Miranda – Walkthrough


Link to the game.

To reach the ending, you will need a minimum of 80/100 ‘likes’ and 80/100 ‘lust’.

You also need to unlock four interests which are :
– Hiking (in conversation during intro, volleyball and lunch)
– Philosophy (in conversation during intro, or volleyball)
– 80’s music (in conversation during volleyball, or by selecting corret music at jukebox)
– Nudist (during conversation with Faye at hotel, by correctly playing guessing game)


– Approach her at the pool
– “I felt compelled to come over and say how beautiful you are.”
– “I’m surprised they don’t have a festival celebrating it.”
– For the drink, there are three options :
If she wants something healthy, order choose fresh grapefruit juice.
If she wants something refreshing, order chilled water.
If she wants soemthing exotic, order a cocktail.
-“Big up, Miranda. I’m [name], for shizzle!”
– “Sure, holmes for,- OK, no. That’s not how I talk.”
– Sit and talk
– “I like trekking. There’s a lot to find here.” (Unlocks interest : hiking)
– “I like exploring the ruins.”
– “Do you read?” (Unlocks interest : Philosophy)
– “Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge..”
– “Today just got awesome.”
– After you meet her again at reception, “I like the way you think. Let’s go.”

Volley ball

– Take a seat at the volleyball match. When you start talking…
– “Do you play any sports?”
– “‘Physical stuff’? Does that include sex?” (adds to lust)
– Volleyball match continues
– “‘Physical activities’.”
– “I’ve gotten into hiking a lot recently .”
– “Are there any good walks around here?”
– When she asks what you read, “Yeah, though mainly information books.”
– “Philosophy.”
– Either “Plato. I like it old school.”or “I like the more modern stuff like Bertrand Russell.”
The important things is to show you know what you’re talking about.
– Volleyball match continues
– Any response
– “That’s OK. I prefer this view anyway.” (also adds lust)
– Volleyball match continues
– Any response
– Any response
– “The job came with a free vacation.”
– “I’d love to take your photo sometime too.”
– Match ends
– “I’ll let you decide.”
– Go to the hotel


– Meet Faye
– “The North team.”
– “Good idea.”
– Mix the drinks
– The best combination with the options are : 1 soda, 1 champagne, 1 white wine.
– Finish the drink
– “If something happens later, I won’t object.”
– “You clearly do. Come on, what is it?”
– “OK. Let’s do it.”
– “Evening.”
– “…the beach.”
– “Listen to music.”
– “Nothing.” (Unlocks interest : nudist. Note that this is the only opptunity in the game to do so)
– Get in the pool
– “Like Miranda says, we’re just hanging.”
– “I’m been waiting a while for an excuse to do that.” (adds to lust)
– Dive underwater
– Chase Miranda, then kiss her (adds to lust)
-“Bye, Faye. You’re a fun girl!” (adds point to Faye’s ‘likes’, required for threesome ending)
– “Good idea.”
– Go to lunch


– “I think you have good taste in cafes.”
– “The women like you, of course.”
– Eat
– “Sure. That sounds fun.”
– Go to the ruins


– Follow her
– “Actually, I think this is a temple.”
– “We can use my phone.”
– “How about some photos of you by the ruins?”
– “Why wouldn’t I? Just look at you.”
– “How about against this column?”
– “How about wrapping yourself around it?” (adds to lust)
– Take the photo
– Pick any position against then rock
– “Hot!”
– “You said you liked trekking. Why don’t we hike through the forest. Or jungle, or whatever it is here.”
– Trek

The forest

– “I don’t know. Elvis? Maybe we’ll find Elvis.”
– “Let’s go up the ladder.”
– Follow her

Nude beach

– Speak to Miranda
– “Don’t you want to stay here?”
– “Go on. Don’t deny who you are.”
– Strip naked and join her in the ocean
– “You’re here and you’re naked. I love it.” (adds to lust)
– “I think it’s just the large amounts of nudity.” (adds to lust)
– “We should ask someone for a game.”
– Meet Grace and Ashley. Say anything yo want to them.
– Get into position for match
– Take the ball
– Aim at Ashley
– When Grace takes her shot, stand still
– Miranda will hit it. When Grace hits it back, Intercept the ball
– Aim left, and Grace will miss it
– Take the ball again. Aim in the middle.
– Say goodbye to Grace and Ashley
– Say anything to Miranda
– Put your clothes back on and head for the main beach


– “Wish I worked somewhere like this.”
– “Let grab a drink.”
– Find the Jukebox
– Select ‘Morrison : Dance tonight’ (Unlocks interest : 80s music)
– Take your drink
– Don’t pick a dialog response. Instead, kiss her. (adds to lust)
– Follow her to the boat
– Get on board


– “I bet you could any naughty thing you want on these islands, and nobody would ever know.” (adds to lust)
– Wait for the boat to stop
– Pick any response
– Turn around
– Pick any response
– “Let’s do it. You said you love it.”
– Strip naked and dive in
– Swim after her until she disappears
– To find her hiding place, look for the faint bubbles
– When you find her, follow her to the surface
– “I do amazing things when I’m naked.” (adds to lust)
– Climb on board
– “I love the way the breeze feels on my body.” (adds to lust)
– “I could stare at your body for hours in this light.” (adds to lust)
– Kiss her as the sun sets
– Find your clothes and travel back to shore
-“You know, it doesn’t have to end here.”


– click anything during sex
– When you get to Mirandas Orgasm, make sure you fill up the small lust meter (adds to lust)

Following all that should easily get you the ‘threesome’ epilogue.

To get the ‘adventurous sex’ ending, you need to max out Mirandas lust meter using everything listed about, but skip some of the opportunities for ‘likes’.

Link to the game.

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