Missy: Day Eight


I woke up in my own bed the next morning, my mouth dry and thirsty. I stretched and went into the bathroom for my morning pee. As I wiped myself I winced, my pussy was sore and hurting from the all day fuckathon Daddy had treated me to. Did Mommy really love fucking multiple guys at once? I shrugged and started brushing my teeth.

The bathroom door opened and I jumped, startled by the sudden noise. Daddy walked in, scratching his tight stomach, bare chested in his boxers. I could see his hard cock peaking up out of the waistband.

He said nothing to me as he reached around me for a bottle on the counter. I continued to brush my teeth, not paying Daddy any mind when I felt his hands pushing me down so that I was bent over the bathroom sink. He yawned and roughly pulled my panties down around my ankles and I felt him line up his slick cockhead. I felt pressure and a burning sensation as he pressed his cock into my asshole. I bit down on the toothbrush as he forced his way into my tight back hole.

I lifted my head up to look in the mirror and saw Daddy’s face, eyes closed in a grimace, reflected back at me as he pushed his cock deep into my bowels. I held my breath until he was fully seated in my ass, the ring around his cock burning as it stretched without any preparation. He was so deep in my ass I could feel his balls pressing against my pussy.

“Fuck Missy, you’ve got a tight ass,” Daddy said as he slapped my ass cheek hard enough that it jiggled and the sound echoed in the bathroom.

The shock of the slap made me drop my toothbrush, it fell clattering into the sink as I gripped the sides of the counter top. Daddy pulled his cock halfway out and slammed back in, setting a brutal rhythm on my poor unsuspecting asshole.

Daddy had left the bathroom door open and while I stood there bent over and getting pounded Mommy walked by.

“Morning baby!” Mommy said to me cheerfully. “Daddy giving your pussy a good workout this morning?” she asked.

My head was bent down over the counter and my hands were holding on tight through the brutal pounding. I was panting from the force of Daddy’s thrusts.

“He’s in my ass Mommy!” I cried out in disbelief.

She peaked closer to see his fat cock pumping into my sphincter with his thrusts. She reached over and I felt her fingers circling his cock where it fucked into my body. She touched the sensitive and overly stretched tissue of my asshole as it fought his invasion. She left her fingers there as she reached up on her tippy toes to kiss Daddy, feeling me take his cock. Mommy was moaning into his mouth as they made out and Daddy just kept fucking me.

“Play with your clit honey, it’ll feel better and you’ll have a nice cum before school,” Mommy said as she licked her lips from Daddy’s kisses.

Desperate for some pleasure to balance out the burning pain I started rubbing my clit, making the circles I liked over the sensitive bud.

“Oh yea,” Daddy groaned, “She’s squeezing my cock with her ass so good!”

He picked up his pace and fucked me faster, his heavy balls slapping into me. His cock swelling in that tell tale sign that he was going to cum soon.

On the edge of cumming I looked up to see Mommy leaving the bathroom.

“Hurry up Missy, you’re going to miss breakfast before school,” she said on the way out.

The casualness of being fucked in the ass without any preparation or permission by my Daddy was overwhelming for me. I was slowly getting used to having my cunt penetrated whenever he wanted but having him take my ass like this was a shock. Rubbing my cunny helped me turn the pain I was feeling from being so stuffed full of cock into pleasure.

I felt a warm and wet sensation in my ass and I realized Daddy was shooting his morning load in my bowels. It was all too much and I started to cum on his cock, milking the rest of his cum out of his balls and into my body.

I groaned as he pulled his spent cock out of my ass, wiping the tip off on my thigh.

He smacked my ass again hard and said “Thanks baby girl,” on his way out of the bathroom.

I stayed bent over the sink for a few minutes to catch my breath before I hopped in the shower to get ready for school.


Mommy was waiting for me in the living room when I came downstairs dressed in my school uniform. I had left my panties off and felt like naughty girl coming down the steps. The bouncing of my skirt on the stairs would have flashed my pussy to anyone waiting below.

I was confused to find Mommy on the couch instead of sitting at the kitchen table, no cereal or eggs waiting for me to eat. She was naked, leaning back against the cushions, her legs open in front of her Indian style. She was squeezing her breasts with one hand and pumping fingers in and out of her pussy with the other. She glanced up and saw me.

“Oh good Missy-girl,” she exclaimed. “Have a nice shower after Daddy used you?” she asked.

I nodded, my eyes transfixed on where two of her fingers were sliding in and out of her cunt.

“Come here and have some breakfast while Mommy takes the edge off,” she said urgently, pinching her nipple so that milk dribbled out.

I sat down next to her, the scent of her very wet pussy wafting up at me as she diddled her clit. I leaned down and slurped the nipple closest to me up into my mouth, latching quickly. I was starving from the vigorous fuck.

“Oh yes honey!” Mommy exclaimed, “Suck on my teat harder baby girl!”

I’d never seen my Mommy so turned on before, it was like she was frantic to cum. I nursed for a while, swallowing the warm milk every few sucks. I loved the way her plump tit felt on my face and mouth. She was so soft. Her head fell back against the back of the couch and she grunted. Her hand came up and held my head to her breast, urging me to suckle harder. Her other hand still busy rubbing her clit hard.

“Oh fuck yeah baby! Mommy’s going to cum real nice,” she panted. “Just keep sucking baby girl!”

I did as she asked and felt Mommy’s body go rigid. She moaned and pushed her fingers deep inside of her pussy and came. She quieted down and I let her hard and engorged nipple pop out of my mouth.

“All better Mommy?” I asked tentatively, noticing that she was still gently circling her clit.

“A little baby. What Mommy really needs is some cock but Daddy had a meeting this morning. Why don’t you work on draining my other teat while I rub my cunny some


Eager to help and still hungry I shifted to her other side and latched on to her other nipple. I suckled hard immediately, knowing that she liked the strong tugs of my mouth. Mommy had three fingers in her open pussy now. I was amazed she could stretch that much. The image of Mommy on the couch with the mystery woman flashed into my mind and I remembered that Mommy had taken four fingers then. The hazy memories of the day before floated through me and I felt my pussy heat up. Daddy sure had fucked me long and good. I had never had sex for that long and my cunny had cum so hard and so much on his thick, rigid cock.

I slid my hand down under my skirt to gently touch my little clit. Yep, I was soaked. I kept my mouth latched on to Mommy’s nipple and drank as much milk as I could.

“Are you playing with your cunny baby?” Mommy asked, panting again.

She stroked my hair as I nodded.

“You have a hot cunny too?” she asked and I nodded again, whimpering into her breast.

“Baby I think you need something in your cunt to really cum on, don’t you think?”

Not waiting for my answer she groaned, starting to shake again with her oncoming orgasm.

“Fuck baby, Mommy’s going to cum again and then we’re going to go to my friend Tori’s house instead of school today. She has just what we need.”

Mommy went still again and held her breath only to scream out her climax a second later. After calming down and catching her breath Mommy stroked my face. My cheeks sucked in tight from nursing.

“Okay Missy-girl, rub your cunny nice and hard now so you cum and we can get going,” she said sternly.

I did as she asked and in my eagerness to cum, my skirt fell across my thighs, covering my moving hand on my pussy. Mommy immediately reached down and lifted my skirt back up.

“I want to watch baby, if you’re going to cum you never hide it from someone being able to see it, understand little girl?” she asked.

I gasped and moaned around her nipple, my clit pulsing under my fingers. I mirrored Mommy’s earlier movements and went still as my orgasm rippled through me.

“That’s a good girl, cum for Mommy,” she said soothingly. “I know it’s not the best but it’ll hold you over until we get to Tori’s ok?”

I nodded and let the end of her tit fall out of my mouth. She caught a stray drop of milk in the end of her nipple on her finger and brought it up to her own mouth to lick it clean.

“Okay baby, I’m going to throw on a dress and I’ll meet you in the car.”

“You’re not going to shower Mommy?” I asked, her whole body reeking of cunt.

She laughed, “No baby, Tori won’t mind at all.”


We drove for about twenty minutes to the outside of town. Mommy pulled the car into a driveway that led to a neatly maintained ranch style home. Two cars sat parked alongside ours in the driveway. Mommy unbuckled her seat belt and we got out of the car. As we approached the front door I could hear barking from inside well before Mommy rang the door bell.

I was surprised to see a naked woman answer the door with a huge smile on her face. Somewhere in her late forties the woman has long dirty blonde hair and an athletic body. She held the door open wide and gestured us inside.

“Oh girls! Ya’ll come on in!” she said excitedly, her southern drawl loud and clear.

She didn’t seem even slightly embarrassed by her nudity. She wrapped up Mommy in a big hug and kissed her cheek.

“Tori darling, this is my daughter Missy,” Mommy introduced, her arm still around Tori’s shoulders.

“Haven’t you just grown yourself right on up little girl!? The last time I saw you, you were running around with a jump rope in the yard!” Tori laughed, reaching to give me a hug.

“Tori and I have been friends since college baby girl. I didn’t want her to corrupt you with her wild ways so it’s been a while since you’ve seen her!” Mommy laughed.

Tori swatted her arm and joined in, chuckling. We all paused at the sound of a woman screaming a long and low wail coming from somewhere in the house. Mommy and Tori made eye contact and they smiled at each other.

“You need some?” Tori asked Mommy.

“Oh fuck yes,” Mommy sighed.

Tori looked at me.

“She taken any yet?”

“Jack popped both her cherries about a week ago now but she’s not broken in yet,” Mommy explained.

“Hmm let me just see what we’re working with,” Tori said, once again coming towards me.

Without asking permission Tori slid her hand under my skirt and went straight for my pussy. Taking a moment to rub her fingers over my clit with a grin, she slid two of them up my cunt.

“Oof!” I said at the unexpected penetration.

She fucked them in and out of me roughly and nodded.

“Yep, she’s real tight this one. She take a fist yet?” she asked Mommy, pulling her fingers out of me and sliding them into her mouth.

Mommy shook her head, “No, but while I get fucked I thought you might enjoy giving her one,” she said, watching as Tori sucked her fingers clean.

“Damn straight I would honey. Peggy’s here too, my daughter,” Tori explained to me, “from the sound of it she’ll be out of it for another fifteen minutes or so. So Brenda if you want to get warmed up with her mouth, she’s got nothing else to do.”

“She still have that tongue piercing you hate but cum so hard from?” Mommy asked.

Tori nodded solemnly.

“Pierced her tits too. Can’t even get a decent pump on her teats now,” she complained. “But let’s get you girls more comfortable. Feel free to put your clothes on the bench.”

She gestured to a small padded bench in the hallway and started walking towards the back part of the house. Mommy and I quickly stripped and followed her. We passed a bathroom on the right decorated in light blues and purples and a formal dining room in maroons and browns on the left. We walked through an open kitchen and into the den. I stopped short in my tracks at what I saw. I needed a moment to take it all in.

The room smelled of sex and sweat. A large brown sectional sat in the room and there were three plush covered ottomans here and there. A large television sitting on a wood media console sat silently, a movie with people sixty-nineing playing on mute.

Draped over one of the ottomans was a girl my age with blonde hair, seemingly unconscious. Her head was hanging off the other side of the cushion, face down with her eyes closed and her mouth open. Her legs were spread and with her body positioned like it was, you could see her wet pussy glistening under the lamp light in the room.

“Mommy!” I gasped, turning to face her, surprised to see the girl in such a vulnerable state.

She smiled and nodded encouragingly.

“This is Peggy baby girl,” Mommy said, “she’s all tuckered our from a good cum.”

I stood there and stared for a few seconds unable to take my eyes off her swollen pussy.

Tori walked over and took my hand, lacing her fingers through mine.

“She’s tired right now Missy,” she explained, “that yell before was Peggy making herself cum again. We had just finished up a session and she likes to wind down by rubbing her clit.”

She tugged my hand and walked me around to stand behind her daughter. She bent down and spread her pussy lips apart.

“When you cum that hard, that often, it takes a while for things to calm down,” Tori explained, “see her pulsing?”

“Oh my…” I whispered, enthralled by the idea of having an orgasm like that. I watched with wide eyes as Tori pushed two fingers, then three into her daughter. Peggy moaned and lifted her hips slightly and Tori pulled out her fingers to bunch her fingers together in a cone shape. With a firm push she slid her hand easily up inside her daughter.

“Fuck Momma!” Peggy moaned breathlessly at the invasion.

“The knuckles can sit right on your g-spot baby,” Mommy chimed in as Tori twisted her hand inside Peggy’s now leaking cunt.

“That’s right, one little rub of her clit,” Tori said as she reached down to demonstrate, “and she cums like a geyser.”

Tori rubbed her little girl’s clit hard, rousing her daughter fully and making her wail again, eyes still closed.

“Time to cum again Peggy, come on now!” Tori commanded.

“Momma!” Peggy whined, her body going still as her climax started to ripple through her, “Momma I’m cumming!”

“There ya go babydoll, that’s a good slut. Cum!” Tori encouraged, her hand now dripping with wetness seeping from around her wrist.

Once Tori had rubbed Peggy through her cum she stood again and led me over to the couch. She pushed me back so that I sat down on it and kneeled in front of me. Tori pulled my hips closer to the edge of the couch. I watched as she leaned in closer to my open pussy and inhaled deeply.

“She’s got a fine little twat here Brenda,” she commented.

I looked up to see Mommy nod and walk over to Peggy. She widened her stance and grabbed Peggy’s pony tail to lift her head. I watched as Mommy guided the girls head towards her pussy.

“Now Peggy you be a good southern girl and show Mrs. Bourne some real southern hospitality,” Tori called to her daughter.

“Yes Momma,” Peggy said weakly, clearly exhausted from her fist fucking.

I saw her stick out her tongue and drive it into Mommy’s wet cunny. Mommy’s answering moan indicated Peggy was proving to be very hospitable.

“She like Twilight?” Tori asked Mommy.

“Jack says it makes her pussy suck the cum right out of him and she’ll do whatever you want,” Mommy said in between groans.

Tori stood and walked over to the kitchen and returned quickly with a familiar looking bottle.

“Here sweetie, take a couple of hits off of this and we’ll see how quickly we can play cunt punch,” she said as she passed it to me.

I did as I was told and immediately felt my body sink into the cushions, my legs parting further as my muscles gave way to relaxation. I felt my cunny pulse and lengthen as if it were preparing to take a cock, my clit throbbing with my heart beat.

Two of Tori’s fingers slid into my cunt.

“Oh!” I yelled out startled by the unexpected penetration.

“Shh!” Tori said, following her command for me to be quiet with a quick slap on my thigh.

My head spun as the slap registered. Had she hit me?

My hips moved slightly with the rough fingering I was receiving. My pussy happy to squeeze down on anything it could.

I looked away from watching Tori’s fingers pumping into me and found Peggy sucking on Mommy’s clit. Mommy was pulling on her own nipples, milk running over her hands and down her belly. Her head was thrown back and she was grinding her pussy into the girls face.

“I’m going to need a fist in a few,” Mommy said panting, almost desperately to Tori.

With one more particularly deep thrust, Tori nodded and pulled her sticky and soaked fingers from my cunt and looked over at her daughter.

“Come on then Peggy, you know the drill,” Tori said to her.

My head spinning, I closed my eyes briefly and heard movement from Mommy and Peggy. After one more hard suck on Mommy’s clit, making her squeal and wiggle her hips, Peggy had switched places with her. Mommy had her body resting on the ottoman, doggy style, with Peggy behind her.

I watched as Peggy quickly began fingering Mommy’s pussy. It was red and surely hot to the touch, she was so eager for a fucking – cock or hand. Satisfied that her daughter was taking care of their guest Tori jammed her fingers into me again. I gasped in surprise, my hips quickly finding her rhythm, it felt so good. But this time after a few pumps she added a third finger.

“Oh fuck!” I yelled again in surprise.

The sharp sting of her hand radiated out on my thigh again. My pussy was stretched.

“Be quiet and take it!” Tori said sternly.

Looking to Mommy for guidance I saw that she was ignoring me, clearly in the midst of an orgasm on Peggy’s fingers – three of them now just like me. Her hips were shaking and I could see her juices costing her inner thighs.

My pussy was getting fingered at a steady pace by three of Tori’s fingers. Every few strokes she’d curl them up into my g-spot, making me groan uncontrollably. I looked down in a daze at them sliding in and out of my body.

“We just need to get you nice and opened up,” Tori muttered.

A slapping sound made me jolt and I realized it came from Mommy. She was smacking her own ass cheek and saying something to Peggy.

“More!” Mommy cried out, “Do it!”

“Take some more sweetie, I want to give you four now,” Tori said, pulling my attention back to her and her pumping fingers.

My hands heavy it took me two tries to pick up the inhaler next to me. I puffed it twice and held it just like Daddy taught me.

“Okay now let it out,” Tori said to me, adding a fourth finger into my already stretched pussy on my exhale. “There you go! Doesn’t that feel good?”

My little cunny burned around her fingers but the fog in my mind wouldn’t let my mouth form the words to ask her to stop.

“More!” Mommy called again, smacking her behind.

Listening to Mommy’s pleas, Peggy pushed her hand against Mommy’s cunt, her hole giving way against the forceful pressure.

“She’s s’getting cunty punched!” I giggled, watching Peggy fist fuck my mother.

“That’s right sweetie, your Momma is getting it real good,” Tori said twisting her four fingers inside of me.

“Ooooooohhh yeeeeaaaaa!” Mommy sighed loudly. “Fuck me just like that Peggy.”

All five of Peggy’s fingers were pumping quickly into Mommy.

“Feel good Brenda?” Tori called to Mommy.

“Fuck yea, this is just what I needed,” Mommy panted, smiling back at her.

“You like watching your Momma get fisted?” Tori asked me conversationally as if her daughter wasn’t fist fucking my Mommy and she wasn’t currently trying to screw her whole hand into my cunt. I bobbed my head up and down as best I could, my whole body heavy and sluggish.

“Once I get a fist into you you’ll get a taste of what your Momma is getting,” Tori said, putting all five of her fingers together and pressing them into me. “Tight little twat like yours is gonna need some stretching beforehand each time but you’ll still beg for the fist. Just like your Momma!”

“Oh fuuuuck!” Mommy cried out, letting the ottoman take her full weight as Peggy pumped into her lightning fast. You sound hear the sloppy wet noises as the fist plowed into her.

“Hold open your cunt lips for me doll.”

I looked down and tried to focus on what Tori was saying to me.

“Whah?” I asked, my mouth feeling like it was full of cotton.

“Damn you’re wet, hold your cunt lips apart so I can get my fist in you,” she repeated.

I slowly moved my heavy arms and placed my hands on my pussy. The need to rub my clit was overwhelming and so I gave in, forgetting what Tori had asked me.

“Goddamn Brenda, your little girl is in heat ain’t she? Jack breedin’ her yet?” Tori asked Mommy.

“Fuck!” Mommy said unable to answer her question, “She’s so deep she’s trying to finger my cervix!”

Tori chuckled and moved my fingers off of my hard clit and onto my outer lips like she wanted them.

“Hold ’em apart for me now,” she said. “That’s a good girl, you’ll feel so much better once I get this in you.”

I moaned and pulled my pussy lips apart, holding my cunt open for her. She wasted no time and pressed all five of her fingers into me again. The extra stretching from my assistance and the juices that were seeping out of me made it easier for her to get her hand in up to the first finger joint.

“Deep breath doll,” Tori said, pushing harder into me and twisting at the same time.

“Mommy!” I screamed on my exhale as Tori pushed with all her might and I felt the opening of my cunt hole being stretched around her knuckles.

“Oh yea, there we go!” Tori yelled excited by my body’s acceptance.

She kept pushing until it felt like a ball was stuck up my pussy, the burning pain from being stretched so much didn’t stop.

“Fuck me, Peggy!” Mommy yelled, “I don’t know if I can take anymore!”

Temporarily distracted from the hand in my cunt I looked up to see Mommy’s body twitching I’m orgasm and covered in sweat.

“Relax your twat Brenda and let her in deeper,” Tori called to her, “You know the way, you can take it.”

At her words Mommy’s body visibly sagged and relaxed, lifting her hips so her ass was at an easier angle to fuck.

“Oh! Oh! Ooooo fuck yeaaaaa!” Mommy wailed as Peggy’s arm went still.

“There you go Brenny, isn’t that better now?” Tori said. “Now let her fill you up.”

I watched as Peggy’s forearm flexed and rotated. Tori took the hand not buried inside my body and opened and closed her fist, silently showing me what Peggy was doing inside of Mommy. She had formed a full fist inside Mommy’s cunt and was opening and closing it deep inside of her, stretching her from the inside out. I rocked my hips at the hot image and whimpering noises Mommy was making.

“Oh, what do we have here? You want me to fist fuck you?” Tori asked coyly.

I nodded my head as best I could, my eyes glued to the Peggy and Mommy. She weakly reached her hand down to her pussy to rub her clit. It looked like she was constantly orgasming on the fist.

“Mommy cumming, Mommy cumming with the fist” I mumbled, “Need to cum too.”

Tori started moving her arm so that her fist inside of me went deeper and when I swore I felt her knuckles brush up against my cervix she pulled it back out again. My cunt opening stretched around the widest point of her hand again and she slammed her fist back into me.

“You like that, don’t you Missy?” Tori said, fucking her arm into me. “I can feel your cunt squeezing me, you’re going to love taking a fist like this all the time now.”

“I wanna trys it, lemme trys it,” I mumbled some more, my hips pumping back into her fist.

My cunt had never felt so stretched before. It felt so full and her knuckles kept rubbing my g-spot.

“Just lay back and let me work your cunt for a little while,” Tori said in a soothing and calm voice. “There you go sweet thing…”

“Mommy I haves to pee!” I slurred, the pressure of her fist making me feel like I was going to burst.

“She squirted when Jack fucked her ass Tori,” Mommy explained, lifting her head up slightly to look at us. “You don’t have to pee baby girl, you just have to cum. Let Tori make you cum.”

Tori’s fist was rapidly pumping in and out of my little cunny. The lewd squelches of my wet pussy and her fist echoed into the room. I moaned, feeling the orgasm starting.

“That’s it little one, let that pussy cum!” Tori said, leaning her face down closer to my open cunt. “She’s squeezing my fist like a vise Brenda!”

“Mommy watch, I’m cumming!” I screamed.

My whole body clenched and fluid gushed out of my pussy around her wrist. She quickly ripped her hand out of me and rubbed my clit roughly, the fluid now shooting in a stream out of me. Stars burst behind my eyes and I opened them again to see Tori with her mouth open, catching as much of my cum as possible.

When the gushing finally stopped my body went limp. I felt Tori’s fingers feeling my pussy and winced as she slid two inside of me again. Reaching them deep and curling them up she rubbed my g-spot again.

“She’s good for some more,” Tori commented absentmindedly to herself.

“No, no,” I said weakly, trying to close my legs.

She held them apart and quickly slid four fingers into me again. After a few pumps she didn’t waste anytime and fucked her fist back into me. I reached down to try and grab the arm that was fucking me, I was so sensitive and sore.

“Missy you need more baby girl,” I heard Mommy say weakly. “Take some more Twilight honey and let Tori fist fuck you like she wants.”

Wanting to be a good girl for Mommy I reached for the Twilight again and brought it to my mouth. In a daze I held my breath and watched my abdomen move and slowly realized that was Tori’s hand inside of me.

My pussy started to pulse and spasm involuntarily and I felt another climax wash over me. I grunted and lifted my hands to my nipples. Everything went black as I came.

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