King of the Mountain


She nodded at my phone. “I want you in me while you talk to her.”

That made little sense. “Wha?”

“While you’re on the phone with your wife,” she explained patiently, “I want you to be fucking me.”


“Right. It’s just this fantasy I’ve had, is all.” Her voice went low and soft, the bed creaking a tad as her knees hit it. “We’ve had so much fun tonight, hmm?” She was on her hands and knees now, her back arched, letting me see her young curves. A hand reached to my belly button, started downward… “It’s just a little favor.”

She was dripping again, losing herself in that slack-jawed way she had, staring at me. So I got another erection, the initial stirrings giving way to full hardness in just a few seconds. With her, it was always like that. If she felt triumphant, she didn’t show it; her fingers, then her palm, then her tongue, scraped along my sticky shaft, and by then the decision was made.

I reached over to tap at her hip, telling her to move where I wanted her. The mirrored door of her closet, I felt, would do nicely. She stayed on hands and knees as I got her into position, one-handed, my phone ready to hit the “send” button for Kelsey.

The room was still dimly lit by the streetlamp outside, and in the closet door Emma stared at herself, on hands and knees, waiting for me to enter her. I studied her for a moment, struck as always by her sheer raw sexiness. She rested her elbows on the bed, her eyes penetrating the mirror; I could see her sinewy back, her wide hips, the twin hills of her ass, rising behind.

I positioned my knees alongside her calves on her crusty sheets. Her whole shitty apartment reeked of cum. She was panting already, her challenging eyes returning my gaze in the mirror, and my dick stood hard and ready. I didn’t even need to reach down to guide it into her; I just grabbed her solid hips, took a breath, and pushed right in.

Emma gasped sharply; she stiffened, then relaxed, then laughed quietly as I sank all the way into the humid mess between her legs. We felt my balls crush against her clit, and she shivered.

I let my penis pulse once; she gasped as I swept it out of her, waited at the mouth of her pussy, and then drove it right back in. It took us a few more strokes before our sticky, weary bodies were moving in unison; she glared at me in the mirror, her face moving in and out of the shadows. “What are you waiting for, lover?” she demanded, her voice husky. “Call her.”

“Shit.” I dialed. In one ear I heard the disembodied ringing of the phone; in the other, the slick wet gurgle of Emma and I fucking smoothly, urgently. As I stared at her rippling ass I could feel myself getting more excited, her skin pale. Smooth.

Kelsey chose that moment to pick up.

“Honey!” I heard loudly; in the mirror, Emma picked her head up with glinting eyes. “I’ve been worried. Where the fuck are you?”

Balls-deep in the waitress. “Still at Jeff’s house.” It was hard for me to keep my voice under control; down beneath me, Emma had her hand over her mouth. Her eyes looked delighted. “He’s wasted.”

“Shit, honey,” she whined. “When are you going to get home?”

“I’m exhausted, Kels. It’s like three in the morning. I’m just going to crash here,” I said with a sigh; I hope she interpreted it as resignation. In fact, Emma had just begun thrusting back against me, and I was watching her little breasts swing in the mirror. So hot. “I’m exhausted.”

“Right, right.” I heard her yawn. “Whatever. I’m just happy you’re okay.” She paused. “Is there something going on? What’s Jeff doing?”

“I’m telling you, he’s totally fucked up.” End the call! screamed my brain. I left it there. “Look, I’m wiped. I’ll call you in the morning.”

“Okay. Love you, sweetie!”

“Love you too, hon.” It was a purely automatic response, but Emma couldn’t contain herself any longer; I barely got the phone hung up before she broke out into peals of laughter.

“Nice,” she gasped.

I spanked her. “You going to cum, or should we just roll over and go to sleep?”

“Almost there,” she grinned, flushed. I gripped her harder.

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