Fiona gets a job – Chapter 4



I get a job that comes with benefits. Fiona finds a toy to play with as well as Goldie. But when her employer shows interest she is all too ready to submit to him.

Mr Walden, Roger, looked at me and laughed. “Oh honey you need to understand that men take time to recover. We can’t have multiple orgasms like women”. I was on a high and I wanted more. I realised that it wasn’t going to happen immediately. “Don’t worry Fiona” Roger said “let’s have a shower”. He took me into the bathroom and under the shower. He was kissing me and fondling my boobs. It felt so nice. I began to stroke his cock and it soon started to grow again. He moaned softly “you are so sexy honey. I want you again. Get me hard”. We got out of the shower and we dried ourselves and got back onto the bed.

I remembered watch those women suck their dog’s cock so I got down and repeated what I saw on those videos. I thought I could never suck a dog but I could use the idea on Roger. I must have done it right because he was moaning and his cock got hard. I didn’t have to ask this time as he rolled on top of me and aimed his cock into my pussy. I was a bit tender but I sure wasn’t going to complain. I bit my bottom lip and groaned. “You like that don’t you. You are so bad” he said and drove his weapon all the way in. He was more urgent this time and it also took longer. It hurt a bit but the pleasure of being fucked by him outweighed the pain. By the time he came again I was in heaven.

I took another shower, alone this time, and got dressed. When Roger came out he was also dressed. “I need to clean the bedroom” I said. “Don’t worry Fiona. I have already done it” he replied. Not long after Mrs Walden came home. I saw Roger wink at her and she smiled. She knew exactly what had happened. What she didn’t know was how much I had enjoyed her husband. Roger left the room and Lisa came up to me. “I hope you are ok” she said “Roger can get a bit carried away at times”. I said I was fine. “I will check with Roger later” she said “now you go home honey but if you like you can come back tomorrow. We are having a party tonight. I will pay you extra”.

I got home and told mum I had to work tomorrow. “But it is Sunday” she said “why are you working Sunday?” I told her they were having a party tonight and they wanted me to help clean up. She wasn’t very happy until I told I would be paid extra. “I guess that is alright then” she said. In my room I thought about the day’s events. I thought about Mr Walden and the fact that Mrs Walden had deliberately let him stay home to have sex with me. I thought about the fact that I was no longer a virgin and that I had enjoyed losing it finally. I also thought that having sex with their dog was no longer a problem. That freaked me out because whether I did or didn’t was now in my hands. Talking about hands, yes one slipped inside my panties and got me off while I was thinking. Problem was it was not as pleasant as being pleasured by Mr Walden.

Mrs Walden had told me to come around 10am. She said they would be sleeping late. I guess the party was going on late. When I arrived at 10am Mr Walden was walking around in a bath robe and Mrs Walden hadn’t even got out of bed. The kitchen and Lounge room were a mess. “Sorry Fiona, the party left a mess. Maybe make coffee, lots of it, while I go and see if I can get my wife out of bed” he said and disappeared. I made a big pot of coffee and put out three cups. Looking around I figured I needed coffee as well. The Walden’s hadn’t appeared so I began in the lounge room. Collecting glasses and plates. I could be Goldie locked in the backyard. He was standing but the glass doors looking all sad. “Sorry boy. I have to tidy up first before letting you in” I called out.

I took everything into the kitchen and filled the dishwasher. I was drinking my coffee when the Walden’s appeared. Both now in robes. “Good party” I said cheerfully. All I got was a groan and a nod. While they sat drinking their coffee I cleaned the lounge room and dining room. Cleaning surfaces, the carpet and straightening up. When I came back Mr Walden had headed off for a shower. “So honey, did you enjoy yesterday. I hope my husband wasn’t too rough with you. He tends to get excited once he gets going” she said. I said it was fine. “Yes he told me you demanded seconds” she added “he takes longer to remount than Goldie”.

I was feeling a little uncomfortable talking about how he husband had fucked me but she sounded so cool about it. I guess that made me relax a little. “Well I am going to have a shower” she said and headed for the bathroom as Mr Walden came out still in a robe. I was taking the dishes out of the dishwasher when he came up before me and put his arms around me. “Yesterday was so good” he said “I hope I didn’t hurt you honey”. I turned around and I kissed him. “No it was so nice” I said “anyway Mrs Walden’s vibrator helped”. I immediately thought “I should not have said that”. “Well I think the real thing is much better” he said opened his robe. He was erect and, yes, the real thing was better. “Mr Walden please not while your wife is in the next room” I said, a little startled. He just laughed. “Sorry Fiona. You just have that effect on me. Just give it a squeeze”.

We still standing there. He with his robe open and I stroking his cock when Mrs Walden came back into the room. She too just had on a robe. She smiled. “You are such a whore Roger. Leave the poor girl alone” she said “go and let Goldie in while I chat with Fiona”. He smiled and headed into the lounge room to get Goldie. “He talked about you after you were gone yesterday” she said “I knew he wanted a repeat. I told him to behave. I told him you might like Goldie instead”. I swallowed hard. I wondered if they had asked me to come today to see if I would take Goldie now I wasn’t a virgin. “Mrs Walden, I am not sure” I said. “Oh honey, please, call me Lisa. I think we are passed the Mrs Walden thing. I am sure hubby would like you to call him Roger”.

Just then Goldie bounded into the room. “Hello darling. Sorry we had to lock you out” Lisa said “but I didn’t want you sniffing pussy at the party and there was plenty to sniff”. Goldie came up to Lisa and she patted his head and opened her robe. I looked stunned as she stood there, feet wide apart and purring while he licked her crotch. “Good boy” she moaned “I need this so bad”. Roger came into the kitchen. “That didn’t take long sweetheart” he said and laughed. I watched the interaction between husband and wife. I could never imagine my parents being so open. Roger came up and put his arms around me. “Dog or me or both?” he asked. I looked at Lisa but she wasn’t paying attention to us. “Come on boy” she said as she pushed him away “let’s go into the lounge room”.

Roger and I followed her and Goldie. She took off her robe and knelt on the floor. Goldie didn’t need an invitation and immediately mounted her. I watched in awe as he found his target and began to hump her wildly. Just like the videos, she squealed and moaned while he panted and growled. “Yes my darling doggy. Fuck your dog slut” she wailed and then he slowed and stopped. He was tied to her. Roger stood there smiling and turned to me. “Would you like to try it Fiona honey. I know you will love it. And Goldie will love it too. Get undress now and get ready”.

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