Hiding Sandy Part 1. Stories with Anal



Mike’s friend Steve marries gold digger who hates Mike. When Steve’s is killed by mobsters, Mike agrees to hid her at his country home. but Sandy must be Mike’s sex slave for a year.

Mike and Steve were best friends in college, and both came from blue collar families. After graduating, Mike quietly built a fortune through smart investments, including a startup company he sold. He lived a low-key lifestyle, with a modest house in the suburbs. However, he was a survivalist who was worried of a potential future economic collapse, so he built a large house on a huge isolated property in the mountains. The house blended into the forest so you could not see it from an airplane above and had a sophisticated security system, including a safe room. The house was stocked with food, water and weapons and had solar heat with a backup gas generator. He spent as much time there as he could, but never told anyone about the home.

Mike dated several women over the years; but was dedicated to his business and never found the right woman to settle down with. He wanted to have children and was now in his mid-30’s but was hoping the right woman would come along soon.

Steve took a different path and always had a get rich quick scheme and had business partners who were in organized crime, including money laundering, drug smuggling and gun running. He built a very large flashy house, which caught the eye of the government, and other criminals who were jealous of his wealth.

Then there was Sandy. Steve met her through his business associates, and she could best be described as a gold digger trophy wife. She was 27 and gorgeous; about 5’-8” and 125 lbs., with long blonde hair, and a body perfectly toned through daily workouts and a strict diet. You could bounce a quarter off her taut stomach or killer ass, and her breasts defied gravity even when she did not wear a bra. Steve married her a year ago. Even though she also came from modest means, she acted like she was from royalty and treated everyone with a snobby, bitchy attitude, including Steve and Mike. Besides exercising to maintain her beauty, Sandy loved to shop in expensive stores, eat in expensive restaurants with her equally shallow friends, and go on luxurious vacations with Steve, or with just her friends.

Even though Steve made a lot of money, Sandy was bleeding him dry, and Mike figured Sandy must be great in bed, or maybe Steve just wanted arm candy and had other women on the side. But Steve was just insecure and put up with Sandy’s games and dominant personality. Steve hoped she would change and could eventually become a good wife and mother to his future children. She had a degree in finance and was very smart, but she did not like the idea of work, and quit her job after meeting Steve.

Mike hated Sandy the first time he met her. He went over to Steve’s house after he started dating her and she answered the door in a string bikini she was literally hanging out of, with a look of disgust on her face. “Who are you?” she asked sarcastically. Steve didn’t tell me anyone was coming by and you interrupted me getting a tan by the pool.”

“I am Steve’s best friend and don’t need an appointment to come to see him.”

“Well his is not here and I am not sure when he is coming back. If he knows what is good for him, he will put my needs ahead of mere friends.”

Mike was shocked by her behavior and she got worse and worse as time went by as Steve’s relationship got more serious with her. She teased everyone she met, including Mike, right in front of Steve. Steve was blinded by infatuation though, and Mike could not reason with him. “Steve, why are you involved with someone like Sandy? Even though I know you are involved with some questionable people, you are a nice guy.”

Steve surprisingly replied “first Steve who I do business with is none of your business. If you were more aggressive with your business ventures, you would not be living in such a small house and would be with a hot girl like Sandy. You need to get used to her, or our friendship might not last.” Mike was shocked he would choose Sandy over him but hoped Steve would see her true colors before things went too far.

But that was not to be. Steve eventually had a lavish wedding with Sandy, and Mike begrudgingly acted as best man. At the reception Sandy came up to Mike and whispered “I guess I won asshole. You will not be seeing Steve much anymore, as he listens to me about everything, just to be with me and have access to my body once a week if I feel like it. He doesn’t know I also have sex with several great looking, younger men I met at the gym, and he would never believe you if you ever told him.” Mike could not believe that Sandy had ruined his friendship with Steve, and Mike and Steve slowly drifted apart, only occasionally seeing each other when Sandy was not around. Steve got into risky business deals with his partners to try to support his lavish lifestyle with Sandy.

Then one day, Mike suddenly received a panicked call from Sandy. “Mike, I don’t know what to do. Steve was supposed to come from a business trip in Europe and I have not been able to reach him the last two days. Before he left, two big guys came by the house and were looking for him and they did not look very happy.”

“Sandy, why should I care about you, or even about Steve, for that matter,” Mike sneered. You just want to use me to help you find Steve, and I am not sure if I want to get mixed up with the people who Steve might be in trouble with. With the people he is involved with, he might be already dead, and I don’t want to join him in that category.”

“Mike, Steve is your best friend. I always was attracted to you though; but didn’t know how to show it to you,” Sandy said suggestively. I wanted to tell you and have an affair with you but did not want to hurt Steve.”

“Sandy, Steve was my best friend, but you ruined that. I do not believe a word you say. If your treatment of me means you are attracted to me, I would be afraid to see how you would treat me if you did not like me,” Mike replied sarcastically. Since Steve was my best friend at one time, I will try to use my contacts to find out what happened to him.”

“You have contacts who would know what happened to him?”

“Sandy, you don’t know much about me. I am extremely wealthy, but choose not to show it, to avoid girls like you, and others who would just want to use me to get ahead. I have high level contacts globally and should be able to find out what kind of mess he got himself into to support a thankless bitch like you.”

Sandy became irate that someone would dare talk to her that way. “Who do you think you are talking to that way?”

“I am talking to a woman who may be totally broke and in danger if Steve’s associates think you know too much, and I am the only one who might be able to save you.”

Sandy changed her tone. “Mike, I don’t know how I could ever thank you,” as she looked at him seductively.

“Don’t play your coy games with me. I am not sure I would ever want to fuck a heartless woman like you and would wonder where that possibly STD infected body has been.” Sandy seethed inside but kept quiet so Mike might help her.

He was able to use his contacts to find out that Steve had double crossed his partners in crime. They had kidnapped, tortured, and killed him. His sources told him that the criminal organization Steve belonged to was not sure how much Sandy knew, and was deciding if they should kill her and might come for her any day.

Mike was sad about Steve, but happy that Sandy would know that her free spending ways and bad attitude had helped caused Steve’s demise, and maybe her own. He went to Steve’s house to tell Sandy the bad news. She did not believe him, but he showed her police surveillance documents and photos, including a picture of Steve’s corpse.

“Mike, what am I going to do?” she sobbed uncontrollably. Can you help me? I need your protection and don’t have any money of my own.”

“Why should I help a bitch like you?”

“Because Steve would want you too and I would do whatever you want in appreciation,” as she winked at him.

He did not want to help Sandy but thought he could exact his revenge on her by making her his sex slave and maybe even a surrogate to bear him a child. “Sandy, I think things could blow over within a year. The police will not put you into witness protection, because you do not know anything about Steve’s business, so you are of no use to them. You can go into hiding with me at my country home, where no one can find us. I manage my businesses and investments remotely and the house is stocked with food to last several months. Do not tell your friends where you are going, and they will think you just disappeared to escape Steve’s partners. Since you have no living family no one will come looking for you. I can send a truck to pack up whatever you want from the house and put it in storage.

Sandy did like the idea of possibly using Mike as a new sugar daddy, but said, “Mike, now you are playing a game. You expect me to live with you in the middle of nowhere, with no restaurants, salons, high end stores or trips around the world? I suppose you would want me to sleep with you too?”

“Sandy, I am only doing this because Steve loved you, even though you never loved him, and somehow I think deep down inside there might be some redeeming qualities about you, when someone gets under your nasty, phony exterior. I do not know yet if I even want to fuck you. The idea of sex with you is disgusting to me. Secretly Mike thought the idea of hate fucking her could be fun. Your choice, you have five minutes to decide.”

She thought about her options and realized she better agree, although she was already thinking of how to manipulate him. “By the way, Sandy, there is one other thing. I don’t want you to later say that I kidnapped you and forced you to do anything you didn’t want to do, so you will need to sign a contract that you are going with me willingly and you have to do anything I say, as long as it is not illegal, for up to one year. To make it look like I am paying you as an employee, at the end of the year you will receive a generous payment that will allow you to live comfortably for several years until you can find the next sucker.”

Sandy knew she had no other choice and signed the contract. She watched the movers pack up the contents of her beautiful home, as Mike pulled up in a large SUV, which he loaded with whatever clothes would fit, and the movers took the rest of her clothes to storage. After driving a few miles, Mike pulled off to a desolate side road. “Mike why are you stopping; are you planning to rape me with your little dick?” she snarled.

“Sandy, I will never force you to do anything. I just don’t want you to see where my country house is, so I am going to blindfold you.”

“I will do no such thing”, she said in disgust.

“Then get out of the car. You will be on your own, broke and on the run from Steve’s former partners.”

She relented and he got turned on by the idea of making her his submissive, which was always a fantasy that other women he dated would not go along with. When they arrived at his home and he took off her blindfold, she looked at the vast beautiful property and palatial home in wonder, and she started thinking of how she could dominate Mike like she had dominated Steve.

As they walked in the door to the lavishly decorated enormous home, she asked him to get her clothes from the car, but he told her he would lock them up in closets and decide what she would wear each day, and the first day she was going to be cleaning the house so she would only need her workout yoga pants and tank top to do it. She became very angry. “I have maids who clean for me at home. I am not your maid and not your prisoner.”

“I am not your sugar daddy. I am your savior as long as I feel like it. Here is your uniform. Now take off all your clothes and change into your tight gym clothes with no bra or panties so I can enjoy the view while you clean.”

“I will not change in front of you and will not wear gym clothes!”

“Then get the fuck out of my house and try to find your way home back to town 50 miles away, through the woods, if you don’t get lost and die and the animals eat you.”

Sandy knew he had won this time, so she slowly took off her dress. Mike was amazed that she was even more beautiful than with her clothes on. “Now take off your bra and panties, slowly, so I can see what I own for the next year.” She complied but felt humiliated and tried to cover her nakedness. He stood inches from her face and whispered, “you will wear what I want each day and will beg me to do whatever I want to do to you. You will be nude whenever I want you to be.”

She begrudgingly cleaned the house all day and Mike watched her wiggle around in her skintight yoga pants trying to tease him, but he never let on that she was exciting him. As she worked all day long, he knew she was getting exhausted. She had eaten breakfast, and after cleaning a few hours she asked for lunch, but he refused. By dinnertime she could barely stand and felt faint. He let her sit at the kitchen table and brought her a peanut butter sandwich and a piece of fruit.

“This is dinner?” she moaned, but quickly ate the meager meal. “I am used to eating in top restaurants every day.”

“Well Sandy, you need to earn better meals from me through your obedience, and I also don’t want you to get fat. I will weigh you every day and if you gain weight you will be punished.”

“Mike, you are crazy, Steve would never treat me this way. What are you one of those pathetic nerds who hate women and play video games all day.” He replied,

I am not Steve, and I have never treated any woman like this, but this is the way a spoiled evil brat like you should be treated.”

After she ate, Steve told her that she was filthy and sweaty and needed to take a shower. “That would be great Steve. Which way is the shower?”

“I will show you, since we will be showering together so we can get to know each other better,” he smiled at her.

“Steve, you can’t be serious, I am not going to shower with you.”

“Then you can sleep with the mountain lions in the woods.” She begrudgingly agreed and he led her to one of the many bathrooms, with a huge shower that could fit four people and had more shower heads in the ceiling and walls then she had ever seen. She slowly peeled off her sweaty yoga pants and tank top and Mike took off his clothes too.

She was shocked that under his baggy sweatpants and sweatshirt Mike had a totally ripped physique with literally no body fat, from his strict diet and years at the gym to burn off stress. She also stared frightened at his large thick cock. They got in the shower and he gently washed every inch of her tight young body. She was puzzled that he was being so nice to her. She then washed his body and at the end reached for his cock so she could start her scheme to try to control him.

He pushed her hand away and said, “no Sandy, I know your tricks, you are not going to hypnotize me with a half- hearted hand job and you haven’t earned the right to pleasure me”. She had never had any man turn down a hand job from him and was disappointed her wiles were not working on him.

They got out of the shower and dried each other off. He faced her and said, “Sandy there is one more part of your body I need to clean. Turn around and lean against the vanity and I will be right back.” She leaned against the vanity and Mike tied a blindfold on her. She was frightened hearing Steve go into a closet to get something. He came up behind her with an enema bag that he filled up with water.

“Sandy, we need to clean out those filthy whore bowels of yours with an enema, since you are so tired, and I don’t want you to shit the bed.” Mike was lying, he was cleaning her out to prepare her for her first training.

“Mike, you can’t be serious, I have never had an enema and no man has even put a finger in my ass.”

“Well, you have a contract that provides you protection and provides a large payment at the end of a year for being my employee and doing whatever I want.”

Sandy thought about the money.

“Okay but please me gentle with me.”

Mike lubed up the end of the enema tube and slowly and gently entered her asshole with it. But then he pushed her hard against the vanity, making her unable to move, and quickly filled her bowels with warm water from the enema bag and told her to hold it in, as he filled her more and more. “Mike, stop you are hurting my stomach, and I feel like I am going to lose control and shit all over.”

“That is the whole idea, bitch”. He reached around her and started pinching and pulling on her nipples and rubbing her stomach to make it even more uncomfortable. Finally, he stopped and led her blindfolded over to the toilet, and she shit torrents like she was prepping for a colonoscopy.

Sandy cried “Mike, I can’t believe you could be so mean to me. You got what you wanted now, I want to go to bed and sleep in late tomorrow.”

“No, Sandy, tonight’s fun has just begun.”

He led her still blindfolded to an adjoining guest room he had set up if he ever found a woman who would willingly become submissive to him. He laid her on her stomach on the bed and struggled to put her hand and feet into the four leather cuffs connected to the bed’s posts.

“Hey, you asshole, what do you think you are doing? You let me up immediately!”

“No Sandy, I am going do to you what your Daddy or Steve should have done. Spank a rebellious manipulative child. I am not going to use my hand though. I have a nice flexible leather paddle that will be painful and leave red marks, but not permanent welts as evidence.”

Sandy was terrified of Mike by now and awaited her fate since she was blindfolded and did not know when the first blow would come. The first blow hit her muscular ass with a loud crack, and she cried out “Please don’t hit me, it hurts so bad!” Mike ignored her and made her count each blow. Her ass turned bright red, so he started also hitting the back of her legs and her entire back. The back of her body was now all red, with purple bruises forming on her buttocks. Sandy was now sobbing hysterically. “Please Mike, please Mike, I will do anything to make you stop beating me.”

“Well Sandy, I will stop if you beg me to fuck that cute little asshole of yours.”

“No way, I told you that I never allowed a man near my ass. Your cock is too big for me, you’ll rip me apart.”

“Okay then, I will keep strapping you until you can’t feel it anymore.”

“Okay, but please be gentle, use a lot of lube and please use a condom in case you have anything I don’t want to catch.”

“Sandy, you are still trying to be in control. I will only be gentle if I feel like it, will only use enough lube to get my cock in your tight little asshole, and will only use a condom to let me last longer, since I am disease free.”

Mike took out some lube and a condom from the drawer, put a pillow under her waist, and spread Sandy’s perfect butt cheeks. She prepared for his finger, but instead he started licking her rosebud. The feeling felt strange to Sandy and also grossed her out. “Mike, that’s gross, you need to stop it.” He hit her again very hard with the leather paddle, and she screamed in pain.

“For the rest of the year you will get tied down and paddled whenever you disobey me.”

“I’m sorry Mike, I guess you have won, I’ll be good from now on” Sandy replied with a phony voice. Sandy thought about how she might be able to find a way to kill Mike before the end of the year.

Mike stopped licking her anus and inserted a finger inside her and slowly put in a second. “wow that’s a relief, your cock doesn’t hurt that much.”

He took his fingers out and lined up his condom covered cock to her sphincter, and replied, “that wasn’t my cock.”

He drove his large cock into her ass in one thrust and she screamed into the pillow in excruciating pain. “Mike please take it out. It’s too big, your killing me, please take it out!” She tried to struggle away from his cock, which felt like a sword in her ass, but it was no use.

Mike slowly started stroking hard in and out of her ass, his balls slapping against her muscular butt cheeks with every thrust. Sandy sobbed and moaned in agony. He eventually took off her blindfold so she could look at the mirror in front of her as Mike plowed into her tight virgin asshole over and over. He then grabbed her ponytail and pulled her head back to his face as he fucked her. “Sandy, I hope you aren’t getting wet from this, you little cunt. That would take the fun out of it for me.”

He wrapped his muscular arm around her neck and started to choke her a little. She hated Mike and the humiliation of being sodomized by her enemy was too much to bear. He taunted her as he brutally sawed in and out of her stretched out ass. “Sandy, you shouldn’t worry about pain. You should worry about what you will become after a year. A willing fuck toy and rape slut, pleasing my every perverse fantasy I have had about breaking you. We will be doing bareback each time I rape one of your holes.”

Sandy became afraid, since she forgot her birth control pills. Mike felt his orgasm building in his balls and pulled his cock out her ass. She felt relieved, but he just pulled the condom off and re-entered her as she screamed, as he wanted to cum in her ass. He grunted as he came with one of the most powerful orgasms he ever had, and her body went limp and she felt relieved when he pulled out. He took the cuffs off Sandy and let her go to the bathroom for a pee and have a small snack before bed. He made her keep the cum in her ass though.

“Mike I really need to go to sleep. Where is one of my nightgowns?” she tried to say nicely.

“I am going to sleep with you, and tramps like you have to sleep in the nude so I have access to your body if I decide in the middle of the night I need Round Two.” He locked the doors of the house from the inside and fastened a cuff to one of her arms with a lock, so she could not get out of bed. She laid on her side and he laid behind her, spooning her gently and kissing the back of her neck as he fell asleep. He was just faking his kindness though. She became frightened that he must be bipolar to change moods so quickly and suddenly be so nice to her after being so violent, but she finally fell asleep.

He woke up about 3:00am and realized he was nestled behind this girl with the body of an angel and she looked so sweet sleeping peacefully and thought there was hope for her to change. His cock started getting rock hard and he wanted her ass again, but he wanted to mess with her mind by not hurting her this time. He took the cuff off her arm and slowly started putting his fingers in her ass, and she awoke with a terrified look.

He whispered in her ear, “it’s okay Sandy. Be a good girl this time and I’ll make you feel good. Spread your ass cheeks for me so I can be gentle.” She reached back and spread them, and he eased into her with his cum from earlier in the night lubricating his cock. He rocked back and forth slowly and reached around to slowly massage her perky young breasts. She started reacting to him and softly moaned. He reached down and made slow circles with his finger around her clit and she started to breathe heavily. He kept starting and stopping and she begged him to let her cum.

He then went faster and faster without stopping and she finally screamed out “Mike I’m cumming!” Her orgasm made her anal canal pulse with contractions and this drove him over the edge, and he exploded into her ass.

He turned her face to him and kissed her gently on the lips while he softly stroked her hair, and said in a creepy voice, “that is my good girl. Good girls get pleasure, but bad girls get pain. We are going to have a fun year together if you are good, but a long year if you are bad.” As she drifted off to sleep, she was fearful of which Mike she would wake up to, the Mean Mike or the Nice Mike. But it was the best orgasm she ever had, so maybe pleasure is worth some pain?

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