Girl and the Dark Castle – chapter 18. Stories for Adults


Which Toy

Her mind was slow as Sam walked her along the corridor. Her body was used and tired. She just wanted to lay down and fall asleep.

He abused her. She did not know what to think of that. Her mind was divided. How could he do that to her? She was nothing more than a fucktoy to him. What someone would call a hate fuck, but thinking about how hot and horny it made her. She came over and over. What was she thinking?

Her thoughts cut off as Sam knocked on the door in front of them. The large wooden doors opened and one of the two men who she gave fellatio to was standing there. She could not remember which one, but it did not matter much.

“Sir, I was told to bring her to you. I have orders to pick her up in three hours,” Sam said in a low hush tone.

“Thank you Sam for bringing her to my door. I will look after her until you come back,” he replied in a smooth voice. He then turned to her and continued, “Come in little one. Let’s see what trouble we can get into.” His arm motioned for her to enter.

She did slowly on her weaker legs. The room was well lit. Warm tones of wood covered the wall and ceiling. There were all kinds of different structures throughout the room. These were wood and metal and she just knew she was going to be tied to one or all of them.

“Let’s start her little one,” he said as he put her into the middle of the room. Standing behind her, he removed her robe. He lifted her right arm up over her head and put her wrist into the leather cuff. His fingertips then followed her arm down to her body and along her breast. He walked around to her, facing her now. His hand tracing alone her belly up her other side. His hand stopped at her face.

“I see you came already for me. Dressed up in your best and your makeup all done,” he said sarcastically. He took a step back and slapped her tits with his big paw of a hand. As her body jumped in pain he took her other arm and raised it. Fitting it in the other cuff. He stepped back again and looked at her again. “They bring me your broken body. Just look at how your body struggles to stand.” His hand went back to her face. “Your once pretty makeup is all messed up. It makes you look like a raccoon. Are you a little trash panda,” he questioned with a look of disgust on his face. She shook her head no. “Then why do you look like this?” His hand moved to her hair. Feeling the dried cum in it. “Is this from when you gave me a blowjob earlier? Did you not clean yourself? What a dirty trash panda you are.”

She tried to answer but he kept talking over her. Finally, she was able to tell him no, but that did not go over well. His hand came down on first her left tit and then her right one. The pain was intense. He walked around her exposed form. As he got behind her, he said, “Open.” Her mouth opened wide. He pushed in a ring gag and tied it tight around her head.

She could hear his footsteps walk away to the back of the room. She was left standing there naked, weak and waiting. Her mind drifted back to how she got here. Her car broke down. The walk to the castle. The First Ladies who helped her. The first room. The large piano. The wax. The sex.

“So, are you ready for your time with me,” he questioned?

“Yes Sir,” she mumbled past her ring gag. The drool is already pooling at her feet.

“Good cause I have a little game for you. As you can see there are two drapes behind me. One on the right and one on the left. When it is time for a new toy you will get to pick. I will use each toy for five minutes. Then we will move to the next one,” he said as he paced back and forth in front of her. “At the end of four rounds we will move to a new device to tie you into. The fun part of the game is you get to pick which side for the toy, so whatever happens to you is all your fault.” He walked closer to her and finished, “And I’m not a monster. In Between devices you will have a short break. How does that sound? Fun right?”

Her body was shaking now. She tried to answer but the gag made it just a mess of drool. He reached down and cuffed her two ankles. Then he pulled on the rope making her legs open. “Now we are ready for you to a good little fuck panda,” he commented as he walked in between the drapes. “Pick a side and let’s see what toy we get to play with.”

She shook her head no, tears starting to build in her eyes. To make her pick her punishment she just could not do it. He stormed to her, grabbed her face roughly in his right hand. “You will choose, or you will get both. Now choose,” he yelled at her. She shook her head no again. He stomped back to the drapes and pulled both of the first items from each side of the drapes.

Turning back to her she could see a black flogger in his right hand and a thick brown leather strap in his left. He walked up to her and without a word he swung the flogger along her breasts and belly. He walked around her and the leather strap made hard contact to her ass. Over and over, he circled. The two pieces of leather hitting her over and over. Everybody part was made to suffer.

The strap on the outside of the right leg, then the flogger up between her legs hitting her sore pussy. Then the flogger on her arms high over her head with the strap following up on her tits. Body parts are body parts and then there was a buzzer. He stopped, calmly walked to a table and put the items down. Turned and walked back into the center of the room.

“Even those were two items, that will count as one toy. Three more in this device. Now choose a side.”

She was shaking, tears sliding down her cheeks. Her whole body was on fire. She did not want to, but she could not do both items again.

“I’m waiting.” He stood tapping his foot.

Her head motioned to the left. He smiled at her as she pulled back that side to show a small leather bag. He walked over to the right side and pulled back the drape. Her heart raced as she thought she was going to have to do both.

“If you chose this side, you would have had a wand. Just think of how that could have made your dirty body feel. But know you have the items in this little bag,” he said, swinging it as he walked closer.

As he got closer, she started to struggle in her bonds. “You look so cute when you wiggle like that. You know you are never getting out unless I let you out,” he exclaimed with an evil grin. It did not matter, she still tried.

His body now in arms reach. His hand reached out and touched her large soft tit. Then pitched her nipple. Squeezing hard, watching her body react. When he saw she was uncomfortable he switched to the other nipple. She tried to escape, but there was no place to go.

He released her nipple and reached into the bag. “Stick out your tongue you dirty panda,” he commanded. She slowly pushed her tongue between the ring of her gag. “Further,” he said more forcefully. “All the way out.” She pushed it to her limit. He pulled out a clothes pin and showed it to her. He could tell by her reaction she has never had this done. “Panda, I’m going to put these pegs all over your body and when your body is racked in agony, I’m going to pull them off.” With his words complete he placed the first one on her tongue.

She was not really for the pressure. She tried to pull her tongue in, but the peg would not allow for it. Her eyes shot to his, pleading for him to remove it. Instead, he added two more. He then went to work putting the pegs along her body. Each with a string weaved into it. Starting at her right breast, working his way down and then back up to her left breast. He took his time. Enjoying each one he placed on her lovely, scared body.

The whole time he spoke quietly to her. “I have a feeling you had a big misrepresentation of our castle. You think we are all fun and games. We are a lot more than that. We teach sweet looking innocent girls and boys like yourself that there are rules to be followed. Some of them overreach themselves and become whores like you are turning into. That is ok. That is the kind of girl I like around here anyway.” Her breathing is coming quicker. A little moan escapes from her drooling mouth. Running out along her tongue. Covering her chin. Each peg was like a small pitch on the skin and she had hundreds she thought.

His hands worked their way over her body. Pitching both nipples at the same time. He pulled them hard away from her body. Then he placed the final two pegs on her nipples. He looked at the clock and saw that his time with the pegs had not expired. His meaty hand went between her legs, and he started rubbing her pussy. Sticking two of his thick fingers inside.

Her body started to react. Moans of pleasure coming from her. Each sound is different but all meaning the space. “See what happens if you overstimulate the body it starts to overstimulate the mind and right now your body is so overstimulated. Your mind not knowing if it should be in charge or should it let the body. It plays tricks on itself. Letting you feel the pleasure of my hand. I wonder if your body has told your mind that all these pegs attached to your sexy little body are pleasure or pain. Your mind is trying to decide, but it is so clouded from the pleasure of my hand. My hand can bring pain too,” he continues, pulling his hand away and starting to slap her pussy. “Does your body like that?” Before he waited for an answer, he reached for the ends of the string and pulled.

All the pegs along her body were pulled off in one long motion. All the little pitches on her skin were gone in a moment. The pain was intense. Her body felt like it was on fire. She shook and started to cry. But then something stranger happened. The pain of the pitching was gone, the pain of them being pulled from her body was gone, all that was left was a warm feeling at each point. It was a feeling her body enjoyed. That her body craved. His words were right. She let her mind and body give into his torture.

Over the next hours her body was strapped into many different devices. She was placed sitting on a piece of wood facing another tied to it with metal pipes. Another had her almost upside down. She was placed on a table on her hands and knees, piping holding her tight in place. Then hanging from rope on a large frame. The ropes holding her in place.

With each of these devices she had many different items used in her. Her favorite was the wand of course, but she came to enjoy the spanking items. From a paddle to a whip or the flogger. The sting became a sweet friend.

Then there were other things used. When she was upside down, he used a large needle, one that looked like a sewing needle on the underside of her foot. Putting pressure on the nerves in the big toe. Running it down her sole.

She could not believe how sensitive the bottom of the foot was. It was not the only thing done to her feet. He made quick light taps with a cane on each of them. The one she hated the most was the large rubber band that was snapped on her foot.

It seemed he played with each part of her body. Clamps on her sore nipples. A dildo on a stick using her mouth or pussy. The wand humming on her lady parts over and over. He let her orgasm. So many times, he lost track. She was a dirty trash panda.

He took her out of the last device and had her sit in a large chair in the corner of the room. “You did really well today. I’m very proud of you,” he said. She could hear the pride in his voice. He put a tray of food down by her side. “Eat before Sam comes and collects you. You will need it for the rest of your journey.” He then turned and walked to the back of the room and out the door.

She ate and started to nap when she heard the door open again. It was not the door in the back he left though, but the front door to the room. Sam was here to get her and take her to the next board member. She just hoped it would be something easy. Her body was tired, sore and needed a break.

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