Girl and the Dark Castle – chapter 23. Fantasy Sex Stories


The Meanest Man

She laid there exhausted and beaten, but still holding on hope that she would make it through this ordeal. Then the door opened, and he walked it.

“Look at my fucking piece of meat. Did my boys put you through your paces? Are you ready for more?” he questioned as he walked quickly to her. Standing over her he questioned again. “I did not hear you. Are you ready for more, whore?” The last word was spoken with venom dripping from it.

“Yes, Sir,” she was able to say weakly.

“Then get on your knees your worthless piece of trash.” When she was too slow for him, he grabbed her by the throat and helped her. His thick fingers working around her mouth. “I like little white whores who listen, so I hope that will be you. Open your mouth,” he ordered. Her lower jaw dropped open. His thick fingers pushed into her now open mouth. Grabbing at her tongue and pulling it forward. Twisting it makes her head follow. Then a hard slap to her face and another. The skin is already turning red.

Letting go of her tongue he pushed two fingers down her throat. Pushing them further and further into her mouth. Then she started gagging on them. “Damn bitch!! Your throat has been trained. Must be all the dick you have been sucking, you fucking dirty whore.” She gagged again as his fingers pushed deeper. Then he pulled them out, but he was far from done with her.

His hand wrapped around her neck. She has been choked before. The pressure around the neck. His hand was squeezing, but there was always some control. Not here. His big thick handheld her small neck with ease. He squeezed, his hand tightening and tightening. Her eyes showed fear as she found she could not breath. “Now you will learn I’m not a man to fuck with. I can end you at any moment. Make it look like an accident,” he said with spit flying from his lips. “You are just a dumb fucking slut. I’m going to use you like a piece of meat. My cock is going to break your body. All of your holes bitch. Then I’m going to break your mind. Just a fucktoy for us to rent out. Just imagine the rest of your days being used over and over by guys and girls and your poor little dumb mind would not even know. That is how broken I’m going to make you.” He let go of her throat and she gasped for air.

That is when he undid his pants, and his monster was released. He forced her face onto it. “Suck my cock bitch,” he ordered as he pushed it into her mouth.

Her eyes glazed over, and something happened. Her mind became clear. The cock worked its way in and out of her mouth, but she was not in the daze she was in. Her thoughts where hers again, not ruled by the fucking she has been through. She found that her body was refreshed too. Still tired but she was able to move it easier now.

Her hand went up and grabbed the base of his cock as he kept pushing it in her stretched open mouth. He pushed it further down making her gag over and over. The drool was thick when he pulled his monster from her mouth. One long piece attached you her lower lip and connected to a piece on the knob of his cock and then started dripping. It was like slow motion as she watched her drool fall. Slowly spinning until it crashed down into her bare breasts. Almost like on cue he shoved his dick back into her mouth.

His hands weaved through her hair and his fingers interlaced behind her head. Her hand dropped from his shaft. He pushed himself deeper and deeper. Slowly at first but then he started getting stream. Like a piston he rammed his member down her throat. Each time she could feel the bulge in her neck. Her eyes water as she fights to breathe.

He pulled back, wanting to give himself a break, but she was not having it. Her hands wrapped around his legs and pulled him back to her. As he stood still, she started to throw her head forward making herself gag on his giant member. His legs locked and she knew he was close. She pulled him close. Deep down her throat and held him there. Her arms wrapped tightly holding his ass cheeks. Ten seconds, twenty, thirty and she kept him deep down her. Then she let go. Her wet mouth on his cock again was too much for him. As he pulled out, he shot thick streams of cum onto her face. She was free of his cock and gasped for air as she got covered. The drool, tears and cum all mixed and dropped some more down her body.

“God damn, you are one nasty whore. I can see my big fat cock has brought you back to life. Give me a few minutes and you can have round two on it,” he said with a smile.

She did not want to wait. Her mouth went right back to his dangling cock right in front of her. It was sensitive at the moment. Her mouth sucking on it so soon after his orgasm caused him to falter a moment. He lost his footing and fell back onto the chair behind him. Her mouth unlocked from his cock but was right back on him once seated. “Damn, you can’t get enough on my Johnson, huh? You do give one hell of a blowjob. Your mouth is all nice and wet. You’re a sight with my cum dripping off your face. I bet that makes you feel all kinds of slutty.”

As he spoke, she worked on his semi hard cock. Her warm wet mouth sucking on his knob. It was not a tip, but thick and bigger than his shaft, a knob she thought. Sucking, kissing and licking. Then she started flicking her tongue on the underside just below the knob. This seemed to get him stirring again.

She worked her flicking tongue down his shaft. Her drool leaves a trail along it. At the base she moved from the shaft to his balls. She pushed open his legs, which he moved wider. This gave her more room. Her tongue kept flicking as she did on his dick. He moaned and said,“God damn slut, you do really know how to take care of a man’s needs.”

“You have not seen anything yet,” she responded in between licks. Then she took one of his large balls into her mouth, sucking on it. He moaned lousy. His hands reached down into the top of her head. Then she started stroking his cock again. He gave in at the moment. The pleasure of her warm mouth going back and forth on his balls was too much. His body fell back on the chair. Letting the pleasure wash over him. She was not done with his balls. She forced both in her tight wet mouth. Rolling her tongue over the two of them. His dick was rock hard again, but she wanted him to get to that point where he could not control himself and fuck her like the animal he is acting like.

She stopped the sucking of the balls and moved her face down his body a little more. Again, her tongue did most of the work as it started to lick around the rim of his ass. The loud moan let her know that he was enjoying it even if he tried to close his legs. She pushed them open easily. The pleasure she was giving was too much. As her hand stroked his hard cock, her tongue explored deep into his ass. He could not control his moans now. She knew that her skills had him and she was going to use him.

He pushed her off of her. Grabbing her hair, he threw her over the arm of the chair. Pulling her head up so her eyes looked at him. “You are one good cock sucker. I see why the others enjoyed your service so much, but just let you know that now I’m hard again I’m going to fuck you so hard you are never going to walk right again.” With that said he pushed her head down and lifted her leg high.

His monster of a cock had no problem sliding into her wet used pussy. He did not push it in slowly l, but with one hard thrust. She screamed in pain, but he did not care. He pulled her head back by her chin. Her eyes met his. “Your slutty hole can take my monster. Let’s see how it does when I ram it into you over and over.”

“Let’s see. Bring it on big man,” she responded with a twinkle in her eyes. He saw red. Grabbing her hips, he started to ram her. She screamed, partly from the pleasure of his big dick filling her up and partly from the rough pounding of his cock filling her completely.

As her screams turned into moans his left hand moved forward grabbing her hair. She moaned,” yes, yes”. And then “don’t stop”. Shortly after that she let him know she was cumming with the loudest scream yet. He did not care if she had a silly orgasm. If anything, he fucked her harder. Wanted to make her cum so many times she was broken.

He was a machine. Fucking her hard for want seemed like hours. After he got bored of hitting her from behind, he flipped her over. Her legs spread wide so he could drive his shaft to the hilt. This also gave him access to grabbing and slapping at her boobs. He found she got off to that. When his hands wrapped around her neck she came again. This girl was a freak, but he was going to break her.

He fucked her is a few different positions in a few different spots in the room but end back with her over the chair. A few more thrusts and his orgasm came on him. He pulled out of her and shot his load all over her back.

She collapsed over the arm of the chair. He walked over to the side table and took a drink. He slowly strolled back to her. “You look like a broken slut, but I think one more go will really do the trick,” he said like he made the funniest joke ever. She looked up at him with a bit of worry on her face. Then a quick smile and a wink of her eye so quickly he thought his mind made it up.

He grabbed her up again and forced his cock in her mouth again. “How do you like tasting your own juices on my cock? Your one dirty fucking whore. Only good to be a fucktoy,” he barked as he held her head still and face fucked her.

After a few moments of his cock filling her throat, he pulled back. Letting her control, the pace and how deep it went. He was on to the next place to put it. He made her stand as she sucked him hard. This gave him access for his fat fingers to explore her back door. She stiffed as his fingers did more than just explore the rim.

“I bet you can tell where my big fat dick is going to go next you dirty slut. I’m just working your hole open a bit, so I will be able to fit.” His fingers pushed in past her rim. First one, then a second, a third started to go in but it was tight. She let out a whimper and then whispered oh my god. He laughed, throwing his head back. “Looks like the boys really worked you over whore. Now it’s my turn. You better make sure that dick is covered in your spit. It is the only line you are going to get.”

He pushed her down on her knees. He got behind her, his hand placed on her back pushing it down. He pulled her ass up high. Then he lined his hard shallow cock into her asshole. He pushed in slowly, opening her hole wider and wider. Her head flipped back and forth. “Oh god, I can’t. It’s too big.”

He was not having any of it. He grabbed both of her arms and pulled them back to her. She was stuck there with him deep in her ass. “Don’t worry you dumb whore. I’m going to fuck every thought right out of that dumb little head of yours. Then I’m going to keep fucking you until you are a drooling piece of meat. Then maybe, just maybe I will give you back to him. Unless and just a fucking piece of meat. You would like that huh?”

At that point she was done playing his games. Even though her ass was stretched so fucking wife she had enough of his bragging. Time to have him play into her hands. “Please Daddy,” she begged him. Making her voice sound needy.

“Please what slut. Please stop. Cause I’m not going to.”

“Oh Daddy. Please, please,” more begging.

“More begging. I’m starting to like this side of you,” he grunted as his cock pounded into her ass. “Beg me some more.”

“Please Daddy Fuck my tight asshole with you big dick. Make this slut gape. Open me up. Oh yes,” she said more with a loud moan than a begging voice.

“You little hoe. You are enjoying this,” he questioned but knew she was.

“Oh yes, please fuck me. Fuck me harder. Make me cum.” He started ramming his dick harder and deeper. She looked back over her shoulder at him. “Yes Daddy. Like that. Fuck this slut hard. Turn me into your bitch. Your fucktoy. I want it harder,” she yelled.

He went harder. Grabbing a fist full of hair and pulling her head back. “Yes Daddy, be rough with your fucktoy. Destroy me. Please,” back to begging.

He fucked her harder still. His breath is coming quickly now. He can feel he is about to lose it. How is she still talking and begging for more? She started pushing back on him and that pushed him over the edge. He let out a loud growl and pulled his cock from her ass with a pop. He shot a thick load onto her back. Exhausted, he walked over to the couch and sat down.

She was now done with him yet. She waited a moment before she stood up and walked to the table which had the box. Opening it, she took a small vile from it and mixed it in a glass of water. She walked over to the large man. His eyes were closed. “Here Daddy,” she said, holding the glass out to him. He took it and drank it down in one shallow. His head fell back and his eyes closed again.

She walked back to the table. Took her own glass of water without the mixture. Seeing him out of it on the couch she worked up the next part. Taking the two other containers in the box she walked back to him.

She kneeled between his legs and opened the first jar. Taking a bit of the gel on her fingers she went to his still semi hard cock and started stroking slowly.

“What are you doing woman,” he said with his eyes popped open.

“I just want more of this big dick Daddy. I can’t keep my hands off it. I need it. Please let me stroke it for you.” If he could not hear the begging in her words, he just needed to look down at her big eyes. Wide with need.

“Go ahead whore. Stroke as long as you would like.”

That is what she did. This first gel made his dick grow big and hard. As he started to enjoy it she switched to the other gel. The mixture made his cock start to go soft. Over and over, she did this. Making him hard and then soft. His mind drifted as she played.

At some point she started speaking. Using keywords to help him get hard and then soft. The first time she did not use the gel she knew he was putty in her hands. She kept stroking, making the words take deeper hold. She brought him close a few times but took him back down.

She then stopped stroking him and hopped up on his lap. “So, Daddy. Are you going to be a good boy for me.”

“What are you talking about bitch? Give me a minute and I will get back to breaking that fucking tight body of yours.”

“No, you will not Daddy. How will you fuck me when you can’t get hard cock.” With that he could feel his cock shrinking.

“What the fuck,” he cried out? “How? I was just rock hard.”

“Well, your dick listens to me now.” She could feel his dick growing again. It wants to please me. Do you want to please me too?”

“You fucking bitch. How did you do this? Did one of those other assholes put you up to this.” He said as he pushed her off his lap.

“No, they did not. I just learned a thing or two with them,” she responded as she stood over him. “You will be a good boy for me, or you will never get a hard cock again.”

His cock started to shrink again, and he panicked. “Fuck, you bitch.”

“That is not a name you should be calling me, I think. Maybe you should be nicer, and I will let your dick get hard again.” It started growing.

“Please, I’m sorry. Please don’t do that again.”

“Ok then,” she said with a smirk on her lips. “Are you ready to fuck me until one of us an useless fucktoy?” He shook his head up and down, saying yes. But in his eyes he was worried. “Then let’s begin”.

“He should be doing this not us,” Mr. Wolf stated with the annoyance in his voice. They walked down the hallway to Gonzo’s workplace.

“But he is not,” responded Mistress Kay. “If we don’t check on her, there is no knowing what that brute will do.”

“I know you are right, but he should be doing it.”

“Those two are like oil and water, they just don’t mix. His time was over a half an hour ago.” They reached his door and she motioned for him to turn the knob. He stepped in first. “Gonzo, we are here to check on the girl. Your time was up more than thirty minutes ago.”

Kay motion to the noise coming around the corner. It sounded like people fucking. They quietly made their way to see.

Sweetheart was on top riding the much larger man. Not just on top but holding his legs back, pinned back to his head. Well, as close as you can get them. She had him in the Amazon position. In what seemed in complete control.

“You are such a good boy, aren’t you,” she questioned him?

“Yes, yes now please can we stop. I can’t any longer.”

“Sure you can. Your cock is still hard. How can you do that after cumming seven times,” she questioned with a smirk?

“What did you do to me? It’s unfair.”

“Well, I told you someone is going to be broken and I think it is you, my good boy. Tell ma’am that her good boy is broken.”

“You broke me ma’am. Please stop. I can’t take it anymore,” his voice breaking as he begged. His eyes closing to the half pleasure half torture.

The two visitors just stood there and watched as she made the bigger man beg like a baby. Kay looked at Mr. Wolf and smiled. He shook his head saying no, but she could not be stopped.

Stepping forward she said, “looks like you are training a good boy, Sweetheart.” Gonzo’s eyes popped open and saw Kay and Mr. Wolf standing over them. He tried to move, but he was completely pinned down by Sweetheart.

“Let me up,” he stated loudly but not much behind it.

Sweetheart slapped him. “You don’t talk to me like that. So rude.” Another slap to his face. “Tell your guests you are sorry. Be quick about it my good boy.”

“I’m sorry Kay, Wolf,” but his voice was not sincere.

“Good boy,” she said to him. Then turning to the two guests, “what is going on?”

“We came to check on you. Your time is up with him. We were worried, but you have everything quite under control.”

“So my time is completed? I made my amends to the board and the castle?”

“Yes, you have,” Mr. Wolf said with a grin. “isn’t that right Gonzo.” He could only moan.

“Then our time is about done, my good boy. I want you to remember this the next time you want to act like an ass.” She pushed off him, leaving his rock-hard cock. Still holding his legs in place. “Now that dick will stay hard for a long time after I leave. I want you to stroke it until you can’t hold back any longer. Then you will cum one last time for ma’am. Does my good boy understand?”

“Yes ma’am,” he said softly as his hand started stroking his cum covered cock.

Sweetheart let go of his legs and walked past the two. They stood watching as this fucking monster stroked his cock because a woman half his size ordered him to.

Sweetheart put in the robe and headed to the door, not waiting to see if the others followed. The footsteps behind her let her know one was following. As she rounded the first corner she turned to see Mr. Wolf hurried to catch her. “Ms. Sweetheart,” he called out. “Please wait a moment.”

She stopped and waited for him to catch her. “What is it Mr. Wolf. I want to go find Sir.”

“I have a note for you,” he stated. Taking it from his jacket pocket and handing it to her. “I do want to say you did an amazing job with your punishment. It has been a long time since I saw someone go that far. Very well done.” With that he turned and walked away down the hallway.

The envelope just had her name, Sweetheart, written on the front. She walked a few paces and found a quiet corner to sit and read the note. She slowly peeled the envelope open. She removed the small card, turning it over in her hand.

To my Sweetheart,

I have been called away for business and will be gone for some time. Feel free to stay as long as you wish. I can see how much you have grown from the scared girl. If you stay, Mr. Wolf will set you up and Sam will be your servant. Explore and enjoy.



A small tear rolled down her cheek. It was followed by a big smile across her face. “This is not the end but only the beginning,” she whispered.


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