Girl and Dark Castle – chapter 9



“Yes, everyone should have someone to look out for them. Life is hollow without that, “he said as her led her to the next room. “How are holding up now?”

She leaned into his as she responded, “I am feeling wonderful Sir. Can I tell you I’m so happy I got lost today. To experience so many wonderful things. To find this place. To find you.” She looked up at him as she said those last words.

For the first time she thought he felt uncomfortable. Not like, I still have this damn woman to show around. More like a school age boy going to talk to a girl he liked for the first time.

The moment was cut off as they reached the next door. “This room is not for everyone, “he said, changing the topic. His hand reached for the door handle, twisted and open the door.

The room was a strange layout. It looked like a large open shower you would find in a school or such. The floors are covered with small 1 inch by 1” inch white tiles and the walls covered in white subway tile. The led lights making the space bright.

There were some stainless steel benches and tables in random places throughout the room. On the far wall there was hooks with one towel.

The towel was for the woman standing under the shower. The water falling over her naked body. Her long red hair wet and slicked back. The water bouncing off her perky breast.

The door in the far side of the room. A well build man in a robe walks in. He heads to the hooks and removed his robe and towel. He walks to the middle of the room.

She sees that he has come into the room and walks to the middle to meet him. They stand facing each other. So close but a clear pane of glass in between then. She drops to her knees.

She leans forward and her thick lips kiss the glass. A big fat kiss. Leaving a red lip kiss on the glass. She then starts licking the glass. He puts his semi hard cock up against the glass in front of her mouth. She tries to lick, but the glass blocks her.

He moves over just a bit and slides his member through the hole in the glass. She licks her way to his head. Licking the tip and then taking him in her mouth. She sucks on the tip making him grow in her mouth. Getting to take more and more of him in her mouth.

She let his cock pop out of her mouth and crawled on hands and knees to the other side of the glass. She stopped about a foot away from him. He takes his thick cock in his hand and let’s go.

He stood directly over her, not even holding his penis. At first just a few dribbles came out. Slowly the stream got stronger and soon he was gushing. He had his head tilted back looking at the ceiling in relief. Pee was literally pouring out of his penis, it looked like a yellow flood. Covering her body. Starting ather mouth and peeing down to her tits.. He stopped for a few seconds but started back again full force. He just kept going and going like there was no end in sight. At this point he was even looking at the flood coming from his penis in amazement. She rubs her hands over her pee covered tits and the stream kept coming. Her mouth open to catch what she can get.

His stream starts to stop and she looks disappointed. She crawls the foot to him and takes his dripping cock back into her mouth. Taking him deep down her throat. He takes her by the back of the head and shoves his cock deeper. Over and over.

He pulls his cock free of her mouth. Holds her by the chin and asks,”Are you my good piss hungry whore.” She nods her head. “Good girl.”

He moves to his knees and then his back. Laying down on his back. His cock standing straight up. The tile was cold as his naked skin touched it.

She stood over him and squatted her body a bit. A strong hissing sound announced the start of her piss. Looking down between her thighs she marvelled to the sight of her strongly shooting pee stream leaving her pussy lips. Her golden shower was spraying over the over his chest. Most splashing off of it, but some still washing down his sides and tummy. It was a great sensation. The feeling of relief was wonderful. Her hissing pee stream as it played over him between her legs.

She was now at full flow, the fat stream of hot female piss squirting strongly from her open pee hole. A growing puddle of pee was slowly growing on the floor around his naked body. The coldest of the tile was replaced with the warm wet feeling. It was an intoxicating experience. The patter of her urine shower flowing down from her shaven pussy.

Slowly she began to exhaust her supply of piss. With a great disappointment she watched as her flowing pee stream began to dwindle and droop. At this point she started to finger her piss soaked pussy. Her body feeling the relief of pissing and her fingers rubbing her pussy.

Both bodies are now covered with the warm urine. Dripping from their bodies. She bent at the waist and lower her head to his chest. Licking her tanging piss off his chest. She lowers her ass down over him and slides his cock deep into her.

Her knees bent as she squatted over him. Riding his big dick. Controlling how much of him slides into her. She moved her hands from her knees to his chest as she bounces on him. Her head hangs low, her long hair hanging in his face.

She flips her head back and drops her knees to the floor and starts to grid. Her body rocked back and forth on him. Her breasts jiggling as she rode him.

Then hit hit her. Her orgasm pushing over the boiling point. Making her body freeze and then collapse on him as her body enjoyed the feeling.

He gives her a moment then pushes her off. “Get on your hands and knees,”he orders. Her body compiled even though her mind was still in heaven. He more to his knees and got behind her. Mounting her. Pumping his hips like a piston. His cock slapping in and out of her pussy. The sound of flesh hitting flesh echoing off the walls.

With one final push he was ready. He pulled out of her well used hole and shot his load all over her back. Creating a map of Hawaii. They both felt the afterglow.

After a minute of him resting over her, he got to his feet. Standing over her he pissed over her back. Covering her back to ass in that warm yellow liquid. When his stream is over, he started shaking his cock over her gettting each drop out.

He then helped her to her feet and they walked to the shower head on the wall and turned on the warm water.

Sir closed the doors as they started to wash each other. He turned and smiled at her.

She looked back and said with a wicked smile on her lips,”now that was something different. That’s what they call a golden shower, right.”

“Yes it is,”he responded as he took her hand.

“Letting someone pee on you. Crazy,” she rambled on. “I wonder how it feels. Has someone ever peed on you Sir?”

“Yes,” he said quietly and kept walking.

“Tell me about it,” she questioned.

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