Jack and Randy – Chapter 5



My “business” is working out to be very profitable.

Our next client was Ruth. Denied of the pleasure of a dog she sought us out to satisfy a need so strong she wanted it twice. I found myself wanting pleasure myself.

Jack rang me on Monday afternoon to say a previous client wanted a session and was bringing a friend with her. She had taken Randy at Jack’s house so it was obvious she wasn’t shy. Jack her friend was a virgin (with dogs) and she wanted to show her the joys of bestiality. But the friend was very nervous. I knew personally how that felt. He wanted me to handle it. I told him I would be happy to and we arranged for them to come to the house on Wednesday afternoon at 3pm.

On Wednesday I did the usual. Gym in the morning and then picked up Randy and went to the house. I got there about 2pm, prepared the house and managed to fend off Randy who decided he was ready to go with me. I put him in the play room wishing that we had time. But business came first and I wanted him fit and active for our clients. They arrived just before 3pm, obviously anxious to get started. Marge was late 30s and obviously the instigator of this adventure. Her friend Marie was early 30s. Both women were married and, how can I put this, passed their slim best. But they were well dressed and Marge in particular was eager to meet Randy.

I took them to the play room and I think Randy recognised Marge as he ran up to her, tail wagging. “I will leave you to it” I said “if you need anything just yell”. “Oh you are not staying?” questioned Marge but Marie said they would be fine. I left and went to the control room and powered up. I had only been out of the room a matter of minutes and Marge was already naked with Marie almost naked. Marge started to give Marie directions but I could see she was reluctant. “Ok I will go first” said Marge and patted Randy on the head. She squealed and laughed as he pushed his nose into her crotch. I could tell that this was a woman with a wealth of experience. Marie stood wide-eyed as Randy lapped at Marge’s pussy. “Oh Marie you are going to love this honey” she sighed.

Marge was now “in the zone” and looked at Marie. “I will go first honey” she said and before Marie could respond she dropped to her knees. Randy immediately mounted her and probed away until he found what he was probing for. A nice tight, warm pussy. Marge moaned loudly as he drove his growing cock into her. Marie watched transfixed as her friend surrendered to Randy as he humped her furiously. “Oh fuck” muttered Marie “that is so evil”. Marge laughed “not evil darling it is amazing”. By the time Randy had finished with Marge Marie was rubbing her clit and moaning in unison. Randy pulled away and Marge looked up. “Are you ready honey” she gushed “are you ready for the fuck of your life?” Marie smiled broadly. She was ready.

Now I thought Randy would like a few minutes to recover but Marie wasn’t about to wait. She called Randy and he came to her. “Pat his head honey” Marge said and Randy did what he did best. “Oh Marge that feels so good” moaned Marie. I think the fact that she had already got herself off watching Marge helped her make her more sensitive. Any fears I had with Randy not being up for it were dispelled when I noticed his cock starting to show. Marie quickly dropped to her knees. “I want him Marge” she shouted. As if hearing Marie plea Randy mounted her and plunged his cock into her accompanied by screams from Marie and applause from Marge. “I feel like a total slut” moaned Marie. “It is nice isn’t it darling” said Marge. “Yes, so nice” was the response.

Randy having done his work withdrew and laid in the corner. He was panting from his efforts. The two women were in raptures. They hugged and kissed. I got the impression that they were more than good friends. Two women, each married, into each other and now both into dogs. What a great life they had. As for me? Well I had a couple of orgasms while I watched them, rather jealous of their affection for each other. I went and directed them to the bathroom and the ensuite shower. I could hear them giggling and moaning. I wished I had put a secret camera in there too. I waiting in the lounge as they returned fully dressed. “Thank you Beth” they both said together “we had a wonderful time”. “My pleasure” I said “and Randy’s pleasure as well” and we all laughed.

I had pity on Randy, even though I would have loved to be under him. I returned him to Jack, we talked some business and then I returned home. That night I stared at my toys and somehow they were not exciting. Still, I did have a burning desire between my legs and they were better than nothing. Two orgasms later I fell asleep with the image of Marge and Marie in the shower together buzzing around in my head.

Over the next month Jack and I were busy. Our “service” had obviously been spread by word of mouth. I think because we offered secrecy. Weekday clients were generally older married woman who enjoyed dog sex while their husbands were at work. Weekends were mainly younger single women who enjoyed no nonsense fucking with a dog. I began to worry about being exposed by the increased clientele but Jack said not to worry. When I questioned his confidence he finally revealed that the council animal welfare office was a woman who availed herself of Randy’s skills. I chuckled. “Does she avail herself of you?” I asked. He got serious. “No woman could ever take the place of my darling wife” he said “even you”. I said I wondered why he had never tried it on with me. Even after seeing me “entertain” Randy. He smiled “even you, you sexy dog bitch. Even you”.

It was a Saturday and Jack rang to say that he had a booking for Sunday. “She is an experience dog lover. Her name is Toni” he said “she has heard about us and is very keen”. “OK” I replied “Sunday at 3pm.” He chuckled “still addicted to that damn gym are you?” “Yes Jack, I love how I look in the mirror” I replied. I got to the house at 2pm as usual and checked all was ready. I heard a car pulled up and there was a knock on the door. I opened it and froze on the spot. Standing on the front porch was a woman from the gym. We had nodded at each other, even said a quick hello, but never exchanged names. Getting over my initial shock I said “Hello. This is awkward”. She smiled and said “Hello. No not awkward. Now I know your name is Beth. May I come in?”

I led her into the kitchen. There was an awkward silence and she said “so Beth now we know each other we don’t have to be shy. Are you just a fascinator or are you also a bitch?” I began to relax. There was no use pretending. “Yes” I said. “I thought there was something about you. I have been a dog lover for years. You?” she asked. “Only for a month or so” I replied. She laughed. “Addictive isn’t it? In fact it is the only cock I let near me”. I knew exactly what she was saying. Perhaps she was sounding me out to see if I was the same.

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