Girl and the Dark Castle – chapter 12. Transvestite Sex Stories



Sweetheart woke slowly. She first felt the heavy blankets over her body keeping her nice and warm. She purred to herself at how nice it felt. Then her eyes popped open.

“Where am I,” she said out loud. She peeked out from the covers and looked around the large stone room. The room was lit by the fire burning in the corner. The flames licking along the strong stones. There were two high back chairs with a low wooden stump table facing in. A large ornament wardrobe was standing regal on the other side of the room.

The haze started wearing off. She remembers now. Sir, the Dark Castle and all the kinky rooms. She thought she was dreaming. She reached at her wrist to find the slightest marks from the ropes. Then her body tingled and the thought of what happened.

The door to the chamber opened and a silhouette came through the door. She could see her form, the sway of the hips and hear the click of her heels on the stone floor before she could see who it was.

Before she came into view she started to speak. “Good day Sweetheart. My name is Sam and I’m the chamber keeper for the master of the castle. He had to leave for a short time in some business but will be back shortly. I am to help you with anything you need.” She then came into view. A stunning blonde standing five foot nine inches tall but her heels made her six feet at least. Her petite frame was covered in a sexy maid outfit. Sweetheart could not believe her eyes. She thought those were just for Halloween.

“I could really use a shower to clean up and something to drink and a snack.” Sam turned to the table close by and came back with a silver tray. The tray was covered with fruit, cheeses and crackers. In the line glass was orange juice.

“Please let me know if you need anything else,” Sam said as she placed the tray on her lap.

“This looks wonderful. Thank you so much,” Sweetheart said as she took the first bite of a strawberry.

Sam nodded and turned. She walked to the dresser and came back with a thick rope with a pair of slippers on them. “I have started drawing a bath for you. When you are done eating please put these on and follow that door,” she said as she pointed across the room. “I will be making the final adjustments for your bath.” Sweetheart could feel her heart race as she watched Sam’s bare back and cute ass walk away.

What has gotten into me she thought. I have been acting like a total slut since I came through those doors. She then smiled because she knew she liked it.

She smacked slowly enjoying the sweet tastes of the different berries. The juice flowed down her throat and filled her belly. She was now ready to be clean.

She slid her naked form into the thick warm fur lined robe and then put her matching slippers on her feet. She lazily walked to the door that Sam went through a few minutes ago.

Once inside she was amazed once again. The bathroom was huge. A wall of double sinks on one side and full of windows on the other side. In the middle was a large round stone bathtub. Sam was standing there waiting for her.

“My lady, your bath is drawn. May I help you with it,” she questioned. Sweetheart walked closer. As she got within reach Sam moved behind her and helped her out of the robe. Placing the robe in the hook, Sam was quickly back by her side. Putting her hand out as Sweetheart lowered herself into the water.

She could feel the tension and stress in her body leave and she lowered herself. She let her body relax on the tub wall and found an amazing view of the mountains out the window. She just laid there for a time. Closing her eyes and letting herself just be.

She napped again. Waking to more warm water being added to the tub by Sam. “That feels amazing Sam. Thank you for topping it off.”

Sam then leaned over and started washing her naked body with a warm soapy washcloth. The feel of someone else’s hand washing her felt wonderful. Sam then used the spray to wash away the soap. Sweetheart enjoyed the jets shooting warm sprays of water over her body. As they ran across her nipples her body turned back on.

She could not help it and when Sam moved the jets lower, she raised her hips to let the jets soak her pussy. Sam went along with her master’s new friend and lowered the jet closer and closer. It did not take long for Sweetheart to start moaning. The jets shooting quick warm water bursts onto her clit.

She reached up to Sam’s free hand and placed it in her breast. Sam took her hardening nipple and squeezed it in between her fingers. Sweetheart started to moan then. She was loving being the center of attention.

That is when she moved. Not a lot but enough to throw off Sam’s balance and she came tumbling into the bath with Sweetheart. Her maid outfit soaked but her feet and heels were still out of the water. Sweetheart laughed and then quickly pulled them off. Her laughing was contagious and soon Sam was laughing with her.

Sweetheart was now kneeling over Sam. Her body on top. She smiled one of those wicked smiles that she saw on Dom’s face and moved closer and closer to Sam’s laying body.

Sam stopped laughing when she that look. “Miss I was not given permission for whatever is on your mind. Please…”.

That was all she was able to say before Sweetheart had her pussy covering her mouth, not letting her talk anymore. “The way I see it,” Sweetheart started. “Is that Sir gave you to me to make me feel at home? For you to do all I want. And I want your sexy lips kissing and licking my pussy. NOW,” she barked.

Sam could not say no, so he lips met Sweethearts and she kissed them. Her juices quickly came free. Her tongue darted out. Just lightly licking her needy clit. Sweetheart started to moan. Sam was not done with her. Her tongue changed speeds and pressure over and over. Sweetheart, still standing over her, grabbed the back of her head and pulled it up into her needy cunt. Rubbing herself on Sam’s face.

She stopped right on the edge. Moving onto all fours. Pulling Sam by her hair behind her. Sam understood the assignment without any instructions. Her tongue licking the exposed ass with the pussy. Sweetheart lowered one of her hands and began rubbing herself. Her body felt her orgasm coming. She tensed and then with a loud scream she came.

Sam kept her face buried in her ass, licking and rimming it over and over. Finally when her body finished she collapsed on the side of the tub. She was not out of it long. He mind told her she needed to get Sam off.

Without warning she flipped over. This made Sam move back and fall again in the slippery tub. Sam arms pulling her to the edge, but that is as far as she got. Sweetheart was on her. First kissing her sexy lips. Letting their tongues dance. Sam relaxed and let Sweetheart have her way.

Sweetheart moved her hand down over one of Sam’s boobs as they made out. Squeezing and teasing her nipples. Sam let out a low moan and she knew at that moment she had her.

She pulled open the wet maid outfit. Her head went down and started kissing and sucking her small breasts. Sam’s nipples started to harden. She was not done there. She pulled Sam up to the edge of the tub.

She pulled Sam’s skirt aside and exposed her. She stopped in shock. Sweetheart shocked eyes looking up at Sam’s concerned eyes. Whatever played in their heads was over in an Instant. Sweetheart smiled, licked her lips and lower her head onto Sam’s hard cock.

Grabbing hold of it with one hand she started sucking on the tip. Her head and hand are in motion with each other. Her head moved from left to right as she sucked her big thick cock.

Sam tried to move her off her cock, but she just sucked harder. She grew harder and harder. She need to get her to stop. “Please,” she begged. “Please, Master will be…”

Sweetheart stopped sucking and looked up at her. “What will he be? Will he be mad that you are taking care of me? Will he be upset that I love sucking your wonderful cock? Or will he be mad we started without him.”


“No but,” Sweetheart commanded as she started sucking her cock again. Sam breathes coming quick and shallow. Her body can feel the need as her cock became harder than before.

Like one clue Sweetheart stopped sucking, moved back and sat on the edge of the tub. She smiled and pointed down. Sam slid back into the warm water and made her way over. Sam started sucking on her rock hard nipples.

Back and forth. Sweetheart throwing her head back at the pleasure this one little think is bringing her. Her little moans echoing off the tile walls. Sam was not done giving out the pleasure. Her fingers found Sweetheart’s open legs and into her wet pussy.

At first one finger, then quickly a second. Both were a bit surprised when a third finger slid into her open pussy. Sam moved her fingers in and out. Causing Sweetheart to moan louder and louder. Her body took to that place of Ecstasy again.

Right on her edge Sam stopped. She thought that was so wrong, until she remembered she did that to her a few minutes ago. She was turned over. Her tits pressed on the tub edge. She was looking out the window at the sunset over the mountains. Her breath was taken away by the beautiful view.

Then it was taken away a second time as Sam’s big fat cock entered her. Sam’s large mushroom head was stopped along her pussy lips, but with a small push she entered her. Sam’s cock filled her and the bend to the left felt so different then the other cocks she had before.

“Oh yes,” Sweetheart moaned. “Oh yes, just like that. Fuck me. Yes, yes, yes. Oh fuck.”

Sam’s words mixed with her moans. “You like my fat girl cock deep in that tight pussy? Don’t you, you little slut?” Sam frappes her hips and pumped her harder.

“So, good. Fuck so good. Yes, yes, yes. I’m going to cum,” Sweetheart half moaned and half screamed. Sam’s hand reached around her pulling her body up. Grabbing her tits. Then she came.

Sweetheart’s body rocked in Sam’s arms as she kept pumping her cock in and out. She let her go after her orgasm. Sweetheart back on her hands and knees. Pushing back with each thrust.

Sam slapped her exposed ass over and over. Her pink skin turned red quickly. With her free hand she grabbed a handful of Sweetheart’s hair and pulled it back. Sam thrusted hard and faster into Sweetheart’s fuck hole.

“God yes,” she screamed. “Harder, fuck me harder. Yes right there. Fuck my needy hole. God damnnnnn.” Her body collapsed as another orgasm came over her body. The whole time Sam just fucked her harder and harder.

The water splashed along their asses as Sam pounded her. Her body enjoyed wave after wave. Her toes curling. Her mind shutdown as this all happened.

Sam was going from a scared sub to full Dom mode. Telling a blackout Sweetheart a good slut, hungry whore and all other dirty names as she used her. Her pleasure was building with each thrust.

Sweetheart came aware of her surroundings and pulled away from Sam. She turns on the edge of the tub seeing the shock on Sam’s face. With a hard push with her foot she had Sam off balance and falling backwards into the tub. Sam landed with a splash. Hard on her ass. Her arms wide spread. The shock still on her face.

Sweetheart waited no time. She quickly pounced on Sam’s spread body pinning her down. Looking down at her she said, “I’m a dirty whore huh?” Sam’s eyes grew wide at what she had done. “You want me to take your cock like a good little slut. Make me beg for it. I think you are mistaken. I think you are the needy slut.” Sam just knew she was going to be in trouble. “You stay right there. Think about all the naughty things that are going to happen to you.” With that Sweetheart climbed off of her and made her way to the large closet in the bedroom. She hunted around and found what she was looking for.

As she walked back into the bathroom, she tightened the straps on the harness. Squeezing a large glop of jelly into her hand. She climbed back into the tub and found Sam where she left her. She started giving her big black dildo a hand job. Cover it with jelly.

“Now are you ready slut?” Sam looked up at her and saw the huge strap she was sporting.

In a worried voice Sam said, “God damn that is pretty big.”

“It is and it is going to fit deep into your ass. I’m going to fuck you so damn hard you will not know if you want me to stop or keep going forever.” Sweetheart opened her legs and pulled her ass up. The thick mushroom head of the strap pressed to Sam’s ass.

She felt it slowly pushing her back door open. She was worried that she would not be able to take it. The head pushed her hole open wider and wider until it popped in. She let out a low scream. Waiting for her ass to adjust to the straps width.

Sweetheart did not wait that long. She started thrusting the strap in and out. The water splashing around them. Waves of the warm water crashing on their bodies. Pumping Sam full of her cock, she reached down and placed her hands on Sam’s small breasts. Grabbing a handful in each hand. Rubbing her hard nipples with her thumbs.

Sam started moaning then and Sweetheart then made her the bitch. “Look at you, what a cock hungry whore you are. How quickly you become a moaning little slut. It took you three orgasms to get me in this position. You, I stick a big strap in your ass and you become a fucking whore.”

Sweetheart slapped Sam’s face. Once, twice and then a third time. “Tell me slut. Tell me how much you need my fat strap in your ass.”

Sam looked up in her tranced eyes. “Oh god yes. I’m your whore. I need that dick deep in my ass. Please fuck me hard.”

That brought a wicked smile to Sweetheart’s lips. She pulled her strap out and climbed out of the tub. “Follow me,” she ordered. Sam, in her haze took a moment, but followed quickly after her. At the large fabric bench she pointed and demanded that Sam laid down on her back.

Sweetheart grabbed her ankles and opened her legs wide. Her girl cock slid back into Sam’s pleasure hole with ease. Holding her legs open wide she fucked her with long slow strokes.

Sam’s body was on fire with the pleasure of being fuck brought. “Yes, fuck me,” she moaned. “Fuck me harder,” she begged.

“Look at you slut. Begging me to fuck you harder. Who is the bitch now? Who is the whore?” With a light whisper Sam said she was. “Yes you are. A cock hungry ass slut.”

With that Sweetheart moved her legs together and pinned them back with her body. This gave her the perfect angle to pound Sam and she pound her she did.

For the next few minutes Sweetheart pumped her girl dick hard into Sam. Sam’s head fell back. Eyes trying to focus but the pleasure she was in was way too much. The whole time low moans coming from both ladies.

Sweetheart pulled back as Sam just laid there. She leaned over at the waist and started sucking Sam’s lady stick. The strap was not as deep but Sam could still feel it sliding back and forth as her cock was sucked.

Sam stood no chance now. Deep in her mind she knew she was broken by this woman and would do anything for her now. That was the moment her body gave into the pleasure. Her eyes rolled and her mind blanked out.

Her orgasm was intense. Her body froze. Going stiff as a steel beam and then when she let go it explored. Not just her cock which shot a thick stream of white cum into Sweetheart’s mouth over and over again. Her sucking and swallowing each new blast. But her whole body. Each nerve was having its own orgasm all at once. Her body could not handle it. It just started shaking and did not stop.

Sweetheart pulled her strap from Sam’s ass and moved up her body. Slapping the big strap onto Sam’s lips. Even in her state of ecstasy Sam opened her mouth to suck on the cock given to her.

“Look at my cock hungry slut. Having her biggest orgasm ever and still wanting to suck my cock. You are one dirty whore. A good little slut.”

Sweetheart pulled the cock away and leaned over. Kissing her gently on the lips. “Be a good girl and clean this up now my good little slut.” Then she stood up and said,”I have to get changed for Sir” as she walked away.

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