Girl and Dark Castle – chapter 3


Impact Room

They walked slowly to the next room. She was flush with excitement and embarrassment. Never before has she been a witness to such raw pleasure. She has a strange feeling taking over.

He watched her as she pieced together her emotions. The Music Room did something to her, but will she be able to handle the next one? He loved taking a beautiful young girl and showing her how much more is out there. So many more before this one, but she has something special.

Their walk in silence was over as they came to the next door. “This room may be a little more… intense. Are you ready sweetheart,” he asked her looking into her big eyes.

“Yes,” she whispered. With that he reached for the door and opened it slowly.

The was lit well, but still had a heavy feel. The side walls were a plaster painted a dark shade of blue and the rear wall was an exposed brick. The casements around the doors and trim and base and crown moldings were a warm cherry. The bulk ness gave the room a heavy feel.

The large area rug with more shades of blue helped the room. The three large Crystal chandeliers gave the room plenty of soft light. Making the room one will feel comfortable in.

The room had no furniture. Only a large wooden structure. Made with the same cherry as the trim with a warm tone for it’s finish.

The structure had two rows of columns going four deep. These 8×8 columns held up large 8×10 beams. This made the structure look large even with the spans being short.

At different parts of the structure held ropes, chains, clamps and other items. All of this was a sight to take in, but in the center was a table made from the same wood. On this table was a slim girl with a pair of nice firm breasts and a full round ass. She was on all fours with her head held high. On her head was pink cat ears which was a stunning contrast to her brown hair. A pink collar with a bell was around her neck and a pink cat tail was plugged in her ass.

The door opens at the far end of the room. In walked a well dressed man about 6 feet tall. His black suit made his blonde hair and beard stand out. “What a good kitten you are. You were able to stay still for five minutes. I did not hear the bell ring once.” His gaze was then drawn to the open door. He motioned hello to his visits as he walked.

He placed his left hand along her exposed back. “Look my kitten, we have guests. I think we will need to put on a show,” he chucked.

He slid his hand down to her tail plug. His right hand reached under her belly. His left hand wrapped around the tail and he slowly pulled it out. Her eyes widened as her assholes stretched. The tail plug popped out.

She wiggle just and bit and the bell around her knee let out a low sweet ring. His hand came striking down first on her right cheek and then her left. “You were told not to move the kitten.” His hand softly massages the red growing on her ass.

After a few moments of rubbing her ass he worked away to a table to the side of the room. The tail plug was placed on the table and he picked up a roll of rope and something shiny. A few steps back to the table and he was behind her again.

He placed the rope on the table and lifted the shiny idea up. It was a hook with a large ball at the end. He positioned it at her back door and pushed it in. The motion rang the sweet bell again, but this time there was no punishment.

He lifted the length of pink rope and tied an end to the loop on the hook. Then he pulled her head back making her arch her back. The other end of rope was looped through the metal ring on the back of the collar. He let go of her and said,”Try to move your head forward.” She tried but was stuck with the arch in her back. He smiled at his work.

“Ok now kitten time for you to climb down. Here, take my hand. I know it can be hard in this situation.” He help her to the stool to the right of the table.

Holding her hand he led her to the center of the first supports. Once there he tied her hands together with more of the pink rope. Once done he tossed the free end over the beam and then pulled the other side. Her hands were raised. Higher and higher they were pulled until they were well over her head. Then he kept pulling until she was just about on her tippy toes.

He tied the rope to one of the many pegs on the thick column. He slowly circled her. Like she was prey, because that is what she was at the moment.

His fingers lightly touched her skin. The small of her back. Her upper thigh. Her red ass. Her firm round tits and then her pussy. “Oh kitten, I can feel how wet you are. I think my kitten is really enjoying her time in my room of impact. Now that you are tied up and we have to put on a show, what shall we do,” he questioned as he walked over to the wall. As he did, he removed his jacket and rolled up his sleeves.

Hanging on the wall was every impact tool one can wish for. His fingers crossed over a paddle with a mermaid handle, then a spiked one, over canes and whips. He finally came on two small black floggers. Taking them off the wall he walked back to his trapped kitten.

Walking in front of her he held up his two toys. “Look what I have picked out for you. Don’t worry I still may use some of the others on you.”

With that his hands started in a whirlwind motion. As one stuck her chest, tummy and pussy, his other hand was coming down for the next strike. Her body was first in pain from the constant stinging, but soon each strike was like a piece of heaven to her.

Her breathing came harder and harder and her body was shaking. He read the moment and stopped the onslaught. Dropping the floggers he moved to her side. His hand hovered over her dripping pussy. Two of his fingers slid into her. Then he started rubbing.

She was quickly overtaken by the pleasure. Her bell was really ringing now. Then it happened. Her body froze for that moment of total pleasure and then it was free. Her orgasm hit her hard. He pulled his hand away and she squirted on the floor a lot. Her body started to collapse, but he was there to catch her.

Sir looked over to his sweetheart and saw her hand between her legs. He stepped to the doors and pulled them close. “Sweetheart, we have so many more rooms to see. I can’t have you orgasm just yet,” he said and then slapped her across the face. Not hard but enough to let her know she better obey. She took her arm again and they walked on.

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