Lauren the Bridesmaid



Lauren was young, gorgeous and completely unattainable. Or so I thought…

“We’re getting married on St. Thomas and I would like you to be my best man.” My brother was getting married for the fourth time and I was going to be best man for the third time. I knew the routine. I didn’t know much about his bride, except she was like 15 years younger than he, with two weird kids. I’d met her once, and left unimpressed, but I wasn’t marrying her. My soon-to-be ex-wife was anxious for me to go, probably because she wanted to fuck one of her young grad students all weekend.

I am my brother’s only family, but I heard that his bride had six sisters, her Mom and step-Dad who were all coming down. They were renting a big oceanside condominium with multiple bedrooms and wanted me to stay in one of them. The condo complex was next to the Ritz. Business had been good, so rather than share a condo with a bunch of strangers I took a suite at the Ritz. It was pretty empty, so they gave me a steep discount. My room was on the top floor, with a concrete railing on the balcony overlooking their private beach. My building had almost no one registered, as I guess it was the slow season.

I took a short nap and sauntered over to the restaurant next to the condo complex where we were meeting for dinner. They had already been drinking for a while and were pretty jolly by the time I arrived. My brother’s spouse-to-be was happy and cute enough. Her other sisters were as plain as the midwestern tundra they came out of. But her youngest sister Lauren, much younger than I, was truly beautiful. Keeping with the midwestern tradition, she had the girl next door beauty—blonde hair, blue eyes, a taut figure and nice tits that were bunched up into a cleavage that demanded your attention. When Lauren introduced herself, I wasn’t expecting such a gleaming smile. I was quite speechless for a second, eyes glued to the deep valley between her breasts.

“Hi I’m Lauren! Your brother has told me so much about you…” she paused as she noticed what I was looking at, “…but he didn’t tell me everything, it appears!”

“Ooh, sorry!” I stammered, rousting out of my trance, blushing bright red. “I mean, so nice to meet you!” Everyone at the table saw that I was busted and burst out laughing.

Lauren smiled and laughed brightly, “Oh Jimmy, we are going to get along just fine!” No one had called me Jimmy since around age five, but I wasn’t about to correct her—at least she knew my name.

With that embarrassing encounter behind me, the weekend was shaping up like you would expect for a small wedding. The following afternoon we had a rehearsal on the beach, followed by a long alcohol laden rehearsal dinner. I chatted with Lauren on several occasions during the day and evening, but only like I did all of her sisters. Just guests at a wedding.

Sunday was wedding day, and now dressed up we went back to the beach for the ceremony. Lauren outshined all of her sisters; her hair drawn up into a bun with tropical flowers intertwined. Her dress lacked the bodice of the first day but clung tightly to her shapely figure. I kept stealing glances at her during the short ceremony. She smiled when she caught me looking, and even appeared to blush a bit as she looked away. But I knew in my heart that was the overactive imagination of a horny middle-aged guy. I didn’t think any more about it.

The reception was held in an oceanfront restaurant, attended by the 15 or so people in the family. I happened to sit next to Lauren, and we chatted about her work as a fashion buyer, about my son (who was almost exactly the same age as Lauren) and shared funny stories about our siblings. After the reception, we were all supposed to take a boat to a nature preserve on a separate island, mostly as a concession to my new sister-in-law’s son who fancied himself a nature freak. Once I heard that, I knew I was going back to the Ritz, if only to hang out at the bar.

“So, Jimmy, can I get you a drink? I am heading over to the bar.” We all had taken advantage of the open bar, but I could use one more mojito.

“I need the exercise. I’ll walk with you.” Lauren and I went to the bar in the next room to place our orders. As we leaned on the empty bar, I sidled up shoulder-to-shoulder with Lauren, probably too close. But she didn’t move away. She laid her head on my shoulder, and I could smell the sweet fragrance of the flowers in her hair.

“I’m so glad you’re here Jimmy. I was dreading the thought of spending the weekend talking only with Mom and my sisters. Fights would have broken out for sure.” I put my arm around her thin waist and drew her close in what I hoped was a brotherly way.

“You’re glad! I would have been stuck talking only with my brother. You have made this weekend a lot more fun.”

Lauren sighed, “Now we have to change clothes and go to this stupid nature reserve. Little Eddie will be happy, but the rest of us will be dying, won’t we?”

“Not me!” I said brightly. “I already told my brother that I’m not going. I’m going back to my luxe hotel and hang at the bar or the beach. Or both.”

“Oooh, that sounds so much nicer,” Lauren cooed. “I’m jealous.”

“You could come too. They won’t miss you,the focus is on entertaining Eddie.”

“Hmmm…no I couldn’t. It is supposed to be a family event.” Lauren took a long pull from her drink.

“That family you don’t like spending time with? You’ve got your bathing suit with you; the hotel has towels and robes. You could be sailing a Hobie across the bay or tramping through a nature reserve feeding the mosquitos. But you’re welcome if you change your mind.”

Lauren drained her mojito. “You’re right. This is the only vacation I will have this year I am going to do what I want.”

I finished my drink. “I’m going to say my goodbyes. I’ll meet you in the parking lot.”

Now I have to confess, I totally expected that Lauren and I would change clothes, head to the bar or the beach and I would watch Lauren flirt with the ripped young men who would assume, not unreasonably, that I was Lauren’s dad.

We chatted about nothing in my rental car on the way back to the Ritz. It was hard to stay on the road as the slit in the front of Lauren’s long gown fell open, giving me an unobstructed view of Lauren’s tanned legs and muscular thighs. Lauren must have caught me looking but did nothing to cover up. She was teasing me, and I didn’t mind a bit.

“They’re white.” Lauren said out of nowhere.

“What?” I had no idea what she was talking about.

“They’re white.” I looked quizzically at my lovely passenger. She was wearing a mischievous grin. “My panties. You’ve been straining to see, no?” I almost swerved into oncoming traffic.

“What? No! Geez, I’m sorry. Unh-huh.” I was babbling and blushing bright red. Lauren laughed hysterically.

“You are a naughty one, Jimmy! It is so much fun catching you looking, and I love how embarrassed you get. It’s okay. Honestly I love the attention.”

I focused on looking straight ahead the rest of the drive, even though I could see Lauren inching her gown farther up her thighs. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Lauren staring in my direction. I remembered with some horror that, being on the island and all, I had chosen not to wear any underwear this morning. The men dressed in baggy linen pants, so I didn’t think it would be an issue. Without looking down, I could tell that my stiff cock was making a tent in the linen fabric, and Lauren had noticed. I was going to make a joke of it but was too mortified. Instead I slid one hand to the bottom of the steering wheel and tried to shield my erection from view using my forearm.

We pulled into the hotel and dropped the car with the valet. The bellman driving the cart to our building checked out Lauren head to toe, then noticed the pole in my pants. He grinned at me as we slid into the seats.

“How long are you and your Dad staying with us, Miss?” He addressed Lauren. Asshole. I’d ridden with him before, he knew I was staying alone.

“Oh he’s not my Dad,” Lauren laughed. “We just got married.” She turned and kissed my cheek. Well played Lauren, I thought. I joined in.

“Oh yeah, I always wanted a trophy wife, isn’t she lovely?”

Now it was the driver’s turn to be uncomfortable. “I’m so sorry, sir, I didn’t mean to imply…”

We laughed, “Don’t worry about it, we have to get used to it, I guess.” I put my arm around Lauren and pulled her close, kissing her full on the lips. Far from resisting, she put her hand on my neck and drew me closer.

“Oooh sir, you have a long night ahead of you, no?” the driver grinned at us through the mirror. We started laughing hysterically as the cart pulled up to our building.

“I hope so!” Lauren and I bailed out of the cart and ran hand-in-hand to the elevator. Once in the elevator, we burst out laughing and didn’t stop after arriving in the room.

“Nice,” Lauren said as she toured the living room, veranda and bedroom of the suite. “I could live like this.”

“Yeah, I splurged a bit, and I wanted a little privacy. Anyway, you can change in the bathroom. I’ve got to find my swimsuit here somewhere.”

Lauren turned her back to me and shook her long blonde hair off of her back. “Can you unzip me Jimmy?” I gulped a bit, Lauren’s gown was backless halfway down her back, and the zipper reached halfway down her tight little ass. I stepped closer, so she could feel my breath on her neck. I let the tip of my hard dick touch her ass through my pants. She didn’t move away. I slowly tugged at her zipper, letting my fingers slide along the crack of her ass as I reached the bottom. I felt her hips move slightly, pushing her ass up against my cock. I decided I had little to lose, and I leaned in and kissed her neck and shoulders. Lauren sighed. I put my hands on her shoulders and slid off her gown. It fell to the floor in a silken whisper. I tilted Lauren’s head back and we kissed. I pulled her closer and slid my cock into the crack of her ass. I could have cum right then. I slid one hand off her shoulder, down across her tight young abs and into the front of her tiny thong. The material was very wet as my finger slid between her labia and found her tiny clit. Lauren inhaled sharply.

“Uhhh! Mmmm…Jimmy…such a naughty boy…I’ve been wet since the car…I saw your boner…” She pushed back onto me, burying my still clothed cock deeper in her crack. She moved her hips a little and slid her ass along my shaft. I played with her clit with two fingers. Lauren bit my lip and pulled.

“Yesss…” Lauren inhaled sharply through her teeth, making a soft hissing sound. “Yeah…Jimmy…make me cum.” I reached into her bra and played with her hard nipple while I slowly stroked and caressed her pulsating clit. Lauren’s breathing became shallower and faster as her body slowly built to an orgasm. She put her hand over mine, keeping my hand on her pussy. “Ahhhh….sssss….ohhh…god…” Lauren whispered as she ground her pussy against my fingers faster. “Ayyy…yesss…!” her body tensed and then convulsed as her orgasm took over her body. She held my hand tight over her pussy, milking every sensation out of my touch. As the waves subsided, I kissed and nibble her shoulders and neck before Lauren leaned back and kissed me passionately.

As we kissed, I carefully unsnapped her bra. She dropped her arms and her bra fell to the floor, freeing a pair of young, tight C-cup tits with those very hard nipples I had just been pulling and twisting. I started kissing and licking down Lauren’s spine, my hands sliding down her shapely arms and hips. As I dropped to my knees, I gently licked Lauren’s beautiful ass crack as my fingers again touched the wetness between her legs.

“Ummm…what are you doing Jimmy?” Lauren whispered to no one in particular. “You are going to make me crazy.”

“Good,” I said. “That’s the plan.” I slid my fingers into the waist of her tiny thong and slipped it over her hips down her legs to where she could step out of the gauzy nothing. The crotch was very wet, and I held it to my face and inhaled deeply. Lauren’s pussy smelled wonderful. Lauren was now naked except for her four-inch heels. Those shoes kept her calf muscles taut and helped her bum to flex and move. I was in heaven. I was about to play with her pussy again when Lauren turned, grabbed my arm and pulled.

“Stand up Jimmy,” she commanded. I obeyed. She faced me, naked, smiling slyly. “You’re still dressed, Jimmy. That won’t do.” She grabbed the lapels of my Hawaiian shirt (part of the wedding garb) and pulled hard. Buttons flew, fabric tore and Lauren rubbed her fingers through my chest hair. She reached up, slid what was left of the shirt off my shoulders and cast it aside. “Better,” she said. She stood on her toes, wrapped her arms around my neck and slid her tongue into my mouth. My hands found her firm ass cheeks, while Lauren dropped a hand to squeeze my cock through my pants. “You like my ass, Jimmy? I put a lot of work into it.”

“I love your ass. Your work has paid off.” Lauren’s hand had left my shaft and was massaging my balls through my pants.

“Still not good enough, Jimmy. I need to see what I am up against.” Locking my gaze with her aquamarine blue eyes, she tugged hard at the drawstring of my pants. Pulling the waistband, my pants collapsed to the floor as Lauren dropped to her knees. I stepped out of my pants and kicked off my flip-flops. I too was now naked. Lauren grabbed my cock with one hand and cupped my balls with the other. She licked the bit of precum from the head of my cock and spread it lasciviously on her lips with her tongue. She stroked the length of my shaft with her hand while sucking only the head of my cock into her warm wet mouth. She coaxed some more precum out of my cock and swallowed it with a smile.

“The driver was right Jimmy…” Lauren smiled up at me.

“What do you mean?”

“You have a long night ahead of you.” I pulled Lauren to her feet and kissed her and nuzzled her neck, her ass firmly in my grasp. Lauren suddenly broke away from me. “Go out on the veranda, lay down on the floor.” I couldn’t/didn’t want to disobey any of this woman’s commands. The veranda had a concrete boundary, if you will, and if you were down on the floor no one could see, and you would be quite private. I laid on the veranda tile floor, the tile cool against my back and the sun full in my eyes. Suddenly the sun was blotted out. Lauren was standing over me, naked except for her heels. About the sexiest thing ever. Without a word, Lauren stepped one foot on either side of my face and squatted down onto me, her gaping pink pussy inches from my face.

“Stick out your tongue Jimmy.” I extended my tongue, just touching the outermost lips of her pussy. She lowered her pussy slowly onto my tongue and began to grind. “You’re going to eat my pussy Jimmy. We are going to play Make Lauren Cum, okay?” I didn’t answer, stretching my tongue as far inside her as it could reach. Lauren ground her pussy into my face, and soon her pussy juice was running down my cheeks and chin. She shifted her hips a bit, still squatting.

“Lick my clit, Jimmy. Make me cum…” My tongue found its target and I flicked my tongue quickly across her moist clit. “Ahhh…that’s it Jimmy! Somebody knows how to eat pussy, no?” It was time for me to take some control back. I grabbed her hips and held her pussy in my mouth. I sucked that little nub of flesh into my mouth where I could hold it, and swirl my tongue all around it, touching every spot. “Oh my God yes!” Lauren reached behind her and grabbed my hair, holding my face in her crotch. I could barely breathe. I didn’t really mind. “Yaaa…just like that Jimmy. Just like that…” Lauren was riding my face hard, her clit was completely in my mouth where I could do whatever I wanted with it. I ran my tongue around her clit, over it, and slowly massaged it until she couldn’t take it anymore. “Oh! Shit! Jesus! Wha? Oh god…Oh God…Yes… Oh God! OH GOD!!!” Lauren came in my mouth with a rush of juices coating my face, her grip on my hair holding my face in her crotch so I could hardly breathe. Finally she released her grip and resumed rubbing her pussy back and forth across my face. I could finally take a breath.

“Damn Lauren, I almost passed out you had my face so far inside you.”

“Sorry, that orgasm was fucking epic. You learned how to eat pussy somewhere old man.”

“Nice to be appreciated…” Lauren lowered herself back onto my face, squelching my talk.

“Jimmy?” she asked tentatively, rubbing her pussy and taint across my face.

“Mmmumph?” The only sound I could make with a mouth full of cunt.

“Eat my ass, okay?” With that she rotated her hips and ground her asshole into my face. She fucked my face, running her pussy, taint and asshole back and forth across my tongue. Lauren then reached back and spread her ass wide and placed her slightly gaped asshole on my tongue and ground into it.

“Ahhhh…that’s it Jimmy…tongue fuck my asshole.” Lauren took one hand off of her ass and began rubbing her pussy while taking my tongue deep into her anus. With so much stimulation, it didn’t take long before Lauren started to cum again.

“Oh God…Oh God…Fuck…Oh God,” Lauren whimpered. She pushed her ass harder onto my tongue as she came again. “Rrrrroooowww! Ooooooh..! Fuck…Fuuuuccckkk! Yeah…Jimmy.” I couldn’t say anything as my tongue was still deep in her asshole. Lauren wriggled on my tongue one more time before standing up. She looked down at me, one hand pulling a nipple, another still playing with her pussy. She headed back into the bedroom.

“C’mon Jimmy, I want your cock!” She knelt on all fours on the immaculately made bed and looked back at me, wiggling her bum. “I want that cock!” I stood, letting the blood flow back to my brain while I looked at Lauren’s beautiful pussy and ass. I stroked my cock to full erection and looked over the concrete railing at the people on the beach and in the water below.

“If you want this cock you have to come out here and bend over the railing,” I taunted her.

“Out there where people can see?” Lauren turned and sat on the bed, leaving a big wet spot on the pristine duvet.

“Yep. All these good people need to see what a little slut you are, Lauren.” Lauren bounced off the bed, came over to me and grabbed my cock while standing on her tip toes to kiss me. Still holding my cock, she led me over to the railing and bent over it. The railing only reached to a little above her waist, so her pretty tits were free for all to see. She looked back at me and smiled.

“As you wish Jimmy!” Lauren was still wearing only her heels and a smile. The heels made her beautiful ass stick out in an irresistible way. I got down on my knees behind her.

“Spread your ass for me Lauren,” I said as I slipped a finger inside her dripping wet pussy. I started rimming her perfect pink butthole as my finger found her G-spot. Her hips ground on my finger and tongue.

“Damn Jimmy, you’re gonna make me cum again, aren’t you?” I didn’t answer, as I was trying to push my tongue farther into her anal opening. While I was fingering inside her, Lauren started rubbing her clit and talking smack. “That’s it you little bitch, lick my nasty asshole. You like eating my ass, don’t you? Get your tongue in shape because you’re gonna have to clean my pussy after your little dick drops your little load in my pussy. You love licking up cum, don’t you little Jimmy? I’ll bet…ohhhhhh…shiiiitttt…Jimmy!!” I could feel her orgasm radiating out from her G-spot. Her legs buckled and I had to keep her from falling with my free hand. I helped her down to her knees and helped her sit leaning against the concrete railing. She was still breathing heavily as she spoke.

“Jimmy…oh my God…Jimmy…what did you do?” Lauren wasn’t making a ton of sense, but she was happy. I stood up, grabbed my cock and stroked it and waved it in Lauren’s face. I don’t know if my dick has ever been harder in my life. She reached up and pulled the skin of my ball sack, hard. Without a word I grabbed Lauren by the hair and pulled her away from the wall. I slapped her face hard with my stiff dick, even spattering a bit of precum on her cheeks. I just wanted to fuck her face.

“Open!” I barked. Lauren complied as she shifted to her knees and squeezed my balls harder. I set the head of my cock on her outstretched tongue. She tickled the underside with her tongue and sucked a bit of precum from the tip. I grabbed her hair with both hands and began fucking her mouth hard, pushing my cock into the back of her throat.

“Ga! Ga! Gulp! Cough…Ga! Ga!” Lauren grunted or gulped each time my cock hit the back of her throat. Her eyes widened when I held her head and forced my cock partway into her throat, cutting off her airway. I held it there, pushing hard to force my cock down her throat before she pushed me away and gasped for air. It took Lauren a few seconds to catch her breath.

“That is awesome…throat fuck me again. I never did that.” This time she bent forward to straighten out her neck. I started jamming my cock down her throat again. Saliva dripped from her lower lip as she tried to take me down her throat.

“Ka! Ka! Ka! Gurgle…Ka! Ka!” Lauren made the same grunting sounds as my cock hit the back of her throat. I grabbed her head again with both hands and held my cock in the back of her throat. She didn’t panic this time, and as she relaxed she took the full length of my dick down her throat. She held it there for a couple of seconds before pulling her head off my cock and catching her breath. Then, without a word, she took me in her mouth again and smoothly slid my cock all the way down her throat and even massaged it a bit with her throat muscles.

“Damn! I always wanted to do that!” Lauren exclaimed when she took her head off my cock and wiped her mouth. “That’s the first time I’ve been able to deep throat a cock!”

“Yes, well, I am sure everyone has trouble throating the bigger cocks,” I said, my ego bruised slightly.

“Well, you’re much larger than my boyfriend, and I couldn’t get him down my throat.” As we talked, Lauren idlily stroked my cock and licked my balls. I have to say I was encouraged having a larger dick than her boyfriend. But who cares, right now she is swallowing my cock not his? I take her arm and lift her to her feet.

“Bend over. I want that pussy on my cock.” Lauren bends over the railing, reaches behind her and places my cock at the entry to her front hole. I grab her hair and push inside her. We both moan as my dick stretches and fills her tight pussy.

“Oh damn Lauren, I love that pussy,” I mutter.

“Mmmm…yeah…I’m going to love your cock. Now fuck me.” I start sliding slowly in and out of her warm wet pussy. Slowly at first, too fast and Lauren was going to make me drop my load in seconds. “Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh!…” Lauren starts making noises as I thrust inside her. I notice some people down at the beach are beginning to notice the noise.

“Uhh…fuck…Lauren…,” I mutter. “It looks like some people on the beach are paying attention to us.” Lauren opens her eyes and looks down at the beach, which is not all that close. A few people are stopping what they are doing and looking up toward our veranda.

“Hey everybody!” Lauren calls, but we are too far away. She looks back at me. “You just need to fuck me harder to get their attention.” I pull my cock all the way out of Lauren’s pussy and slam it back inside, hard. I do it a second time.

“Whoa, Jimmy! Yeah that’s it. Fuck me hard like that. Pull my hair. Hard.” I yank Lauren’s silky blond hair as I start slamming my cock into her pussy. She starts making noises, “Geez! God! Fuck! Fuck! Oh!” a syllable each time the head of my dick slams against her cervix. I open my eyes briefly and see more people looking and pointing at Lauren leaning over the rail, her firm tits bouncing hard with each stroke. “Harderrrrrr! Fuck me Jimmy! Fuckkkk meeeee!” Lauren’s pussy squeezes my cock hard as Lauren spasms with yet another orgasm, this one perhaps the hardest of all. “Shit…yeah…shit…” Lauren almost whispers as she comes down from her orgasmic high. Her pussy is still squeezing my cock tight. I am not going to be able to hold back, this girl is so fucking tight!

“I’m gonna cum, Lauren…” I slow my thrusting to try to hold onto my load.

“Not yet baby, not yet.” Lauren reaches behind her, grabs my slippery cock and slides off of me. I think she wants me to cum in her mouth or face, but she pushes my cock up against her back hole.

“My ass baby…cum in my ass.” I start to push, she pushes back. I can feel her anal sphincter begin to give way and let me in. Impossible as it seems to me, her asshole is even tighter than her pussy.

“Just push it in Jimmy, push it hard. It will hurt but I like it hard.” I grab Lauren’s hips and push hard. My dick suddenly pops into her rectum.

“Ow ow ow ow! That’s oka—ow!! Okay…push—ow!” I am guessing my cock is thicker than she is used to, but I don’t care either. I watch my dick spread her asshole wide and take me inside. One more push and I am balls deep in her ass. I hold my cock deep inside her. Lauren takes a deep breath.

“Mmmm…that’s it baby. Now fuck me as hard as you want. Shoot your cum in my ass Jimmy!” While I am paused, I hear noises coming from down below. Some people are looking up and cheering.

“Yeah! Do it! Give it to her!” along with some suggestions, “Can we come up there too? What’s your room number?”

“Don’t you dare!” I muttered. But Lauren was biting her lip, eyes closed.

“Fuck me,” she murmured. “Just fuck my ass. Hard.” I started sliding my cock along her anal canal, savoring how tightly her asshole gripped my throbbing dick. As her sphincter relaxed, I started reaming her hard. Lauren exhaled sharply with each thrust.

“Ooofh! Ahhh! Ooofh! Ooofh! Shit! That hurts Jimmy! Harder please! Fuck me harder Jimmy!”

“You’re a little ass slut, aren’t you Lauren?” I thrust hard again.

“Mmmm! Ooofh!”

“You love cock in your ass, don’t you, slut?”

“Ow! Yes. You’re the first, Jimmy. You…ooofh…got my anal cherry.” Now I was pulling all the way out of her ass, waiting for her anus to contract part way, then slamming back inside her ass, balls deep. It had to hurt a lot, but Lauren was taking it, even taking a break from stroking her clit to reach back and spread her ass for me.

“Don’t lie to me, bitch.” I ram the length of my shaft deep in her rectum. “This ass has been fucked before. You love it. You know how you want hard dick in your bum, you dirty little girl.”

“Mmmmph! Toys. I use toys. I stick a toy or a…mmmph…cucumber in my ass when my boyfriend fucks me. Owww! Ohhh!” I ram her ass harder. I want to hurt her. I want her to feel every inch.

“You don’t let your man do you in the ass? Don’t…ahhh!…lie to me.” I slide my cock in her wet pussy a couple times to make it slick. Then I continue the violation of her asshole.

“He…ooof…won’t. Thinks its nasty. Doesn’t get it…ouch!…that’s the point…OWWW!” Lauren cried loudly in pain. A cheer came up from the perverts watching below.

“Whoot Whoot!! Can I be next?” and so on.

“Hssss…don’t stop Jimmy, cum in my ass.” Lauren didn’t have to worry. I wasn’t going to stop. Getting fucked in the ass was painful for her because she wasn’t good at relaxing and gaping, but she was loving it nonetheless.

“Squeeze my cock, Lauren…” That she could do, and her anus contracted around my cock. She reached between her legs and grabbed my balls.

“I want to feel you cum Jimmy. Cum for me baby…” Suddenly my cock erupted deep in her ass. I pushed all the way in and held it there.

“Oh FUUUCCKKK Lauren! Ahhhhh! Fuck yeah!” My cock was spewing shot after shot of semen into her rectum. She squeezed my balls harder and whispered almost soothingly.

“Mmmmm…Jimmy…that’s it…give it all to me…ahhh…I love to feel you cum in my ass…no one ever came in my ass…beautiful…” My cum lubricated her asshole and my cock slid easier as it deflated following my epic orgasm. Lauren’s anus slammed shut as my limp cock slithered out of her asshole. But a beautiful stream of my sperm flowed steadily from her butthole and ran down her thigh. Lauren scraped a fingerful of cum from her skin and deposited it in her mouth.

“I love cum so much. In college I had a few friends with benefits. I got two and three loads a day for a couple years. I loved it.” I was a little dizzy from cumming so hard. Old age I guess. I guided Lauren over to the wicker loveseat. I sat down and she plopped in my lap. “Too much for you Jimmy?” Lauren gave me a fake smirk.

“Definitely. I’ve never been fucked like that. Amazing…” My cum was oozing from Lauren’s butthole and dripping down onto my cock and balls. Nice load, if I do say so… I pulled Lauren close and we kissed. My free hand played with her stiff nipples. I leaned over and sucked it into my mouth, tugging it gently with my teeth.

“Mmmm…nice Jimmy…you can bite it…hard if you want.” I bit hard and felt Lauren wince, but she simply moaned softly. “Oh yeah…” Lauren reached between her legs and grabbed my cock, which was now coated in cum from her stretched asshole. “Oh my, we can’t have that…” Lauren whispered as she slid off my lap and onto her knees. “We have to clean that up.” She locked my gaze with her lovely blue eyes as she slowly licked the length of my shaft, savoring and swallowing each mouthful of cum she swept from my cock. After she had licked each side of my cock like a little girl enjoying a popsicle, she told me to stand up. Lauren positioned herself between my legs and licked the cum from my balls and taint and slid a finger across my asshole. Pulling the skin of my sack with her teeth, Lauren bit and sucked on my balls. Her warm mouth felt amazing on my cum-swollen balls.

“I hate to waste good cum. And you gave me a lot of it. It’s okay if I play with your asshole Jimmy?”

“Uuummm…shit…yeah baby,” was all I could muster. Lauren held my cock in one hand and pulled her hair back with the other as she carefully licked the cum from the seat cushion. Her perfect tight ass bounced happily as she cleaned my semen from the cushion. She looked so hot and beautiful my spent cock hardened noticeably. Lauren licked the last of my sperm from her lips.

“Feels like you’re ready for more, Jimmy,” she said, stroking my shaft more rapidly.

“I don’t know baby. I think you got it all.” Lauren cupped my balls with her hand and squeezed.

“These balls? There is definitely another load in there.” She sucked the head of my cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. My dick rose to attention and rewarded her with a wad of cum which she ran across her lips before she swallowed it. “Turn around.” She turned me around, so my ass was in her face. She reached between my legs and kept a grip on my shaft. “Spread your cheeks for me Jimmy.” I reached back and spread my ass for her. Lauren continued to stroke my cock and play with my balls. I felt her warm tongue rimming and probing my butthole.

“Damn…yeah baby…nice…”

“Bend over, Jimmy.” I leaned forward and propped one hand against the sliding glass door into the suite. I felt Lauren’s wet finger push into my anus, her other hand running up and down my cock and caressing my balls. I grunted a little as her finger probed deeper inside me, but I also pushed my hips back taking her finger deeper into my ass.

“Ooomph…” I grunted as Lauren worked her finger in my anus. Her stroking of my dick was now lubed with a wad of precum she had coaxed out of me.

“And you thought you couldn’t cum again, Jimmy. You made me cum so much, I want you to cum again.” I felt her finger slowly slide out of my ass and Lauren pushed her warm tongue into my anal canal. I jumped a bit, and almost came right then.

“Ahhhh…Lauren…you feel so good in my ass…” I whispered. She pushed deeper. I tried to relax, but I’d never had anything but a finger in my butt, so I wasn’t very good at gaping. Lauren patiently pulled on my hips and worked her tongue deeper into my ass. I looked down to see a drop of precum drip from my cock onto the floor. I felt my asshole pucker closed as Lauren slid her tongue from my butt.

“Now you’re going to cum, Jimmy.” Stroking my cock harder, I felt Lauren’s fingers slide easily into my stretched asshole.

“Whoa…yeah…” I grunted as her fingers filled my rectum. She ran the palm of her hand around the wet head of my dick. Then Lauren thrust her fingers deep into my bum and stroked my gland. I never felt anything like that as a rocket of cum shot from my cock, spattering against the glass door. She continued to massage my prostate, coaxing several more streams from my cock, making a complete mess of the glass door. I was finally drained, and Lauren released my cock, licking my cum from her fingers. My anus squeezed shut as her fingers slid out. I turned and faced Lauren, who was still on her knees. She playfully grabbed my cock and licked a bit of cum from the head. She looked over at the cum coated glass door.

“Jimmy, you make me work so hard for your cum!” She crawled on her hands and knees to the window and began lapping up my cum as it dripped down the glass. “Go sit outside,” Lauren said huskily. “I want you to watch me eat your jizz.” I needed to sit down. The violence of my orgasm had left me shaky. I stroked my limp cock and watched Lauren start to clean the glass door. She dragged her tongue along a thick stream of semen before swallowing it down and licking her lips. She put her palms against the glass as she licked up some of the higher cum shots. She pressed her tits on the glass and rubbed them in my cum as she sucked up my load. She locked eyes with me as she sat back, licked her lips and rubbed my cum all over her breasts. Then she stood, turned her back to me and spread her ass and used it to smear my cum across the glass. I could see that cum was still dripping from her now red and swollen anus.

My reverie at Lauren’s cum bath was broken when her phone buzzed on the table next to me. It was a text from her mom. “We’re back from the island and need a drink. We’re on our way to the pool bar at the Ritz. Meet you there in a bit.” Shit. I was naked, sweaty and fucked out. Lauren was naked and rubbing cum all over her body. I showed her the text. Lauren just smiled.

“Let’s get our bathing suits on and head to the bar. We’ll just say we were at the beach all day.”

“Maybe you should shower off first?” I suggested. Lauren gave me a devilish grin.

“Oh I definitely should,” she said as she rummaged through her satchel for her bathing suit. “But I’m not going to.” Lauren stepped into the bottoms of a skimpy thong bikini that didn’t really cover anything but her slit. She leaned forward a bit to corral her pretty, cum covered tits into an equally skimpy top. She saw me staring and sidled over to me and grabbed my semi-hard dick. “Jimmy…you better cover up this bad boy. I don’t want my mom to come after you.”

“Hell no,” I agreed, and got into my modest bather. It fit close, but any erection would be on display for all. I grabbed my key card and looked around the room before we left. “I hope your family doesn’t want to see my room.” Balcony furniture was overturned, Lauren’s expensive bridesmaid’s gown was in a heap on the floor, my linen pants were on the balcony somehow, a large wet stain was drying on the duvet cover and the sliding glass door was smeared with semen. Lauren looked around as she slipped into her stiletto heels again.

“I forgot my flip flops,” she explained. “God I hope they do see this. My upper Midwest family has no idea what a good fuck looks like.” Lauren stood and headed towards the door. Her bare ass was so beautiful the way the heels made it stick out. Her hair was a mess from my pulling it while fucking her ass. It even looked like she got some cum in her hair. Parts of her legs and stomach had dried cum smeared on them, but if I didn’t know what it was, I might not figure it out. I did notice a stream of cum drying on her neck that was unmistakable. I was going to tell her as we left the room, but I forgot all about it as I watched her strut down the hall, her long legs and tight ass flexing as she walked. This will be interesting…

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