Girl and Dark Castle – chapter 2


Music Room

They slowly walk down the dark, gloomy hallway. The walls ringed her heels. Each step, clicked on the stone floor. They stopped at a large double oak door.

He reaches for the golden knobs and pulls the doors open. “Welcome to the Music Room.” Her eyes taking the room in. Not just eyes taking in the beauty of the room, but her ears also.

The room was lit by candles. She surveyed the room. Wall sconces threw light at the shadows but were unable to penetrate all of the darkest. What can be seen is the deep heavy red drapes covering sections of the walls. Large metal candle operas are stationed at each of the corners of the thick area rug. There was a leather sofa in the center of the room with two large leather chairs. But the center point of the room is the large grand piano. It’s the focal point for both vision and hearing.

Coming from it is a low sweet tune. The low repeating tune puts one almost into a trance. Wrapping you in a loving embrace.

As the sound washed over the room, the one playing the piano was more stunning. A naked blonde haired woman sat behind the ivory keys. High black heels covered her feet and led to a pair of black stockings hugged her shapely legs. These were cinched to the garter belt around her waist. Her beautiful large breasts were exposed as she played. Her hair pulled high into a ponytail. This exposed the sleek black leather collar around her neck. She had matching ones around her wrists and ankles. A leather cord was hanging from her ponytail.

That is not the only sight in the room. Laying on top of the piano was a naked woman. Her arms and legs pulled open in and X and tied to the piano. The only items on her well formed body was the hot pink collar around her neck and the same black leather cuffs the piano player was wearing.

But that is not the only thing covering her body. The well dressed man in black pants and a white button down shirt was dripping wax over her body.

The patterns of reds, blues and every other color made this woman into a piece of art. She is covered from her neck to her toes in the brilliant wax. He smiles as he a dark blood red candle and drips the wax onto her exposed nipples. She lets out a soft moan through her ball gag. Her head moves showing her long brown hair.

The man steps back and looks at his piece of art. He then turns and motions to Sir. His hand motion asking if he would like to join. Sir waved him no, go back to what you are doing. The Wax Man clapped and turned back to his two playmates.

With a clap of his hands the two women looked at him. “Foreplay is over ladies,” he said with a devilish smile. He woke up at the side table next to the piano and grabbed a wand. “Siren, stand and push on the bench. Then knee on it with your legs open.” The piano playing woman moved quickly to obey the Wax Man’s order.

He came up behind her and jigged the cord tied from her ponytail. Her body tensed. The ponytail was tied to a metal anal hook in her ass. The movement tightens the bond. He then wrapped the harness around her waist and positioned the wand on her clit. When he hit play her body shook. “Climb onto the piano and lick our newest toy. Make her feel good as I start removing my art piece.” With that he smacked her ass hard once with his bare hand.

Back at the side table he lifted a knife and pulled it from its sheath. The blade shimmers in the candle light. At the first soft moan behind him, he turned and smiled.

“Which one of you two let out that moan,” he questioned. More excitement in his voice than anger. The Wax Maiden looked at him with her big brown eyes. She was enjoying this woman she never met before between her legs.

He walked over to her and placed his hand along her cheek. “You are safe here. The Music Room is all about feeling the beauty of the world. My pieces of art are just that art. Not to be marred or broken. We have other rooms for that,” he smiled a wicked grin with that last statement. “Now, I’m going to start to remove the wax. Siren will be between your legs licking your needy cunt. Don’t move because I would hate to slip and cut someone as beautiful as you.” With that the knife flashed and started to peel away the wax. First from her neck.

He took his time as he peeled section after section away. The whole time both women were deep into their pleasure. The wand humming on Siren’s clit was sending wave and wave of pleasure through her body but she was able to keep her control.

On the other hand the Wax Maiden had no control yet. With Siren’s tongue licking her needy pussy she gave into the pleasure too quickly. Lucky for her Siren was a pro at both playing the piano and a woman’s clit. She would pull back letting the Maiden regain some control. Then her tongue would work her up again. Over and over bringing her to the edge.

The Wax Man finished removing the last piece from Maiden’s ankle. He stopped a moment and smiled at his two art pieces. He then started to remove the leather straps holding Maiden tied to the piano. Her hand reached down to the back of Siren’s head and pulled her in.

“Look at you my little Wax Maiden. Look how bad you need to cum.” She mumbled into her gag – yes please. “Well you have been a good girl to play with. I will let you cum. Cum for me Maiden. You too Siren cum for me.”

Both of them did not take more than a moment before their orgasms hit them. Both separate, but both together. They curled into each other as the waves washed over them.

As the Wax Man started moving the ladies off the piano, the doors were closed by Sir. Sweetheart looked up at him. Her eyes told her that she wanted more. Begging him.

“There are so many more rooms for you to see. Let’s keep moving,” he said as he gave her his arm again.

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