Hiding Sandy Part 2



On the first day Sandy had to clean the house then get her ass taken. On the second day Mike has new plans to mentally break her.

Sandy was so exhausted from cleaning Mike’s house and her punishment by him afterwards, that she woke up and barely remembered where she was. Then she got a sickening feeling in her stomach and was terrified of what the day might bring with Mike. But she was shocked when she woke up and the restraint was no longer on her arm and she could get up from the bed freely. The windows were open with a light breeze blowing in through the sheer curtains, which were slowly rising and falling with the light wind. Sandy looked down and she was no longer naked. She had on one of her most beautiful satin nightgowns but had no underwear on. She didn’t remember putting the nightie on before she went to sleep. She also didn’t feel any pain on her ass cheeks or back and reached back and felt that someone had put soothing lotion on her back, cheeks and the back of her legs.

She stumbled out of bed and walked around the 2nd floor hallway trying to find Mike. She eventually made her way downstairs and found him in the kitchen. On the table were various covered silver platters, along with two place settings. She was really confused about what was under the covers and still a little scared. She saw Mike standing by the stove and he slowly turned around.

“Hey, good morning sleepy head, how did you sleep?”

She now became even more worried that Mike was being nice to her. “I slept really good but was surprised that you took the cuff off me during the night. I also don’t remember putting on a nightgown before I went to bed. Did you put the lotion on my back?”

“Yes, Sandy. I actually gave you a mild sleeping pill so that you wouldn’t wake up in the middle of the night in pain. I put the nightgown on you so you wouldn’t get cold. After our training session and you sweetly letting me have your ass in the middle of the night, I felt bad that maybe I misjudged you a little and you might have some good in you.”

“So, did you rape me again in the middle of the night?”

“Of course not. First, I am not one of those porn stars who can recover quickly. Second, I am not a rapist. I only gave you what you deserved last night, then later what you earned.”

“What I deserved and what I earned?” Sandy scowled at Mike. “I didn’t deserve to be beaten, forced to take a painful enema, and then anally raped. Then for a treat you anally rape me again in the middle of the night?”

“No, Sandy. That is not how it was. You deserved to be punished for all the rotten things you did to me over the years and your overspending and bitchiness getting Steve killed, and you barely cared. Me later giving you a gentle ass fucking and pussy rubbing was a test to see if you could be nice, if someone was nice to you. Someone getting raped would not be crying out my name when they are coming.”

“Mike you are crazy. I didn’t deserve any of it and didn’t enjoy any of it.”

“We can agree to disagree. We have a busy day today.”

Now she was really worried that this guy had two personalities. “What’s under the platter covers? Are you teasing me that you are actually going to feed me today, or is it dog food to humiliate me more?”

“No, Sandy. You are getting a reward for taking your training so well and pleasing me afterwards without being a selfish bitch. I made us a nice breakfast.”

Mike took the cover off each platter and Sandy’s eyes popped wide open. There was eggs, pancakes, waffles, bacon, French toast and fresh fruit.

“I suppose this is all for you?” What are you going to make me eat?”

“No, Sandy. This is for the both of us. It is part of your reward. It is called a farmer’s breakfast.”

Sandy ravenously started eating everything she could. Mike wasn’t sure if she would even use a fork and knife, and she barely came up for breath while she ate. After she finished, she started becoming the old Sandy again.

“So, Mike, what are you going to make me wear today? Are you going to make me clean the house all day in my yoga outfit, so you can ogle by body and rape me again tonight?”

“No, Sandy, you are going to wear that beautiful string bikini you were wearing the first day I met you at Steve’s house. When you were a bitch to me for the first time.”

Sandy became very excited. That was her favorite bikini, although she had about 25 skimpy bikinis, so she could tease men about how hot she is, but they would never get to see her body.

Mike brought the bikini out to her and said, “take off your nightgown and put it on.”

“Mike, can you turn around so I can have some privacy?”

“No, I own everything you were born with. Are you going to make me angry again?”

“I am sorry Mike. I am just used to getting my own way and not used to you being nice to me, so I am confused.”

“Well we are going to clear up your confusion over the course of this year.”

“Do I get to lounge around the pool today?”

“No, Sandy. You just ate a farmer’s breakfast. You are going to be a farmer today.”

“Mike, now I am really confused. What do you mean by being a farmer?”

“You did a good job of cleaning the house, but there is yard work to do today.”

Sandy looked at Mike with a puzzled look. He walked her over to the front door and they went outside. She saw the huge expanse of grass surrounding the house, and saw a push style lawnmower with a grass catcher attached.

“What is the lawn mower for Mike?”

“The lawn mower is for you to cut the grass. I don’t like grass clippings on the lawn, so you need to empty the grass catcher into the area at the edge of the woods over there.”

“You must be crazy. I have gardeners who work on the grounds of my house. It is 90 degrees out here with no clouds and you want me to do this in the hot sun, in a bikini?” I need suntan lotion at the very least!”

“Sandy, you are being a petulant little child again. I first learned the value of hard work and making money in business by cutting neighbors lawns while in high school. I built up the business and eventually cut 20 lawns a week, by myself. You don’t have a house or gardeners anymore. You have only me and my decision on whether to be kind or mean to you. Here are some sneakers to put on so you can work longer.”

“I will do no such thing. I want to lounge by the pool. I earned it by letting you fuck my beautiful ass with your little pencil dick last night. That will be the last time you ever touch me. You were poor growing up. You deserved to have to cut lawns for those people above your station in life!” Sandy shouted at Mike.

“Sandy, first, you weren’t rich growing up either. You only ended up with a life of luxury by manipulating men to let you live off them, even though you were a great student with a degree in finance from a top school. You chose the easy, quick way to get ahead. I will give you a second choice. Instead of cutting the grass you can lounge on the lawn here, after I stake you to the ground and pour honey on you, so the fire ants can nibble on you all day long.”

“Okay, Mike. I know now you are a psychopath and might kill me any minute just for the fun of it. I’ll cut the lawn, but I’ll get revenge on you some day. You better believe it.”

Sandy started cutting the lawn in the hot sun while Mike sat on a chair watching her, while he worked on his laptop. He had a pitcher of ice water on a table next to him to tease Sandy. After an hour Sandy started feeling mosquitoes biting her legs, and she tried to swat them away, but she couldn’t. She didn’t realize that Mike had put scented lotion on her, which attracted the mosquitoes to her.

“Mike, I am getting bitten by mosquitoes and I’m very thirsty. Give me some bug spray and some of that water next to you.”

“Sandy, you are still trying to be in charge and make demands. You need to work more before you drink, and bug spray is expensive, and you don’t deserve it.”

“I deserve anything I want! Who do you think you are, denying me?”

“I am your protector and also your personal trainer on how not to be a cold manipulative bitch. Now keep cutting that lawn. By the time you are done you will have walked for miles.

Sandy knew now to keep quiet to not get this crazy guy mad at her again. Mike occasionally gave her enough water every now and then, so she didn’t get heat stroke, but gave her no lunch, just a mid-afternoon snack. As the day went on, she got more and more mosquito bites, and her fair skin got redder and redder. When she finished, he practically had to hold her up to walk her inside.

“Mike, I can’t believe you did that to me. That was worse than cleaning the house. I didn’t deserve that. Don’t you know who I am?”

“You are nothing anymore. Everyone thinks you are dead. You don’t exist to anyone, just to me.”

Sandy knew she was defeated for now, but still was thinking about how she could win against Mike.

“What can I have for dinner Mike?”

“For doing a good job I am going to make you a nice dinner.”

Sandy was confused again. She felt like a dog being trained by its owner.

“Can I take a shower first.”

“No, you missed a few spots of the lawn, so you have to wait until after dinner to bathe, and I will personally bathe you. Oh, and take off that bikini, I don’t want you to get grass stains on the chairs.”

Sandy meekly ate her dinner, which was a huge steak, potatoes and vegetables, with cheesecake for dessert. After dinner Sandy felt better and said, “Thanks Mike, dinner was great, and I am glad you saw that I worked hard and tried to please you.” This was Sandy trying to manipulate Mike again. In a little girl voice, she said, “Mike can I take a shower now. I’ll wash your back, if you wash mine?” She winked at him.

He didn’t answer. He just walked her upstairs, supporting her wobbly legs. They went into the master bathroom, where he had filled the huge tub with water.

“Wow, Mike. I love bubble baths. I deserve this, don’t I!”

She stood up in the tub, which had very hot water and jumped up in the air with pain. “Mike, it hurts, what did you put in the water?”

“Nothing Sandy, when you have bug bites and sunburn, hot water makes them hurt worse.”

She jumped out of the tub and ran towards Mike to choke him. “Mike, I am going to kill you!”

He easily grabbed her, turned her around and twisted her arm up against her back. “Sandy, it looks like you never learn.” He marched her into the bedroom and pulled her onto the bed.

“Is this the part where you anally rape me again?”

“No, that would be too boring. Actually, I am just very sweaty and need a bath too.”

“So, go sit in the tub while I take a nap and then once I feel better, maybe I’ll be nice and let you bathe me too,” she winked at him again.

“No Sandy, I prefer you to give me a tongue bath,”

“A tongue bath, what is that?”

“I just invented it. You are going to lick every inch of my body until I am clean.”

“I will do no such thing. That is the grossest thing I have ever heard of. You are really sweaty and didn’t shower this morning”

“I thought it up just for a pretentious gutter bitch like you. Now start licking or sleep with the coyotes outside.” There actually were no coyotes on the property. He slapped her face hard and growled, “Now get started and do a good job Sandy.”

She knew she better not cross him again and tentatively opened her mouth and started licking him. It made her gag and she thought she would puke at any moment, but knew she better not stop. She slowly licked every inch of his body but stopped when she got to his dick.

“Sandy, aren’t you forgetting something? I need a good blow job to finish off your magnificent tongue job. You are being a good girl. Maybe you won’t get a beating tonight.”

She was so disgusted by the thought of sucking his sweaty cock but didn’t want to get a beating again. She held her nose with her fingers and slowly engulfed his cock into her velvety mouth. She wanted to get him off quick, but he picked up on this right away, and made her slow up.

He then stopped her and softly said, “you need to suck on my balls too Sandy, they are very sweaty being in those tight shorts all day.” She scrunched up her nose and sucked his balls, thinking about how nice it would be to not get a spanking and anal rape tonight. She tried to get him off, but he was able to hold back.

“Sandy, my asshole is a little dirty too. That is the last of the tongue bath, spread my cheeks and get it good and clean.”

This was the most degrading thing she could think of anyone ever doing to her, but she just resigned herself to finishing this, and put her tongue slightly up his ass.

He pulled her head tight to get her tongue further up his asshole and sneered, “get your tongue up there deep, I want to feel that tongue tickle my prostrate.”

She licked and licked and then he pulled her head up and pulled it back down on his hard shaft. “Time to finish your tongue bath training.” He slammed her head up and down on his cock, gagging her until she thought she would pass out. Finally, he came into her mouth with a torrent of cum, and she had no choice but to swallow it.

She looked at him with an utter expression of defeat and said, “can you please make the water cooler in tub and let me take my bath now.”

“Sure, Sandy. You earned a nice bath. But first let me put aloe vera on your body to numb the bites and sunburn. You pleased me very much.” Sandy felt utterly broken by this sick maniac and couldn’t figure out how he could alternate so quickly between being nice and being so cruel. She let him rub the lotion all over her body, which soothed the pain. He also got her a mild painkiller out of the medicine cabinet, which she willingly took, without caring what the pill actually was. It really was a pain killer, as he didn’t want her to be in any more pain.

She fell asleep on the bed and Mike emptied the tub and filled it up with cooler water and fragrant bubble bath. He lit candles and lined the tub with them. When she woke up, she was afraid again, but he led her into the bathroom and she was completely shocked.

“Is this for me? It is beautiful.”

“You are beautiful, Sandy, and I know there is really a nice person under that hard, cynical shell you’ve built up.” He held her hand as she got in the tub and laid down, savoring the cool water, the bubbles, and candles softly burning.

Mike took a sponge and gently caressed her body with it to get off all the dirt, sweat and grass stains from her toned body. He washed and shampooed her long blonde hair. Then he took the sponge and reached down to massage her clit with it, and he pushed two fingers gently into her warm snatch. Sandy cooed with each touch and turned her head and looked into his eyes, as she exploded into his hand with a thundering climax. He helped her out of the tub and gently dried her off.

“Sandy, go to the bed and get under the covers and take another nap if you like. I am going to take a shower and will be in soon.” Sandy floated into the bedroom and got under the covers naked, praying as she fell asleep that the rest of tonight Mike would be nice to her.

She woke up as Mike pulled the covers back and she shuddered wondering what he would do to her next. But he was smiling and just said, “I think I missed a few spots.” He got down and kissed her legs as he worked his way up to her cunt, which was starting to get wet with excitement. He gently parted her lips and inserted his tongue and started licking the inside of her pussy and her clit, like he was savoring ice cream on a hot summer day. He then lifted her ass up and inserted his tongue into her ass and licked in and out, going deeper and deeper, as he slowly fingered her now sopping wet pussy. “Mike, Mike, I can’t take it. “Uh, uh, uh,” she screamed as the orgasm rocked her entire body.

Afterwards, Mike held Sandy close and asked, “Sandy, which nightgown do you want to wear to bed tonight.”

“None of them. I want to sleep naked with you so I can feel your skin on mine. That was the best orgasm I ever had in my life. I didn’t fake it like I normally do.”

They drifted off to sleep and again Mike woke up in the middle of the night, watching Sandy smile in her sleep. He was horny, but also wanted to give her pleasure again. “Sandy, are you awake?”

“I am now.” She was a little frightened though that Mike would turn on her again.

“Sandy, do you know what my favorite number is?”

“No, Mike,” she replied with a puzzled look.

“69”. He turned around and straddled his lower body over her head so he could attack her warm cunt again with his tongue. She immediately opened her mouth and greedily sucked on his now hard penis. They both moaned and moaned as their orgasms got closer and closer. She suddenly parted his ass cheeks and stuck her tongue up his asshole and started jerking his dick downwards harder and harder until he came harder than he ever did in his life. Sandy came a few minutes later, even harder than before.

Mike was shocked and said, “Sandy I can’t believe you licked my ass without me asking for it. No one has ever done that for me because most girls are grossed out by it.”

“I did it because I wanted to and you deserved it after that bath and “tongue job” you gave me,” she smirked at him.

They held each other tight and he said to her, “so you enjoyed that Sandy?”

“She nodded her head and replied, “I sure did Mike.”

“Well, you know what they say, “good girls get bubble baths and bad girls have to lick dirty ass.”

“Whose expression is that?”

“It’s mine. I just made it up.”

Sandy smiled back at his bad joke, and drifted off to sleep, more confused than ever. She had heard of the term “Stockholm Syndrome,” where someone kidnapped eventually falls in love with their kidnapper, but was trying to deny that she didn’t hate Mike anymore, and didn’t want to slit his throat and let him bleed out on his beautiful marble floor.

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