Free sex game Leanna – Breaking the facade


An innovation has been introduced into the game – this is a change of appearance during sex scenes and in some other interesting places. The first game developer, which is made using photo-realistic graphics. This adds to the game of eroticism and some zest.

Leanna. Breaking the facade

The main plot of the game is participation in a quiz together with the leading news program, Leanna Marsellies. You meet during a photo shoot in a television studio. When you have a quarrel between Leanna and her assistant Kristen. After abuse and mutual insults, Kristen refuses to participate with his boss in a quiz. Therefore, you offer yourself as a friend. Two weeks are left before the show, and during this time you should get to know each other as best you can. There are several options for this. This is a choice of visiting a yoga, gym or basketball court on the first day. On the second day, you can spend time together playing squash, golf or jogging in the woods.

Leanna game features:

Number of sex scenes – 5.
Number of images – 1736.
Browser game.
The release date of the game is the game of 2017.


DOWNLOAD GAME (Archive 931 MB)


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