy again and going still.

I watched his cock pulse and swell into her little body, his cum reaching deep inside to her womb. He held his cock still in her for a few minutes, panting as he regained his breath. I was on the verge of cumming on Elizabeth’s mouth when Daddy stood, his half hard thick cock dripping with their combined juices.

“Want to taste her cherry baby?” Daddy asked me, walking towards us.

He placed his hand on the back of Elizabeth’s head, pushing her into my cunt harder and forcing her to suck my clit like she was starving for it. I felt it pulse, hot in her mouth. He held his wet dick with his other hand and lifted it to my mouth. I opened it automatically and my tongue came out to lick the head. Sweet and tangy musk exploded in my mouth.

I could taste her juices and his cum as I lapped at his cock head like an ice cream cone. I whimpered and looked up as Daddy, sucking the tip into my mouth.

“You want to cum baby girl?” he asked.

I nodded.

“Elizabeth tongue fuck her hole,” he directed.

I felt her mouth slide down my pussy and then her tongue reaching into my pulsing cunt. It was just enough to push me over the edge, my body clamping down on the tongue in my cunny and finger in my ass. Daddy stared into my eyes the whole time as I exploded, her tongue pumping in and out of my hole.

Once it passed through me I pushed Elizabeth’s head away from my pussy and laid back on the couch. I was so sensitive now. Daddy walked back over to the other end of the sectional and sat down next to Mommy, who I had completely forgotten was even in the room.

Elizabeth moved over to where Molly still lay on the floor and lifted her hips to place a pillow under them. Daddy always came a lot, two or three tablespoons worth of cum at a time, but his morning loads were always the biggest. Those dripped out of my cunny for hours and were my favorite.

“Can’t have all that cum leaking out of you now can we?” she said to Molly.

Mommy laughed.

“I’d prefer it not go to waste on my rug,” Mommy said.

We all laughed. Well, Molly didn’t.


After I came on Elizabeth’s mouth I went upstairs to my room to finish some homework. Finally finished with the boring English paper I ran downstairs for a snack a couple of hours later. I could hear Mommy humming to herself in the laundry room. Passing the living room on the way to the kitchen I peeked in to see how things were going.

Daddy was sitting on the couch, Elizabeth kneeling between his legs. He was still naked, his cock in her throat, her nose pressed deep into his groin and one hand massaging his heavy balls. I watched as she slowly pumped her finger in and out of his ass.

“Come on in baby girl,” Daddy said, making me jump.

He had caught me watching. I walked into the living room and saw that Molly was still on her back on the rug, her restraints still fastened. Her pussy was an absolute wreck. Red, puffy and soaked with Daddy’s cum. You could see a little of her red hole gaping open, a pool of Daddy’s thick cum filling it. Her inner thighs were coated in his and her cream.

“How’s it going Daddy?” I asked shyly, coming closer to the couch.

“It’s going well Missy, Elizabeth here was just getting my cock ready to fuck again,” he explained, gesturing to her bobbing head in his lap.

A loud pop echoed in the room as she sat up and let his cock out of her throat. Her hands still busy rolling his big balls and fingering his ass.

“Do you like having a finger in your ass Daddy?” I asked, curious now.

I had watched Daddy fuck Henry at the kennel the other night but I never saw him put something in his butt. Daddy just grinned at me.

“Once in a while honey, I do. But today it’s more about making sure I have nice big loads of jizz for Molly,” he said. “Massaging my balls makes me build up a batch of fresh sperm and her finger is milking my prostate. That makes my balls fill with more cum.”

“Oooo,” I said, fascinated.

“Plus it feels fucking fantastic,” Elizabeth said laughing.

Daddy just smiled, brushed her hands away from his body and stood up.

“I’m ready to give her another load.”

He knelt down between her legs and without any foreplay, pushed his cock into her cunt with one thrust. Molly moaned weakly, squeezed her hands into fists and took the full length of his cock. She had to be so sore at this point.

“Her pussy can’t hold much more cum Daddy,” I said, pointing to where his cock was frothing with his own white cum from his thrusts. His sac and her thighs were coated with the thick white foam, strings of it clinging to his body from her abused pussy.

“I know baby, this is fuck number four,” he said, pumping his cock into her steadily.

Molly moaned and Daddy looked down at her face.

“You want me to take your gag off sweetheart?”

She nodded eagerly.

“Are you going to behave and let me fuck you or are you going to try and spit at me again?” he asked.

She shook her head and looked remorseful. With a few deep thrusts that hit her cervix hard as a warning, Daddy reached up and pulled the bandana out of her mouth. She licked her lips and swallowed a few times.

“Please,” she whispered. “I’m so sore.”

“Shhh,” Daddy crooned, running his hand over her hair softly. “You cum at least once on my cock every time I fuck you. You love getting fucked sweetheart, you know it’s true. Just lay back and let me give you another quick ride.”

“So sore…” she whimpered and bit her lip as he pushed her legs back farther and fucked her deeper. I watched, fascinated as his cock forced it’s way into her body.

“Shh, that’s a good girl,” he whispered, “take my cock like a good girl.”

She remained quiet and tried to lift her head up a little to watch his cock entering her pussy.

“Your new man is going to love this pussy Molly,” Daddy praised her. “He’s going to want to fuck it all the time. I’ve broken it in so it’s nice and hot and juicy for him.”

She shook her head no slightly at the thought and closed her eyes.

“Oh yes sweetheart, he’ll be fucking your bred cunt as often as he can,” Daddy grunted. “He’ll probably want to show off his new wife to his friends, welcome her to the family with a nice long gang bang. Your pregnant cunt is going to love that.”

She didn’t answer him and instead just stared at her feet, flopping with his thrusts. They fucked quietly for a little while, the only sounds in the room the wet suction of her cunt around his dick and the slap of his full balls against her asshole. He pushed himself up with his arms and looked down at her as she began to pant.

“You cumming on my dick again?”

She let out a strangled cry, “No!”

“Yea you are! Cum on my fat dick!” Daddy growled, giving her short deep thrusts into the back of her cunt. “Your twat is sucking the load right out of my balls. You want my cum again girl?”


“Fuck yea!” he roared, violently pumping his cock into her. “Take it!”

Daddy held his cock deep inside her pussy again and I watched as Elizabeth scrambled to get behind him. She reached out under him and rolled his balls as he filled Molly up with her fourth load of cum.

“That’s it Jack! Fill her pussy up!” Elizabeth cried, watching his cock pulse hard into Molly.

Eventually he pulled out of her body and a flood of cum poured out of her cunt. She was gaping open a good amount from Daddy’s thick cock. I heard her whimper of despair and a rush of anger went through me.

“My Daddy is giving you his cum to try and help you and I’m getting none of his cock today because of you! The least you could do is be polite and say thank you!” I said bitterly at her. “You’re going to get pregnant because of him!”

She just stared at me, a look of shock on her face. Daddy stood up with a grin in my direction and collapsed back onto the couch, pulling Elizabeth by the hair towards his cock.

“Clean me up, I want to breed her one more time,” he directed.

Elizabeth went to work on her task, cleaning up their combined creams from his cock with long licks of her tongue and immediately popped a finger in his ass. Daddy groaned and winked at me. The throbbing between my legs made my jealousy flare hotter.

“Say thank you!” I said to Molly harshly.

“Thank you,” she said meekly, her eyes closing.

“Thank you for breeding me Mr. Bourne,” Elizabeth chimed in.

“Thank you for breeding me Mr. Bourne,” Molly parroted sarcastically.

She was so ungrateful. I sighed and slumped back onto the couch, eager to watch the last round. I reached down and slipped my hand between my legs to rub my aching cunny.

“Daddy you should give me your cum,” I whined. “She doesn’t even want it!”

“I’ll give your twat a good pumping after dinner Missy, be patient,” he scolded. “We’re helping Miss Elizabeth and Molly today.”

“But Daddy I want to be bred!”

Daddy just smiled, that wicked gleam back in his eyes again and pushed his cock deeper into Elizabeth’s throat.

“We’ll see Missy girl, we’ll see.”

Thank you for taking the time to read this little dirty story, hopefully you enjoyed it. Over the years my writing has improved and my mind just got dirtier. If you’d like to read more of my work, head over to www.amazon.com/author/misspadventurous and let me know what you think!

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