Missy: Day Eleven


“And then he just fucked me right out there on the lawn Mommy!” I said excitedly, replaying my evening at Grandma and Grandpa’s the next morning.

“Mmhmm, that sounds very hot,” Mommy said distracted by whatever was playing on the television. “Keep suckling baby, we have to get you to school soon.”

Mommy moved her teat back into my mouth for me to suck on. I got comfortable and nursed for a few minutes before letting go of her nipple once more. She sighed and looked down at me.

“It was so good Mommy! He fucked me sooooo hard. It was crazy!” I said, my eyes going wide with wonder.

Mommy let me ramble for a few more minutes, listening to me gush about how big Daddy’s cock was, stroking my auburn hair away from my face. I continued to tell her about how Daddy had fucked me two more times that night, once more in the pussy on the front lawn and once in my ass when we got home.

“He slammed right into my ass in the driveway Mommy! He didn’t even make it inside!” I said, my hands animating my excitement. “Mr. Braverman got an eyeful when he went out to walk the dog for sure! He jacked off right there, watching Daddy fuck my ass!”

“Mmhmm, I know dear, I was home to watch too remember?”

I smiled up at her and went back to nursing on her tit, her milk warm and sweet. Turned on thinking about the powerful fucking Daddy gave me I reached down to rub my clit as I nursed.

“No no Missy baby,” Mommy said quickly, swatting at the hand between my legs. “Daddy said no cumming for you today.”

My eyes went wide as I suckled and my lips popped off of her swollen nipple.

“But why Mommy!? I’ve been good!” I whined.

Mommy ran a hand along my face, popping her thumb into my mouth, instinctively I began to suck.

“I know honey, you’ve been a very good little slut for Daddy and I but tonight we’re taking you to The Barn,” she explained as my eyes went wide. “Daddy wants you begging for cock when we go.”

“I’m scared Mommy,” I said softly as her thumb rubbed my cherry lips.

“You’re going to love it baby girl, Daddy and I can’t wait to see you fucked,” she said lifting my head towards her breast once again.

“You’re going to be stretched so much by their cocks Missy, they’re so special,” she continued.

Lifting my head up, letting her full nipple pop out of my mouth I asked, “What makes them special?”

I latched on her test again as she stroked my hair.

“They wear a tool on their cocks that helps fuck you better, you’ll see,” she sighed, leaning her head back and closing her eyes at the pleasurable sensation of my mouth on her breast.

I nursed silently, my mind whirling with the new information.


School passed by that Thursday in a blur. My whole body seemed to be tuned into my cunny. Now that I wasn’t allowed to play with myself it was all I wanted to do. It was a struggle for sure. Hannah teased me at several points during the day, pinching my nipples whenever she could.

When she heard my parents were taking me to The Barn tonight she squealed and told me how lucky I was.

“You’ll be out from school tomorrow then,” she said nonchalantly, reach over to squeeze my little bud again. “Bulls are trained just to fuck and breed. They’re some of my favorites!”

The idea that I’d be so sore I’d miss school made my nerves skyrocket. When Hannah saw my eyes go wide in fear she just laughed.

“I love their rings, you’re going to cum so hard!”

I wanted to ask what a bull ring was but the bell rang and we had to rush to class. All day my body wanted to cum, my pussy damp and needy. When the last bell finally rang I practically ran to my locker to gather my things. Mommy’s car was one of the first in line in the pick up lane. She was all smiles when I got in.

“Hi baby girl! How was school?” she greeted me, carefully pulling out of the parking lot.

I immediately noticed she didn’t turn towards home and I tensed.

“It was okay,” I said quietly.

“What’s the matter honey? Is something wrong?”

I shook my head no and Mommy laughed quietly.

“Nervous baby?” she asked gently.

I nodded.

“Let me see your twat,” she said calmly.

Looking over at her I waited until she stopped at a light and pulled up my skirt. Knowing she’d want to see my pussy fully I sank down in my seat a little and spread my knees open as wide as I could inside the car.

“Good girl,” she said absently and reached down to run her fingers over my bare pussy lips.

“See Missy?” she held up her hand to show her fingers glistening with my cream. “Your body is excited for some bull cock, there’s nothing to worry about.”

I nodded absently and looked out the window.

“It’s not too far, Daddy is going to meet us there,” she explained, turning onto the parkway.

I sat quietly for the rest of the thirty minute drive.


I didn’t know what to expect a barn to look like but it certainly wasn’t what we pulled up to. If I didn’t know any better I would have thought it was an actual farm driving by. There were several buildings on lots of land, everything fenced in with pristine white wooden fences. A small parking lot was half full in front of the main building. It looked like a real, large barn, complete with red siding and big doors on either end.

I hesitated with my hand on the door handle and then saw Daddy get out of his car a few spots over. He motioned for me to get of the car so I did and walked around to join Mommy. She took my hand in hers and we walked over to where Daddy was waiting.

“How’s she doing?” he asked, leaning down to press a kiss full of tongue on Mommy’s mouth.

“She’s nervous but her cunt is soaked,” Mommy said with a grin.

Daddy laughed and looked down at me.

“You’re going to love this baby girl.”

He walked towards what appeared to be a main entrance and Mommy and I followed. Holding the door for us, we walked inside. There was a small waiting room holding several chairs and a counter to check in. It was a bit like a hotel lobby and a doctors office combined. There was a woman waiting with a younger man sitting in the chairs already.

Mommy and I took a seat. Daddy approached the counter and smiled at the young man behind the desk.

“Reservation for Bourne,” he said politely.

“Oh yes! Mr. Bourne so good to see you again. I see you’ve booked one of our rooms for the evening,” the young man smiled up at Daddy.

“Yes, it’s a family outing this time Henry.”

“How fun!” Henry said looking up from his computer. “What would you like this evening?

“Well my wife will want three mid-size, Denver last if he’s available,” Daddy said.

“Of course sir,” Henry said, typing away.

“My daughter will need at least two, this will be her first time taking multiple in a row,” Daddy explained.

Henry looked up from his screen and leaned over the counter slightly to look at me.

“I see sir, will she need warming up beforehand?” he said eagerly, rubbing his hands together.

Daddy shook his head, “My wife will fist her first so there’s no need. I’ll need a cunt to use however.”

“Oh,” the young man blushed, fair skin turning a dark red, “all of the attendants and handlers this evening are male sir.”

“That’s fine, I assume they all take it up the ass?” Daddy said.

I sat quietly listening, Mommy’s hand still holding mine. I had no idea Daddy had sex with men but the idea it excited me. I wonder if he and Uncle Johnny fooled around.

Henry nodded eagerly, “Absolutely sir!”

I watched Daddy lean forward more on the counter, he towered over the young man.

“And is your ass available Henry?” Daddy asked.

Henry’s face and chest flushed as he stared into Daddy’s eyes.

“Oh yes sir!” he whispered, “I’d love it!”

“Good,” Daddy said, standing up straight again. “I enjoyed your hole last time, is it still as tight as I recall?”

Henry just nodded, a grin from ear to ear.

“Excellent, make sure it’s well lubed and the room is stocked with condoms for my size cock please. Last time the largest they had was for a seven inch cock. As your ass may remember, mine is much bigger than that.”

“Yes sir!”

“Unless you’d like to take it raw Henry…” Daddy trailed off, leaving his meaning clear.

“Raw is fine sir,” Henry stammered. “I prefer it sir.”

“Good boy.”

With sexually transmitted diseases a thing of the past and no risk for pregnancy condoms between men were more of a courtesy for cleanup purposes and convenient lubrication than anything. Most women nowadays were on birth control but condoms were used when a woman was being bred and the main male wanted to make sure his cum was the only one knocking her up.

“And is she or your wife being bred sir?” Henry said, a bulge appearing in his pants as he asked the question.

Daddy shook his head, “Not right now, no. Bareback for them is fine.”

Henry nodded, squeezed his cock under his pants and tapped away at the keyboard.

Daddy arranged for payment and then joined us a few minutes later. I jolted in my seat when I heard frantic barking coming from somewhere in the huge building. Mommy just squeezed my hand and smiled.

The door opened and Henry stood there, eyes bright and a huge grin on his face.

“This way please,” he said, standing aside to let us follow him.

Henry led us down a slate gray hallway. The walls and polished cement floor covered in the same flat grey paint. Rooms lined each side, large panes of glass allowing you to see inside each one. It appeared as if there were no ceilings for any of the rooms, just the elevated roof of the barn far above. The lack of a ceiling for each of the rooms allowed the sounds to carry. A mix of groans and cries of pleasure could be heard easily and as we walked down the hallway you could see the acts of deprivation through the windows. Henry paused in front of one of them.

“One way mirrors,” he explained to me. “For everyone’s safety we have a bull monitor to make sure our bulls and clients are having a fun time. They allow us to check in without disturbing anyone.”

I noticed that above each door there was a red light bulb. Henry walked a few more feet and stopped once by one with the red light shining over it, turning to peer into the room.

“The red light signals that you’re ready for a bull, or another one as it may be,” he said holding up a small remote, clicking it a few times to demonstrate. A red light a few doors down flickered on and off. “Your light goes on and a handler brings you a cock.”

I nodded in understanding.

“Oh, this is a special one!” he said eagerly.

A naked man walked down the hallway, his hard dick bobbing with each step. I noticed immediately that there was a wide and thick band of rubber at the base of his cock. It created an added ridge of thickness all around the base of his dick. He smiled at us politely and quietly entered the room with the red light.

A young girl around my age was on all fours on the floor. An older woman, I assumed was her mother, was watching from the couch a few feet away. The man quickly leaned down, licking the girl’s pussy enthusiastically. The other bull already in the room knelt in front of the mother and began licking her pussy, her hand gently guiding his mouth.

“What makes it so special?” Daddy asked curious.

“She’s a virgin,” Henry said, his eyes never leaving the scene in front of him.

“Our Missy hasn’t taken a bull’s cock yet either, that doesn’t seem so unusual,” Mommy said.

“No,” Henry said, shaking his head. “She’s never taken cock at all. Her mother is having a bull pop her cherry tonight.”

Mommy gasped and squeezed my hand tighter, bringing her hand to her mouth in shock. We all watched, riveted as the man mounted the girl, his hips moving quickly towards her hole.

“I know,” Henry said adjusting himself in his pants. “She’s being groomed for her future husband. He apparently wants her to only be able to cum in that position.”


We heard the girl cry as the bull met his mark. His hips frantically pumping into the girl’s no longer virgin hole.

“Wow,” Daddy said, adjusting his cock now as well.

“Her mother has her scheduled to take four in a row tonight, so she’s in for a long ride,” Henry explained.

“A virgin taking four bull cocks in a row?” Mommy said, shocked, “Her poor pussy.”

“Daddy?” I said, my nerves showing clearly on my face. “Can’t you just fuck me while we watch Mommy?”

“Don’t worry baby girl, we’ll give you some Twilight if you’re that nervous to make sure you enjoy it,” he said gently.

I nodded slightly and continued to watch the girl, she was crying out constantly. I couldn’t tell if it was from pleasure or pain. The mother however, looked on with a proud smile across her face, her legs spread wide for the man tongue fucking her pussy.

“Let’s continue to your room,” Henry said walking down three more doors.

We followed him into a larger square room. Thick, soft carpeting was on the floor and there were couches against two of the walls. A small mini refrigerator took up one corner and I could see through the glass door it was filled with bottled water and soft drinks. Towels were neatly stacked on a small table against the wall, bottles of lube and condoms sitting beside them.

Mommy and Daddy immediately began removing their clothing once they walked in.

“Strip baby,” Daddy said, pulling off his tie.

I reluctantly followed their lead, folding my clothes and placing it on the table, hanging my coat on one of the hooks by the door. Luckily the temperature was warm enough I don’t feel a chill on my naked skin.

Daddy’s hand was running up and down his flat stomach to cup his heavy balls while Mommy was coating her hand in lubricant. I stood there quietly, unsure of what to do.

“Lay back on the couch Missy,” Daddy said gesturing to the one closest to the door while taking a seat on the other. “Mommy’s going to open up your twat, the bulls only do the bare minimum of foreplay and we don’t want them to damage your little pussy.”

His cock was hardening and I could see Mommy’s nipples were tight. I did as he asked and sat on the smooth black leather. The material was cool on my skin as I leaned back. Mommy, her hands glistening, knelt between my open thighs. I looked at Daddy and he just grinned, slowly stroking his cock.

Mommy parted my cunt lips with one hand and rubbed her other hand all over my cunny. Once she was satisfied that I was completely coated she smiled up at me and slid two fingers inside my hole.

“She looks super tight!”

I looked up in surprise, I had completely forgotten that Henry was in the room with us. Now naked, I let my eyes roam down his lithe body. He was shorter than Daddy by a good five or six inches and had a thin frame. He had no fat on him but he also had no muscles, his skin pale as if he never saw the sun. He had shaggy dirty blonde hair and his green eyes weren’t fixated on Mommy’s fingers like I thought they’d be, but instead were on Daddy’s cock.

“She’ll be fine once we stretch her twat a little,” Daddy said to him.

Daddy smiled and patted the space next to him on the couch. Henry quickly sat down, his stiffening six inch dick bouncing as he moved.

“Oh!” I cried out as Mommy twisted a third finger into me.

Steadily pumping them into my body my clit was throbbing. I reached down to rub it so I could cum but Mommy slapped my hand away.

“You cum on a bull tonight or not at all,” she said sternly.

I looked up to plead my case with Daddy. He had his hand on the back of Henry’s head, guiding Henry’s mouth onto his cock. Henry opened his mouth wide and eagerly began sucking on Daddy’s cock head, his cheeks sunken and flushed.

“Good boy,” Daddy said absently, his eyes on Mommy’s hands.

She was scissoring her fingers open and closed into my body, stretching my little cunny open for her three pumping fingers. Mommy reached over to the cushion next to me and picked up a bottle of Twilight. She must have taken it out of her purse when I was getting undressed. She took a puff for herself and my eyes widened in surprise. I had never see Mommy take any before.

“Just a little to relax me baby girl,” she said holding it out for me to take. “Two puffs for you to start.”

Once I held my breath Mommy pushed a fourth finger inside of me. I moaned, exhaling and loving the sensation as my body seemed to melt into the couch.

“You want her to fist you Missy girl?” Daddy asked me, his eyes glued to my lower body which was undulating with Mommy’s fingering.

I closed my eyes and nodded, my pussy was already burning. I knew now from experience that once I got a full fist into me the painful stretch would lessen somewhat when my body was able close around the wrist. The pressure on my g-spot from her knuckles should make me cum nice and hard. My clit was throbbing and my nipples ached. I needed to cum.

My head spun as I opened my eyes and looked at Daddy. He hand was still on the back of Henry’s head guiding him up and down his cock. Henry was doing his best to deep throat Daddy but Daddy’s cock was too long and wide. He was making gagging noises every time Daddy pushed his head down deeper on the shaft but Daddy didn’t even seem to notice or care.

“Ow fuck!” I screamed as Mommy pushed her thumb along side her fingers into my cunt.

“Deep breath baby!” Mommy ordered and pushed her hand deep into my body.

My legs went rigid and a wave of heat rolled through my body.

“Fuck yea baby, let Mommy fist you,” Daddy said watching. “We need you nice and open so you can take some pricks.”

My mind foggy I reached my hand down to feel my pussy. It was on fire. My cunny was soaked and my juices coated my thighs. My finger tips reached down to run over my clit and down to feel Mommy’s wrist pumping into me.

“Feel good baby?” she asked looking me in the eyes.

Her eyes were dilated and I could smell her pussy. Or maybe it was mine, I couldn’t tell I was so turned on.

“Let’s get one for Brenda,” Daddy directed and I heard the faint click of the remote as Henry sucked his cock.

Mommy pumped her fist into me a for a few more minutes and brought me to the brink of orgasm twice. Each time slowing until the flutters in my pussy subsided. She was driving me mad. After bringing me to the edge a third time she pulled her fist from my body with a loud pop.

Panting from the exertion Mommy laid back on the carpet, reaching down to rub her red pussy. Milk was weeping from her heavy tits, Mommy was really turned on.

The door opened quietly and my eyes went immediately to the shorter bull who walked in.

“I’m Jedi,” the man said, unhooking his belt quietly.

Once he was stripped Jedi immediately walked over to Mommy’s pussy and gave it a few licks. She moaned and pumped her hips into his long tongue. I could see his dick was average size but thick. Thicker at the base with the bottom two inches of his dick surrounded by a rubber ring that was half an inch thick. Mommy rolled over onto her belly and crawled up onto all fours onto her hands and knees. She spread her knees fairly wide apart, causing her ass to lower a bit. I realized she was now about the same height as Jedi’s cock.

I heard a pop and saw Henry come up for air, spit running from his mouth to Daddy’s cock.

“Watch Mommy Missy,” Daddy instructed, noticing my eyes were on him.

Jedi was mounting Mommy now, his body thrusting into her ass. She lowered herself a little more and let out a cry.

“Oh fuck!”

“Feel good baby?” Daddy asked her, watching the man into her at a rapid pace.

She just groaned in response while Jedi groaned above her.

“Missy take some more Twilight baby, it’s almost your turn,” Daddy said to me.

I reached down and brought the inhaler to my mouth. Mommy was cumming now, I could see her thighs shake and her cum squirt out around his cock. They fucked for a while in she came again, limply resting her forehead on the floor. After her orgasm he stilled on top of her and grunted roughly.

“He cumming in you Brenny?” Daddy asked and Mommy nodded breathlessly in response.

“Henry, send another one.”

I heard the small click again and tried to clear my head. I couldn’t understand why I was so nervous, Mommy was having a good time.

“Missy get down on all fours baby,” Daddy said, pulling Henry’s eager mouth off of his cock and getting up from the couch.

He walked over to me to help me up, my body weak and lazy from the Twilight. He had me kneel so that I was facing Mommy. She was still filled by Jedi as he slowly softened inside of her, her body twitching once in a while.

“I’m going to be here the whole time baby girl,” Daddy said, brushing my hair out of my face. “You’re going to love this.”

“Please just fuck me Daddy!” I begged.

He rubbed his hand down my back and slid it over my ass, dipping his fingers into my pussy as he went by. I moaned in frustration and tried to grind myself against his hand. Daddy just chuckled and pumped his cock in his fist.

“Does my little slut need some big cock?” he said, his voice low and gravely.

My head dropping down I nodded.

“Please Daddy!” I begged.

“I’m going to give you a nice big cock to cum on,” he said.

I heard the door open behind me and could make out the footsteps of another man. I looked over my shoulder to see a tall black man enter the room. He introduced himself as Benny and pulled his shirt off. He too leaned down and licked my cunt a few times just like the other bulls. His tongue was hot and wet in between my pussy lips.

I felt Benny’s tongue licking my thighs, cleaning up the juices that had traveled there. Soon he was licking my slit from clit to asshole and I couldn’t help wiggling my ass at the sensation.

“You ready baby?” Mommy asked me.

“I want your cock Daddy!” I pleaded.

I jumped as Daddy slapped his hand against my ass. A true professional, Benny immediately knelt behind me and lined up his cock. I was surprised at how warm and heavy it felt against me. I could feel his cock, hot and wet against my ass cheek. He was rubbing against me and getting closer to my pussy hole.

“Daddy! I’m scared!”

Daddy looked down and put his hand under my chin to look into my eyes.

“You can do it baby, you’re going to cum so hard.”

“Oh!” I screamed.

Benny’s cock stabbed into my cunt, shallowly at first and then deeper and frantic.

“Oh god!”

“He in your pussy honey?” Mommy asked, groaning as Jedi pulled free from her body.

“Yes!” I cried.

“That’s it,” Daddy said, stroking my hair. “Just let him fuck you.”

My fingers dug into the carpet as I took the pounding. His hands clasping around my waist tightly. He was deep inside of me now, not as deep as Daddy but his prick was hotter. His cock burning into my body. It felt like the base of his cock was thicker, banging into my pussy painfully.

“Ow! Daddy what is that?!” I cried, not connecting the dots.

“That’s his cock ring baby,” he explained, “Its a piece of rubber around his dick that makes him harder and stretches your pussy.” He reached under me to pinch my nipples, pulling them down and away from my body. “Let him fuck it into you. Daddy wants to see you full.”

“Oh!” I yelled at another brutal thrust and sought comfort from Mommy, maybe she would help me. “Mommy!”

“Missy just relax your pussy,” Mommy said, another bull coming into the room.

Benny was pushing harder into me, pressing the thick ring around his cock a little deeper into my body with each thrust. Daddy reached down and adjusted my legs, spreading my knees farther apart. I felt his fingers on the outside of my pussy, feeling my body get fucked.

“Just take it baby,” Daddy said into my ear. “I can feel your pussy sucking at it, your twat loves this. It’s almost in. There you go baby…”

“Ahhhhhh!” I screamed as I felt the bulge force its way into my hole.

“That’s it baby!” Daddy said excitedly, “That’s my good little whore.”

My mouth opened in a silent scream as I felt Benny make short rough jabs into my body, the base of his cock stretching my pussy to the max.

“Mommy!” I cried.

Mommy was distracted and just looked at Daddy, her eyes cloudy with lust. A new man was steadily fucking her, his hands resting on her shoulder. Sweat was running down her chest to mingle with her milk dripping everywhere.

“She’s good and stretched Brenda,” Daddy said proudly.

“Her cunt looks so damn good stuffed full like that,” I heard Henry say from the couch.

I blushed as his words. From his postion in the room he had to have a perfect view of my cunt getting fucked. Benny pushed into me hard a couple of times and his cock deep inside of me. It started to pulse and my belly felt warm from the inside.

“Ooooooh,” I said low on an exhale.

“He filling you up baby?” Daddy asked.

My head dropped down to my chest and I nodded.

“I think so!” I panted.

I felt Daddy’s hand move down to the top of my mound. He rubbed it a couple of times and then slid to my clit. His fingers rough on my swollen and achey bud.

“Cum for me,” he said, his voice rough. “I want to see you cum on that bull cock baby.”

“Oh!” I cried, feeling the dick throb and pulse against my g-spot as he came.

“That’s it Missy,” Daddy crooned in my ear. “Cum all over that cock.”

My whole body shook, overwhelmed with the sensations in my pussy. I saw stars as my cunt contracted around the dick and I came, screaming until my throat went hoarse.


“You look so sexy baby girl,” Daddy whispered, his tongue in my ear. “So full of cock and cum, just how you like it don’t you baby?”

I nodded weakly, trying to hold myself up with the weight of Benny on my back. I could still feel his cock filling me with cum. It was unreal the amount of cum he pumped into me. The bulls had to be medically altered in some way.

“Henry come and give me your ass,” Daddy said pulling away from me.

“Yes Mr. Bourne, it’s all ready for you!” Henry said, scrambling off the couch to run to Daddy’s side.

Daddy roughly pulled him onto all fours so that he was facing Mommy and I. Together the three of us on our knees made a T shape. Mommy and I facing each other directly with Henry on his knees to the left of us perpendicularly. I watched Henry’s eyes go wide as Daddy shoved his cock up Henry’s ass. I knew from experience how rough that could be but Henry just gasped and took it like a champ.

“Fuck that’s good asshole,” Daddy groaned. “Baby Benny is going to stay inside you for another few minutes or so to soak. Keep rubbing that clit so you cum again.”

I whimpered, not knowing how much more I could take and looked at Mommy for support.

“Do as your father says,” she says, wincing as her latest bull tried to fuck her deeper onto the ring at the base of his cock as he came. “Ahhh fuck!”

The bull pulled out of her when he was done and I watched as thick white cum dripped down her thighs.

“His cock was amazing!” Mommy said, crawling over to Daddy.

He was roughly fucking Henry, his hands tight on the young man’s hips. His thrusts slamming into Henry’s body. Mommy got up on her knees to pull Daddy’s mouth towards hers and they made out for a little while. Henry panted and stroked his hard cock beneath him. He must really love getting ass fucked.

“Henry have them bring in Denver for my sexy wife and another for my baby girl,” Daddy growled into Mommy’s mouth.

I moaned watching the hot scene, rubbing my hard clit below me. Benny started tugging his cock out of my pussy, the fat ridge of silicone stretching the opening of my cunt again and I screamed from the pain.


“Rub your clit harder Missy girl and cum through it,” Mommy said.

I did, tugging on the little nub like a nipple and my climax crashed through my body. My cunt squeezing down so hard on Benny’s cock that he grunted and pulled free from my body. I immediately fell to the ground, unable to hold up my own weight anymore.

I felt Mommy’s soft hand on my face wiping my sweat soaked hair out of my face.

“Here baby, open up,” she said softly holding the inhaler ofTwilight up to my lips.

I pushed it away weakly with my hand.

“No more Mommy, no more,” I said, struggling to get up.

Mommy grabbed my hair tightly in fist and slid two of her fingers into my dripping cunt. She lifted my head roughly and made me turn to watch Daddy’s cock sliding deep into Henry’s well stretched ass. She began pumping her fingers in and out of me in time with his thrusts.

“See Henry baby? He’s not putting up a fuss because he’s getting more cock than he can handle.” Mommy said sternly as I moaned.

Just then the door opened and two more bulls walked in, already naked and sporting nice thick cocks. They introduced themselves as Bo and Denver and held the door open for the other two to leave.

“Missy take the Twilight and get back on all fours,” Daddy said sternly.

Mommy pulled her fingers out of my messy pussy and pushed them into my mouth. Salt and acidity filled my mouth as she forced me to lick them clean. Benny’s cum was much stronger than Daddy’s.

I took two more hits of Twilight and my cunt throbbed from its effects. Going down into all fours again I wiggled my ass in the air and rubbed my clit.

Mommy mirrored my position and we both groaned at the tongues and noses in our cunts.

“Fuck them!” Daddy ordered.

I braced myself and felt the larger man put some of his weight on my back as if he was afraid I would move. He was much more forceful than Benny, his forearms pulling me back into his body with strength that even through the fog of Twilight scared me.

“Daddy!” I begged, feeling Bo’s cock slide immediately into my cunny.

“Just take one more bull and then I’ll fuck you baby,” Daddy panted.

Bo’s hard and meaty cock thrust deep into my cunt, going deeper easily since I was already opened up by Mommy’s fist and Benny.

“Fuck!” I screamed, the power of Bo’s repeated penetration moving me around on the carpet.

I heard Mommy scream when Denver slid home but then she got oddly quiet, a serene smile of utter contentment across her face. Mommy seemed to love his cock more than the others. Her body twitched and cum poured out of her every few minutes of him fucking her, her body in a constant state of orgasm.

“He still your favorite Brenny girl?” Daddy panted, the exertion of fucking Henry so brutally for so long clearly taking its toll.

Mommy nodded, “His cock was made for my cunt. Just like yours Jack baby.”

“Henry, you want my cum in your ass or your mouth?” Daddy asked, his thrusts getting off rhythm as he fought off his orgasm.

“Ass sir! Please!” Henry begged.

Bo dragged me around the floor with the force of his cock. I was going to have rug burn for sure on my knees. He stopped next to Daddy, my face getting a full view of Daddy’s cock filing Henry’s gaping ass with cum. I felt tears slide down my face feeling Bo’s sleeve banging at the entrance of my cunt. It was bigger than Benny’s.

“Daddy I can’t!” I cried out.

Mommy was still in a daze, apparently on cloud nine from Denver’s magical cock and ring. The bull was holding still over her sweaty body, grinding his hips into her. Her pussy swollen and glistening with the cum overflowing around the ring in her cunt hole.

Daddy popped his cock out of Henry and pushed his ass away so the young man could lay on his side and rest. One of Daddy’s hands pinched my whole tit, his fingers milking my nipple. His other slid around to my clit and started spanking it.

“It’s too much Daddy!” I sobbed.

He ignored my tears and kept up the milking motion and the slapping of my sore, hard little clit. My skin felt like it was on fire and my vision went blurry from the force of the climax overtaking me. My pussy spasmed and I exploded all over Bo’s cock and Daddy’s hand, my girl cum shooting out down my thighs.

“Daddy!” I screamed as I felt his ring push into me and the world went black.

Thank you for taking the time to read this little dirty story, hopefully you enjoyed it. Over the years my writing has improved and my mind just got dirtier. If you’d like to read more of my work, head over to www.amazon.com/author/misspadventurous and let me know what you think!

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