Holidays with the Johnson’s



A continuation of Albert’s adventurous life. He spends the holiday with the Johnson’s, his new foster family. He received nice.

I was staring at the clock. The last hour had seemed like it had lasted four. I now had ten minutes. Ten minutes until a two week break from school. Ten minutes until Christmas break. I could never remember being so excited about anything.

Football had ended three weeks earlier. Since there was no practice, my afternoons had been filled with studying and helping Mrs. Johnson decorate for Christmas. We had put up the tree, but was waiting until Samantha, the Johnson’s daughter, to come home from college before we placed the lights and ornaments on it. We had decorated around the house, inside and out. At night the house glowed with red, green and blue lights.

I had never had a real Christmas. Most of the homes,I was in, made the minimum effort to celebrate. A couple of Christmases I had been at the State Home. At the Home, many people would donate, second hand toys to be given out, but many times there were more kids than toys, so the older kids would be left out and the smaller kids would receive the gifts.

Mrs. Johnson had asked me several times what I wanted. I did not want to sound greedy so I would tell her clothes or something like that. WhatI really wanted was the letter jacket that I was eligible for, but it was expensive.

Players became eligible for a letter jacket after playing twenty quarters in the season. I had done that and much more as the starting middle linebacker and the second string quarterback. I had only received a few snaps at QB but played on most every down on defense. The playing time made the players eligible, and the school paid for half of the jacket, but the parents were responsible for the other half. I had heard that the parents half was over $150 and I wasn’t going to ask for something that expensive.

Five more minutes and I was getting antsy.I was excited to finally get to meet Samantha.I had answered the phone a couple times when she had called. She seemed nice. Each time she called, she would ask how I was adjusting. I had seen pictures of her around the house, they were everywhere. My favorite was a picture with her parents on Senior Night for the basketball team. She was in uniform and she had some great legs.

I had not had sex since that night with Dana. I had had chances, but I had not taken them. I had gone to the homecoming dance with one of the cheerleaders, her name was Kim. She was very pretty and we danced a lot. She smelled wonderful and on slow dances I am sure she felt my penis against her. As much as I wanted to, I never made a pass at her. We were friends and that is really all I wanted. I did not like the feeling of being used, and if I would have had sex with her, that would have been all I would have been doing.

The bell finally rang, and I was up and out of class with a flash. I was standing at the car when Mrs. Johnson finally walked out. We got in the car and went home.

It was later before Samantha arrived. I stayed in my room and let her see her parents and get caught up. Then I slowly walked into the family room where they were. I was left breathless.

Samantha was a younger version of her mom. She was lightskin, just a little darker than I was. She was dressed in a sweater, jeans and boots that went up just past her ankles. Even in the sweater, it was clear that she had nice breasts. The jeans fit snug against her hips and her round bottom looked even firmer than her mothers. Her eyes were a light brown, and they sparkled when she smiled, and she smiled a lot.

After her parents introduced us, Samantha went to put her things in the guest room, since I had taken hers. We had dinner and everyone settled in the family room to decorate the tree. Samantha had changed from her travel attire to a pair of pajama bottoms and a tank top.

During the tree decorating, we had lots of fun. Mr. Johnson had found christmas songs on the computer and had them playing. He and his wife would pass the ornaments to me and Samantha and we would hang them on the limbs.

It did not take me long to realize that Samantha had also taken her bra off. Her firm breast barely budged when she moved. It wasn’t until she bent over to hang an ornament on one of the lower branches that I discovered it.

Her tank top didn’t reveal much, but her firm breast hung free long enough for me to get an eye full before she stood back up. Electricity shot through my body and came out my penis and it began to swell. I quickly moved to the other side of the tree to get her out of my sight.

It was no use, everytime I would move, she would follow. A couple times she reached across me to place and ornament and I could feel her nipple graze against my hand. I was in a mess. I turned and readjusted things so the bulge in my jeans was not so visible.

When it came time to hang the star on the top of the tree, Samantha smiled and handed it to me. She placed a ladder close to the tree and I climbed up and placed the star. When I started to come back down, I looked down and she was holding the ladder and her face was inches from my penis. I almost fell backwards fearing that she knew I was hard.

If she saw anything, she didn’t let on about it. As soon as the ladder was put back in its place and all the empty boxes put away, she stretched her arms over her head and yawned. He movement caused the tank top to ride up her firm stomach. Her belly button was pierced and a diamond hung over her sexy innie belly button. My penis almost erupted.

Samantha announced she was going to bed. When she left the room, I immediately headed for the shower. I had never undressed so fast. I turned the water on in the shower and grabbed the lotion. While the water ran, I sat on the toilet and went to work.

I closed my eyes and I could see Samantha’s breast in front of my eyes. I could see her sexy stomach, with the diamond in her belly button. I erupted in record time. The gunk shot out and landed on my leg, the toilet and the floor. I even got some in my hair. It was the most intense stroking session I had ever had.

The visions of Samantha’s gorgeous breasts would not leave my memory. I dreamed about them all night. I dreamed she was rubbing them all over my face. I dreamed that she used them to stroke me off. I was in a mess. I woke up with an aching hard on and had to stroke again.

I slept late the next morning. When I got up, everyone was gone. Mrs. Johnson had left a note telling me She and Samantha had gone to do some last minute shopping. Mr. Johnson was at work, doing a day’s haul. She told me there was food in the refrigerator, and they would be home before dinner.

I text Jimmy and Robby and within the hour they were in my room and we were playing video games. Rather, they were playing video games and I was watching. I still had not gotten the hang of the whole video game craze. I could not get Samantha out of my head.

Shortly after lunch, Robbie and Jimmy left. Knowing I still had some time, I snuck into Samantha’s room. I didn’t know why I was in there, but curiosity drew me in. I looked around on the bed, and on the floor. Her bed was made, and all her clothes had been put away. I was about to leave when I spotted something shiny laying between her bed and the nightstand.

It was a tiny tube looking thing. I knelt and picked it up. It looked like a long, oversized bullet. It was silver and shiny. I brought it closer to my eyes. There was a switch on the bottom. I flipped the switch and it began vibrating in my hand. I quickly turned it off and put it back where I found it.

I went back to my room and turned on my computer. I researched the name engraved on the bottom. I was totally surprised. The shiny bullet was a vibrator. Women used it as a substitute for a man’s penis. They used it for the same reason that I used my lotioned hands.

My imagination went wild. I imagined Samantha laying on the bed, with her long, sexy legs wide and her feeding the vibrator into her wet cunny. Seeing her gorgeous eyes rolling back in her head as the vibrator buzzed her to eruption. My jogging pants had a big bulge. I raced to the bathroom and shot another load of guck into the tub.

I needed some relief and my hand wasn’t cutting it. I thought about trying to find Dana, but that thought left as quickly as it came. I didn’t want another wham bam. I needed sex.

Mom and Samantha returned. Having her there didn’t help. I helped them bring bags and boxes into the house. They went into Mr. and Mrs. Johnson’s bedroom and wrapped the things they had purchased.

That night was uneventful. We had dinner and Samantha went out with some of her old friends. I showered and went to be early. The next day was Christmas Eve. More friends and family were set to arrive and I figured it would hurt to get some rest.

The next morning, family and friends arrived early. I didn’t realize there were so many people coming. The house was full. I met so many people that I could not remember them all. I played some football with some of the kids, we played board games and the food was very plentiful.

I don’t remember ever seeing so much food. I honestly didn’t know half of what I ate, but it was all good. The desserts were the best. The peanut butter balls, the bon bons, peanut brittle, it was all so good.

There were plenty of girls there as well. A couple of them caught my eye, but none were as pretty as Samantha. She had on a new pair of jeans, and everytime she walked by, I could not tear my eyes away from her butt. I could not shake the image of her vibrator buzzing inside her cunny.

Everyone left after we played a game of Dirty Santa. It was fun. I ended up with a set of flashlights, which were pretty cool. After the last guest left, we all pitched in and cleaned up. It was almost midnight when we finally finished. I was so tired that I didn’t even stroke while in the shower. I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

The next morning, I was awakened by Samantha jumping on my bed. She was shaking me and bouncing the whole bed. The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was her gorgeous breasts in my face. When she bounced, they bounced. I could see her dark nipples protruding from her tank top, which caused an instant erection.

“Come on sleepy head, it’s Christmas,” she said, excitedly, when she saw me open my eyes.

Luckily she ran out of my room before I got out of the bed or she would have seen how hard she had made me. I slipped on a pair of jogging pants and a t-shirt. By the time I got to the family room, my condition was manageable.

Mr. Johnson passed out presents. I had looked forward to this day for weeks, and I was not disappointed. Samantha and I opened present after present. I received new clothes, an electric razor, socks, and a replica of my football jersey. We were given stockings that were filled with a new toothbrush, mouthwash, lotion, more socks, and candy. After about twenty minutes all the presents were opened but one.

I was gathering my stuff up to take to my room when Mr. Johnson announced that there was one more present. He reached under the tree and pulled it out. He looked at the tag and smiled, and handed it to me. I got a little nervous as all three of them gathered around me and smiled.

I slowly tore the paper. I looked around confused as I popped the tape on the box. I lifted the box and my excitement was uncontrollable. I pulled out my letterman jacket. The one thing that I had wanted, but I didn’t tell anyone.

I jumped up and put it on. My hands were shaking so much. It fit perfectly. I hugged Mrs. Johnson. Then I hugged Mr. Johnson. I repeatedly told them thank you. Samantha pulled out her phone and took a picture of me with it on.

The rest of the day, we just hung out as a family. It was an odd feeling because the only other family that I had been a part of, was nothing like this one. We ate leftovers from the feast the day before, we watched football and ate popcorn. We just enjoyed the time we had.

The next few days were filled with family time. No one went to school or work. The only real work being done was getting ready for New Years Eve. The Johnson’s said that the neighborhood threw a big pot-luck New Years Eve party. So the whole neighborhood was a buzz.

I hung out with Jimmy and Robbie a little throughout the week. They had been invited to the party and we took Jimmy’s truck to the store and bought some fireworks. We planned on ending the year with a bang.

The party finally arrived. There was again more food and more games. This time I had my friends with me and I was in my comfort zone. I knew most all of the neighbors and met a few of their friends and family as we mingled up and down the street.

Close to midnight, my friends and I wandered off to where we were going to shoot the fireworks. At midnight, Jimmy lit the first fuse. In a few seconds, the sky lit up with different colors and patterns. I thought as I watched how rough this year had started, but it had ended up on a very good note. I was among friends and with a family that considered me their own. I was happy for the first time in my life.

After the fireworks and cleaning up, I said goodbye to my friends. I walked back to the Johnson’s and went inside. Samantha had gone out with her friends so it was just the three of us. Mr.Johnson and I watched a little TV and made plans to watch college bowl games the next morning. I showered and went to bed.

I was awakened sometime during the night by the strangest sensation. As I laid in my bed, it felt just like my penis was being sucked. I slowly moved my hands downward in the bed. I felt a body. I opened my eyes, and to my surprise, it was Samantha.

I pushed her away and turned on the reading lamp beside my bed. She was topless. Her firm, perky breasts were in full view, and they were as perfect as I had imagined. Her light skinned breasts were topped with dark, almost black, nipples that resembled the eraser of a brand new No. 2 pencil.

“Samantha, what are you doing?” I whispered.

She lifted off my penis. Her eyes were almost shut and red. She had an awkward smile on her face. Her head just wobbled back and forth.

“Shhh Justin, you are going to wake up Molly, and I am horny,” she said with slurred speech.

She was drunk. I do not know who Molly or Justin were. I assumed friends from school. I didn’t know what to do. I had wanted her, but I wasn’t sure this was the way. Then she swallowed my hard penis. My conscience went blank.

She slurped on my penis. Her hand gripped the base as her pouty lips kept a tight grip. I could feel her tongue pressing against the underside as her head bobbed. I reached down and cupped her breasts. I pinched her hard nipple gently between my middle and fore fingers. She moaned her approval.

I could feel my balls begin to tingle, I had not erupted in a couple days. I quickly pulled my penis from her mouth with a pop. I pulled her to me and kissed her lips as I rolled over on top of her.

“Oh Justin,” was all that she said.

I kissed her neck and made my way to her breast. I licked a circle around her nipple then I sucked it into my mouth. While sucking her breast, my hand slid down her flat toned stomach toward her cunny. I was surprised when I did not feel any hair as my fingers touched her vagina.

I had to see it. I kissed my way down her stomach. She opened her long tanned legs and pushed my head closer. The aroma coming from her cunny was delicious. I ran my tongue up her slit and she giggled. I slipped my tongue inside her and the taste of her juice was better than anything I had ever tasted before.

I licked and sucked on her cunny. Her giggling quickly changed to moans of pleasure. Her fingers were in my hair and her legs were like a vice around my head, and kept me in place. I sucked on her engorged button, and slipped a finger inside her. Her cunny erupted instantly. I continued to suck her until she pushed my head away.

“My pussy is on fire, fuck me Justin, fuck me good,” she gasped as she released my head from her grip.

I slid up and placed my penis at her wet opening. I slid it in nice and slow. Her cunny gripped me as slid more and more into her. About half way in, the pleasure was unbearable. I pushed the rest in with one thrust.

“Oh fuck, your cock feels so much bigger than last time,” she said as her legs wrapped around waist.

I pistoned my penis in and out of her wet fold. She was moaning softly. She was by far the best I had ever had and even though she had no clue it was me, I was enjoying myself very much.

Her cunny erupted twice as I moved in and out of her. My penis was beginning to swell inside her. The pressure was building in my gut. Apparently she was feeling it too, because she began to thrust upward to meet my thrust.

“Dont cum inside me, Justin. I want it in my ass again. Will you cum in my ass? I know Molly won’t let you near hers, but I want it baby. I love your cock in my ass.”

The words that came out of her mouth were unbelievable. She quickly pushed me off of her and turned over and lifted her ass up with her knees. She buried her head into my pillow. I had never put my penis in an ass before. I thought that was only what guys did to other guys.

I placed my penis at her anus. It resisted my advances. She reached back and spread her ass cheeks. I pressed harder. She gasped as my head penetrated her. It was tight, and dry. So I eased it in slowly. I only was about to get about a quarter in and the tightness was too much. My cock erupted inside her anus. It was the largest load I had ever produced.

My whole body went numb as jet after jet of gunk was deposited into Samantha’s ass. I gripped her firm buttocks just to stay upright. When my balls were empty, I pulled back and fell on the bed beside her. She lay there for a few seconds, then popped up. She kissed my cheek, and she was gone.

I laid there naked, staring at the ceiling. Guilt overcame me and I was sick. I jumped up and ran to the bathroom. I heaved and heaved, but nothing came up. I sat on the cold tile floor. Had I just raped Samantha? Had the best sex I ever had, get me thrown out of the best home I had ever been in? I heaved some more.

The sickening feeling in my gut stayed the rest of the night. I didn’t sleep a wink. I tossed and turned. I flipped on the TV but nothing interesting was on, so I turned it off. I watched as the sun rose and peeked into the window..

I was hesitant to get up when I heard movement in the house. I was scared that everyone knew what I had done. Samantha was not in her right mind, and I took advantage of the situation. I felt like a horrible person.

I drug myself out of bed and put on some clothes. I walked into the kitchen. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson welcomed me as always. I wondered if they would be as happy to see me if they had known what I had done to their daughter. Mrs. Johnson fixed me some breakfast while they talked about last night’s party. Mr. Johnson reminded me of our appointment in front of the TV for a day of football. All I could do was nod and put on a fake smile.

It was midafternoon and halfway through the second bowl game before Samantha emerged from her room. She looked terrible. She walked into the family room, and turned hurriedly and ran toward the bathroom.

Mr. Johnson shook his head. “That is what a night of drinking will do for ya,” he said as he popped a handful of popcorn into his mouth.

I watched the bathroom door. I was worried about Samantha, not only telling her parents what I had done, but because she looked so bad. Her hair was all matted up. Her makeup was smeared all over her face and her eyes had been bloodshot.

She emerged from the bathroom holding her stomach. I could not help remembering seeing her pretty face sliding up and down my penis. I couldn’t help it, I started getting hard. She walked over and sat on the couch beside me, and laid her head in my lap.

“I feel so bad,” she whined.

“You party hard, you suffer the consequences, young lady,” her father answered without pity.

“My stomach hurts, my head hurts and my butt hurts,” she continued to whine.

The words “my butt hurts” made me a little self conscious. I looked down at her, thinking I would be getting a dirty look, but to my surprise, her eyes were closed.

It seemed that Samantha had no clue about what had happened earlier that morning. As relieved as I was about that, I still felt bad that I had taken advantage of her in the condition she was in.

Mrs. Johnson brought her some juice and some aspirin. She rose up long enough to take them, then laid her head back on my leg. She slept for hours, as her father and I watched football.

Three days later, Samantha left to go back to college. She had not breathed a word of what had happened New Years night. I still had dreams of her heavenly body riding my penis and me erupting in her backside.

The following Monday it was back to school. It was a new semester, and our classes had changed. I no longer had to see Dana first thing in the mornings any more. Because I was an athlete, my last block was weight training. I was looking forward to that class because my best friends and teammates were in that class.

I arrived at the gym as the tardy bell rang. The coach yelled at me to get changed, so I dashed into the locker room and put on my gym shorts and t-shirt. I found Jimmy at the bench press and Robbie was doing squats. While I waited for one of them to finish, I noticed someone new.

She stood about 5’2”, she had on a pair of teal tights, that fit her tight butt like a glove, and a black sports bra. Her arms and back were very well toned, and her blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail. When she looked my way, her blue eyes sparkled and when she smiled at me her teeth were white as pearl. She looked like an angel that had fallen from Heaven.

She walked my way and stopped in front of me. I stuck out my hand. “Hey, I am Albert,” I said nervously.

She smiled back, “I heard your name was Bull,” her eyes moved down to my midsection, then back up to my face, “I am Tasha.” She stuck out her hand and we shook.

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