Fishing camp. True Sex Story


My friend Tina told me this story. It is true. She has lots of stories and I hope to publish them soon. Here is Tina’s story:

My husband’s buddy owns a fishing camp in Northern Wisconsin that you can only get to by air. His buddy was recovering from back surgery and wasn’t able to open up the camp for the season or fly in customers who had already booked trips. So, hubby and I volunteered to fly in and get the camp ready for the season in order to help him out.

This cottage is way up in the northern part of the state. It was for sale for a couple of years and we were thinking of buying it ourselves, but we had to pass on it. My husband and his buddy are pretty much the only pilots that land on that lake. Probably because they are the only ones crazy enough to try. Landings not bad but taking off is risky. It’s so small that we can’t have too much weight in the plane because we might not clear the trees. I close my eyes every time we take off especially with four other people on board.

We planned to spend a couple of days cleaning the place up, and stocking the shelves, to get it ready for the season. When guests are paying hefty fees for a week of fishing, the place needs to be spotless and well stocked with food and drink. It was an amazing couple of days! I spent most of my time totally naked laying in the sun. There were no people for at least 50 miles. We had to drain gas out of the plane to run the generator, but we couldn’t spare much fuel. Hubby flew out a couple times to get more stuff, so I just stayed behind. If it wasn’t for being totally inaccessible in the winter, I would want to live here year-round. I love this place!

While we were there, his buddy asked him to pick up his four customers and fly them back up to the camp for a week of fishing. I stayed back at the cabin while he was making the trip. Later that day, I was relaxing on the dock sunbathing naked, of course, and fell asleep. Not long after that I heard the plane as it returned while I was still laying on the dock. The plane flew right overhead, and I guess the customers were amazed with the view of me, laying naked on the dock. I saw them but never moved until they landed. They taxied almost all the way to the dock then I stood up and waved at them as I wrapped myself with a towel. I love flashing men. As they got off the plane one guy said, when my husband wasn’t close by, “thanks ! we loved the view from the air”. “Of course, I said, as I batted my eyes at him, you are welcome!”

The plan was for hubby and me to return home that same day. We were to leave the fishermen there for the week. But, by the time they got the plane unloaded some unexpected bad weather had kicked in. We were pretty much grounded for the night and had to stay. I made everybody supper and we all sat around the campfire drinking and shooting the breeze. It was a blast. The next morning the weather was still crappy but not raining, so the four guys went out fishing in the boat. My husband and I stayed back at the cabin. The second they left we started tidying up the place and intended to make the beds. But we got sidetracked. We stripped down naked and we ended up fucking on every bed in the cabin instead of making them up. We were both really horny for some reason, maybe the scenery or remoteness, and the last spot we ended up fucking on was on top of the kitchen table. I was on my back with hubby on top of me. It was about noon and he was pounding away in my cunt. Just about the time I was close to an orgasm, the gents walked right in the cabin door. I was too close to climaxing so I grabbed my husband by the hips and wouldn’t let him pull out until I was finished! They all stood there with their tongues hanging out! I got up and pulled my dress over my head and apologized and told them that I hope they understood sometimes you have to finish what you start. They all laughed.

We thought the weather was going to clear but it just got worse. No rain but lots of clouds and it was very windy. My husband and I were still planning to leave, but he said that due to the high wind we wouldn’t be able to clear the trees at the end of the lake. Right away the guys asked us to stay. They would love having us stick around. We decided to stay for the rest of the week since we’d soon have to come all the way back to get them anyway. Everyone thought it was a great idea.

That night my husband was fishing on the dock, and they asked him if he would take them out in the boat and show them the good fishing spots. He jumped at that. He loves to fish! We all stayed up late that night and had drinks around the fire. It was a lovely evening of laughter and storytelling. The next morning, one guy was still in bed when they were ready to leave. The boat only held four safely, so they left him behind since my hubby was the fourth person.

I was sitting outside when this gent woke up. He walked out on the deck totally naked thinking we had all left, I guess. I’m not sure if he knew I was still there or not! When I saw him come out I looked at him and said good morning! He turned to me and covered himself and apologized saying he didn’t know I was there. I told him not to worry I didn’t mind at all. The view looked pretty good to me from where I was sitting. I told him to sit down, and I’d get him a coffee and don’t get dressed on my account. He sat in the chair as I went inside.

As I was making his coffee, I noticed he was fighting to not have an erection. I could see him through the sliding glass doors. He grabbed a towel that was there and put it on his lap before I went out. I delivered his coffee I noticed the sun was shining a bit so I told him I had to take advantage and work on my tan! I went inside and took off all my clothes. I grabbed a blanket and went back out on the deck where he was still trying to hide his hard on. I spread the blanket out and laid down. He was trying to make small talk but was failing badly so I thought I’d cut to the chase and patted the blanket. I told him there was plenty of room for us both to soak up some sun.

He had a shocked look on his face but stood and came right over. As he was walking his hard on was impossible to hide! I was sitting up and when he got close, I grabbed his dick with my hand and popped it right into my mouth and pulled him down onto the blanket with me. He was large. His cock went right to the back of my throat. He held my head with both hands until I couldn’t take it anymore! I pulled off and flipped my body over his face and planted my pussy on his mouth. I went to go back down on his cock. I couldn’t believe the size of his dick. This guy could fuck! We fucked in about ten different positions for two hours! I didn’t think I was going to be able to make him cum. I had climaxed at least four times, so I was on a mission to get him off! When he finally orgasmed, I was sitting on him hunching away with his huge cock inside me. I felt like I was going to pass out! WOW It was amazing!

A while later the others returned in the boat. I was making dinner and was only wearing my short sundress with nothing on underneath. As you can imagine all the eyes were watching me cook. I was making sure they were getting a peak! My husband was sitting out on the deck talking with one gent and the other three were inside talking with me. I knew they were getting excited, LOL

I’m sure that the guy I fucked told the others what had happened that day when he was alone with me. And I am sure they didn’t believe him. I heard them calling him a bullshitter! When that fella went outside and sat down with my husband on the deck. I went over to the guys at the kitchen table and told them that tomorrow morning if you talk my husband into showing more hot spots that there were a few hot spots around here that I could show them! And maybe they should draw straws to see who stays back!

That night, in bed, I told my husband what was happening. He said he figured something was going on because he had seen them whispering amongst themselves. He was cool with it and was going to play it any way I wanted! And play it I did!!!

So, the next morning, three guests went with hubby out in the boat and the lucky guy who stayed behind, got lucky with me. We pretty much fucked all morning long. He was good too and we had an awesome morning of sex. I think I wore him out, because he went back to bed to recover. The fishermen came back and they all immediately asked him about his day. I don’t know what he said, but they all high fived him. I guess it was a good report. Same thing happened each day with another guest. They were all well pleased too. I felt very good about showing all of them a good time since there was not room in the boat for all of them together. I am sure they were very thankful it was a small boat.

We stayed for the rest of the week. On the last night Everybody was pretty drunk. I went out into the living room wearing only a robe. I stood in front of the fireplace and dropped it to the ground. I asked if they thought they all could keep a woman happy with group attention. My husband reached over and pulled me down on his cock first, so the guys knew it was all good!

Yes, they all did have me that night. It was kind of my husband’s idea because he wanted to let them know that he wasn’t stupid. They were thinking that they were banging me without him knowing! All the talking out in the boat and them not wanting to go back too early because they knew the Lucky Guy Of The Day was fucking his wife! Their faces all turned red, when my husband let them know that I had told him everything at night in bed while fucking him.

The last day of the week came and it was time to load up all the men, clothes, fishing gear, and some ice chests of fresh caught fish. We all said our goodbyes and they each gave me a huge hug and some kisses too. They each whispered to me that they would never forget this week. It was the best fishing trip they’d ever been on. There was not enough room in the plane for me and my stuff with all the ice chests and men’s gear, so I stayed at the cabin to wait until hubby dropped them off and returned for me. I never mind being at the cabin alone. It is very peaceful, and I don’t have to wear clothes. LOL.

A few hours later, I heard the familiar buzz of the airplane’s engines as it approached a landing near the cabin. I thought it would be fun to run out to the dock and great Hubby totally naked. I didn’t even take a towel with me. The plane pulled up to the dock and as the door opened I saw my grown daughter Shan and her sometimes sex partner girlfriend Amy. I am infatuated with Amy. She is very petite, with short, brown hair, a pixy smile, and these wonderful nipples that are perpetually hard and extended. Her tits are just right for her slim body. I don’t know why it is but I stay continually excited when Amy is around. I was so glad and surprised to see them that I completely forgot about being naked. “Mom”? Why are you undressed?” Shan asked. My hubby chimed in “Annie never wears clothes up here when the weather is warm enough”. “Well! Amy said, I guess we picked a great time for a surprise visit”! I told her “any time you girls are here is a great time”.

We unloaded the plane, again, and hauled more food and drink, along with the girl’s luggage up to the cabin. Amy and Shan immediately changed into skimpy bikinis and went down to the edge of the lake. They found the water way too cold to swim in, so they just laid in the sun to warm up. My hubby kept staring at Amy, so I punched him in the arm. She’s too young for you, and besides, she and Shan have a “thing” going on”. “When did our daughter become a lesbian?” “She’s not, but she enjoys playing for both teams, if you know what I mean”, I winked. “Well, maybe the next few days will be even more fun than I anticipated”, hubby said. I punched him in the arm again.

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