Franny is owned



Franny”s face was dripping with cum , as her girlfriend Joyce filmed her humiliation

Collared & leashed & wearing 3inch spiked heels , raven haired 55 YEAR old Franny had just received her daily cumfacial from her son/master Todd , not wiping the goo off her face she was played with her clit asshe watched her son fuck her 53 blonde married girlfriend Joyce up the ass . Joyce was the mother of Todd’s 21 year old girlfriend , the sexy & stacked Cindy.. Ballgagged Joyce was getting gaped by Todd’s 12inch penis. Bill her husband only had a 5 inch cock & had never had fucked her up the ass. Todd had been fucking her ass since he brainwashed her a month earler.

Chapter 1

Cindy was enjoying the pussylicking she was receiving from her mom Joyce , she loved her old lady’s tongue on her tongue. Meanwhile her boyfriend / master Todd was receiving head from a local stripper named Monique Gomez , who was 5ft 10 with big fake tits & fat ass . The 47 year old slut was deepthroating the monster penis & Cindy couldnt wait to eat the bare cunt . Monique was super sexy , & Todd had just gave her a super load of jism all over her face. Both Cindy & her momJoyce licked the cum immediately off the strippers face. After which Joyce sucked the big tits & Cindy ate Monique’s delicious pussy.. Master Todd filmed the action on his cellphone.

Chapter 2

Franny was wearing a ballgag, a cumslut collar & a lime green bikini & spiked heels . Her 58 bbw girlfriend Olga had dropped by, and was now blowing her son Todd in the living room. Olga was struggling with with the big dong , it was only the 2nd time she had blown Todd. Meanwhile Franny brought Todd an ice cold beer & Todd had a few swigs before he took the ballgag out of mom’s mouth before they french-kissed. Then Franny sucked Todds nuts while Olga received swallowed his cum.

Chapter 3

Cindy was strapon fucking her mom in their living room Joyce was screaming in pain & ecstasy as she got anal fucked. Todd was receiving a rimjob from the slightly chubby Olga . . Just like last week she had started licking manass & she had even eaten female ass , Cindy’s in fact . She had a delicious young ass she thought. Joyce was still screaming , Cindy was fucking her ma with a 12 inch rubber cock what a thrill thought Olga . She wondered when Master Todd would have her receive such pleasure.

Chapter 4

It had been quite the Saturday Night for Master Todd, he had 3 of his submissve sluts over to satisfy his needs . First he had fucked his mom Franny doggy style & creampied her cunt before he had Joyce & Monique lick & eat the goo. After he fucked Monique up the ass & both Joyce and Franny gave Monique a RIMJOB & ate jizz out of the shithole. Joyce deepthroated Master Todd & shared jism with with Franny & Monique . After all the sex Todd , downed a beer before he collared & leashed all 3 of his submissive sluts & led them to the bathroom where all of them received a massive golden shower. Covered in urine the the old hags mopped up the the mess & thanked their master for the golden champagne.

Chapter 5

Dressed in a halter top , jeans & short heels Franny was on her knees sucking Todd’s dong in the living room . In his favorite armchair Todd was watching a pissdrinking video from Germany . A 65 year old granny was being pissed on & drinking piss from a group of young men btwn the ages of 20-25 . Franny could tell that Todd was enjoying the xxx video from the way he roughly fucked her face & made her gag on his big wang .. It didnt take long for her son to give her a cumfacial. & Franny wasnt suprised when he led her to washroom & covered her face ,hair & clothes in urine. Like the brainwashed submissive she was Franny thanked her son /master for the golden champagne& mopped up the mess.

Chapter 6

Monique was quite the stripper , Todd had come by the club to pick her up take her back to her place. In the parking lot , Todd had the cumslut suck his cock & balss before he came all over her face. Monique drove the car with with cum all over her face while Todd filmed the humiliation on his cellphone. Once they arrived at Monique’s place . Monique changed into her thong leopard skin bikini . Collared & leashed with spiked heels , Monique jerked Todd off til he was stiff as a board. Then Master Todd proceeded to fuck the long-legged whore doggy style.Before he grabbed some lube & gave the Colombiana Amazon an anal creampie.

Chapter 7

Joyce was visiting Franny , Todd was away so she was eating Franny’s cunt , playing with her clit Franny , Franny would never had dreamed about a lesbian eating her pussy til Todd had brainwashed, til then only her cuckold husband Bill had done that . Joyce was a great pussylicker & within 5 minutes Todd’s mom had received orgasmic bliss. . Franny was selfish so she decided to sit on Joyce’s face , she wanted a second orgasm.

Chapter 8

It was a lazy Monday afternoon Franny was licking her son’s ass as Todd wacked off & sprayed her face with man junk . Her face was covered in jism & she had swallowed some . It was a rare day her cuckold husband & Todd’s stepdad Bill watched the whole thing & recorded it for posterity.

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