Girl and Dark Castle – chapter 4


Little Room

Sir began to lead her through the next door but paused. She was two steps past him as she finally saw him stopped. She turned back to him and said, “What is wrong?”

“Well this room is a bit different,” he said slowly as he walked to her.

“Most of these rooms have been,”she paused and cocked her head. “Different.”

“I want you to keep an open mind before we enter this room sweetheart. It’s very different from the others.”

She gave him a confused look but nodded her agreement. He took her hand and led her to the next door. As other doors were a deep worn wood. This one was painted a bright pink, making it stand out. He grabbed the handle and pushed open the door and led her through.

She gasped as she took in the sight before her. The floor was soft, Kind of foamy, like a child’s play mat and the walls of the room were brightly painted and gave off a calming and light feel. Colour was everywhere and it was hard to take it all in at first sight.

One corner was decked out with brightly coloured squishy beanbags, a small bookcase and a chest full of plushies in every shape, color and style imaginable. A table and 2 chairs sat to one side, on top of it a box of craft supplies, coloring pencils and various paper.

Toy boxes and games were sat neatly against the walls and on shelves.

She bit her lip subconsciously, a strange feeling beginning in the pit of her stomach.

A woman in her 20’s sat at the table coloring, her long brown hair up in pigtails and she wore a onesie, not unlike a child, as she sat with her tongue sticking out to one side in concentration as a man watched fondly. She was trying to keep the crayon inside the lines.

Sweetheart was able to get a glance at the page this little girl was drawing. It was not your normal kid’s coloring board, but one made more for adults. There was a woman on her knees into front of a man sitting on a throne. The woman has his manhood in both of her hands and her mouth wide open ready to gobble his veiny dick down. The little has the man and his giant cock colored a dark brown. He stand on a throne of gold. She was colored in a pink. Not the correct skin tone, but something different. Her hair was purple and her tight body suit that barely held her tits in was a pale yellow.

She cast her eyes questioningly to Sir but he just shook his head and indicated for her to continue watching.

“Papa look!” the woman squealed excitedly as she thrust her bit of paper in front of the man’s nose.

“it’s beautiful little one, we can pop it on the fridge later!”

The woman appeared to glow with genuine pride at the idea until all of a sudden she blushed crimson and began to squirm.

“Are you OK Little one?“ the man asked gently but the woman ignored him and continued to squirm uncomfortably.

“Little one? Do you need to go potty?”

The woman shook her head vigorously.

“Do you need changing?“ he asked softly and she gave a tiny nod, barely noticeable.

The man stood and scooped her up as if she weighed nothing and held her close as he carried her across the room as she buried her face into his neck and wrapped her arms around him.

Sir watched as his sweethearts eyes widened as she saw what lay on the other side of the room and he smiled to himself.

She watched wide eyed as the man placed his little one onto an oversized changing table and it was at this point she noticed the beautiful ornate crib, big enough for most adults to sleep in!

The man undid the woman’s onesie to reveal a very full looking diaper and she watched in wonder as he carefully removed it, cleaned the woman up and replaced it with a fresh one before doing her onesie back up, all the while both acting like this was a perfectly normal everyday occurance.

“I think it’s time for your nap Little one” the man murmured as he scooped his precious cargo off the table. He walked the few steps over the giant crib and went to lower her down.

“is not tired Papa” she replied as she stifled a yawn. She tired to hold onto her Papa, but he undid her hands from around his neck. She got comfortable in her crib.

“of course your not” he chuckled as he leaned down next to her and kissed her forehead. He passed her a paci and a worn looking octopus plushie and laid a fluffy blanket over her before walking to the book corner and picking a story with a smile. “How about I read you The Little Slut That Could,” he questioned. She nodded to him.

He sat next to her and read her favorite story. She tried to keep her eyes open, but they closed as he was halfway done with the book.

She suddenly became aware of Sirs presence as he leaned in and whispered “I think we should leave them to it, little Serena needs her rest” and with a quick glance back to see the man settling in on a chair next to the crib, she followed Sir out of the room, her mind torn between fascination and uncertainty about what she had just witnessed.

She looked up at him once they exited the room. The questions running widely in her mind.

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