Mickey and Kat



Mickey will work hard to earn, and also use his other physical skills to entertain lonely women. He rescues Kat and their adventures begin.

The young man leapt from one rooftop to another. Strong arms lifting him over walls, powerful legs propelling him through the air. His sharp eyes searching for soft spots on the roof that could spell his doom. But slowing could also mean his end. He chanced a look back to see that Paddy O’Connell was still pursuing him. He heard a shriek then clapping from a young woman hanging clothes.

“Run, Mickey, unless you want to bring that over here.”

“That” was his prodigious cock, now swinging as he ran and jumped. Yes, young Mickey happened to be running naked, his clothes in his hand. There was a good reason for this. Only a few minutes before Mickey had been feeding that cock into Mary O’Connell. As he paused a moment to catch his breath Mickey thought back to humping his long thick cock into Mary, giving her what she begged for over and over. At least until her husband Paddy burst through the front door. What Paddy was doing at home and sober at 3 pm was a question to ponder at a later date. Mickey only had time to remove himself from Mary, grab his clothes and climb out the back window of the shabby apartment.

Slipping on his pants Mickey decided to make his way down the fire escape. This was no small risk as they were as likely to fall apart as he was to be caught by Paddy. When he judged he was low enough he dropped down to the slop between the ramshackle buildings. With Paddy cursing him from above he climbed over a fence and was gone. When he was sure he was out of sight Mickey entered another of the old tenements along Mulberry Bend. He put on his ragged shirt and sat catching his breath. Mickey thought about his circumstances and whether he should continue providing his services as he did. Between working odd jobs loading crates onto wagons, shoveling shit, delivering heavy packages or anything else to earn enough to eat he made use of his main attribute to entertain women. In a day and age where young women married early to someone who promised a place to live and food to eat many soon learned that they would spend many a lonely day while their husbands drank much of the cash they earned. They lived in the rundown tenements of New York’s 6th Ward, with barely enough to eat and little affection from their men. Mickey found that he could fill that void. At 17 he was strong from the work he did, fearless, and virile. And he had a cock that was becoming legendary. Running from roof to roof naked didn’t hurt.

Mickey had lost count of the local women he’d fucked. Mostly the younger ones who caught his eye, but he wasn’t adverse to sharing himself with someone older, even someone 30, if they offered a meal. Life was hard in the Five Points; one had to get by anyway they could. But today was an example of the risk. An angry husband was a real danger. A knife in the back and he’d be just another body found in an alley. Perhaps he’d need to reassess his future. Not that he’d give up on fucking young women, but he had an idea. A way to add to the money he’d saved and set himself up in some business. First, he needed a partner he could trust.

Now, having caught his breath Mickey was ready to make his way up to the roof to get a look around. By now Paddy had probably given up and had made his way to McGillicuddy’s to get properly drunk. If Mary was lucky he’d forget his anger before he got home. As he made his way up the creaking, groaning steps Mickey heard sounds of a struggle coming from down below. He was about to ignore it and continue upwards. It was probably two desperate men fighting over a sleeping berth in the damp basement. Not his concern. Then he heard what sounded like a young woman’s screech. He paused and listened. Yes it was a woman.

“Let me go you fuckers. I’ll cut yer cocks off.”

“Just hold still, you may like it. Hold her Tommy.”

Mickey thought a moment longer, then made his way quickly down the stairs. He entered the dank basement to see two men about his age struggling to hold down a young woman. She was kicking and clawing at them as they tried to hold her in place. By now her clothes were mostly torn from her and Mickey could see she was probably no more than 15 or so.

“Hey, let her go.” The men looked at him.

“Who’s going to stop us?”

“I might.”

“Tommy, it’s Mickey Corcoran”, said the shorter of the two. Then to Mickey, “You want a go at her? Help us hold her, she’s a fearsome one. A fighter.”

“Yer, Mickey, you can even go first.” This conversation between rapists was frequently interrupted by the young woman threatening the men with dire consequences.

“I’ll cut yer balls off, I’ll claw out yer eyes. You fuck me I’ll kill you.”

Mickey wasn’t having any of it. “You two let her go. Now.”

The shorter one stepped away. Tommy reached into a pocket and produced a blade. “John, find something to use as a weapon. Keep him busy. Never one to go out on these streets unarmed, Mickey also had a blade for protection. He squared off with Tommy while keeping an eye out for John.

“No need for this Tommy, let her go. You two can leave.”

“She under your pertection? One of yours?” Tommy asked.

“I ain’t nobody’s”, the girl added.

“No, but she’s not yours either. Let her go.” Mickey circled. Being lefthanded he often confused opponents fighting with a blade or with fists. Tommy moved in ready to slice at Mickey’s middle when suddenly he dropped. Standing behind him was the girl holding a rotted piece of lumber, a nail protruding from the end. Mickey heard the sound of John running up the stairs. He bent to check on Tommy. He was bleeding from a cut on his head and he might be unconscious for awhile. Mickey dragged him to the side and propped him against the damp wall. That’s the most he’d do for him. The chance you take when you try to take what isn’t yours. Mickey looked at the girl. She stood mostly naked, unashamed, holding the board. She had smallish breasts, but dark hair between her legs. So likely 15 or so. She was quite thin, but then so were most people living in the Points. Not many ate regular meals.

“I see you looking at me. You thinking you’re going to have a go? I’ll hit you with this board too.”

“No, I only lay with women who offer. Here, put my shirt on.” Mickey took off his shirt. The girl must have been 7-8 inches shorter than his 5’9″. The shirt offered her some modesty. “Are you ok? Did they hurt you?”

“I’m ok.” The girl now took the opportunity to look over the shirtless Mickey, with his powerful chest and sinewy arms.

“Would you like something to eat? I have enough to get a meal for us.”

“Yes. But no fucking. I ain’t offering.” Mickey did have a bit of a need since being interrupted earlier, but that could wait. “If I wanted to fuck I could work for Mrs. Peller.” Peller’s was a popular brothel not far from the neighborhood. Many young women gave up their virtue there for a hot bath and regular meals. There was many a wealthy businessman who would have paid well for a youthful one like this girl.

“Understood. But you may need protection around here. How have you been getting by? And what’s your name?”

“Name’s Kat. I never had no need for pertection growing up. Then my folks got the coughing sickness and died. Been on my own this past year. Mostly avoiding bastids like Tommy. Why would you pertect me, with no fucking? I ain’t sucking yer cock either.”

“Let’s go eat. I have a business idea. But first we need to find you some clothes.”

Mickey and Kat made their way through alleys and what passed for back yards, snatching a few items of clothes along the way. When Kat was properly dressed in an ill-fitting outfit they entered a low building over near the Bowery. The proprietor moved to shoo them away,

“Out with you two. I won’t have you picking my patrons’ pockets.” His patrons mostly consisted of dockworkers, teamsters and other hard working men taking a meal after a long shift.

“No sir, I have money. My friend and I only wish for a meal.” Mickey held out some coins as evidence.

“All right then. Take that corner table where I can watch you. What will you have?”

“Two bowls of stew and two mugs of ale. And no swill.” Mickey and Kat settled into their corner.

“Where’d you learn to speak all proper and all?”

“I had some schooling. Then I had to quit when my Dad died. Started working jobs to help Mum. Then she died too. Been on my own these past five years. My given name is Michael, but everyone always calls me Mickey.”

“Mine is Katherine. So Kat. I never had any schooling, ‘cept for a little Bible study in the poor house. Got out of there soon as I could. So what bizness?”

“You afraid of stealing?”

“No, a person has to live.”

“OK. I’ve been thinking, but I need a partner. Small and quick. To nab a few items. Not so much as to be noticed. From people with money.”

“And what will you be doing?”

“Keeping the lady of the house busy.”

“Ain’t you the confident one.”

“I’ve been doing it for my pleasure around these parts. Why not where the money is? I figure there are lots of young women being ignored by their wealthy husbands while they’re busy making money and visiting whores.”

“And what makes you think they’ll go slummin’ with you?”

“Give me your hand. Just one time.” Mickey took Kat’s hand below the table. He slid it along his cock. Her eyes opened wide.

“I ain’t no expert but that’s a club you’ve got there.”

“Seems unsatisfied women like it.”


“So, I get what I like, they get some forbidden cock, you nab a few items we can sell, and we live more comfortably than we are now.”

“And I don’t have to fuck you even though we’ll be together?”

“If you don’t want to. Is there a reason you don’t?”

“Maybe the church people, or what my mum told me. But I’m saving it. For a proper husband.”

“A fine goal. And it won’t bother you that I’m fucking?”

“People been fucking all around me for years. It’s what people do.”

They settled in to their meal. Pausing to discuss ways to carry out their plan. Afterwards they returned to the small room Mickey rented. It wasn’t much, but it was as clean as you’d find in their neighborhood. And it was his. As per their agreement Kat would go by Kit when out on jobs and would dress as a boy. Mickey thought this would draw fewer questions and would help Kat avoid some unwanted advances, not that there weren’t any number of customers at Mrs. Peller’s who would pay handsomely for an unspoiled young man. As to the room arrangement, though Kat was defending her virginity she had lived in close quarters long enough to not be shy. Without a second thought she stripped down while changing into the boys clothes they had acquired. Mickey, being a young man, looked her over.

“You gonna gawk at me every time I change? How about you show me what all the women are dropping their bloomers for?” Realizing that he’d be changing in this room too Mickey complied. “Fuck but that is a club you’ve got there. And it gets bigger?” Kat walked over and hefted his cock. Her touch causing it to lift and harden. “Fuck. No way that would fit.”

“Sorry Kat but I was interrupted in the middle of it just before I found you. I was plugging Mary O’Connell when her old man Paddy showed up.”

“I’ve wanked a few guys but nothing like this.” Her hand couldn’t close around him. But she began to slide her hand along his length. Mickey sucked in his breath and let her go on. Now with two hands she worked him harder wanting to see the end result. She paused to change her grip.

“Oh god please don’t stop.” She didn’t, continuing to stroke Mickey until his cock tensed, then sent multiple shots of cum across the floor.

“Fuck but that’s a lot.” Mickey buckled and sat on the floor, relieved. “That was interestin’ but I ain’t doing that all the time. You find some fancy ladies to take care of it.”

“I plan to. Thanks.”

While out and about on his various jobs Mickey had scouted the neighborhoods looking for opportunities. One was a coal delivery truck that was often parked for hours outside a local tavern. One afternoon as they were about to give their plan a test run Mickey and Kat hopped up on the cart and borrowed the horse and cart for an afternoon. Mickey had cleaned himself up to look respectable, Kat was dressed as a young man, a lowly assistant. As they made their way uptown Kat enjoyed the view from atop the cart. From here they were above the filth of the street, that mix of mud, manure and trash. She looked down at the street vendors and the various urchins running errands or causing mischief. The shopkeepers chasing them off. She also saw the many downtrodden slumped in doorways or staggering along the road. Those who had given up, or others who made do with a days labor and a bottle to forget. She was determined to find a way out. Unfortunately, for girls in her position there were few paths. Marry a man who promised everything, before joining the ranks of the hopeless, or turn to prostitution, maybe starting at a house with a madam only to end up on the street if things went poorly. There had to be another way. She looked over at Mickey. He was a product of the same streets, but he had a certain self confidence. Maybe due to his early life. He seemed to have more drive to make something of himself, even if it involved taking chances and working around the law.

When they’d moved uptown a ways the streets were wider and cleaner. They crossed Broadway and entered neighborhoods of nice homes and fresher air. Mickey began to call out, “Coal, chimney sweeping.” After covering the area and beginning to question the possibilities of failure they were waved down by a young woman in a maid’s bonnet.

“Young man, over here.” Mickey tipped his cap.

“How may we be of service?”

“The Missus was complaining that the regular man hasn’t been around. We’re dreadfully short on coal.”

“At your service. I can fill you up and Kit here can check to see if your chimney’s are ready for winter.”

“I don’t know that we need the chimney’s done. But perhaps he can check.”

The housekeeper led them around back and showed them to the coal cellar. Mickey stripped off his shirt and began shoveling coal down the chute. The housekeeper paused a moment to admire his strong physique then did a double take as she noticed his tight trousers. Kat was alongside her waiting to be shown into the house and said in a whisper,

“They say it has to be seen to be believed.” The maid blushed, then looked again. Then she led Kat into the house.

“The lady is away this afternoon. Please check the main room then the living quarters.”

When Mickey was finished he wiped himself down, then asked the maid, Sarah, for a drink of water. As he drank he watched from the corner of his eye. Yes, she was looking him over. This was going to work. When returning the glass he moved close to her.

“What beautiful green eyes.”

“Thank you.” But she didn’t move away. He stepped closer. Her bottom lip quivered. She was deciding. Then she stepped closer, they touched. He kissed her. She put a hand on his chest. Closed her eyes. They kissed again. He held her free hand, moved it down. She got the idea and reached for him. Felt him. Her eyes flew open. “Oh my.” He kissed her again and held her to him.

“We, d-don’t have much time.” Mickey lifted her onto the table, then lifted her skirts, reaching beneath them her found her wet and wanting. Loosening his trousers he freed himself. She looked down at the biggest cock she’d seen. Thick with veins along the sides a bulbous head, eight or more inches in length. He stepped to her, rubbed his head along her wetness, then pressed into her. She clenched her mouth to keep from screaming as he invaded her, stretching her, pushing deeper inside. It was a shock, and wonderful at the same time. When he had reached her depths, with some to spare he began rocking his hips driving his cock in and out. Rhythmically bouncing her butt onto the table until she couldn’t contain herself, crying out in pleasure. From the other room Kat smiled and began looking in cabinets and drawers, filling her pockets with various silver items. Mickey could feel the tension building and quickened his pace until releasing himself, grunting as he deposited his load. When sated he withdrew and fixed his trousers, then collected payment for the coal before meeting Kat atop the cart. As they rolled away Mickey fastened his shirt and smiled at Kat.

“A lively one, that.”

“Just the maid. I thought you were after the fancy women?”

“Everything in time. A couple more like this and word will get around. Remember the housekeepers won’t know or care if a few items go missing.”

They left the coal cart around the corner from the tavern. As they walked along Grand Street Mickey asked what Kat thought to be a most odd question.

“Would you like a bath?”

“A what?”

“A bath. You know hot water, soap.”

“You’re an odd one. I haven’t had a proper bath since the cold showers at the orphanage.”

“There’s a new bath house over on Mott. I go once a week. They’ll clean our clothes while we bathe.”

“I s’pose.” So Kat enjoyed a hot bath and clean clothes. They met again outside. Of course in mid-19th century America the men and women bathed separately.

“Feel better?”

“Sure do. How do you afford your own room, regular meals and baths?”

“I save my money from my jobs, I don’t waste it on drink and I fuck Mrs. Dillon once a week for the rent.”

Kat laughed at Mickey’s carefree attitude.

“You just swing that cock and doors open.”

“Something like that. Which reminds me she’ll be around to collect rent tomorrow morning.”

They were able to trade some of the valuables for cash, then celebrated their new enterprise with a full meal of meat and potatoes. Soon after dark they were back in their room. Mickey kept a candle burning and began reading a book.

“What’s that yer readin’?”

“Oliver Twist. You might like it. It’s about an orphan and street gangs in London. A bit like our current neighborhood.”

“Would you read some to me?”

“Sure, this part is where Oliver has met up with the Artful Dodger and his gang of pickpockets.”

Kat listened awhile then dozed off. Mickey continued reading to himself then put out the candle. It had been an eventful day. Tired from her busy day Kat did not hear Mickey get up and answer the door in the morning. She was awakened by the sound of grunting and sighing. Looking over she saw a middle aged woman with giant breasts on her hands and knees, Mickey kneeling behind her vigorously pumping his cock into her. He was doing the grunting. She was sighing. At least when she wasn’t encouraging him,

“Fuckin’ hell Mickey, fuck me with that cock a’yours. Keep a goin’ like that and yer friend can stay.”

Apparently Mickey was now fucking for two. And making a good go of it. Mrs. Dillon now noticed that Kat was awake. “You old enough to fuck boy?” Kat shook her head and watched. The scene was causing a stir for her and if Mrs. Dillon had known she was a girl she’d have slipped a hand down her pants and frigged herself. So she waited. Mickey was doing yeoman’s work plowing into Mrs. Dillon’s plump behind as he filled her cunt. With a curse and a grunt he seized her hard by the ass and sank his cock into her, releasing his cum. He held her in place as his throbbing cock emptied deep inside. Then he sat back. Kat could see his glistening cock still firm but hanging slightly before him. Mrs. Dillon fell forward on his bed catching her breath. When she could compose herself she rose uncaring that what she thought was a teenage boy watched her get dressed. With as much dignity as she could muster she paused at the door.

“Until next rent day, Mr. Corcoran.” Mickey nodded his head in acknowledgement. We she’d gone he looked at Kat.

“And you’re ok with this?”

“One thing.”

“What’s that.”

“Just stay that way. Let me see your cock.” Mickey sat back unembarrassed. Kat slid down her pants. He could see her pussy, mostly the hair on her mound. Kat began rubbing her hand over herself.

“I could do that for you. I owe you for the other day.”

“I haven’t had a man touch me there. You won’t try anything?” Mickey crossed the small room, his cock swinging between his legs. He sat next to Kat and placed his hand in hers.

“Put it anywhere you like.” Kat placed his hand between her legs. Mickey used his experience to touch and tease and further arouse his new friend. Kat opened her mouth, closed her eyes and put her head back. She reached out with her hand and found his cock. She held on for dear life as Mickey’s fingers danced over her wet pussy, tweaking her bud, sliding up and down her slit. With his free hand he reached up under her shirt and found her nipple. Pinching and squeezing it as his other hand brought her closer and closer. When she could take no more Kat screeched and moaned aloud as she climaxed in a way she never had alone. Now panting, almost crying with joy she came down and leaned against Mickey. He gently caressed her side and kissed the top of her head.

“Thank you Mickey.” They remained that way for awhile then dressed for the day. Today they would make their way through various neighborhoods looking for likely customers.

They had a fruitful day. Mickey charmed many a housekeeper and a few ladies of the house. He advertised himself and Kit as available for odd jobs, willing to work at heights, chimneys, or basements. Looking and smelling fresh and clean they didn’t appear as two gutter snipes from the Points. Mickey’s ability to sound a rung or two above his current station also helped. Kat would nudge him when she noticed a likely candidate’s eyes straying to his tight pants.

“That one wanted a piece of what you’ve got Mickey, I could see her eyes.”

Mickey smiled. “I’m thinking a couple of them may let us in next time we come around. We’ll let them sleep on it a couple days.”

“Or not sleep.” They laughed and made their way back home, lightening a few gentlemen’s pockets long the way. Two days later they were back west of Broadway. They stopped at a park to watch two groups of men playing at base.

“Queer game this is Mickey. Where I come from bats are used to crack heads. What’s the idea here.”

“Most of the better clubs play over in Hoboken in Jersey. One team pitches the ball and the other takes turns trying to smack it with the bat and run from sack to sack. Those are the bases. I’ve tried it a couple of times. It’s not so hard to hit it aways if you take your time.”

“Waste of time if you ask me.”

“Yer, no money in it.”

They returned to the neighborhood from earlier in the week. A fair haired young woman met them at her gate and invited them onto the grounds. She had some loose shingles on the roof and some other small jobs Kat could handle. She could shinny up a pipe like a monkey. Working at heights held no fear for her either. Mickey, in fresh shirt and tight trousers was welcomed into the home. Betty DeChambeau offered him coffee and sat with Mickey. Before long she was telling her tale of woe. A wealthy banker for a husband. He 30 years her senior, more interested in business than fun. Unless you counted his time with business associates and low women. Mickey comforted her when she sobbed, held her face in his hand, patted her shoulder. Moving just close enough. She closed her eyes, their lips met. She allowed herself to be moved to his lap. They kissed again. She could feel him below her pressing between her legs. He had an arm around her back, the other hand stroking her face, kissing at her tears.

“A pretty young woman like you shouldn’t be alone.”

“Am I pretty?”

“Of course. Your blue eyes sparkle, your lips glisten, your hair catches the sun’s rays and makes them brighter.” She leaned in for another kiss. He took a chance and moved a hand to her breast. She mouthed,

“I shouldn’t.” But she didn’t move his hand. He shifted and she felt his swelling cock beneath her. Mickey lifted her in his strong arms, she gasped in delight.


“Down the hall on the right.” Mickey carried Betty to the guest room. With his foot he closed the door behind them and laid her on the bed. He began to work at her various buttons and bows and fasteners. Impatient she slid her dress off her shoulders and pushed it down over her hips. Removing her undergarments revealed young firm medium sized breasts now freed from constraints. It also revealed that she was blonde below as well. Mickey removed his shirt and she caressed his muscles. So different from the softness of her husband. When he let down his trousers Betty gasped. “Oh, do be gentle.”

“Of course.” Mickey was determined to give this lovely the kind of attention she never received. He kissed her fair skin, from her neck to her bosoms, taking one then the other into his mouth as he teased and caressed the other. He then worked his way down and tasted the nectar between her legs, something no man had done for Betty. Mickey’s tongue visited places rarely seen, barely touched, never tasted. Betty was soon carrying on in a way considered improper for a gentle woman of the day. Her cries alerted Kat, upstairs, checking the various bedrooms, that the game was on. When Betty had recovered from her orgasm Mickey rolled on his back and sat her on top.

“What do I do? My husband always mounts me.”

“Place me at your entrance, then lean back, take what you can, go easy. You’ll see.” Betty grasped his hard cock surprised again by its size. She placed it against her opening. Then slowly, oh so slowly sat back. He was inside her. Stretching her, oh how he was stretching her. “Lean forward again, then back more.” She did. And more fit into her. She closed her eyes, feeling that same orgasmic energy coming again. She came on his cock, he thrust upwards and she was fully impaled on him. He pressed against her cervix and still much of him remained. Betty began rocking back and forth on his great giant cock, feeling as never before. She needed this cock inside her. In and out, in and out she came again, then felt his cock grow. With a grunt of his own Mickey filled her tight pussy with his cum. Flooding her as he sucked her nipple into his mouth. Betty tensed, screamed, then collapsed onto Mickey panting heavily against his chest.

“We’ll pay you and your associate anything to work around this house. As long as you continue to come on the servants’ day off.”

“It would be a pleasure.”

“And I, I may know another couple of ladies who need some repairs.”

“We aim to please.”

“Yes, yes you do.”

Whistling a tune Mickey led Kat back across Broadway and downtown.

“Kat, now THAT was a fine lady.”

“Sounded like you were killing her.”

“Ha ha. And she has friends.” Here I’m getting to lay with a fine woman and she paid us for working. This may be my best scheme yet.

“So no need to lay my hands on the silverware?”

“As long as they pay well for work done, no. Unless you see something particularly useful.”

“I look in the backs of drawers for things they forgot. Less chance they’ll pin it on us.”

“You’re a natural Kat.”

Mickey’s scheme did work. Over the next several weeks Kat climbed many a roof, fixing siding or patching a chimney. Mickey spent time with the raven haired Mrs. Coleman and the buxom Mrs. Van den Berg. A return visit with Betty DeChambeau was still the highlight of those weeks. This time she was ready, she took time worshipping Mickey’s cock, wrapping her hands around it, feeling its full length with her fingers, licking and sucking at it. When she was ready Mickey bent her over on the bed and fucked her deep and hard. Betty took him and asked for more. Mickey left particularly satisfied. At the rate they were going they might soon be able to afford better rooms, although he might miss Mrs. Dillon’s plump ass.

Mickey decided that they could have a couple of days off. Kat had been working hard climbing while he mostly worked on his back. They strolled down Mulberry checking the fruit stands, avoiding the beggars and watching out for the younger kids who might try to pick their pockets. Spending a day in the Five Points meant dressing down. Mickey wore worn clothes and old shoes. Kat as usual wore boys pants and shirt. Her breasts hadn’t become an issue yet. Walking south right about where the street bends they were met by a man well overdressed for the area and three younger toughs from the neighborhood.

“That’s him Mr. D., Mickey Corcoran.”

“Don’t stand there, grab him.” As they moved towards him, Mickey yelled to Kat,

“Run, through the alleys.” They took off between two tenements and quickly cleared a fence, ducking down stairs they ran through the basements connecting the buildings that leaned against each other up above. They burst out onto Orange and made their way towards Anthony. As they turned the corner they ran into their pursuers who had used a different short cut. Mickey broke away and was entering another alley when he heard shouts behind him.

“Hit him. Knock him down!” Mickey turned to see the three locals kicking at Kat. They thought they were beating on a young man. Mickey turned and ran back to the group throwing himself with vengeance into the fight. He quickly knocked one down and pulled another off of Kat.

“Kat RUN!” Kat staggered to her feet and took off apparently not seriously injured. As Mickey turned to have a go at the one he recognized as Tommy he felt the club come down on his head. Mickey woke to find his arms restrained by two men his size. The gray haired man looked him over.

“So you’re the one. I’m going to tell you once, then these fine young men will help you remember. Stay away from my wife. He emphasized the word ‘wife’ by swinging his silver tipped cane into Mickey’s crotch. Mickey cried out and doubled over.

“Now give him a lesson. But don’t kill him. I don’t want that on my conscience. He’s lucky I don’t cut off his cock. Good day men.”

Then the beating commenced. The two he recognized as Tommy and John held him while a larger more muscular man began working him over, landing punch after punch into his ribs, stopping only to have a go at his face. When Mickey woke it was total dark. His face was swollen, his ribs were possibly broken. At least he could stand, barely. No broken limbs. Mickey staggered along to the Point then up Mulberry. Even the drunks gave him a wide berth. He sat on a stoop to rest, then fell asleep. From the fog within his head he heard sobbing. Through swollen eyes he could make out Kat staring at him crying.

“I’m sorry Mickey. You told me to run and I ran. I ran home. I hid. I was afraid. So afraid. But you, you took a beating for me. They would have kicked me aroun’ some then let me go. You could have run, but you came back.” Kat put her arms around Mickey. Will you be ok?” Mickey nodded his head. “I love you Mickey.”

Trying not to lean too hard on the much smaller Kat, Mickey made his way home. As he lay on his bed, Kat found some cool water and washed his faced rinsing out the blood in a bucket. She helped him out of his clothes noting the bruising on his back and sides. Also his swollen testicles.

“Oh shit Mickey, your balls.”

“I’m so sore all over. Everything hurts. There’s a doctor on Mott. See if you can get him in the morning. I need to rest.”

“Mickey I’m sorry. Don’t think I abandoned you.”

“It’s ok Kat. I didn’t want them hitting you. I’ll live.” Kat sat up watching Mickey as he slept fitfully. Moaning in his sleep, grimacing when he moved. When he finally awoke she told him she would get a doctor.

Mickey sat naked on the bed. Doc Foster probed and poked.

“Will he be ok doc.”

“Yes. Keep cool rags on him. Wipe his face gently. I’ll wrap his ribs. Move slowly and carefully.”

“What about his, balls.”

“Yes, the testicle. It’s swollen. Fortunately not worse. Rest it. Cold towels. And you two, no sex.”

“How’d you know I’m a girl? And we’re not fucking.”

“I’m a doctor. And my apologies for assuming.”

Mickey joined in, “We’re business partners.”

“Very well. You rest. Send your friend around if there are any problems. Now my usual fee…”

“I can pay. Thank you.”

Mickey spent his days resting. Mrs. Dillon allowed him to skip on his ‘rent’. After a week they began walking their street. Neighbors shook their heads and wished him well. Word got around that Tommy had disappeared. The next week John was found in an alley with a sharpened silver dinner knife in his back. When they were alone Mickey asked Kat if she knew anything about this.

“I thought using one of Mr. Dechamo’s knives was a fit way.”

“You don’t have to do this.”

“Yes I do. And I’ll find that other fuck too. The one who beat you.”

“But not DeChambeau. They’ll track you down if something happens to him.”

“OK. Now sit and let me change your bandages.” Mickey winced as Kat unwrapped his ribs. The bruises had turned yellowish. Sitting naked on a chair Mickey tried not to move as Kat gently washed him. His face was improving, somehow his nose was not broken and he had his teeth. She worked her way down until reaching his testicles. She placed a cold cloth over them and held it in place. His cock twitched and moved on his thigh.

“You must be feeling better.”

“Not yet, I don’t want to be stressing my balls just yet.” The swelling had subsided to a great degree but everything still hurt when he moved. “You don’t have to wash me like this Kat. I can manage, I think.”

“I want to. You’ve taken me in and pertected me. I owe you when it costs you.”

“Then I thank you.” Mickey smiled, which quickly became a wince. But Kat appreciated the effort. She also enjoyed washing his muscular arms and chest and all around that thick slab of meat between his legs. They were business partners. But Kat was having feelings for Mickey.

Another week and Mickey was walking more or less normally, if a bit slower than usual. Word had reached him that a tough named Teddy O’Rourke had been brought over from the Bowery to do the heavy work on him. O’Rourke did some boxing and worked as a bouncer for a club on Bayard.

“Kat, I think maybe we should look around over there.”

“Are you sure you’re up to it?”

“I’m up for a longer walk. And I think it may be better if you dress as Kat.”

“As a girl?”

“Yes. People are expecting me to have a male friend with me. It may thrown them off if I’m with a girlfriend.”


“Yes, let’s go to the baths, then over to Broadway. Any girl of mine will need a new outfit.” Kat looked at him with a mixture of surprise and delight.

“I ain’t had any new girl clothes since I can’t remember.” Mickey was pleased to make her happy. She had been doting on him and nursing him for weeks. She deserved a reward. For as much as she played the tough street urchin, underneath the gruff exterior was a young lady with dreams. The shopping trip was the most fun they’d had in weeks. Kat was thrilled with how a well fitted dress made her look feminine.

“Look Mickey, I got tits.” Sure they weren’t the giant orbs of Mrs. Dillon, or the fuller breasts of Betty DeChambeau, but a regular diet and maturing body filled out a properly fitted dress. When Kat was ready she did a turn for Mickey and he had to admit that the change was complete. She was, desirable. “Would you take me to the theater?”

“KAT! I’ll need all my strength to fight off the men trying to steal you away.”

“Oh, now yer just teasing.”

“No, you do look very nice.”

“Like a lady?”

“Yes. Maybe we need to clean up your language a bit.” He smiled and took her hand. “Will you accompany me to the Bowery Theater?”

“I’d be happy to.”

With armfuls of packages they made their way back to the apartment to make plans. Afterwards they went out for dinner for the first time in weeks. As they ate their thick stew Kat looked at Mickey.

“What is it Kat?”

“Mickey, would you? Would you teach me to read and write? I can do some numbers and scratch my name and make out words on signs, but I want to read books and write letters and speak proper.”

“Yes, of course. I’d love to.” Kat went back to her meal. She’d already decided. And decided she would wait.

“Kat, I’ve been thinking. Maybe our most recent business was more dangerous than I thought. I assumed the old men didn’t care about their wives. Guess they do.”

“You put a baby in one of them and they’ll care. Might be what happened.”

“You think?”

“I seen how much comes out of you. You keep leaving that in these healthy ladies and soon enough one of them will be with child.”

“I see your point.”

“So what’s your next plan?”

“I have a good amount saved. We could open a business. Outside the Points.”

“Really? Like regular folk?”

“Yes. A shop. We can fix things and do other jobs people need. But honest.”

“You tired of chances?”

“I’ve learned that taking chances I might not live to see twenty.”

“Can you make an honest living that way?”

“I think so. I’ve worked for years now and stayed above the worst of the Five Points. I’ve seen you work hard.”

“You’d want me as a bizness partner?”

“Yes of course, if you want.” Kat went back to her stew, thinking.

The next morning Kat got Mickey settled in his chair to check his bandages. According to Doc Foster he should be ok now. As she unwrapped him she noticed that he didn’t wince much. She washed him down and noted that the bruising had mostly gone away. She worked down to his groin and wiped around and under his balls. No wincing. She held them in his hand, then looked up at him.

“You don’t have to do that anymore Kat. No pain this time.” She bounced them a little. His cock stiffened and thickened and rose.

“I want to,” she replied. She wrapped her hands around his cock and stroked the length. Mickey put his head back and sighed. It had been awhile. Now his balls felt better and there was that familiar need. He closed his eyes as Kat stroked his cock. Then a different sensation, warm, wet. He looked down. Kat had the head of his cock in her mouth, her tongue underneath, her hands still stroking. Now her tongue was licking up and around his thickness, tracing along the prominent veins, tickling under the head, then around and he was in her mouth again. He groaned with satisfaction. He let her continue. He hadn’t asked her for this. She’d already done so much for him, healing him. Now she was helping prove he was healed. She sucked at the tip, then bobbed her head on the first couple of inches coating him with her saliva as she sucked the pre-cum from his tip. She looked up at him wanting to see if she was pleasing him. When her eyes locked onto his he moaned,

“Oh Kat, thanks, thanks so much. It’s been, so long. I’m going to…” His body tensed. Kat held his cock to her mouth waiting as she stroked his length. Then he released. Rope after rope of hot cum in her mouth. She swallowed. Swallowed again as he came. It spilled from her when she couldn’t keep up. Kat sucked the remaining drops from Mickey’s cock, then licked up the spilled bits.

“Was that ok Mickey? I haven’t sucked cock much. I hope I did ok for you.” She hugged him. Waited.

“Perfect Kat. You’re perfect.” She smiled and rested her head on his shoulder.

That evening they dressed for the theater and made their way over to the Bowery. They strolled the street observing the Bowery B’hoys out in force, all top hats and silk shirts. At the Bowery Theater Mickey bought two seats in the lower area away from the rowdier crowd. Kat enjoyed the show, a mix of bawdy tales, popular music and a short play. After the play and dinner they made their way to Bayard Street. Kat noticed, with pleasure, how many men looked her over with approving nods. Mickey was proud to be seen with her on his arm. Outside a club on Bayard they saw him.

“That’s him Mickey. Teddy O’Rourke.”

“Big fuck he is. Are you sure you want to do this? We can just let it all go.”

“What needs doing must be done. We can’t move on until.” Mickey let out a deep breath, felt for the small club in his coat and nodded his head. Standing close to the building he waited as Kat walked up to Teddy. She gave the bouncer a good look at her bodice and suggested that for a reasonable fee she’d take him into a nearby alley. Teddy looked over the surprisingly clean looking whore and apparently decided that he’d have a piece of her. He followed Kat into the alley beside the club. Mickey carefully followed the pair. As he looked around the corner he could hear the pair’s conversation.

“Do you want a suck or more?” Teddy unbuckled his pants and released his hardening cock. With satisfaction Kat noted that it was much smaller than Mickey’s. “Yer half the man he is.”

“What’s that ya cunt?” Teddy reached out and grabbed Kat by the hair, pulling her down to his hard member. While he was preoccupied Mickey stepped up from behind and brought the club down on his head. Teddy staggered, braced himself against the wall and turned towards Mickey. “You! Ya come back for another beating? This time I’m not going so easy on ya.” O’Rourke pushed himself off the wall and made his way towards Mickey, who braced himself for the onslaught. He wasn’t sure he was ready to handle O’Rourke on a good day. Before Teddy reached him there was a bang, smoke and O’Rourke dropped to the muck. Mickey looked to see Kat holding a small pepperbox pistol. Mickey quickly checked Teddy then waved Kat down the alley. She tossed the weapon over a fence as they went. When they came out on Walker they made a left back to the Points.

“Where did you get the pistol?”

“Something I found along the way. I wasn’t sure your stick was going to be enough to bring down Teddy O’Rourke. I wonder how long until they find him? Big man like him with his little cock hanging out.”

Mickey and Kat now strolled along looking to the world like a respectable couple. They stopped in a coffee shop to relax and go over their story. It was pretty simple. They saw nothing, heard nothing. As far as they knew no one had seen them come out of the alley. And if they did, they appeared as two young lovers seeking some privacy. It wasn’t long before young kids were running the street announcing that Teddy O’Rourke had been murdered. Shot in cold blood. Kat covered her mouth in feigned horror. Mickey looked down into his coffee. People in the Points would assume Mickey and his little companion Kit had something to do with it, but no one would question them. In their world Mickey had every right to retaliate for the brutal beating.

Mickey and Kat returned late to their room. With some regret Kat removed the dress that made her feel grown up and respectable. Mickey removed his dress coat, white shirt and dress trousers. He looked over at Kat, standing nude arranging her dress to put away. She turned to see him looking at her. She took in his muscular frame, his once again handsome face, his strong legs. And that cock hanging between them. She crossed the room. Hugged him to her. Mickey could feel her breasts pressed against him. He put his arms around Kat and hugged her back. He sat on the bed. She sat on his lap. The position was causing a stirring in his loins. Kat looked him in the eyes.

“Mickey. I’ve decided. Will you be my first?”

“Really?” She nodded her head. “Positive?” She nodded again. “On one condition.”

“What’s that?”

“Katherine, will you marry me?”

She answered with a flurry of kisses. Then questions.

“No other women?”


“But what if I’m no good at it?”

“You’ll be perfect.”

“And you won’t become a drunk?”

“I’m going to be a respectable business man. And you’ll be my partner.”

More kisses. Then, “Yes. Yes Mickey Corcoran, I will be your wife. And I promise to learn to read and to speak proper and I’ll fuck you morning, noon and night so you never desire another.”

“And Kat, I promise to have only you, morning, noon and night, and to prosper and protect you and provide for you and all the children we may have. Do you want to wait until after we’re married?”

“No, your promises are enough. And this has been a night, and you haven’t had a woman in over a month.”

Kat crawled atop Mickey. First they kissed, then he moved down to her cute little breasts for a bit. Then Mickey pulled Kat forward so she was sitting above his face. He reached out with his tongue and prodded at her. Then pulled her to his face. Kat rocked her hips as Mickey probed with his tongue, ran his tongue along her slit and sucked her clit into his mouth. Kat braced herself against the wall and rode a wave of pleasure as Mickey feasted on her wet pussy.

“Oh please Mickey, a bit more, more. oh fuck.” When it hit her she pushed herself into him smothering his face with her, then held herself in place as she came. This was only the beginning. Kat slid her slight body down along Mickey’s stronger frame. When face to face their lips met. “Mickey, I’m ready.” She slid down further. When she reached beneath her she was again surprised by his size. Still, determined, she placed him against her and eased him in. “Oh fuck Mickey, you’ll split me open.” Kat scrunched her face, closed her eyes and let Mickey in further. Then a bit more. Kat cried, just a bit. “Mickey, it hurts.”

“Take your time. It gets better.” Kat lay her head on his chest a moment. Then sat up, held her breath and sat down further, pushing Mickey up into her. She gasped then relaxed as he was in. Mickey wiped a tear from her face, then smiled at her. She eased him further inside, surprised that she could stretch to fit him. Now she began to ride him, the fullness satisfying, thrilling.

“Mickey, fill me Mickey, fuck me.” Kat rocked back against him, stretching, filling. Now bracing herself on Mickey’s chest she began riding him. Mickey himself was surprised by how incredibly tight she was. Her pussy gripped him, squeezing, massaging his cock. She began to cry out, not in pain. “OHHH, Ooh fuck Mick fuck fuck fuuuuck. Aaah, ahhh, aaaaaaaah.” She came, writhing, shaking. She pushed all she could fit inside and worked her hips. Mickey held off, then came into her full pussy. He kept pumping his cum until it was oozing out around his cock. She slid forward needing to let her insides rest. She held Mickey and lay her head alongside his.

“Mickey, can we start with just morning and night? I don’t think I can handle that more often. At least until I….”

“Easy Kat. We can do it as much as you want. I just want you alongside me.” He held her tight.

They had no real family so a big church wedding was unnecessary, still they stood before a priest and said their vows. Mickey looked north and west from the Five Points area until he found a small shop. Mickey and Kat worked hard to build their business. They moved into a small set of rooms above their shop. Kat worked on her reading and pleased both of them when she was able to read from one of Mickey’s novels. To add to their income Mickey made himself available to help anyone with moving or carting, his strength always in need. Kat also did some outside work until the day in December that she informed Mickey that she was sure she was carrying his child. After that date Mickey insisted that she limit herself to working in the shop taking orders and handling customers. In early January there was a surprise visitor. A coach driver walked in and asked if Mickey Corcoran was available. Mickey came out from the back room.

“Can I help you?”

“Yes, my employer would like a word with you.”

“And who is your employer?”

“Mr. Dennis DeChambeau.”

“What does he want with me?”

“Just a word.”

“OK then.” The driver left and returned in a moment with a stout gray haired man. He waited at the door when DeChambeau approached the counter. Kat stood to the side at the end of the counter filing a tool. Mickey looked at DeChambeau. “What do you want with me. I thought our business was finished.”

“Young man, if I wanted to I could put you out of business in an afternoon. I have connections you can’t imagine.”

“You mean like last time?”

“I understand they ended up worse than you did.”

“I wouldn’t know anything about that.”

“I’m sure. However I am not here to discuss past disagreements.”

“Fair enough. How can I help you?”

“You already have. Although your actions were uncouth, ungentlemanly and demeaning, you did reveal to me that I had been neglecting my wife. We have revived our personal life and I’m happy to say that she is due to deliver our first child, my heir, this coming spring. Because of this, I am offering to forgive and forget our past differences. If you agree, I will be happy to direct business to your little enterprise.”

“That is gracious of you. My new wife Kat over here is also to present me with a child next year. I will appreciate any business we can acquire. Thank you.”

“Good, good. I’ll be on my way.”

“One more thing Mr. DeChambeau, if I’m not being too forward. Please send our prayers for a safe delivery to Mrs. DeChambeau.”

DeChambeau looked carefully at Mickey to determine if he there was any additional meaning. Seeing none, he nodded. “Certainly.” When they had left Kat looked at Mickey.

“What Kat?”

“You know damn well that fat old man didn’t put a baby in her belly.”

“Does it bother you?”

“It didn’t then, how could it now? As long as you’re all mine forever.”

“Morning, noon and night.”

“It’s noon now.”

“Are you sure?” Kat went to the door and hung the ‘Will return at 1pm’ sign. Then she took Mickey by the hand and led him into the back room.

“We don’t have much time.” Kat lifted her skirts and removed her undergarment. She sat up on the table. “I want to feel you in me all afternoon.” Mickey stepped forward his large cock stretched out before him. Holding Kat’s hips he pressed his cock into her. Over the past months she’d been able to accommodate him more easily, though each time she could feel herself stretching. She welcomed him into her body. Mickey was careful not to force himself too deep, but Kat’s tight pussy still gripped and worked his cock. She encouraged her husband, her only lover, to fill her. Then he did, enjoying as always the feeling of releasing himself into her wet pussy. Lifting her to him he kissed her as his cock remained inside. Then he let it fall from her as she sighed with satisfaction. She never tired of him.

This was now how they spent their days. Working and loving as a great city grew around them.

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