Girl and the Dark Castle – chapter 19. Mind Control Sex Stories



There were no words exchanged as Sam came to take her to the next board member. She took her quietly down the hall. Lucky for her it was a short walk. The nerdy man waited at his open door for her.

“Oh, my beautiful lady, you looked so tired. Please come into my boring room and sit for a spell.” He told her arm in his and walked her into his space. It was cozy. Not a big room like some of the others. More like a small sitting room.

There are bookshelves lining the two walls perpendicular to the wall she just entered. The room was dark, but she could see the large area rug over the hardwood floor. In the center of the room were two oversized chairs facing the fire.

He walked her over to one of the chairs. “Here, sit down. You have been through a tough day so far and there is so much more after me.” She sat in the welcoming chair. Her body melted into its form. He walked away, but quickly came back with a blanket, which he placed over her. “Let’s get you nice and cozy. Warm and relaxed by the fire. You don’t have to worry about anything. Just sit and relax. I’m going to talk to you as your mind let’s go and drifts if that is ok.”

She was already feeling more relaxed. Her beaten and sore body enjoyed the comfort of the chair, the heavy blanket making her body so safe, the warmth of the fire making her so sleepy. She said, “yes” nodding her head. As long as she could just stay here she thought.

“That is so wonderful to hear. Just sit back and relax,” he said in a slow low tone. Almost a rhythm to his words. “Now just let your mind relax. You are safe here with me. Let my words keep you safe. Because each word I say will make you feel more and more relaxed. Can you see how it makes your body feel, listening to my words. Relaxed and drifting. Letting my words fill you up. You find it so easy to let your conscious mind wander, but your subconscious hangs on every word I say.”

Her eyes still see the dancing of the flame, but her mind is not taking the sight in. Her mind hears the words, but her brain is not understanding them. It’s like a soft marshmallow being molded. She can feel it happening, but her head does not want to let go of the feeling.

“Your body can feel little tingles as it gives in. First at your feet and ankles. Can you feel them dancing around your skin?” Her head nodded in affirmation. “That is a good girl. Listening and obeying. It makes your mind drift more and gives you more and more pleasure. Can you feel the tingles working up your calves? What an amazing feeling. Let them spin around those fit calves of yours before they make their way up your legs. As you feel them taking over your body you feel more and more relaxed. You mind drifting deeper into trance. The tingles working up your hips and around your belly. Wrapping you in more and more pleasure. You can feel them along your spine now. Causing you more and more pleasure and with that pleasure you obey my words more and more. It’s a lovely circle. The more you obey the more pleasure you feel. The more pleasure you feel the more you obey. The tingles wrap around your boobs and take over your pussy. Can you feel the pleasure of the tingles?”

Her body wiggles as these tingles work their way up and down her body. They feel like goosebumps but ones that bring pleasure and don’t stop. Then when they take grip of her tits and work into her pussy, she can feel her body so turned on, but it is like she was seeing it through a pool of water. Her mind is not able to focus but the pleasure is still there. She so much wanted to reach out and touch her naughty places.

“Look at your body so willing to be turned on. So easily letting the tingles do their work. I know you want to touch yourself, but you are finding your body so heavy. Unable to move unless I tell you to.” She tried and her hand would not listen. He saw the movement under the blanket and said, “I told you that you would not be able to. Why would a good girl like yourself try? Are you just pretending to be a good girl? That will not do. When we are finished with our session you will have many things. A good girl will be one of them.”

Her subconscious heard that last comment but was trying to figure out what it meant. She just could not make it solid. It drifted in her head like all his other comments. The other comments made her body feel so nice, so her subconscious figured this was too.

“Can you feel your body responding to the tingles? They are giving you so much pleasure playing on your skin.

And you know what pleasure brings, right? Obedience and the more obedient you are the more pleasure your body and mind will feel. I can see your body trying to fight it. Give in. Let my words be everything to you. Let your body feel the pleasure of my words.” With that her body melted in front of him. As this was happening, she let out a long hold in moan. “Good girl, you like how that feels. The pleasure your body feels taking over your mind. Can you feel the tingles creeping up your neck? At the base of your skull. Making its way over slowly. When it covers you know that your mind and body has given in to me. Feel it moving up and over.” He smiled at how easy she was to send down into trance. It could be that her body and mind was already a bit broken. That is why he tried to have first crack at her.

“Let’s make this easy for you. I’m going to count down from ten to one. At one your whole body will be covered in tingles, and you will be my pet. I know you can’t wait, but let’s take this one number at a time.”

“Ten,” he said with a pause.

“Nine, can you feel your body drifting?”

“Eight, more and more pleasure.”

“Seven, that just means you are more wanting to obey.”

“Six, you need to be under my control.”

“Five, falling deeper and deeper into trance.”

“Four, your body can feel how close you are.”

“Three, when I hit one you will orgasm. When you orgasm, there will be no turning back.”

“Two, you will be my willing pet. You will take all my triggers. This is your last chance to break free,” he finished and gave a long pause.

Her mind raced as these words came in. But it was so hard to make sense of them. Too late? Too late for what? His pet. That does sound nice. Break free and give up the pleasure. Then her body froze as her orgasm hit. It was so intense. Her mind went blank as the pleasure rolled over her body and then she remembered nothing.

He just watched her body froze as he said one. Her orgasm was amazing to watch. Her body was flopping. He can see that her mind turned off. Now for his favorite part. What triggers should he add into her subconscious?

***. She heard him say, “four you are almost awake and five fully awake.” Her mind popped. She was awake and feeling amazing. She remembered her tired and sore body, but the aches and pains were gone. She then saw that she was no longer sitting in the chair by the fire, but she was kneeling naked by his side. She was going to panic, but his words put her at ease.

“You are safe here with me as a pet. You just need to kneel and obey. Just listen and learn,” he said with a pause. “And you have learned a lot. Isn’t that correct?”

“Yes Lord, your pet has learned a lot,” her mouth said without her mind telling it to. The confusion in her eyes was evident.

His hand drifted to her cheek. Softly touching in. “Remember you sitting and relaxing by the fire. Your body is getting warm and tired, but still listening to each and every word. How your mind hung on them,” another pause. He was one for the dramatic. “Well,” he continued with a wave of his hand. “I was putting you under trance. And once you were deep in trance, I gave you a few triggers for your subconscious to remember.”

“Wait,” she interrupted. “That is actually real? I thought it was only made up for tv and movies.”

“No, my pet. It is real and now has a list of triggers.”

“I don’t believe it,” she interrupted again.

“One more outbreak like that and I will make you think you are a chicken for the rest of the day.” She cocked her head to the side and gave him a look that she did not believe him. He shook his head. “Why don’t any of you ever believe me,” he questioned more to himself. “Hamster,” he then said in a loud clear voice.

Her world went black then. ***

+++She woke up again. She could not tell how long she was out. She found she was on all fours now. She tried to speak, but a bark came out. She tried again and again, but each time she barked. Her eyes showed her confusion again.

“See, this time my pet I woke you with one of your triggers opened. On top of that I let you mind ride shotgun. You will follow along with my commands because you are a good puppy. Right, who is my good puppy? Are you my good puppy?” As he started to say that her butt started to wiggle like a dog’s tail. She started bouncing up and down next to him.

He reached down and petted her head and her body reacted like a dog would. Leaning on his leg, wanting more pets. Then he threw a ball across the room. Her mind told her she did not have to get it but her body was in control. Scrambling to get it and return it to her Master.

As she came back with the ball in her mouth, she is now seeing that mind control is ready. He saw her eyes as they came to her truth. She dropped the ball at his feet and waited for her next command.

“I see you are now believing me. Should we see what other triggers you have?” She wagged her tail and barked again. “Ok then, Hamster.” She could feel her mind shut down again. +++

^^^ She woke up this time kneeling again. Her mouth full as her head bobbed up and down. She realized she was giving this man a blowjob. She tried to stop, but she could not. Only purred as she tried taking him deeper. He was not large, so it was pretty easy.

“This is your bimbo mode, “he said as his head moved to rest on the top of her head. “Damn Pet, you are one amazing cock sucker.” His head leaned back onto the back of the chair. He then pulled her eager mouth off his cock. “In this mood you are only to look pretty and suck cock. When you see one, anyone, you will drop to your knees and suck him off to completion. And I bet you really like this mood,” he said looking past the fog in her eyes, deeper to her.

Her body really, really wanted his cock back in her mouth. To suck him dry. Take all of his cream, but as he looked into her eyes they gave her away. He smiled when he saw what he was looking for. “You may continue my Pet. Make me cum. Once you do you will go blank and wait for your next command.”

With that her mouth dropped back on his cock and she worked her magic. He did not hold off long before he shot his load in her mouth. As her mind went blank his cock finished dropping off his load. Her body swallowed what was in her mouth, but some leaked out and down her chin. He just watched as the thick white blobs rolled down her chin and dripped to her breasts.^^^

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