Gloryhole experience


Zack has had a rough month at work. So much time working on projects and then coming home and doing house work. Not really having any free time to self. He had a 2 week vacation coming up where he was going to be visiting his mom. He was close with his mom since it was just the 2 of them for most of his life. His dad had passed away when he was younger so never had a male figure in his life. He moved out at the age of 18 and been working at the same place and moved up in company and now in a great position making good money. He has had his flings and girlfriends but nothing became real serious.

Since having that long month of work he hasn’t had any chance to release his built up sexual desire. He knew a few women at home town he could get ahold of to get off. He tried to get something set up but all the women seemed to be busy so it was a fail. It was now time for him to make the drive to visit his mom.

He arrived and his mom when he saw her, she had became so much hotter to him. He had always found her attractive hence why he had to take care of himself before meeting her. Now he is with her and now checking her out now then normal. They had a nice dinner and then chatted about work. His mom didn’t talk much about some new job she had gotten but does look happy about her job so he didn’t push it. They then soon went to their separate bedrooms and went to sleep.

The next day an old friend got ahold of him and wanted to have lunch. So he went. Mom was ok with his since she had to get ready for work. Zack meet up with his buddy and chatted up. Zack told his friend Jeff about his sexual problem how he needs to find a chick bad to get off. Jeff then told Zack about a place where you go and pay and get your cock off.

“It’s a glory hole. You stick your cock in a hole and you watch on the screen as a woman goes to town on your dick. She will hand job , suck it. And if you can handle it. Use a condom and fuck her. Course you have to hit the wall or motion to her that you are about to cum so she can get into position to receive your cum.”

Zack listened to him and nodded his head. “Yes that’s what i need. Where is it?” Jeff told him where it was and they finished their food and then went their separate ways.

Time went by and he is chilling his mom house and didn’t know when she would returned. The idea of the gloryhole came to his mind and got him excited. He got in his car and made the drive to the place. He walked into the building and then was told just what Jeff told him earlier and then paid the money and was offered a room. In the room was a small closet like area with a TV screen on the wall. And a light coming from a hole in the wall. He heard a woman moaning from inside and was interested to see. He turned on the TV and was shocked to see what he saw on the screen.

He saw his mom fully naked roughly stroking a cock on the other side of the room. It made his cock get hard. He opened his pants and pushed them down along with his boxers. His cock semi hard he stepped closer to the hole placing his cock throu the hole and waited for his turn. He watched as she made the cock finally cum all over her tits. The mystery dick disappeared in the hole. She used a towel and cleaned up herself as she then turned and approached his cock.

She was amazed by the size of Zacks cock. “Wow this is a nice cock. Let’s get this harder shall we.” She reached up and grabbed his cock. She gave it a small stroke as she talked. “Mmmm feels very nice.” His cock started to get harder in her hand. She then leaned in and licked his cock up and down. It throbbed in her hand which made her stroke it faster. “Mmm want me suck it babe?”

Zack changed his voice some. “Yea suck it girl please.” She then opened her mouth and place his cock in her mouth and bobbed her head up and down on his cock. Throbbing and growing in her mouth. Soon his cock was now fully hard in her mouth. She had tried to take all of his cock in her mouth but it was actually to much for her. She backed out and took a few deep breathes. “Fuck babe your cock is huge but I’m going try to take it all”

Zack moaned out. “Mmm go for it.” She then tried again to take all of his cock in her mouth and soon so was able to for a slight second and backed up and was proud of herself. “Mmmm fuck that was good. Fuck my mouth babe.” She placed her mouth on his cock taking half of his cock and moved her hand. He took this as a sign to move his hips back and forth and started to fuck her mouth. She began to suck harder as he moved faster.

She moved a hand down and felt on her pussy. He watched on the screen as it was turning him on so much. He was wanting to fuck her badly. He then moaned out. “Can I fuck your pussy?”

She then pulled away and grinned at the camera. “I was hoping you wanted to. I want to feel this huge cock in my pussy. Go ahead and put a condom on.” He eagerly pulled back and slipped on a condom he had already had set. And the placed his cock back throu the hole. She was rubbing her pussy waiting as she then saw it come.back at her. She grinned as leaned in and spit on the condom covered cock and stroked it as she turned around and guided her sons cock into her pussy.

They both moaned as to her this had been the biggest cock she has had in a while as for Zack this was a Dream come true to now be fucking his mom. Her pussy had the right tightness where it felt great but not to tight where he could go on for awhile. She looked at the camera. “You stay still babe. Let me fuck you.”

Zack did as she said as she moved back and forth making her ass move up and down on his cock. She started to moan and soon her oussy tighten hard on his cock as she moaned out. “Oh fuck I’m cummkbg.” She then pushed back hard taking every inch of his cock. Her breathes was heavy as moan. “Fuck I haven’t cum that fast with a cock in a long time. Fuck. Go ahead ba e fuck me. Make my pussy cum again”

Zack didn’t hesitate at all as he moved back and forth with his hips making his cock move in and out of her pussy. They both moaned in enjoyment. He started to go harder and faster as she moaned louder. “Yea babe. Keep going keep fucking my pussy.” Zack was so lost in all this and moaned out in his normal voice. “Fuck your pussy so good”

She looked back at the camera and moaned. “Keep going God don’t stop. Fuck yea. So close.”

Zack couldn’t help himself and moaned out. “Fuck yea cum on my cock mom.” He then realized what he said but it was too late. He kept his hips going till she told him to stop.

She then heard his words and was both shocked and excited. Knowing the cock in her pussy was her son was both wrong and oh so right. She didn’t want it to stop. “Fuck my pussy son..make your mommy pussy cum.”

With that Zack didn’t stop he went harder and faster then before. She moaned even more taking his cock. She couldn’t hold back and cummed harder on his cock. “Fuck I’m cumming. Stop stop. Leave it in” with that he stood still and let her pussy twitch all over his cock as she stayed still enjoying his cock deep in her. She then took a breathe as slowly moved off his cock as they both moaned as it came out of her pussy. She turned around and got back on her knees. She took off the pussy soaked condom and eagerly took his cock in her mouth and sucked hard.

She had became the horniest she had ever been and sucked his cock real hard. He had almost cum right there. He moaned out. “Use your tits mom. Fuck my cock with your tits..I wanna cum on your tits.”

She moaned and stood up more on her knees and wrapped her huge tits around her cock and moved them up and down on his cock. “Cum on babe. Cum on your mom big tits.” With that it pushed him over the edge as he hit the wall to let her know and then he unloaded his cum all over her tits. His cum exploded all over her breasts and some on her lips and chin. She licked her lips looking at rhe camera tasting his cum. And moaned “mmm tasted so good. ” she gave his cock a kiss as Zack pulled back and then got dressed.

He didn’t lknow if she knew it was really him or if she was just playing along. Either way he was happy with what happened.

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