Girl and the Dark Castle – chapter 10 and 11



“Come on,” she said giving a push to his shoulder. He does not budge. Not physically or with a story. “Tell me about it.”

He just keeps his pace, almost dragging her when she slows her pace. These doors are large like the others but painted in soft colors.

Her mind raced to another little room. What else could it be? What else can a room like that hold? He opened the doors and she looked at the most wonderful room. She gasped as she took it in.

The room was very large and in the room there were all different types of spaces. He took her hand and lead her past the threshold Into the space.

Her face was in awe at the soft colors and light fabrics. It was such a difference from some of the other cold hard rooms.

The first section they came to was a large pink shimmering drape. His hand moved to draw it back as he stared at her. Her eyes darted back and forth from his to the drape and back. Slowly he opened it.

Inside they found two resting subs. Both laying in their onesie. Eyes closed enjoying their rest time. The interesting part of this space is it is covered with stuffies. Large, small and every different type. The girl was cuddling with a mid size unicorn. Her legs wrapped his back half and her arms around his neck. The male sub had a classic teddy bear wrapped in a bear hug.

He motioned to step back as he pulled the drape back closed. Sweetheart whispered to him, ”What is this place Sir?”

“This Sweetheart,” he said, motioning with his hand. “This is the aftercare room. The place subs can be taken care of after a scene.”

She looked like she was going to say something but the words were stuck on her lips. This left her lips in a nice O shape and he could not help but think of the fun he was going to have with it later. That would have to wait because there this room is a non-sexual room and even he could not break those rules.

The next space was under a large wooden gazebo. White curtains hanging at each corner. The floor was raised three steps to the blue stone patio. Lined under the gazebo were ten large white crow foot soaking tubs.

They slowly made their way to the top of the steps and walked over to the closest tub. Sweetheart put her hand into the water to find it was at the perfect temperature. Her hand made slow circles in it as a large smile grew on her lips.

Then she noticed two tubs being used just a few feet away from her. KittyKat and Cottontail were soaking quietly in their own baths next to each other. Not wanting to disturb them he led them away. As she was walking behind him she took one more glance at the two rest women. KittyKat opened her eyes, smiled at her and winked. Sweetheart blushed and smiled back at her.

The next area was covered in soft area rugs. A few oversized chairs and a big sofa surrounding a small fire pit. There were a few ladies talking softly, giggling ever so often.

As Sir walked with Sweetheart they stopped talking and waved to them. “Hello Sir,” one of them said. She got up and walked right to him. Stopping right in front of him, looking up into his strong face, since she was a foot smaller than him. “Sir, you know the rules,” she said. “No Doms in the aftercare room.”

“I was just showing her around…” he started to say until she cut him over.

“That does not matter, “she stated. Then starting to push his chest. “If you wanted her to get a tour you could have asked any of us.” Another push, him backing up with each push. “Now you will leave,” she commanded. “Go,” with another push. He stepped away and turned, walking to the door. He turned back a foot away and she stood there with her arms across her large breasts. “I said go,” she called to him. He turned and closed the door. The room burster out in laugher.

“You are going to pay for that Vixen,” one of the others called out.

“I hope so,” she responded. “Now you, Sweetheart right? Let’s take you on the rest of the tour,” she said, taking her hand.

Chapter 11 – Rope

He stood waiting in the hallway. Time passed slowly as he waited for her to finish her tour of the aftercare room.

He was not thrilled about being kicked out of one of the rooms in his castle, but he made the rules. It would just not be right if he forced his way into staying.

Another ten minutes and the door finally opened. She came out with the biggest grin on her face. Vixen called out to her,”Don’t forget to come back and see us. You have to us everything.”

“I will,” Sweetheart call back to her. “Thank you for showing me around.” She turned and walked with a hop in her step back to him.

“Bye Sir,” Vixen called out as she closed the door.

“Vixen,” he said in a low voice. Turning to Sweetheart,” How was the tour?”

“It was so wonderful. All the subs are so nice,” she said as her arms wrapped around his. “Can we go see more?”

“Yes we can. There is another room just down the hallway.” They walked in silence until they came to the wooden doors. He pulled the handles and the doors pulled open easily.

Inside the room the first thing she saw was a large bare chested man. His chest and arms were full of muscles. His full dark beard was a stark contrast to his bald head. He had loose fitting black pants and calf high black boots. In is black gloved hands he held a length of rope.

“Welcome,” he said as Sir walked in holding Sweetheart’s hand. “Welcome to what I like to call Teak’s rope room,” looking into her eyes. Quickly shifting to him, “may I Sir.” With a nod of head, Teak knew he had permission.

He took her by the hand and walked her a few steps into the room. Her head was swimming. She was not part of any other rooms before. Not that she did not want to join.

Teak raised her arms up and quickly went to work. Years as a rigger made him a master in his craft. Before she knew what happened he had her upper body tied. Then he started to explain. “This is a version of the bikini harness I like to use. I’m told by my rope bunnies that they love the feeling of how tight it feels around their breasts.”

She just stood there as Teak walked to the wall, which is covered with all different colors and thickness of rope. Picking out another pink one he walked back to her. Her eyes went to Sir’s, but Teak quickly brought her attention back to him.

He start tying one wrist, then the rope worked between her legs and back to the other wrist. Soon she found out her hands where stuck in place. She could not move them.

He was not done with her yet. Teak retrieved a smaller rope and weaved it into her hair. Once done he pulled her head back and tied the rope to her chest harness. She was so turned on at this point. She just loved the feeling of the soft rope caressing her. Feeling so not in control.

Then she felt something along her mouth. She did not hear Sir walk up behind her. “Open,” he commanded and she was happy to obey. A gag was placed in her mouth, but not like any other gag. This one was made of rope. “Bite down,” Sir ordered, so she did. “Thank you, my good girl,” he whispered into her ear.

She noticed Teak has walked away to the large curtain. “Is she ready Sir,” he questioned?

“Give me one moment Teak,” she heard Sir call out. Then her top was opened and her nipples felt the tightness grip them. He mind remembering the feeling of clamps being attached. Then when his hands pulled away she felt the weight. Oh, the tug of them. She let out a low moan into her rope gag. That is when she started to drool.

“She is ready now Teak. Show her what is behind the curtain.” Teak walked across the room, pulling the curtain with him. The full room is now in view. The rest of the walls are covered in ropes, hooks from the ceilings and many different peices of furniture. Attached to these pieces are three naked women. Rope holding them tightly into place. Each of them naked, their mouths gagged, their eyes blindfolded and headphones over their ears.

Teak walked her over to the first one. She was on her knees, bent over at the waist. Instead of her arms touching the ground, they are pulled out to the side and attached to a large redwood beam. A black rope attached to her wrists, elbows and at the top of her arms holds her tightly in place to the 12”x12” piece of wood.

Her legs are pulled open wide with the same black rope. A line holding her ankles. Another holding her just above the knees and a finally one at her upper thigh.

In contrast to the black rope is the pink wrapped around her chest. Teak stopped her before this perky young blonde. Sweetheart can hear the low wimpers coming from her now. “This is Missy. She loves the feeling of rope around her. She is one of my best rope bunnies.” He turns to face her and says, “Can you believe she has been in this position for half the day? I have to force her to remove the rope sometimes.”

He walks over to her tied down. Bending on one knee he points to the rope around her body. “This is what is called a chest harness weave. It wraps around her breast, but leaves them exposed. Exposed so I can add fun little ornaments like these,” he said with a smile as he held up the same nipple clamps with weights on her nipples. He places them on her and she moans. She tries to move but besides her arms and legs being tied, around her neck is a collar made of rope and it ties her to the hook in the floor. Keeping her head tied back is more rope tied in her hair and then runs under the beam to her rear end.

“You see, she can’t move. As you can see her arms and legs are tied nice and tight. But her head can’t move either. Her rope collar ties her one way and her hair tie to the anal hook holds it in place the other way. She can barely move an inch in any direction.”

He walks back over to Sweetheart. “Do you like the contrast of the black rope holding her down, the pink rope caressing her body and her pale white skin? I think the mix of colors is as important as ties. It’s all about the presentation, am I correct?”

Sweetheart’s body is on fire. The clamps send waves or pleasure and pain each time she moves. When she walked the rope holding her hands rubs against her pussy. Her body is building in pleasure. Teak came next to her and removed the rope gag. “It is a piece of art,” she mumbles.

Then a hand slaps her hard in the ass. Sir standing behind her was not pleased with the answer. Walking to look her in the eyes. He takes her chin in his hand. “When a Dom or Domme asks you a question, you answer yes Master or Mistress and then their name. If you don’t know their name it is only Master or Mistress. Do you understand,” he says in a deep voice of Authority.

“Yes, Sir,” she says as she comes back to her senses. “I’m sorry, Master Teak. Your work with her is amazing. I just wish it was me,” she said before she realized it came out of her mouth. Sir and Teak exchanged a look and the Sir pushed the weights at the end of her nipples and she moaned. As they Moved back and forth, Teak put the rope gag back in. Over her head was another rope. This one was a rope collar and leash. “Let’s go see my next piece of work,” he said with a tug of the leash.

A gentle pull was all that was needed to have her following on his heels. Her clamps swinging as she walked. The knot on her cuff rope rubbing on her clit. Her body was getting more and more turned on with each step.

“Here we have an isty bisty rope bunny. As the other bunny likes the feeling of being in a rope cocoon. This bunny likes the touch but does not need every inch covered.”

The rope bunny in front of her had her large boobs tied tightly in yellow rope. Them being squeezed. Her legs were held open by a metal bar. Her ankles are tied to it by the same yellow rope. Her arms pulled forward to the center of the bar and tied once again with the yellow rope. The rest of her body is naked she laid on her back and completely open.

Like the other bunny her senses are covered. Simple earbuds are pumping in her favorite rock music. These are hidden under the full yellow hood. Her mouth held open by the ring gag. Almost in cue she stinks out her tongue.

Teak walked over to this bunny. The bar that tied her was leading to the right side. He placed his hand in the bar and moved it over to the left. The rope bunny moaned. “You she how working up the isty bisty bunny is. Just moving her position and she thinks she is going to have her open holes used,” he said as he walked back to Sweetheart. “I can see the lush in your eyes that you are not far from the way she feels.”

He reaches for the leash and leads her along to the next bunny. Her hands opened and closed. Trying to get free just to touch herself. Any part will do. She just needs the feeling of hands running over her body.

The last bunny was not kneeing or on her back. She was hanging. Her arms tied behind her back with a powder blue rope. The same colored rope was used to tied her right leg onto itself. The dark blue rope weaves all around her body and is what is holding her aloft.

It weaved around her upper body and the single strands worked their way around her form and into one larger one just above her shoulders behind her. That was not the only point the dark blue room tied her. At her tied leg a small leash of the dark blue rope was tied and held her leg up and open. Her other leg was pulled straight and up. The dark blue rope holding it in place.

She would sway but not to much with these three points holding her in place. A fourth rope navy rope was attached to the wall and ran to her back side where and was tied into the loop of the butt plug.

Over her eyes was a simple classic blindfold. Hair was pulled up into buns and the fox eye headphones held them in place. My blue ball gag held her mouth open.

Teak walked over to her and tapped the rope coming out of her butt plug. The vibration sent waves of pleasure into her body and she moaned into her gag. The drool coming out of the corners of her mouth, rolling down her chin and dripping on the floor.

Teak gave her exposed ass a hard slap then and her body tensed and then relaxed. He walked to the wall and came back with three things in his hands.

“So, my lady,” he said as her stopped in front of Sweetheart. “These are not just hot pieces of art but beautiful women who enjoy the kink of rope. They are so worked up. Just needing their release. Let’s see how far we can push their bodies. Open your hands.” She did as she was order and he placed a small wooden paddle and a cane. He kept the flogger.

“These Bunnies are primed and ready. Let’s see how they like the feel of this one their bodies.” He walked over to the hanging bunny and swung the flogger three times along her chest. She screamed into her gag, but he was moving to the next one before she finished. Three strikes to the exposed bunny on the bar. Her body jumped with each strike. Then the final rope bunny was flogged in her ass. Her screams filled the room as they came past her gag.

Teak went back and forth playing these three rope bunnies as one would play a musical instrument. He would stop at Sweetheart to grab a new tool, but was quickly back at work. The cane to the sole of the feet or hard on an ass. The paddle striking ones tied boobs and then another’s exposed pussy. Over and over he did this. Spending a moment here and there touching one’s cheek or letting one hold his hand. Showing his bunnies he was their for them.

Sweetheart was so turned on by the whole scene. She could feel her pussy dripping, soaking the knot along her clit. Her body is almost shaking. Sir was there. He put his arms around her and she thought he was going to help her. He did but not the way she thought. She looked down to see him tieing another rope to her leg. Then she felt it. The wand turn on and the humming on her pussy.

Her knees buckled, but that was not a problem since Sir pulled up a chair and placed her in it. She looked up and could see the three rope bunnies being tied with the same rope harness and wand.

Teak walked around to the bunny on the bar and slide his hard cock out of his pants and into her opened ringed mouth. Pumping his cock in and out to his balls rested on her chin.

That was the last thing she saw. Sir placed a blindfold over her eyes. Before he put her headphones on he whispered, “I will be here the whole time. Just let your body enjoy the pleasure.” With that her world was blacked out. The easy flow of an ocean came over the headphones. She was tense for a bit, but then her body finally let go.

When she gave in her body had the most intense orgasm. So, rocking, she almost fell out of the chair. A set of strong hands put her back into it. She could feel them playing with the gag tie and then it released. Before she could say anything she was gagged by something else. The warm flesh tasted so much better then the rope she had stuck in her mouth.

Her body was used for a bit longer. After at least her fifth orgasm she was untied. Sir lifted her up out of the chair and walked her to the hanging bunny. “These ladies are so close to their orgasms. They are tied here for your enjoyment. You can at least lick them and give them the pleasure you just had.” Without hesitation she bent over, removed the wand and started to lick.

She came quickly. Her body rocking on the ropes. Once Sweetheart got every bit of her juices, she moved over to the bunny on the bar. Sweetheart got in her hands and knees and started licking and sucking her. Soon she got her to give up her juices and she came in Sweetheart’s mouth.

Sweetheart crawled the short distance to the final bunny. Her body bent over, Sweetheart crawled under her. Her tongue darted up, licking her exposed pussy lips and clit.

Just as she was able to get her off, she felt her legs pushed open. She looked down and saw the hanging bunny’s head drop and then she felt her tongue. Her body was on fire and the only thing she needed was that release. But she did not forget the tied bunny above her. Trying to hold off she went back to licking her.

The tied bunny finally came and boy did she cum. She squirted all over Sweetheart’s face. The warm juices covering her face. She dropped her head. Her body’s pleasure clouding her mind. She felt her clothes being removed. Her pussy being licked, her boobs being sucked and her hair being brushed from her face.

Too many hands, she thought. She opened her eyes to final all three rope bunnies where touching her, licking her, enjoying her body. Her mind so clouded with lust she just gave in.

She did not know how long she was with these other rope bunnies. Who they where or why they want to join her, but her body was exhausted. She felt her head lifted and cool water was give to her. Then a sweet berry was placed in her tongue. She thought strawberry, but she was not sure. Then a blanket covered her and she was lifted into someone’s strong arms. Not someone, her Sir. She felt him walking. She felt so much at peice she placed her head into his chest and fell asleep. She did not stir as he placed her down in his bed or when he covered her with his blanket. She slept and he watched.

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