Girl and the Dark Castle – chapter 16. Sex Stories about Punishment



There she was, on her knees with a stranger’s cock in her mouth. She just heard the room say she was to suck off all the board members. At that moment she wanted to run and hide. What came over her? She was never a slut like this. She was a good girl. But after a moment of thought she said to herself she was a good girl, but that is not what she wanted. She wanted to be a bad girl. One to be used as the whore she always wanted to be. To crawl around the board room and suck off all the members in the room. With a smile she kissed the tip of Mr. Wolf’s cock and started crawling to the man and woman sitting at the table.

She wove in between the chairs making her way to them. She reached to undo the nerd’s pants, but he pushed her away. She looked up at him with her pretty eyes. Looking back down at her he told her he will have his way with her but not now.

She moved over to Mistress Kat. Her legs parted as she moved up her skirt. “Let’s see if you can lick pussy as well as you suck cock.” Her face buried into the lady’s waiting snatch.

As she was crawling Mr. Wolf pulled up his pants. “What a good little cock sucker you have there,” he said as he looked at the Master. “Let’s hear the evidence of why we are here. Gonzo, I believe you are the one who is saying he is wronged. What is your claim,” he questioned the big man as he made his way to his seat.

The big man pulled at his leather vest like one would do with a sports jacket. He was always self-conscious coming to the board meetings. Always under dressed, but the suit and tie or button down sweater was not him. He wore just the leather vest, blue jeans and black boots.

He stepped forward into the room and cleared his throat. “Sorry for the outbreak earlier. I was just upset at the wrong that this bitch did to me. I have been working for six months with my toy and she came in and ruined it in a few minutes of uncontrolled passion.” He walked back to the drape and pulled it aside. Hanging from it was Lacy. Her arms and legs pulled away from her body. She was completely tied in rope, holding her in place on the metal frame. Almost like she was caught in a spider’s web.

“You see,” the big man continued, “this was my playtime thing.” He said touching Lacy’s naked body. “If you all remember, she was sold to me at auction. I spend a lot of money on her. I have been teaching her orgasm control for the last six months. She was going to go a year with no release, but that whore came in and used her.” His voice is getting angry. He starts to slap Lacy’s tied tits with his giant paws. “She ruined all the plans I had for my little plaything. She needs to be punished. I call for Her to Run the Board.”

She listened to the giant speak and knew how wrong she was. She had no permission to use poor Lacy or even Sam or the poor fellow. Her tongue stayed deep in Mistress Kay’s pussy. As she listened Mistress Kay moved down the chair a bit and raised her ass off the chair just a little. Soon her face was covered with her mistress’s juices. Then she could feel the powerful lady cum. There was no yelling. No screaming. She was able to control herself not like me she thought.

Mistress Kay looked under the table at her and whispered,” good job. Off to the next one little slut.” Sweetheart smiled to herself and crawled to the two men standing at the back of the room.

She could hear the other talking about her but she was not listening anymore. She was just wanting to get to the next cock. She crawled in front of the first man, and he had his pants under zipped already. A huge grin on his face. “Get to work you little slut.” She wasted no time as her lips wrapped around his small fat cock. She went to work bobbing up and down.

“Look at the go,” commented the man standing next to the pair. He has pulled his dick out also. “His dick is not the only one that needs to be sucked. You have two dicks to work on.”

She looked over and saw his cock out. She reached out and started stroking it. Then left the one covered in saliva as she moved to the second one. She keeps a hand in each cock, stroking them. She lost track of time. Just the stroking and sucking. Nothing more. She did not hear the discussion going on all around her. Nothing more than the sucking sounds and moans the two gentlemen let out.

The second guy was first to list it. She was sucking the other off when he gave into his cock wanting a release. Her hands were stroking him and his seed shot over the side of her face and on her shoulder. His buddy was not far behind, but she had him in her mouth when he released.

She takes a moment to swallow each drop. As she turns from the two men, she just performed fellatio on, one stopped her. “Stand,” was all he commanded. She pushed up from the floor. Her legs are uneasy. “Do you understand your punishment,” the man questioned.

“Sir,” confusion in her voice. “I,” was all she was able to say.

“I think this little slut was not listening to our discussion,” the other man chimed into the group. “Where are you enjoying our cocks too much slut,” he questioned.

“Yes Sir, I was concentrating on your cocks. I was not listening to the discussion.”

“Then you have to command your punishment. You will be happy to perform all the tasks put out before you?” His hand slides between her legs. She spreads them as his fingers find her wet pussy. “Go damn this little slut is so fucking wet. I think she will enjoy us breaking her.” Her face showed surprise.

The room filled with laughter. Mr. Wolf walked across the room taking her by the hair again. “Since you did where not listen as we discussed your wrongdoing and punishment, I will explain them to you.” He pulled her slowly across the room. “You were found guilty of breaking the rules of the Castle and your punishment is that each Board member here will spread three hours breaking you. They can do whatever they want to you, do you agree.”

“Yes Sir, I understand,” she said weakly.

“Good, the first one will be the Master of the Castle. He will start the process of training you.” They stop in front of her real Sir. She looks into his eyes and can see the disappointment.

“Follow,” was his only command. She fell in behind him as they left the room.

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