Hope and Sally: Best Butties Part 1



Hope and Sally develop a bound that will bring their friendship closer than ever.

A friendship is brought much closer than they could have imagined. I’ll explain how their first discovery sleepover sparked 20 years of friendly sexual adventure.

Hope and Sally develop a bound that will bring their friendship closer than ever.

Hope is my best friend, my opposite, my balance, and my soon to be lover. She’s tall, dark skin, brunette hair. She is a clever, loud, unapologetic, and a flirt.

After a summer apart we have our first back to school sleep over. Hope’s house was so big we had a whole floor to ourselves. She gets right to telling me what her older cousin showed her over the summer. Just like my cousin Lea had used my holes, Hope’s older cousin Amber showed her a finger or five.

I couldn’t help but show the biggest smile on my face as Hope told me her stories from the summer. I thought I’d be playing with myself all year long. Little did I know my best friend would share the same sexual desires as me.

Hope reads it well and her hand is tracing up my thigh towards my already dripping wet pussy. I stop her hand with my own and lean in to kiss her. I need to slow this down and break the pace. I want to make it clear to Hope how I feel about my virginity.

Luckily she feels the same way and her

cousin had the same idea as mine. Like our older cousins had spared us our hymens and left us with the decision to choose when and who we wanted to lose our technical vaginal virginity to, Hope and I would continue on pleasing ourselves in other ways than deep vaginal penetration.

Although Hope did love a good anal stuffing, she begged for my tongue more often than not. I preferred my ass filled with well, what started with just fingers led to our imagination’s getting the best of us.

We grew up together so showering together so that was already a common occurrence and we took it to our advantage. We’d buy vibrating toothbrushes by the dozen. The young girls cheap vibrator. We’d take a nice long shower and stuff our holes with every toothbrush we have acquired.

As much as I loved the feeling of my hole being stretched I needed that feeling deep in my bowels.

I happen to love to cook so my now corrupted mind went straight to the kitchen for pleasure. I trimmed and cleaned a big, thick, fresh leek. I scoured the cabinets for coconut oil, which would soon be our go to lube.

We used our little fingers to cover the long thick vegetable then I got on all fours. Hope used her lubed up fingers to stretch my already abused hole. Hope feels like she’s warmed me up enough and without warning my young hole is filled with one of nature’s gifts for the first time.

As this root veggie, which was once grounded in the earth, drove into my young rectum, I myself felt grounded, having found a way to connect with my best friend on this spiritual and sexual level.

We loved pushing each other’s limits and forcing our holes to try more. Stuffing super tampons, pens, and markers in our asses became completely normal in our day to day lives. We loved filling each other to the absolute brim.

We soon got bored and moved on to a hair brush to pump our butt holes. Once our bodies grew used to the size we needed to expand our means of pleasing. We soon moved on to shampoo bottles which was great, easy access in the shower.

Sometimes at my house we’d sleep in my living room. We put on some late night early 2000s Showtime porn on mute in the background. The recliner would be laid practically flat and we’d 69 until the sun came up. I was utterly addicted to the way Hope ate me up. As she was inthralled with the way my tongue and hands explored her anal canal. I was always on top, most people think this is a position of dominance, but in our relationship in was a position of submission because Hope could keep my asshole stuffed at all times from this angle.

We didn’t have access to sex toys for some time. Vegetables like leeks, carrots, and cucumbers became quiet familiar up our asses. We loved a little friendly competition. We’d challenge each other to see who could fit more carrots up their bum. I always, no pun intended, stuffed the competition. I could easily take 10 big carrots up my butt like a regular anal slut.

We used clamp hair curlers as anal speculums. Testing our youthful limits is what we did best. We literally loved the stretch and couldn’t get enough!

The every day household ice cream scoop is the most underrated kitchen appliance sex toy. God the both of us loved that stuffed inside our asses for hands free pleasure. The scoop acted as a plug and would stay in place as we devoured each others genitalia.

Around the holidays we got very festive. We used witches wands up our butt for Halloween. A corn anal massage was our favorite Thanksgiving tradition. Candy canes were a sweet treat to eat out of each other for Christmas. On New Year’s Eve we sent kazoos up our to hilt. Valentine’s Day kicked off enema season with a whipped cream filler. St. Patty’s day was a green beer enema blur. Easter we string a dozen eggs deep down our bowels. We then wrap up the holidays on Fourth of July with Roman candles tooting out our asses.

To be continued…

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