His Youngest Nubile Daughter Part .5


During the night’s activities in Kelly’s room, Lilly had lain in her own room unaware that her father was at that moment applying his gin-soaked lips to the naked flesh of her big sister’s pussy. After her shower, she had happily climbed into bed and slipped between the cool sheets with her mind spinning over what had happened to her. She could still remember how great it had been to have Curt take her housecoat and panties off and initiate her in the secret pleasures of her young, tender body.

Yet she had gone to sleep even before her mother came home. It was not her habit to go to sleep so early. Not even to go to bed so early, for that matter. But it had been, after all, a very special night for the youngster. Basking in the warm lassitude after the relaxing hot shower following her dad’s seduction, she floated off to sleep in no time at all. The next morning when she awoke, she found that her pussy was just the slightest bit sore but nothing to bother her too much. Tossing the covers off her nighty-covered body, she raised the bottom portion just enough to admit her hand and then pulled down her panties.

She peeked inside the undergarment and took a long look at her pouting pussy. Nothing changed, she thought to herself. The plump, rosy little hillocks of her pussy were just as they had been before she gave up her virginity. The same tiny blond hairs still curled wildly up from the top. Her delicate twin lips still were separated only by the thin line of the slit at the center, giving no indication at all that the thick, powerful horn of her dad’s big prick had been buried there the night before.

Jeez, she thought to herself, it’s no different. If I’d known before how good it feels to have a big thing like his up my cunny, I would have done it a long time ago.

But she had second thoughts on the matter as she rose and began dressing. She couldn’t have done it very much earlier in her life, anyway, she reasoned, because her ninnies and cunny hair were almost brand new — and she didn’t think Dad would have been interested in her unless she had at least that much to offer him. She smiled to herself and wondered how she would look in a few years. When her ninnies got big like Kelly’s and her mom’s, and when she had as much cunny hair as they did, then she bet her dad would really love stripping her clothes off and doing nasty things to her.

At breakfast the entire family seemed to be in a very good mood although not one of them knew each of the separate and secret reasons this was true. Curt didn’t even give Kelly a bad time when she asked to go out with Rex that night. It was Saturday and he was taking Karol and Lilly to a movie, so it was okay if Kelly wanted to go out with Rex as long as she got home early.

Afterwards Karol kidded him about his good humor. “What’s wrong?” she joked. “You didn’t even refer to Rex as that ‘long-haired, pimply-faced hippie’ like you usually do.”

Curt just shrugged and went on reading the paper. He could hardly tell her the real reason for his high spirits: that he had the night before made the pleasant discovery of their youngest daughter’s precocious penchant for screwing. The thought of her young, almost hairless pink pussy around his cock gave him chills of pleasure. He never would have believed himself capable of sinking that low. But now that he had tasted the kind of sex thrills possible from her pubescent tits and pussy, he knew he was going to want more.

Curt felt proud of himself — albeit in a very dirty, guilt-ridden way. He now enjoyed access to the secret sexual delights of three lovely females — an experienced, curvaceous wife, an eager sexpot of an eighteen-year-old daughter, and an innocent, beguiling little young daughter. Let the other guys chase after the broads on the streets and in the bars, he thought to himself. I’ve got more nice, fresh meat right here at home than they’d ever dream of.

That night he left for the movie with Karol and Lilly just before dark. They were attending a drive-in, and Lilly didn’t want to miss the cartoon that came on at the beginning.

After the rest of the family took off in the car Kelly went to the bathroom and began preparing for her date with Rex. She was feeling great. It was the first time she’d been with him since before the vacation to the park, and a lot had happened since then. Mainly, she had discovered how much fun it was to let a guy other than her dad have a little bit of loving from her. Her scene with David in his car had pointed the way toward further experiments. And tonight it was going to be with Rex.

Oh, he didn’t know it yet. That was going to be part of the fun of it. She giggled to herself as she powdered her tits and applied a liberal splash of perfume down the smooth skin of her naked torso and legs. She was probably going to wind up seducing him instead of having him seduce her, she realized. But that would be fun.

She stepped into her panties and wriggled the sheer material over the sumptuous curve of her ass, donned a one-piece mini-dress that left her thighs in view all the way up to a few inches below the danger point, and combed out her long, black hair till it covered her soft shoulders like a shawl. She took a bra from her undie drawer, held it up in front of her for a second then tossed it back.

Dad would have a shit-fit if he knew she was with Rex without a bra covering her fat tits, but what he didn’t know wouldn’t hart him. She grinned at the thought of how Rex, shy as he was, would react to the sight of her firm knockers underneath the thin material of her mini-dress top. She couldn’t wait to see him sweat with desire for her while she played it cool as though she had no idea where his thoughts were.

She had time to take one last look at herself in the full-length mirror before she heard his car park in the driveway. She jiggled her torso and watched how her proud tits bobbed freely under her top, then turned around and surveyed herself from behind. Perfect. Her willowy, curvaceous legs disappeared under the hem of her dress at just the right spot — a shade just below the place where the firm cheek of her trim ass joined the slender column of her thigh. And the light summery weight of her dress and undies left her hard buttocks enticingly evident beneath the soft fabric.

When the doorbell rang she met Rex at the door and asked him in. He was a tall, chestnut-haired young man with shoulder-length locks and a rugged body she found very pleasing.

He thought she’d be ready to go and was surprised when she asked him in. He didn’t exactly get along well with her parents and didn’t relish the idea of being around them — especially her creepy dad. But when she explained they were gone, Rex smiled and came on in.

“Thought you wanted to get to the party earlier than we usually do,” he said. “Do we have time to sit around here?”

“I thought we’d do something a little different tonight,” she said, seating herself on the couch. “Let’s have a drink before we leave for the party, okay? To celebrate being out of high school and being adults, if for no other reason.”

“Want some weed?” he asked. “I got some over at my brother’s house. I could get it in a jiffy. You could go with me if you like.”

“Why, Rex!” she exclaimed in mock-surprise. “Shame on you. You wouldn’t just happen to be trying to get me over at your brother’s house because he’s gone for the week-end, would you? Remember, you told me a few days ago he’d be…”

“No,” broke in Rex, “hell, I wasn’t trying to trick you into anything, Kelly.” Even though he knew she was only joking he couldn’t help replying as though she were serious.

She laughed at his fluster and said the real reason she didn’t want to go was because the weed would stink up the house.

“My folks would be sure to smell it when they come home tonight from the movie,” she said. “Then my dad would really hit the ceiling.” Rex forgot about the marijuana. “They’re at the movies?” he repeated. “They’re gone for the night?”

“Sure,” she replied innocently. “Didn’t I mention they’d be gone tonight when you came over?”

She made them a pair of drinks and led him down to the family room in the basement. On the way down she spilled a few drops on the front of her dress and cussed at herself. She took a hanky from her pocket and dabbed it on her bosom.

“Hold my drink a sec, will you?” she asked, handing him her glass. They were standing close now and she knew very well he could hardly avoid staring down into the swollen top of her low-cut dress while she was dabbing away with the hanky.

Rex’s Adam’s apple bobbed as he warily turned his eyes downwards, believing her to be totally oblivious to his peeking, and gazed at the tantalizing mounds of succulent flesh that rose and fell every time she took a breath.

Look at that, Kelly thought to herself, he’s really getting an eyeful. And he thinks I don’t even know what’s going on. This is neat — if I’d thought of it I’d have spilled a little on purpose. She mentally filed the idea away for later use.

They plopped onto the big leather couch and she sat beside him just long enough to make sure he got a nice whiff of her perfume, then she was up again. She put a record on and sat down in a different chair. Now she was directly across from him.

Shit, man, Rex thought to himself, look at the way she’s sitting. I bet she’d freak out if she knew how far I can see up her dress. What a groovy pair of legs she’s got — and what a great shot of ’em. I can damn near see up as far as her underwear!

Kelly idly crossed her thighs and took a big drink from her glass. With her eyes turned upward for a second, he took advantage and darted his gaze to the hem of her skirt. As one thigh settled over the other, he was rewarded with the briefest flash of bright yellow high between her legs.

Sonofabitch, that was her panties I just got a peek at. Wish she’d do that again — I sure would love to get a better look between her legs. She’s so fucking fine I can’t believe it!

Kelly had finished her drink. She suggested another and he wondered if they’d have time before the party.

“Rex,” she coyly asked, “how would it be to just mess around here for tonight instead of going to the party. Would you mind? You know, we could stay here in the basement rec room and watch TV while we have a few more drinks or something, I don’t know… just take it easy. What do you think of that?”

Rex was perfectly satisfied to do that as long as she was sure her parents wouldn’t be around. She assured him they wouldn’t, that if he left by eleven or so he’d be sure to miss them.

“I’ll just be a minute,” she said, scurrying upstairs to make the new drinks.

Rex fidgeted uncomfortably on the couch while she was gone. He’d never been so completely alone with her as long as he had been dating her. And the way she was dressed showed off her curves in a way that made him know he was going to have a hard time treating the evening together as coolly as she seemed to be doing.

“Would you help me a minute,” she suddenly called from up the stairs. “I decided to just bring down the whole bottle so we won’t have to keep running up and down every time we want a drink. I have ice and everything with it, too. My arms are too full.”

Rex hurried to the stairs and reached up to take some things as she handed them down. But he got more than he anticipated — as he reached up, he realized he could see all the way up her legs to the very junction. And there he saw the flesh-padded crotch of her tight-fitting, bright yellow panties.

With one bottle clumsily in his hand and his fingers about to accept another from her, he clumsily dropped everything. Nothing broke but he was quite embarrassed. He hoped to God she didn’t suspect the reason for his dumb move.

“You okay?” she yelled, “What did you do, stumble?”

He was picking up the things from the floor. “Yeah,” he answered. “Yeah, I kind of stumbled. I don’t know how I did it… a wet spot on the floor, I guess.”

As she came on down the steps and finished picking things up, she thought to herself, I’ll bet! I’ve got a hunch the only wet spot was in your pants — when you pissed all over yourself from the beaver shot I just flashed you.

Kelly knew he hadn’t really been able to see any hairs, but she was pretty sure the crotch of her panties was plenty to get him all excited and clumsy like that.

Midway through their second drink she flipped on the TV. Into the third she felt him gingerly touch her shoulder as he put his arm on the couch behind her.

Wow, big deal, she thought to herself. He’s actually touching me. I think he could use a little help.

She boldly reclined against him and took his hand in hers. She drew it around her and left his fingers at the point where they just touched the taut front of her dress. It was the first time she had ever been so direct with him.

“Better watch out,” he nervously joked. “Touching you there might get me a little excited.”

Things were going too slowly for Kelly. With the experience she had behind her she no longer enjoyed pussy-footing around.

“Oh really?” she asked, her voice warm with interest. “I wouldn’t want to do that, Rex. I wouldn’t want to get you excited. Are you really? Let’s see if you are.”

She promptly blew his mind by putting her hand palm-down in his lap and patting his pants in search for his penis. Before the flustered boy could react to her unsuspected move, she smiled mischievously and said, “Just as I thought. You were fibbing, weren’t you? I don’t feel anything in your pants. And if you were really excited I think I might feel a lump there.”

His move was automatic. With her so close to him, and hearing her talk as she was, he couldn’t have restrained himself. He hesitantly let his fingertips glide over the swollen area of her dress where her proud tit pushed up tightly against the fabric.

His eyes grew large. His face trembled with desire. The warm mound beneath her dress was making a nervous wreck out of him.

She moved her face toward his and her eyes were warm and inviting under her long lashes.

“Go ahead,” she said, her voice low and sexy. “If you’re wondering whether I’m wearing a bra or not, the answer is no.”

As she spoke, she let the hand in his lap slide over his pants till she came to the outline of his stiff cock. With teasing manipulations of her fingers, she touched the hard knob and let him know she was aware of how hard it had become.

Now his brow was sweating. He couldn’t believe she was acting the way she was. He couldn’t take his eyes off the swell of her tits, and her words kept running through his mind… no bra, no bra, no bra. His cock was pulsing like a dynamo.

He opened the top button of her blouse, his fingers fumbling but strong on the cloth.

He managed a smile. “You shouldn’t a’ said that,” he told her, his voice cracking… “You shouldn’t a’ told me you was naked under your dress, Kelly.”

She only grinned impishly and thrust the bulk of her torpedo-shaped mammaries forward. The space freed by the loosening of the button was made tight again.

He unbuttoned the second and the same thing happened. Now she was positively bulging out. He could see all of one tit except for the nipple and a large portion of the other. With a teasing smile, she sat her glass down on the table and flipped the last button open herself. Her tits sprang out like warm, hungry little animals.

“This the way you want me?” she inquired. “Like this, where you can see what I got?”

“Yeah,” he mumbled, his words slurred from the alcohol and his growing passion. “Yeah, it sure is the way I want you. Jesus Christ… naked as the day you was born!”

Her hand was still on the head of his cock where it pushed against his pants. She sat bare-breasted before him and stroked the hard bulge as she spoke.

“No I’m not,” she said. “Not unless you think I was born with panties on my bottom.”

He suddenly remembered what he had seen when he looked up her dress on the stairs. Recalling the flash of yellow silk at her crotch made his cock quiver with excitement.

“Sonofabitch,” he cried, falling forward on her naked tits, “I can’t just sit here and look at those fucking things.”

He took a double handful of the rich, creamy flesh and began milking them with slow, deliberate motions.

“Nobody said you had to,” she rejoined. “And how about this little item? It’s no fun for a chick to feel all that hot meat in your pants without being able to get her hands on it.”

She drew down his zipper and tried to haul it out all in one move, but his foreskin got snagged in the process.

“Ooops, sorry,” she said, resuming her task with greater care. Now he could feel the warm pressure of her fingers on the long, heated flesh of the stiff shaft.

“Fuck it,” he declared, “I don’t care of you rip a gash in it as long as you keep your hand on it like that!”

Their desires were out in the open: no more need for game-playing.

“Wanna see the rest?” she boldly asked.

“Fuckin’ A!” he rasped.

“You too, then,” she stipulated, nodding at his pants.

Rex tugged them down as she rose from the couch and took her mini-dress at the hem, raising it over her hips and sliding it over her tits and shoulders like peeling a ripe fruit. By the time he was out of his pants and furiously at work getting his shirt and shoes off, she was already standing in front of him with nothing on her body but the canary yellow panties and a deep tan.

He hadn’t taken his eyes off her during the entire process. As soon as his last clothes hit the floor he fairly dove at her. They rolled together back onto the big leather couch and she giggled, flushed with the excitement of his hands on her newly naked curves.

“Not so fast,” she kidded. “I might break.”

Rex kissed her hungrily on the neck and cheeks, then covered her lips with his and bestowed a surprisingly chaste kiss upon her. She put her arms around his neck, looked him deeply in the eyes and, removing her mouth from his just far enough to speak, said, “Isn’t this better, baby?”

She surged her tongue into his mouth and flicked its tip across his strong white teeth. He eagerly opened his mouth and let her in the rest of the way. Her tongue found his and their spit mingled hot and sweet. Rex returned the pressure, forcing her tongue back into her mouth. She applied a suction and he felt his tongue being slurped inside as though by a whirling riptide.

He fell forward on her and their mouths never disjoined. She rolled onto her back and accepted the virile weight of his body between her legs. Suddenly, with no prior touching at all, Rex found his chest pressed tightly against the resilient mass of her plump boobs and his stiff cock rubbing the thick curls of her big black bush. He freaked out at the touch of his manhood upon her naked cunt, and began jabbing the head of it wildly. It didn’t hurt her any, but it pissed her off that so much good cock was going to waste.

“Hold on,” she whispered. “We got plenty of time. Here, lemme show you what to do with that horny thing.”

Kelly took it between her thumb and forefinger and guided the straining knob into the vestibule of her damp pussy. At last it was meat against meat instead of against the thick muff of her cunt hair. She wasn’t fully aroused yet by a long shot, but she was still able to slip the head of it inside far enough to keep him on target as he thrust away at her.

“Ungh!” he grunted, feeling the slick, moist lips close over the hot head of his prick. “Goddamn, lemme go in… lemme give it to you nice and deep.”

Her panties were only a few inches below her groin since neither of them had bothered to take them right off. The urgency of their contact had made the wispy yellow undergarment just slip a bit lower on her… low enough for him to get his cock over the elastic. On the first full stroke of his ravenous instrument, his balls caught on the waistband and he yelled bloody murder.

“Rex,” she complained, “will you take it easy, for Christ’s sake? I don’t even have my fuckin’ panties off yet!”

She wiggled her ass and peeled off as far as her knees, but before she could get them any lower her cunt was sharply penetrated again by his rock-hard machine.

Now she was hotter than before. She didn’t want to wait. Rex was obviously losing all traces of his former shyness and she wasn’t about to let a bit of his handsome young manhood go to waste. She spread her thighs open for him and when she felt his shin rip through her still-hanging panties, she was beyond caring about them.

“That’s okay, baby,” she gasped, hunching her ass to meet him. “Don’t worry about my damned panties. I don’t care if they get ripped to shreds as long as you take good care of what is underneath ’em!”

“Oh shit, I’m gonna do that?” he cried, pumping her full of meat as fast as he could go. “A while ago I was just dying to get a glance at this thing and now I’ve got my prick in it. Whoopeeeee!”

She loved the feel of his hard muscles and the vigor of his stiff cock. It was much better than having the softer, older body of her dad working out between her legs.

“Sideways, a little, Rex,” she whispered, urging him aside with her firm, slick thighs. “There… ah, that’s good… I wanna feel it in a certain place… ah… ah, right there… that’s great… oh Jesus, you’re whopping me good now.”

But it was soon evident that Rex was a bit too active. In his fiery zeal at being allowed in her panties for the first time, he was letting his cock take over… and it was pushing on toward climax with no slowing down.

She wrapped her legs around his and began hunching along with him, increasing the friction and raising her tits into closer contact with his heaving chest. When she heard how hard and fast he was breathing, she had a sudden fear of him shooting off too soon and leaving her high and dry. She was getting terribly hot and juicy, but she wasn’t nearly ready to end the party.

“Hey baby, take it easy,” she begged. “Don’t let yourself go yet. Hold back… wait for me to get my cunt all fired up before you go shooting your gun!”

Her words fell on deaf ears. He was beyond talking, too, much less reasoning with. She wasn’t even sure he heard her talking to him in spite of the fact that her mouth was only inches from his sweating face.

He started making funny noises in his throat and she knew she had to catch up now or never. She squeezed her wet cunt lips as tight as she could around the ramrod that threatened to explode any second, and crammed her firm, muscular little ass into high gear.

“Oh Jesus,” she moaned, “… oh please wait… I’m getting there, please don’t drop your load yet… Rex… Rex!”

“Ungh… uuuungh!” he groaned heavily, driving on faster and faster toward release.

“Rex, I’m so close,” she screamed, her tits drenched with sweat and her pussy smoking. “I gotta have it just a few minutes… oh shit, just a few seconds longer, lover… oh God, I’m gonna die if you shoot your nuts off now. Rex… Rex!”

But it was too late. She felt the warm gush of his jism flood into the quivering abyss of her cunt like a river of molten lead. Rex wheezed hard, an expression of bliss crossed his face, and he fell on top of her like a dead soldier.

Kelly’s pussy was melting with desire but the instrument of that desire was now utterly gone. It made her feel like a slut to do such a thing, but she couldn’t wait for him to recover from his orgasm and help her out — she jammed her fingers between her legs and went to work. Her face was frozen in intense concentration as she gazed ecstatically at her plump little skin-purse and flipped her fingers in and out like crazy. The juice was running from the bottom of her excited slit as thick as hot piss.

She was whispering to herself, her words barely audible. Air hissed from between her teeth and the expression on her face made her look as though she was taking a yardstick up her ass.

“Come on, pussy,” she lisped, “come on and lemme have it… oh Jesus, do I need to come… I’m gonna — oh my God, I gonna freak out if I don’t get my cookies… oh… ooooh!”

She had been at her task longer than she knew. Because Rex had not only recovered from the intense pleasure of his climax, but had raised a half-hard again. He couldn’t believe what Kelly was doing to herself right there in front of him. He’d heard her mumbling intensely to herself and looked up to see what was going on, to discover the girl lying on her side with her hand between her legs. She was so involved in what she was doing he could tell she didn’t give a damn if he saw what she was doing or not.

He stared transfixed at her as she beat her pussy lips and urged herself on with little words and whimperings. It was the first time in his life he had ever seen a girl masturbating… he wasn’t even sure girls did such things. The very thought of Kelly stripping naked and giving herself a hand job would have been sufficient to raise his temperature several degrees. And here he was actually seeing it in person! Her hair flew like a wild woman’s, her long legs were clinched together tightly, the sweat poured down in streams from her plump, bobbing tits — and her fingers were frigging the wet, flapping lips of her cunt faster and faster.

What had been a half-hard very quickly became a full-hard. Rex was young enough to recover virility pretty fast, and the sensual sight Kelly was displaying before his eyes made it happen for him in an amazingly short time. He crawled to her and feasted his eyes on a close-up of her nimble fingers churning away inside the steamy red folds of her excited cunt. The purplish end of his cock pulsed with energy and his balls swung heavy with spunk.

“Goddamn, Kelly,” he cried, “you’re working on that thing just like a man does, ain’t you? You ought to know I can’t lie here and watch that kind of shit without needing some more pussy myself!”

Her eyes were rolling and he could see that she was only dimly aware of his presence.

“Come on, honey,” he urged, “lemme back in the saddle and this time, by God, I’ll keep popping it to you till you come off… come on, lemme sock my prick in there and do you some good!”

He rolled her flat again and put his hand on hers. For a few seconds he contented himself with accompanying her hand as it went about its delectable task. Then he insinuated his fingers under hers so that he was soon doing it for her. Now she was hip to what was happening and she welcomed his participation.

The sight of his newly hardened prick made her eyes light up like Las Vegas. She was too far gone to be interested in doing any talking, but when she saw he was ready to go again she flopped her legs apart and held out her arms for him. Never for one second had he let his fingers stray from her burning cunt. Now he rolled on top and gratefully accepted the new position of her thighs. She felt his prick plowing through her pussy hair and in seconds it was right beside his active fingers.

“Now you’re gonna get what you need, you hot mama!” he cried, lowering himself onto her wet front and burying his thick organ deep in her sweating canal.

A low groan escaped from her lips.

“Take it, baby,” he yelled, “take a good hot fuck off me! Take my prick all the way up your snatch!”

Kelly roiled her ass sideways and pumped it up and down to meet him with increasing speed. Her tits bounced like new melons, her legs arched to soak up every ounce of prick-meat he was putting out, and she felt a fire swelling slowly but surely from somewhere deep inside her guts. Her throat was dry and her entire body trembled from the intensity of her scorching hunger for his driving prick.

When she opened her mouth, nothing came out except a low-pitched wailing sound. She gritted her teeth and hugged his hard muscle deeper and deeper. Now she could do it, now she felt it coming, now she could give herself up to what she needed so badly.

Upstairs in the foyer, Curt unlocked the door and let Karol and Lilly in after him.

“What’s that?” he asked. “Do you hear voices in the basement?”

Meanwhile, in the basement rec room, Kelly was humping on towards her climax in total ignorance of her parents’ arrival. Rex could see she was about to explode, and he was now about to get his nuts off for the second time.

He hugged her beautiful naked body close and felt the exciting pressure of her tits grinding into his chest with each fierce pump of her energetic torso. She needed fucking, needed it bad, and finally she was getting it and getting it right. The edge of the orgasm was upon her. She let out a piercing scream and flowed with it.

Rex shot his load deep into her pulsing cunt and kept on jamming his cock into her even after it was soft as a noodle. The pair rocked up and down in the warm afterglow, hugging each other and sweating like pigs. The pleasure of touching each other’s body was too great for them to give it up and let go.

Curt was as far as the kitchen when he heard her yell, but still couldn’t imagine what it was. He tore down the basement steps and, with Karol and Lilly hard on his heels, reached for the rec room door.

“Stay back,” he yelled over his shoulder to his wife and daughter. “Might be dangerous — a burglar or something. Go back and wait upstairs in the bedroom together and lock the door behind you!”

They scurried away as he directed and he burst open the door.

There on the big leather couch lay his beautiful daughter and secret sex-mate — with her lovely long legs wrapped lewdly around the ass of her boyfriend. They had already come, so weren’t actually fucking, but it hardly made any difference. Their clothes were strewn on the floor and they were both wet as fish. Kelly’s hair was a wild, tangled mass that made her look like some nubile, teen-aged witch. And her tits, the sweet tits that Curt loved so much to touch and suck, were plastered against Rex’s chest.

He saw red and made a lunge for them. Kelly and Rex had both turned at the same time to see him burst in, and acted fast. They leaped up and held up their hands as if to ward off blows, words and cries of appeasement tumbling from their mouths in a desperate stream. Rex hopped behind the couch and Kelly stood her ground, begging Curt to be calm. She was still naked as a jaybird, and the sight of her luscious tits and cunt infuriated him even further.

In a very few seconds, the place became a flurry of activity. The upshot of it all was that Curt grudgingly let Rex leave after extracting the promise from him that he would never again set foot in the Carson house. Kelly and her dad were left alone. He grabbed her and commanded her to get dressed. He was taking her upstairs and tell Karol what had been going on. He also cried that she was never to be alone with a boy again as long as she lived in the household.

“And no dates for six months,” he went on, “do you hear — none! Your hot little pussy’s gonna have to pay for being so Goddamned horny, my little miss!”

But at that moment the tables turned. Kelly had gotten over her fright and was using her head.

“Just a damn minute, Dad!” she retorted. “Who do you think I am, anyway? I’m more than just your innocent little daughter that you have to protect from all the bad boys. I’m also the girl you’ve been balling for years… it was you that first got into my panties and showed me what a man’s prick feels like. And on the sly, too — don’t forget that! So if you tell Mom what you just saw, and try to make me stop seeing guys, I’ll have quite a bit to tell her myself. And half of it will be about you, my dear father! What do you think about that, huh… how does that grab you?”

She stood with her hands on her naked hips and her chin thrust out in defiance.

Curt was stunned. She had him by the balls. There wasn’t a damned thing he could do. It made him feel awfully weak and helpless, but he was forced to concede to her demands or else face the fact of having Karol discover the ugly reality of his incest. He was being blackmailed.

Within five minutes, they agreed on the terms and she was back into her clothes and looking presentable again. She even made him promise to handle her mother, by lying about what he had found in the basement. She kissed him on the cheek, once things were settled, and her words made his blood boil. But they also made his cock quiver with suppressed excitement.

“We can keep up our little bedtime games, then,” she reminded him. “The cunts and tits you just saw Rex having fun with will be yours once in a while to do the same with.”

The little bitch! It even made him grin. She was so damned sexy that she was holding the hole card, and what’s more she knew it. Somehow her attitude made him that much more attracted to the sensual warmth that lay under her clothes.

They went upstairs and he walked into the bedroom after Karol opened the door, half fearfully peering around the corner with Lilly behind her back.

Curt forced a laugh and explained the whole thing away by saying that the kids had come home from their party a little early and were just getting a little loud with their horsing around in the basement. He said that Rex had to leave when he realized what time it was, and that everything was okay.

“You two sure were raising a ruckus down there,” Karol told Kelly, “but I guess it’s better than having you out in a car with a boy, parked in a lovers’ lane someplace like a lot of loose girls your age do all the time.”

The unwitting irony of her comment made it difficult for Kelly to keep a straight face but she managed. Curt cleared his throat, hoping Karol wouldn’t notice how red in the face he got at her reference to their daughter having sex with someone.

It was two or three days before he managed to fully recover from the episode. Kelly was doing fine. Now she could go out even more than before — she had an Indian sign on her dad and she proceeded to use it often. The last straw was one night when she had told him she’d be all naked and waiting for him in her bed after Karol left for the weekly bowling night. Then at the last minute she high-handedly changed her mind, informing Curt that Rex had called and she wanted to go out with him.

“My pussy will be just as hot and juicy for you some other time,” she breezily told him.

After she left on her date, Curt was suddenly brightened by remembering that a certain different daughter of his was in her bed, at least. He didn’t know if she was naked or not, and she certainly wasn’t waiting for him, but he vowed at that instant to find out. He headed for her bedroom, glancing at his watch. He would have two hours before Karol returned home at least. He had become much more mindful of the time since the night he walked in on Kelly and Rex in the basement. If it hadn’t been for the hard rain precluding the family’s drive-in movie that night, he would have never discovered Kelly’s indiscretion.

Accidents like that will happen, he knew, so he would limit himself to one hour in Lilly’s room and take no chances. He had something on his mind, something a lot more involved than get his hands on the girl’s naked little charms.

He knocked on her door and heard her childish voice cry out, “Who is it?”

“Somebody with a nice present for you,” he answered, making a game of it.

“Oh boy,” she yelled, recognizing his voice, “come on in, Daddy! I was hoping it was you.”

She said she thought he must not like her any more after what she let him do to her that night in the big bedroom. He explained that wasn’t the case at all, that he just hadn’t had the chance to be alone with her any since then. She petulantly asked if he was sure that was the only reason, suggesting a different one.

“Are you sure it isn’t ’cause I only have little bitty ninnies and my cunny’s so small you were barely able to get in me?” she asked, her lower lip sticking out pitifully.

He convinced her she was wrong by showing her instead of telling her. He told her to scoot over and make room for him, then off came his pants and shirt and he hopped into bed in just his jockey shorts. She welcomed him with a big hug and he found that she was wearing a short nighty. What was underneath, if anything, was impossible to tell until he had his hands there and found out.

He asked if she liked what he showed her that night and she nodded her head up and down with great enthusiasm, a big smile breaking out on her face.

“But I… I thought maybe you just did it because you were drinking gin,” she said. “I was afraid you wouldn’t…” — here she bowed her head and her voice dropped to a whisper — “play nasty with me anymore. I loved it, though. Daddy, wow I really loved all the nasty things we did together!”

He told her they didn’t have as much time as before, but he would do a little bit with her.

He asked if she had been playing with her pussy any since he had shown her how. She got red in the face and admitted that she had “fooled around with my cunny a couple of times,” but that, “it doesn’t feel as good as when you do it for me.”

His eyes lighted up and his cock hardened all the way.

Lilly turned her face away, ashamed of herself for what she was about to reveal, and said, “I… I was doing it just before you came and knocked on the door just now, Daddy, if you want to know the truth. I’ve been lying here in bed being nasty with myself ever since I finished my shower and got, under the covers.”

He felt his prick throb.

“Let’s see,” he said, “… let’s see what it looks like? Is your little pussy all red from what you’ve been doing to it?”

She shyly put her arms under the cover and he could see that she was wiggling out of her panties and pulling her nighty up. She had a naughty expression on her face that made Curt want to root his nose under the covers and eat her little crotch out before she even had time to get it naked.

She raised the covers and he could see that although she still wore her nighty, the panties were all the way off and lost somewhere under the covers and the hem of the nighty was around her waist. In the semi-darkness of the bed’s interior he could see her cunt hairs glistening like thin strands of gold.

“See, Daddy?” she said.

“My, my,” he said, touching her tender tummy and running his hand southward. “You sure have been playing with this cute little thing, haven’t you? I can see it’s still all red and damp. Here, let Daddy show you how to work on it.”

He took her hand gently in his and pressed her small fingers to the folds of her tiny slit.

“See, you can stick your fingers in and out like I did for you the other night with my cock,” he demonstrated, “but there are other ways a little girl can play with herself that sometimes makes her feel even better than that. See this little thing right here? That’s your ‘clit’, honey — and giving it a few soft, gentle feels will really make you get hot nice and fast.”

She frowned. “Ooooo, don’t make me touch myself there,” she said. “That’s too sensitive — I’ve tried fooling with it some, but it almost hurts when I do it.”

He moved her fingers aside and placed his own forefinger in their place. Carefully and delicately, he began massaging all around the sides of the miniscule organ, giving the blunt tip of it a wide berth so as not to cause her discomfort.

“Ummm,” she said, her eyes enlarging and growing soft, “that’s neat… ummm, feels real good when you do it.”

“That’s because I’m staying away from the tip of it,” he pointed out. “On a lot of girls, the very tip of the clit is so sensitive they can’t stand to have it touched till they get real excited. And you must be one of them.”

“You mean when a man’s thing is in their cunnies?” she pressed. “Then it feels good, huh?”

“That’s pretty much the case,” he told her. “You’ll have to experiment with it yourself and find out. And honey, a man’s ‘thing’ is called a cock, or a prick. You might as well use those words now that you’re old enough to make one hard.”

“Prick?” she repeated, her lips carefully forming the word. She had heard it and other words like it before, but had been afraid to use them herself because she knew they were very naughty.

“Yeah, honey,” he said, “‘prick’ — like this one right here.” He pulled his cock from the fly of his jockey shorts and presented it for her observation. He loved the way her eyes sparkled with renewed interest at the sight of it.

“If I frig yours for you,” she proposed, “will you frig my cunny for me, Daddy?”

“Sure, sweety,” he said, his passion rising. He began masturbating her young organs and she promptly grasped the stiff shaft of his cock in her warm hand and returned the favor. He saw beads of sweat pop out on her face almost immediately.

“You little devil,” he said, “the little head start you gave yourself before I came in here must have had you pretty hot already. Shit, look at that pussy — it’s all pink and gushy.”

She giggled and looked between her legs, seeing his fingers manipulating the virginal folds of her lips. “I told you I was frigging myself before you came to my room,” she reminded him.

He got behind her on the bed and enfolded her body from the back, turning sideways far enough to give her plenty of room to keep her hand going on his cock. With one he continued to masturbate her and with the other, he stimulated the pubescent swellings that stuck pertly from her chest.

Feeling the warmth of his body through her nighty wasn’t enough. She wanted it closer. She peeled it off and sat naked with him, jacking him off and rubbing her sides and back against him as he kept up the action between her shiny pussy lips.

When things got going, he lowered his head and kissed her all over her neck and shoulders. Then she turned her face up for a kiss on the lips, squirming excitedly against him for more contact.

“Let’s be kissing when you make that funny stuff spurt from your… from your prick,” she suggested. He was only too happy to honor her request. He covered the tiny rosebud of her mouth with his big hot lips and was delighted at her response. She opened her mouth and pushed on the front of his teeth with her tongue. He met her tongue with his and they hungrily sucked each other as their fingers flew on each other’s excited organs.

Soon she began little whimpering sounds and scooting her ass around in the bed.

Jesus, he thought to himself, the horny little thing’s about to come off already. She might be young, but it sure as hell looks like I’ve got a little sexpot on my hands in spite of how little experience she has.

By now she was hunching her pussy in such excited spasms he knew she was almost there. He gave her titty a nice damp massaging and hugged her to him tightly. She jerked her fingers up and down faster and faster on his cock and he felt the big moment start to happen. Just before he shot off, he felt her cunt quiver and heard her sob as though she was hurting — she had gotten hers already. He let himself go at once and filled her palm with a cascade of thick warm milk from the head of his cock.

He rolled over and playfully took her with him, upending her and bringing her supine to his side. He grabbed her again and kissed her titties and tummy as she giggled, returning his kisses and hugging the sweet meat of her cunt against his leg. After a little more rough-house play, he pulled the covers over their heads and began talking to her in hushed tones. It was time to get down to the business portion of his little visit to her room.

“Sweety, how would you like to have Daddy show you more secret things you can do with all these cute little things?” he asked, rubbing his hands lightly over her titties, tummy, pussy and thighs.

“Oh boy,” she said, “will you?”

Curt then proceeded to plant some ideas in her young mind that she had never before even thought about doing. It was all a part of a plan he’d had been considering all evening. He was dying to get back at Kelly for her recent impudence, and he believed he had finally figured out a way to do it.

His idea was to discredit anything she might tell Karol about the fact that he had been carrying on secret incestuous meetings with her for the past three years. If he could succeed in making Karol disbelieve the girl’s story, then she no longer had anything with which to blackmail him. In order to make Kelly’s story be rejected by Karol, he had decided on an extreme measure. He would induce Lilly into initiating a lesbian scene with her older sister, then when things were in full swing he would come in and discover the pair flagrante delicto.

Since Kelly was the elder of the two, all the blame for the affair would naturally fall on her shoulders and he would promote it. He would renounce her for seducing her little sister. That way, Lilly — the actual seducer — would be in the clear and, more important, his wife would undoubtedly refuse to believe anything Kelly said from then on. After that, she could scream all she wanted to about how her father had introduced her to incest and robbed her of her cherry at the age of fifteen. He would simply claim she was lying, and Karol would be sure to believe him instead of their daughter. But it wasn’t necessary for Lilly to know all the devious details.

All she had to know was what to do and how to do it — which he did at once. She had already expressed how much she wanted to learn new, secret things she could do with her newly blossomed body. Now was the time to tell her.

“Have you ever done things with another girl?” he asked her, hugging her fondly beneath the covers. “Did you know girls could screw together pretty much like a man and a girl?”

Her first reaction was laughter. “Oh Daddy, quit trying to tease me,” she chortled. “That’s silly. Girls can’t screw together.”

“Oh yes they can,” he assured her. “Maybe not exactly the same way as with a boy, but they can do it just the same.”

Now she knew he was serious, “Really?” she said. “And can they make each other… can they make each other come like you showed me how to do and everything?”

“Sure,” he said. “Listen. Have you ever seen other girls naked before?”

“Not much,” she answered. “A few times I’ve seen other girls’ cunnies at school when they were peeing, but that’s about all. Except for Kelly, that is.”

“And do you think she’s pretty, your big sister?” he insidiously asked. “Have you ever thought how it would be to hug those big tits of hers or maybe play around a little between her legs in that thick, curly hair of hers — or how it might feel if she were to be in bed with you sometime with her hands on you?”

At first Lilly was far from moved by his incitement toward sex with another girl. But soon she became more interested. As Curt talked, he delicately teased his daughter’s soft nipples and pliant, damp little cunt with his fingers. He described in great detail just what it might feel like to have a girl do the things he was doing. Poor Lilly became so steamed up from his attentions she would have probably been sexually attracted to a red-assed monkey, if that had been the subject of her dad’s talk. Finally when she exhibited active interest in going to bed with another girl, Curt told her what to do the next night when Kelly was in bed alone.

She was to tell her big sister that she was getting to the age where she wanted to know about sex, and ask certain leading questions. She was to ask about boys, and from there on get to the subject of girls doing things to each other.

Curt gave Lilly a big kiss before leaving her bed and told her to keep their plan strictly to herself — under no circumstances was she to ever tell her mother or sister. In bed that night he gloated over the revenge he was about to get on Kelly — just wait till he grabbed his wife out of bed and showed her what she was making her sister do!

He was so elated over the idea that the next morning he surprised Karol by making furious love to her before they got out of bed. It was the first time he’d done that in ages, and she was properly appreciative. She gave him a long, hot blow job afterwards that cleaned out his pipes in great form. All that day at work he thought to himself about what the night was to bring. After dinner he had another short secret talk with Lilly, giving her last-minute encouragement, then took Karol off to bed. Later he planned to go downstairs for an aspirin and accidentally discover the perverse goings-on in Kelly’s bedroom.

Lilly started things off by chatting with Kelly in their bathroom as they prepared for bed. She was pretty scared of actually doing the things her dad had suggested to her, yet the more she was around her half-naked sis the more appealing the idea became.

She started talking to her at first about menstrual periods and such, asking Kelly how old she had been when hers began, when she might expect hers to start, if it hurt much, and about the various types of tampons and napkins.

When she followed Kelly into her bedroom after their showers, her sister didn’t seem to mind. When the subject finally got around to sex, Kelly was lying under the covers of her bed with nothing on but a flimsy little gown. But as Lilly kept badgering with questions, she was soon disappointed to discover that Kelly had dozed off to sleep on her! She hopped up from the chair and left the room in a huff. Imagine — talking to your big sister about important things and she up and goes to sleep on you!

But when, no farther than the bathroom, she stopped and reconsidered, Kelly had a long reputation in the family as being an extremely deep sleeper — maybe she just might be able to have some fun with her while she was asleep. It would serve her right for dropping off so rudely earlier. She turned tail and darted back into Kelly’s bedroom.

She was clad in the regular little nighty she always wore to bed, but she stripped it off and tossed it away. Her sister would never know the difference.

For a few minutes Lilly amused herself by rummaging through Kelly’s chest of drawers. She came to the drawer where Kelly kept her underwear and pulled out three or four of her brassieres. Standing in front of the mirror, she tried on one after the other over the pint-sized points of her titties.

“Jeez,” she said aloud to herself, “it’s sure going to be a while before my ninnies get big enough to fit into anything this size.” She clapped her hand over her mouth when she remembered Kelly was asleep only a few feet away from her. But when she turned to look, Kelly was just as deeply asleep as ever.

Hmmm, Lilly thought to herself, maybe I’ll really have some fun with her then.

She went to the bed and sat on it, first lightly and then with all her weight. Still not a move or a sound out of Kelly. Lilly raised the covers. Her sister lay on her stomach with one leg and one arm stretched out toward the opposite side of the bed. Her nighty was all wrinkled over the curves of her ass, tits and back, leaving only her long, beautifully tanned legs exposed to Lilly’s eyes. She gazed at the shapely expanse of the naked limbs and felt a pang of envy. How long, she wondered hopefully, before she herself might possess such pretty and curvaceous legs. She took a look at her own slim, coltish little legs and couldn’t imagine how a boy would find them attractive.

She slid under the covers and lay beside Kelly with her head on the same pillow. The thick masses of their hair made a beautiful contrast, the bright purity of Lilly’s blonde locks to the coal-black tresses of her sister. She noticed a pleasant scent in her nostrils. She pushed her nose to Kelly’s hair but that wasn’t it. It was coming from lower down. She raised the covers and could smell it stronger there.

But the scent was momentarily eclipsed by something more interesting. Kelly had shifted slightly in her sleep, permitting the view of a full half of her left breast. Lilly looked goggle-eyed. She had seen her sister’s naked tits plenty of times before, but never this close up… and never in so intimate a situation. Why she could just reach right over and touch it if she wanted to.

Why not? She did it. At first she was scared to death of waking her up, but as Kelly’s deep breathing continued Lilly gained confidence. She had always wondered what they actually felt like. Now she could find out. She depressed a portion of the resilient flesh with her fingertips and saw how it filled back out. The sensation of the smooth tit-skin on her fingers caused an unexpected excitement.

Hey, I guess Dad was right, she thought, there’s really something sexy about a girl playing with another one. Wish she’d roll over a little so I could see her nipple.

Kelly suddenly shifted her position, giving Lilly a fright till she saw that she was still fast asleep. She peered under the covers again and discovered that a lot more than just her nipple had been laid bare. Now she could see her big sister’s entire tit, plus the panties she wore under her nightgown. The gown itself had worked itself up above the sleeping girl’s waist.

Lilly could see the dark outline of Kelly’s black bush under the thin crotch of the panties. She became bold. She moved her fingers across the expanse of her tit and took the nipple itself in hand. Still no moving or anything to signify Kelly was anything but fast asleep. She cautiously manipulated the dark berry of the nipple between her thumb and forefinger. At first it was large and dark, almost disappearing into the surrounding areola. But it quickly hardened under Lilly’s gentle touch.

Ummm, she thought, just like mine — only a lot bigger. Hey this is neat. Jeez, sis really has a big pair. I wonder if she ever lets boys put their hands in her dress and feel ’em up like I’m getting to do. Bet a lot of them would like to.

It then occurred to Lilly that she could do a lot more investigating over the smooth expanses of her sister’s sleeping body than just her tits. She boldly took the other one in hand and felt it up, then began trailing her hand down Kelly’s flat stomach toward her snatch.

Wow, hope she doesn’t wake up! she thought to herself. But the truth was that the danger of possible discovery was part of the fun of doing it. She had to suppress a giggle at the thought of how she would feel if she happened to wake up and find someone feeling her up like this, hands on her naked ninnies.

She reached the upper boundary of Kelly’s cunt hairs with still not so much as a peep from her. She even snuggled against her warm back and the curve of her hard ass without causing any sign of wakefulness. At first it had only been a game to the youngster, albeit at her father’s suggestion. But as she gained access to more and more of Kelly’s erotic physique, Lilly began to experience certain feelings in her own body.

There was a bit of warmth inside her panties that she hadn’t noticed before. Her fingers seemed to tremble slightly upon contact with the forbidden curls of Kelly’s crotch. She found herself pressing her legs together, at first more or less unconsciously, then very consciously. Her panties began to stick to her hard little bottom and became uncomfortable against her skin. She removed her hand from Kelly’s cunt hairs long enough to slip the offending undies down to her knees, then darted it back to its former position among the thick bush.

It was like a forest compared with her own scanty growth. She put her free hand on her own genitals to compare. Her silky hairs were still quite easy to count, while her sister’s were like dense undergrowth. Soon Lilly was doing more than just comparing. She was using her fingers on herself for the pure pleasure of it. And as she did so, her other hand was sliding, farther toward the plump naked cunt lips at the center of Kelly’s muff.

At last Lilly pushed through the last clump of black curls and came to the exposed flesh of her sister’s naked pussy lips. She hesitated for a second.

I better not do much more, she thought feverishly to herself, I might get in big trouble if she wakes up. But her curiosity and the intensity of her budding adolescent passion were too much for her to resist. She slipped her forefinger on into the wet slit.

“Ungh,” came a sleepy groan from Kelly. “Huh? Whatsat… ungh?”


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