Girl and Dark Castle – chapter 8



They walked arm and arm to the next room. She was quiet as she tried to get control of herself. He just enjoyed the slow walk with this beautiful woman on his arm. There is something different about her he felt. But the next set of doors pulled him back to the present.

He turned to look at her, “this room is a bit different then the last ones.” With that said he pushed the two large double doors open.

The room was different. Instead of a dark room this was a courtyard. Bright flowers grew in the gardens along the walls. Pinks, yellows and blues.

These beautiful flowers ringed around a jungle gym. The structure was two stories, with toy periscopes on the second floor. A ladder was in the front to climb to the upper level. Where the wood in the other room was dark, this wood was a bright yellow and painted with bright spring colors. A large straight slide with multiple bumps was to the side.

Attached to the “fort” were two swings. One had your normal swing and the other had what looked like a horse hanging from the support. These sat ready to be used.

To the side of the swings was a seesaw. I had a fun toy when I was a child, but it was larger like everything else. Built for grown ups. That is when she saw it. Something stinking up from the seesaw plank. On one side there were two dildos sticking up. At second glaze she saw the swing had one also. The horse swing had two. What kind of playground was this?

Laying in the grass was a stunning young woman. She was laying in the grass. Her feet up in the air to see the black and white loafers with low white socks with a small red pom-pom on the back. This was the only color in her tight fitting girl school outfit. The black and white pleated skirt was short, just above mid thigh. It showed off her tight bubble butt.

She wore a black jacket over a white top but it was hard to see more. Her head was down coloring in her book, but one could see her black hair was pulled to each side and put in a high pigtail. The black and white outfit was a perfect setting for her lovely mocha skin.

She giggled and then lifted her head. She is so pleased with herself. She got to her knees quickly and one can see her with the white shirt under the jacket just barely holding back her ample chest. As she stood the band aids were covering her knees.

She popped to her feet and raced to the large man sitting in the chair on the other side of the playground. “Daddy, Daddy I finished,” she said with delight as she waved the book at him. He lowered his newspaper just as she raced into his lap.

She cuddled into him as she showed him all the colors she used and showed off how well she drew in the lines. “That is a job well done Babygirl. You should be very proud of yourself,” he said as he kissed her cheek.

Her chest puffed up and a huge smile grew on her face. “Daddy can you push me on the swing.”

“I’m in the middle of reading my newspaper Babygirl. You will have to wait.” She gave him a huff and tipped his hat off his head. She then popped off his lap. She was now a few steps away from him when she bent over in his direction, closed her eyes and stuck her tongue out at him. Then she turned, showing him her backside, wiggled it at him and lifted her skirt, mooning him.

“That’s it Babygirl, you’re in trouble now. Come back here,” he ordered in a strong deep voice. She giggled and ran away from him. He slowly made it up to his feet. He rolled the newspaper into a tight cylinder and then the chase was on.

She ran away as fast as her legs could carry her, but he was quickly on her tail. She would then dodge to the side behind the seesaw or the slide. As his face got red she could tell she was getting in more and more trouble.

She made a mad dash to the ladder and started to climb it. He was only a step behind. He climbed quicker and soon was right under her. She stopped at that moment and dropped her ass into his face. He bit at the white panties and pulled them away with his teeth. Then his tongue started to lick her. Front to back. Licking her sweet juices and then changing to tonguing her back door. She moaned as tongue did magical things to her.

He pulled back his face and barked,”Climb the rest of the ladder Babygirl. This is not safe for you.” His red face was now a thing of the past. Her little bratty side knew how to get her out of trouble.

Or so she thought. Once he made it to the upper level he grabbed her by the collar of her jacket and dragged her to the guardrail. He bent her over it and started to spank her with his rolled up newspaper. At first she thought nothing of it, but being hit in the same spot started to hurt. She liked the hurt, especially when it turned into pleasure. That did not happen at this time. He stopped too soon.

Pulling her back, he pulled her tight into his embrace. The moment was short but both love being in each other’s arms. He pushed her back, brushing her hair back behind her ear and then wiping the small tear from her cheek. “I’m sorry I had to do that,” he said in a quiet voice. “But sometimes you leave me know choice.”

“I know Daddy, but that newspaper already hurt my little bum,” she said with a turned down lips and sad eyes.

“What can I do to make you feel better Babygirl?”

“Slide,” she screamed, jumping up and down. “Slide, Daddy!! Go down the slide with me!!”

“Ok, ok I will go down the slide with you.” She grabbed his hand and tried to pull him along to the top of the slide. He just stood there and she pulled with all her weight and he was not moving an inch. She tried and tried but he would not budge. Then he pulled her. She came flying at him. In one motion he picked her up in his strong arms and lifted her up over his shoulder. She yelled in delight. He then took a few steps to the edge of the slide.

At the slide he sat with her still on his shoulder. He then lowered her to where she was sitting on his lap. His arms wrapped around her. She wiggled in closer to him. The smile on her face was of pure happiness. He pushed off and they started down the slide. With each bump she screamed. Some of it is fun and some of it scary. At the bottom she jumped out of his arms and yelled, “Again, again!” Jumping up and down.

“No more slide Babygirl, but how about the seesaw?” She looked at him and the seesaw and back at him, smiled and ran to it. When she reached it she removed her white panties and toss them at him as he walked over. She then mounted the seesaw.

The two dildos took a little bit of sliding in but she had no problem doing it. She bounced a little up and down waiting for him to get to his side. He pushed his side down to get on and she let out a low moan as she was lifted off the ground. Up and down she went. Each time having her holes filled got her closer to her edge. He saw this. “Is my Babygirl going to have a cumie? Is her fun sticks making her feel all funny and warm. Look at yourself Babygirl, so ready to explode.”

“Ohh Daddyyy. I love when we playyyy seesawww. It makes me feels so warm and yummy. Yes, Daddyyy. Harder Daddy. Faster Daddyy. Yes, here comes the cumie!!!,” she screamed in pure pleasure.

He lowered the seesaw as her orgasm hit her and made his way to her side. He held her as the waves of pleasure washed over her. He kissed her forehead as she came down.

“Daddy,” she said in a small voice. “It’s your turn. Can we do swingy?” He nodded yes and picked her up in his arms. At the swing he placed her down on it as the single dildo slid into her pussy.

He then pushes her. Not high, she did not like high when she wanted to play. Each time she came back she undid a piece of clothes. First she untucked his shirt. Then unbuckled his belt. Then undid the button. Next swing back was the zipper. She pulled his pants down on the next swing. Then she stroked his cock over and over with each swing.

He stopped pushing her for a moment and kicked his pants off. He walked behind her now and pushed again. She flew forward and then on her way back she leaned back. As she came close to him she opened her mouth wide. On the height of her back swing her mouth was level with his now hard cock and she swallowed it whole. Forward again and back for the cock going deep down her throat.

Her face is a mess from the drool on having deep throating his cock. Dribbling down her cheek and neck. On the next backswing he does not let him go. Instead he holds her there and starts pumping his cock quickly in and out of her mouth. He lets out a low animal groan. His body locked up and he cums in her pretty little mouth.

She tries to swallow each bit but his load is too much. It starts to dribble out her mouth and down her cheek just like her drool. When the last of his seed is shot into her mouth he pulls his cock out and slaps it on her cheek and forehead. She giggles. “Did Daddy like using my little mouth?”

“Daddy likes using your little mouth Babygirl.”

“Yay,” she half screamed half giggles. “I’m tired Daddy. Can we nap.”

“Of course.” He lifted her again and carried her to the chair he was sitting in. She curled up into his lap and his arms pulled her closer.

With that the Master of the Castle pulled the doors closed. He turned and looked at her.

“She is lucky to have a wonderful Daddy,”she said as she looked into his eyes. “Every girl should be that lucky.”

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