Jack and Randy – Chapter 04



Our business is growing.

Our first clients were a couple. The wife was definitely into dog sex and the husband enjoyed filming her being serviced.

After Anthony and Becky left I quickly cleaned up and took Randy back to Jack’s place. We had a new client on Sunday and I was loath to leave Randy at the house alone and couldn’t take him home with me. “How did it go?” asked Jack. “Fine Jack” I said “the wife was so happy”. I left Randy there and went back to my apartment. I turned on the computer and replayed the day’s events. I wasn’t surprised that Becky had enjoyed her little romp. I started to get feelings too and a session with a toy didn’t help. I cursed that I hadn’t availed myself of Randy after they left.

Sunday morning I again picked up Randy just after lunch and headed for the house. Randy was particularly active as he obviously now related the house to sex. At 2pm on the dot a car pulled up and Ruth got out. She looked nervous so I made a coffee to calm her down a bit. She told me that she had been a dog “lover” for about a year without her husband ever suspecting but when the dog died her husband refused to get another one. I thought that probably he did know and that was the reason. I assured her she would total safe and that no-one would know. This seemed to ease her mind. Ruth was mid-20s, slim with brown hair. A nice figure with piecing brown eyes.

Randy had been locked in the play room so I took to meet him. She was so excited. Randy seemed to know she was into dogs and greeted her by rushing up and pushing his nose under her dress. “I don’t want to get naked in case he scratches me” she said. I said there was no need “just remove your knickers and that is enough” I assured her. She didn’t waste any time, taking them off and patting him on the head as I suggested. Her squeal as Randy stuck his nose between her thighs echoed throughout the house. This was a woman who had been denied of her pleasure and now was going to make full use. “Yes my darling lick my pussy” she gasped. I had walked out of the room and into what I called my control room. I watched as Ruth gave Randy full access to her crotch and shouted “oh yes my lovely doggy, make me cum”.

In a flash she dropped to her knees and again he licked away making her cum a second time. “Fuck me darling” she wailed “fuck your doggy whore”. I don’t know if Randy understand what she said but seeing her on all fours was probably enough and he mounted her. So well trained was Randy that he found her pussy almost immediately and begun to do what Randy does. Ruth’s moans grew louder as Randy’s cock grew bigger. “Fuck me darling” she wailed again “it has been so long”. All too soon he slowed as he buried his knot deep inside her quivering body. She continued to moan quietly as he deposited his seed into this most willing bitch. He seemed almost reluctant to withdraw but his knot, having served its purpose, shrunk and he pulled away.

Ruth remained on all fours still moaning, such was the pleasure that she had endured. Some time earlier I had stopped resisting and had an orgasm of my own. I was turned on watched a woman get so much pleasure from an animal. I got up and walked to the play room. “Are you ok Honey” I asked. Her face was a picture of pure lust as she raised herself up on her knees. “I want him again Beth” her voice almost a whisper. “I want him to fuck me again. I need him” she said, her eyes welled up in tears. I looked over at Randy and he was still licking his fully erect cock. I think he enjoyed that as much as plunging into a pussy. “Can he do it again?” she begged “I will pay extra”. I squatted down and told her I wouldn’t take extra money. “Just give his a few minutes Ruth honey” I said “I am sure he will want another chance to please you”.

Thankfully Randy did rise to the occasion. Ruth got on all fours again and I called him over. He licked her still soaked pussy and seemed to know she wanted more. He certainly did and mounted her. She looked over at me and mouthed the words “thank you” and then squealed as Randy drove his cock into his bitch’s fuck tunnel. She again moaned and urged him to fuck her. Of course he didn’t need any encouragement as he performed. I had thought of leaving but the room was electric as Ruth surrendered to her furry lover. I abandoned all propriety and sat on the floor beside them and masturbated. All three of us were groaning as all three of us had orgasms. It was so unreal.

Ruth’s second round seemed to excite her more than the first. I was wondered she would want to go again. Fortunately, for Randy’s sake, twice had been enough. One thing was certain, however, Ruth would become a regular client. I could not imagine anyone more willing than her. Still it was early days and who knew what was ahead. Finally separated I handed Ruth a towel to hold against herself until she could have a shower. It was about 15 minutes before she came back, fully dressed, fully satisfied and smiling. The tears in her eyes were gone and instead they almost glowed. “Thank you Beth” she said and kissed me “I never knew how much I missed my dog until today”. I hugged her and told her we were always there if she needed us.

After Ruth left I looked at Randy who was lying there looking at me with those gorgeous eyes. It was if he had hypnotised as I pulled off my knickers and called him. He padded over and started to lick me without any pat on the head. He could probably smell my scent. I moaned deeply as my heart rate increased and my body shivered in anticipation. “Fuck me you horny dog” I shouted “fuck me with your big cock. Punish me darling”. Without delay he mounted me, found his target and drove that lovely cock hard into me. He humped me franticly and I howled my appreciation. I slipped my hand down and delayed him knotting with me. His frustration sent me over the edge and I pulled my hand away. “Do it Randy. Ram that knot into me” I squealed. In an instant we were tied together.

It took maybe 5 minutes before he eventually pulled away. My pussy was humming and my heart was pumping. I began to understand why women liked mating with a dog. No bullshit, no excuses, no demands, just pure unadulterated sex. It was so simple and so satisfying.

I cleaned myself up and cleaned the room then retrieved the tape of Ruth’s adventure. I grabbed Randy and returned him to Jack. “Everything ok” he asked. “Yes, our client today could not get enough. I am sure she will be back” I replied. “You looked a bit flushed Beth” he said and smiled. He knew that Ruth wasn’t the only one to be entertained by Randy. I smiled sweety and didn’t answer. He had been involved for far too long not to know what had happened. “Want a coffee Beth?” he asked but I was keen to get home. “Next time Jack” I said and got to my apartment. I had a light dinner as I was still buzzing. Randy had serviced me and I was still on fire. I slept well that night.

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