Girl and Dark Castle – chapter 5



She took his arm like she has done after the last couple of rooms but she did not walk when he took a step. He turned to look at her.

“I’m sorry. I just need a moment. I did not know that room was a thing,” she said as she lowered her eyes from his to the floor.

“It is ok Sweetheart. There are many different fetishes. Not all are right for everyone. Are you ok,” he questions as his fingers go under her chin and raises her face so they are looking at each other again?

“Yes I’m ok. I just needed a moment. Let’s go see what room you have for me,” she answers as she squeezes his arm.

“Well, I never know what the next one has in store. The Empress has a wicked mind and comes up with all different types of scenes,” he describes as they walk. They turned a corner to see a woman dressed as a superhero standing in the hallway ready to charge into the room.

She is petite. Wearing a soft black leather boot. No heel like they have in the comics. Tucked into the top of the boots is a pair of soft burnt umber pants with a bright yellow stripe running down the side. A black leather belt wrapped around her waist holding her pants up. A bright green loses fitting shirt was somewhat hidden under her black leather jacket. The same yellow stripes ran down the arms of her jacket. Her face was covered from the nose up to her shiny blonde hair, which was pulled into a ponytail. Her name is Sunsplash and she can create a holy light beam.

She swings the doors open quickly and rushes in. The large room was a lab. The walls have smooth metal panels. On one side of the room there was a row of computers and other gadgets. The other side had chemistry glassware with something bubbling in the largest beaker. In the center was a large rolling table with a shiny aluminum top. A large forest green curtain hung at the rear of the room. The only color in the room. The large lights hanging from the ceiling made the room bright, but it felt cold.

Sitting along the row of computers was a woman. She did not turn as Sunsplash rushed in. Only kept tinkering on her project.

“Where is he, Empress,”screamed Sunsplash!

The Empress turned slowly in her chair and looked at her with yearning in her eyes. The look someone gets when they see something that they want and they know they will own it soon. She licked her lips at that thought.

The Empress stood slowly, drawing out the moment. Letting everyone in the room know she is in charge. Her white lab coat which was bunched at her lap as she sat fell around mid thigh. Her black leather knee high boots with silver buckles had a four inch heel and made a tap tap on the stone floor.

Her few steps and she was standing at the table in the middle of the room. Her right hand rested on it. “That was very rude of you, Miss. Barging into someone’s place of business. What if I was working on something very important to my world domination and you came in distracting me and ruining my work. Then we would have a very big issue,” she paused looking at the hero. How tense this young woman was and thought she needed to be laid. Then laughed as she thought soon.

“What is so funny,” Sunsplash barked when she saw The Empress chuckling.

With a wave of her hand The Empress said,”something I know and you will find out shortly.” And she paused tapping her deep red nail to her lips. “Before we get into this,” she started with a large wave of her arm over her head, “can I get out of my work clothes?” Sunsplash looked at her confused.

The Empress started to unbutton her lab coat. “You have your uniform. It is pretty bright and not flattering your form at all. My villain outfit is not a lab coat. That is so a male mad scientist.” Slowly drawing out each and every button. At the last one she slowly removed it. She held it out to the side in her left hand and called, “Kitty Kat come hang this up.”

A woman came out from behind the curtain and rushed over to The Empress. Dress is tight, really tight leather body suit. She wore cat ears on top of her head. She removed the lab coat from her mistress hand lovingly and turned back to her place. As she turned her tail swayed. Looking closer that tail was not part of her outfit but in her butt. “I have very pretty henchwomen, but I like to accessorize them,” she said with a laugh when she saw Sunsplash gaze.

Once Kitty Kat was back behind her curtain all attention was back on the alpha woman in the room. The Empress stood there waiting. Her lab coat covered her black mini skirt that hugged all the right parts. As ones eyes traveled up you would find the black leather corset with deep red satin woven into it. The corset pumped up her already impressive bust line. Around her neck was a large red stone on a silver chain. This hung just above her cleavage. Her flaming red hair topped off her look of someone who could dominate the world.

“Ok miss, what was your name again,” The Empress questioned?

“My name is …,”she started but was cut off when The Empress rudely stated that it did not matter.

“What did you want from me,” she growled with a cold stare?

“You have my partner. I’m here to get him back,” Sunsplash stated hesitantly. Not so sure of herself now. Right where The Empress wanted her.

“I have a lot of toys. Who is your partner,” she questioned with a bored tone. She turned her back and walked to behind the table. “Who is your partner again? Red Dove? The Wanderlust? Maybe German War Machine? She makes such a good bimbo. Who would have guessed that.”

“No, no,”Sunsplash screamed in frustration. “You are messing with me. You know who my partner is. The epic Irish hero, Fionn MacCumhaill!!!”

The Empress faked shock. “Fionn Mac who? Never heard of him.”

“His battle axe is leaning against the curtain,”Sunsplash cried out. “I know you have him here.”

The Empress turned and looked at the axe on the floor. “Oh, that guy. I thought his name was Tom. I guess that is why he never answered me.” She turned back and stared at Sunsplash , waiting.

“I’m here to free him. Let me see him!”

“But who will free you miss,” The Empress said in a whisper.

“What did you say? Where is he,” she demanded?

“Ok, ok. Don’t get yourself all worked up.” Half turning, she called out, “Cottontail can you pull back the curtain.” Out popped another henchwoman dressed in the same tight red leather outfit, but this one had bunny ears on the top of her head and a cute white bunny tail plug.

She pulled back the curtain. There stood a large well built man. His muscles were covered in scars from the centuries of battles. He was chained by the wrist and had only a loincloth covering his privates. His flowing blonde hair was pulled back and tied in a warriors knot behind his head. His long blonde beard had two brands with golden rings at the end. His head hung low, unaware of what was going on.

“Fionn,” she screamed as she took a step to him.

But she was stopped by The Empress next sentence. “If you go any closer I will have my henchwomen kill him.”

“No, no,” she screamed and she stopped mid stride. Then she turned her attention to Fionn. “Fionn wake up,” she shouted at him. “Wake up. What would the old gods think if they saw you bound by someone like her. Wake up and fight.”

With that he stirred. He looked at his wrist in chains and then to Sunsplash and then to The Empress. “What is this,” he questioned? Then with one great pull he broke the chains. His eyes staring at The Empress as he picked up his axe.

The Empress’s face showed the shock she was in. How could he break the chains? She backed up around the table again and he walked forward from the place he was imprisoned. He made it to Sunsplash’s side.

“Ok now this will be finished,” he said in a booming voice. Turning he looked down at Sunsplash. “Now you will know the wonder of being a toy for our wonderful Domina.”

Sunsplash looked at him in confusion. “What are you talking about?” The terror in her eyes. She took a step back but bumped into something. She turned her head just as Kitty Kat and Cottontail grabbed her. What she did not see as Fionn broke the chains was these two sneaking around the room behind her.

He grabbed her chin in his strong hand. “The Empress wants to add you to her collection. You will be one of her loving slaves. It is an honor to serve her,” he said as he reached for the strap on his hip. He pulled a plain leather strap free and wrapped it around her neck. At this moment she saw that he was wearing the same collar. Her mind was racing.

The click of The Empress heels brought her back to reality. She slowly walked over to the group of her slaves. “Can you feel it? The tiny stings. That is the toxics entering your bloodstream from the tiny needles in the collar. In moments you will have to obey the one who collared you. You will become a slave from him,” she stated as she was standing next to them her hand running over his thick chest. “He will have power over you. He can make you do anything he wants. I see that look in your eyes. The toxic burning hot in your blood. Yes, fight in. I love to see you fight it. It is so yummy.”

The Empress walked around them. Her hands working her way over Fionn’s back. Then she brushed the bare cheek of Kitty Kat and grabbed a handful of Cottontail’s large boobs. “What a wonderful group of toys I have.” She came back to Sunsplash. Looking into her eyes. “It looks like she is done fighting. Kitty Kat, Cottontail strips her naked.”

The two henchwomen start removing her superhero costume. Pulling off her jacket first. Kitty Kat then removed her shirt and Cottontail dropped to her knees and undid the boots. Each piece of clothes removed until her body was naked. Naked but the mask stayed on. As her body is exposed it reveals a large tattoo over her lovely tits and that ran down her sides over her tummy and wrapped to her up thigh. “Look at you Sunsplash. One would not have picked you for one with such a large naughty tattoo. Maybe you are not the prude I took you for. You are more a little vixen. Aren’t you? A little vixen. I think that will be your new name,” The Empress said as she took her new slave’s tits in her hands. “Vixen is a good name for you. I name all my toys. Kitty Kat and Cottontail, so cute. Guess what Fionn’s new name is?”

Even though Vixen was under Fionn’s control her mind was still hers. “Fuck you,” she growled at The Empress. “Fuck you, you will not get away with this.”

“Well first I have,” The Empress said laughing. “Second, you should not talk to your betters that way.” She turned to Fionn and said, “Sinless, my Irish destroyed put your partner in her place.”

He turned to the now naked Vixen and said,” On your knees girl. Since you can’t hold your tongue I will have to fill it with something.” Vixen tried to fight it but could not stop herself from dropping to her knees. When his loincloth dropped she gasped. For as long as they worked together she had never seen his cock. It was massive. He grabbed her head and forced her mouth open. His member then forced itself in her hole.

“You see Vixen,” she said as she stroked Vixen’s hair. “Sinless makes a perfect enforcer for me. He has fallen so low now or Fallen Erie. He will be the one to break you. To make you submit to me. Don’t you like how that sounds. Your partner is breaking you.”

Vixen could not answer as Sinless’s cock filled her mouth. By holding her head he controlled how much she took. At first she was only feeding her the fat mushroom tip. But that quickly was changed and he gave her more and more. The drool from her salvia covering his manhood and dipping down onto her perky round boobs.

Giving her more and more. Hitting her gag flex but pushing past that quickly. She has never been forced to suck a cock like this. He was face fucking her. She never thought Fionn, no Sinless would treat her like a cheap whore, but here he is face fucking her.

And she is liking it. Her hand drifted down to her pussy. She could feel how wet it was. Her makeup is running now. Then the moan escaped her lips.

The Empress standing over her as she is being used, loving every minute of it. Then when she moaned she said,”I think your cock is breaking down her walls, Sinless. I think it is time to break her completely. Bring her over to the table.”

With one quick motion he picked up Vixen over his shoulder and paced her on the table. She thought it would have been cold, but it was warm. Like it was heated. Her body relaxed into the warmth.

“Sinless, you may fuck her,” The Empress commanded. He wasted no time in pulling her body to the edge of the table and sliding his monster inside her wet aching pussy. She let out a gasp as it stretched her pussy open.

Kitty Kat and Cottontail pulled Vixen’s legs open and then started tying them up with red rope. She watched them tie loop after loop as her pussy was pounded. When the two henchwomen were done with the legs they moved up her body and tied the rope around her body. Bounding her tits tightly. The whole time Sinless was deep inside her. She felt like her body was going to explode.

The Empress stood over her. Looking down at her prey. She took Vixen’s wrist and tied them to the table. “Now you are caught so deeply in my web. There is no place for you to go. But don’t worry, it will not be his thrusting cock that will break you. You will hold onto that pleasure for a while longer. What will break you is my spirals. It will break your mind and you will love every minute of it.” With that said she rolled up a screen and directed it in front of Vixen’s face and then put headphones over her ears. The play button was hit and Vixen started to drop.

The spiral started spinning, drawing her eyes down into the center. The low hum coming through the headphones. Her body felt more and more relaxed. Then The Empress voice came in a low whisper. Telling her to relax and listen to her words. To drift. To fall. To obey.

The whole time Vixen was falling into her trance, Sinless slowly pumped her pussy. Giving her body more and more pleasure. Making it easier to fall. Easier to obey the words being told to her.

The Empress made her way behind and pressed her body against his back. “Do you like her tight wet pussy? You look like you are enjoying her. Be a good boy and don’t cum until I order it.”

“Yes, Domina. I will obey,” he grunted.

“That is my good boy,” she said as her arms wrapped around him. Her hands ran along his muscular chest. “Can you remember my spiral breaking you? When you were tied to this table? How much do you like falling so deep for me? The whole time your body was racked with pleasure as I slowly stroked that amazing cock of yours. Up and down. Over and over. Your cock throbbing in my hand. How you begged me to allow you to cum knowing the whole time once you did you would be my willing slave.”

His body started to shiver. Knowing each and every word was true. His hands grabbed Vixen’s rope tied legs harder as he thrusted faster into her. He needed that feeling again.

“It’s ok, Sinless. I know how much you enjoyed your time in trance for me. How much you want to feel that way again, but you have to relax for me. Slow down. You need to keep giving this little vixen the pleasure from your cock inside her. You do a good job with this task and I will put you under again soon. Would you like that?”

“Yes, Empress. I would enjoy that very much,” he whispered as his body became relaxed again.

As they talked, low whispering came from Vixen. She was at the mantra stage of the trance. Mumbling “good toys obey.” “I’m a good toy.” “I’m born to serve The Empress.” “I want to please her.” Over and over she mumbled her mantra.

Then the spiral ended and Vixen’s eyes started to focus. “How do you feel my sexy toy,” The Empress questioned her.

“I feel so relaxed, Mistress. I feel so obedient. I’m willing to serve you Domina. You bring me so much pleasure and pleasure is being obedient. The pleasure is so much, may I cum for you.”

“That is my good girl. One last thing to make sure you will always be mine. Once you cum there will be no turning back. Your mind will give in completely. You will be my toy forever. Do you still want to cum?”

“Yes, please,” she begged. “Please let me cum. Make me your toy.”

“Then cum for me my cum slave. Let your body feel the pleasure and with it your mind become mine.”

She exploded. Sinless pulled his cock out as she orgasmed. Squirting all over his chest. Her body rocked and shook. Her head twisted and turned. Then it was over.

“Wow, my sweet Vixen, your body needed that orgasm, huh? How do you feel?”

“Oh Empress, that was wonderful,” she said as she gasped for air. “Thank you for letting your toy cum.”

The Empress walked up to her head. Her hand caresses Vixen’s cheek. “That is my good toy. I like how you know your place. Now one more thing,” Empress said as she untied Vixen’s wrists. “You will remove the mask for your new master.”

Without delay Vixen raised her hands, undid the back buckle and slid her mask free. The last part of her old self, of Sunsplash, gone.

The Empress laughed in victory. “Now you will get to worship me.” She shifted Vixen up so her head overhung the table. The Empress pulled up her tight skirt up to her waist. She mounted her face. “Now you will pleasure me. Worship my pussy toy. Oh that is good. You have done this before.” The Empress braced herself by dropping her hands onto Vixen’s naked boobs.

“Yes, that is the spot.” She looks at Fallen Erie and her two henchwomen. They were just watching their Domina being worshipped. “Stop looking at me dumbly. Cottontail gets on your knees and finishes sucking Sinless’s cock. Kitty Kat, get between Vixen’s legs and lick her pussy. Yes, that will do.”

With all the moaning, Sir closed the doors to the room. “Let’s let them have their fun sweetheart.” He looked over to her and she was breathing heavily. “You liked that room, huh?”

“Oh My God, Sir. My body is shaking. That was so fucking hot,” she said. The first time she really let loose. “I do have a question. Are they really her slaves?”

“No, not really. She does put them under for the scene.” She looks at him with a questioning gaze. Hypnosis. The group of them has played together for a while, so they trust her. Let’s see what else we can find you?”

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