Girl and Dark Castle – chapter 6


50’s Housewife

They strode quietly down the dark hallway arm in arm. The lights flickered on the walls bathing the walls in a warm gloomy light. Although someone may find this place dark and creepy, she felt at peace.

These rooms, these kinks, she feels like something has been awoken in her. Sir, the Master of the Dark Castle has been a perfect guide. I am a perfect gentlemen. But with the things she saw her body is all worked up. She needs a release. She is not that type of girl who would for all in purpose a stranger take her, but she wants this man to have his way with her.

Those thoughts get her wet. Room after room getting her horny, fuck.

He stops at the next door. This one was a single door. The size of a normal apartment door. Hanging over the peep hole was the number 2C. What kind of room is this? she thought.

Sir reached for the door and turned the handle. The door swung in. This room is a lot smaller than the others. It looked like a single bedroom apartment, but something was off.

The space was not large. It held the kitchen, dining space and living room all in one. It is not a space one would see now or even 40 years ago. One would have to travel back in time further. Back to the 50’s.

The living room was covered with a light colored wood paneling as a wainscoting with a soft cherry chair rail. Above that is yellow and white cross checked wallpaper. The same cherry was used at the seams and as a crown.

Hanging on the wall is a painting of a sailboat on rough seas. Below the painting is a well worn leather yellow sofa. Two wood armchairs sat across from the sofa. The fabric for these is a teal. A small wooden table sat between them. A coffee table sat between the sofa and chairs. A stack of magazines sat on top of it. Under all these beautiful antiques is a large teal carpet. Not a soft looking one, but one that would quickly give someone rug burn. The yellows and teals are a shock to one’s senses. The color palette for these two do not match, but back then it was the style.

As much as the living room had color, the kitchen and dining area had none. The kitchen was black and white. The white cabinets and appliances are the main focal point of the room. There was a metal table in the center of the space with metal frame chairs and black seat. Black and white curtains were drawn and covered the window of the sink. The floor was covered with black and white linoleum checked tiles. This room was bland compared to the living room. Everything but the woman working it humming a soft song.

She was stunning in her classic fifties dress with a petticoat underneath. The main color is a soft coral pink with small black polka dots. The black continued on the hem of the dress, her belt that hugged her waist and the shoulder straps which held the halter and large breasts in place. The dress part flowed as she moved from one section of the kitchen to the other. Her black stocking ran from her mid thigh to her low black heels clicking on the floor. Her blonde hair was held in place by a black headband. Her hair waved as she twirled but not a piece came out of place.

She went to the peg and pulled off her white apron and put it on, clipping the ties closed around her waist. She moved with a bounce in her step back to the stove.

She pulled open the oven and a wonderful smell came across the room. Roasting chicken and vegetables slowly cooked in the pan. She bent over to base the food. The dress rode up her backside showing off her fit legs and lower ass.

She closes the oven and heads back to the counter. She starts working on mixing the items in the bowl. Her boobs jiggling with each turn.

A man in a business suit walks in the door at the rear of the apartment. He puts down his briefcase and hangs up his jacket and hat. He passes her on his way through the kitchen. Stopping long enough to kiss her on the cheek. He makes his way to the record player and puts on In the Wee Small Hours by Frank Sinatra.

Once the sweet music starts he heads over to his chair and takes a seat. Just enjoying the smooth melody wash over him.

She is by his side, apron off and glass of bourdon on a tray for him. He looks at her and then the drink. “Two ice cubes, just how you like it Sir, “she says with her gaze down.

“How was your day darling, “he questioned as she took the drink from the tray? She folded the tray under her arm and lower to her knees by his side. He placed his hand on her cheek and she led her face into his touch.

“It went very well, sir, she started. “I was able to get to the bank first thing this morning like my list stated. Then to the grocery store and the butcher. Tony says hello by the way. Then I can go home and clean and scrubbed the bathroom floor and tiles. You were correct that the grout did need my scrubbing to clean them. I then ironed your shirts and finally have been working on dinner, Sir, “she finished with a smile on her face.

“I think you have forgotten the most important item on your list of tasks for today, “he responded. When she gave him a questioning look he answered it for her. “You ‘re going to pick up my sister’s birthday present.”

Her face went blank. At that moment she knew her day felt too short. That she had one more thing to do. His breathing started to come quicker, “I’m so sorry Sir. I can’t believe I forgot that. I will make it right first thing. Please forgive me, “she said quickly. Her face looked nervous as she looked into his eyes.

His hand gripped her falling chin and pulled it up so their eyes met again. “Daring, you can, you will fix this tomorrow. I know it was a long list, but you have to learn how to do it better.” He leaned down and gave her a soft kiss on her red painted lips. “But the mistake needs to be punished.” He tapped his lap and said, “come hop up.”

She was slow to make it to her feet. As she rose she pulled her flowing dress up to her waste. This exposed her garter that held her stockings up. It wrapped neatly around her waist. Other than that her bottom was bare. No panties at home so she was always ready for him.

She lowered herself over his lap. He placed his left hand down over the fabric of the dress and rubbed her ass softly. Then a hard slap with his bare hand. Her body tried to jump, but his arm resting on her kept her in place.

Another slap on the ass. This time she yelped. Again his hand came down striking bare skin. The heat started on her round white ass. Her bottom was not the only body part feeling the heat. His hand was feeling the dull ache of pain. Him taking her punishment too.

Another and another slap. Ten in total. Her arm is now red and his hand is numb. He gently rubbed her cheeks. Her sobs are coming now. He pulled her up from his knee into his lap. His hand reaches up and wipes away her tears. Soft sweet words are whispered to she as rested her head on his shoulder.

“Oh Sir,” she squealed as she popped from this lap. “Dinner!” She raced to the kitchen. The apron flew on her as she pulled open the oven door. She had the dish out of the oven and the plates made in a flash. The silverware was on the table and then the food. One hand waiting on his chair she called out to him. “Sir, dinner is ready.”

He made his way to the table. She had his chair pulled out for him. He sat and then motioned her to sit in the chair next to him. She placed the food on his plate and served it to him. Once she was approved she served herself. Dinner was relaxed as they discussed his job, the gossip around the building and her tasks for tomorrow.

They finished their meal. She pushed her chair back to start cleaning the table off. He stopped her with just his hand over hers. They look deeply into each other’s eyes. He smiled at her. A toothy, predatory smile. She looked down and blushed.

Pulling her hand away she said, “these dishes are not going to clean themselves.” She put her apron back on and started clearing the dirty dishes to the sink. She started the water and put her yellow plastic gloves on to scrub them.

He just sat in his chair watching her. Enjoying her. The plates, glasses and silverware were completed and racked. Taking a few steps behind her. He unbuckled the apron, letting it far open. Then pulling the zipped down on her dress.

“Step out, “he commanded. She lifted the apron straps over her head and then the dress strap. The dress dropped to the floor and she stepped out of it. She stood there in her black heels, stocking and garter belt. Her large round breasts were covered with a black strapless bra. Small pearls lined the cup and the lace showed just enough skin.

He leaned down, picking up the dress and putting it on the table. He turned and she was already on her knees, hands reaching for his pants. First the belt was unbuckled, and then the pants button and finally the zipper. With one practiced motion she pulled down his pants and underwear to his knees. She started stroking his cock, as he fought to kick off his shoes and get his pants completely off.

As his cock stiffen she took it in her mouth, still stroking his shaft. Her lips sucking just his tip. With each suck his cock got harder, bigger and thicker. Soon she stopped stroking and just used her mouth. At first taking half of his cock, then I bit more and more. Finally she passed her gag reflex and took him down to his shaft.

At that point he was ready and so was she. He pulled her up off the floor and turned her facing the sink. His hand reached between her legs. “Oh darling, you are so wet. Tell me you want my cock.”

“Please Sir, ” she begged a little. “Please stick your cock into me.” So he did. As he pushed the tip to the edge of her pussy lips, she tensed. Once it slid in and her pussy juices coated his manhood her body relaxed and she let out a low moan of pleasure. The tension leaving her body.

He then started to thrust his hips. His cock pumping in and out of her. She looks back over her shoulder at him. Her eyes showed the pleasure building in her body. He reaches for the clasps of her bra and frees her large boobs. The bra is thrown over his shoulder onto the table.

His left hand pushes on her back, bending her body down more. Her tits pushing up against the counter as he fucks her. She reaches her gloved right hand out further. Resting it on the connection of the counter and wall. Her blonde hair flowing with each and every thrust.

She looks back over her shoulder and begs for more. “Please,” her breath came in grasps. “Please do more. Please, don’t stop.”

He smiled and grabbed her hips and pulled her body to him as he pushed into her. She let out a long moan of pleasure as he pounded her pussy.

He slowed his pace and picked up her right leg off the floor. Opening her up. Letting him get deep inside her. She turned her upper body just a bit. Trying to look back at him, but more pleasure wages over her.

Her mind letting her body take over. Her moans are mixed with words. Just words as her body blocks her mind for making full sentences. “Oh my”. “Fuck”. “Yes, yes”. “Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Looking back at him as her body is pushed into the counter.

A final look back and then her body loses control. He orgasm hits. Her body freezes. Hands grabbing the sink tight. Then like the flood gates opening she came. Her body goes from stiff as a board to lose as a noodle in a second. Her mouth is moving but just sounds coming out. She collapsed over the sink.

As this was going on, he was coming to his own climax. He grabbed her hips and thrusted hard into her. Pulled out and another hard thrust and then he moaned. His ass righted as he shot his seed into her wet aching pussy. His body lays over hers. Placing little kisses on her back and shoulder.

As the waves of euphoria slows to nothing, they both regain themselves. He helps her up. They smile at each other.

As Sir starts to close the door, the couple starts to finish cleaning up. She is still washing the dishes naked as he pitches in and drys them.

The door is shut and he looks down at her. She is a mix of emotions. Her hands rolling over her body did not know what to touch, but there was a small tear in the corner of her eyes.

She looked up at him. “Sir, that was beautiful,” she said in a low sweet voice as he raised his hands and wiped her tears away. “I could feel the love for each other. How she obeyed and adored him and how he protected her. How he was strict when needed but gentle. Oh Sir.” She collapsed in his arms. Her emotions get the best of her.

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