Fiona gets a job – Chapter 3



My job comes with benefits. Fiona finds herself being licked by a dog. Mrs Walden knows what is happening and gives Fiona an address for bestiality videos as a training exercise.

Shaking off the fact that Goldie was staring at me I begin work. First I wash the breakfast dishes and tidy the kitchen. I then head for the bedroom to make the bed and clean the bedroom and bathroom. I stare at the bedside table. There was a vibrator lying there. Yes, I knew what a vibrator was for. I just didn’t know why Mrs Walden would have one. She had a husband AND a dog to satisfy her. I made their bed and went and cleaned the bathroom. I came back out and again stared at the vibrator. My pussy tingled as I picked it up. It was maybe about 7” long and shaped like I thought a penis would look like. I put it down again and hurried out of the room.

Cleaning the rest of the house I couldn’t get the image of that vibrator out of my head. I couldn’t understand why Mrs Walden had one and why she had left it on the bedside table in full view. Was it deliberate? It got to lunchtime and my day’s chores were almost done. I made myself a sandwich as I always knew mum would make a large dinner. I sat in the lounge with a coffee. Goldie staring at me still and that fake cock in the bedroom had my head in a spin. Finally it was too much. Cleaning up I headed for the bedroom. I had to know what it felt like to have something pushed into my pussy.

Slipping off my panties I picked up the vibrator and turned it on. It had three settings, I found out. When I turned on to full speed and wrapped my hand around it I moaned. It felt so amazing. Sitting in the edge of the bed I began to rub it against my pussy and then my clit. I squealed as the vibrations went through my whole body. I began to push the head into my pussy and moaned. A little further and I was hooked. I moved onto the bed, laid down and pushed it all the way. It had this budge on the end and when I took it all this lump rested on my clit. “Oh shit” I said out loud as I was turned on like never before. It only took a matter of minutes tom have my first orgasm. It was earth shattering. Twice more I came before I pulled it out and lay there in total bliss.

It took ages for me to get my act together. I finally got off the bed, cleaned the toy, cleaned myself and headed back to the lounge. Goldie came up to me. I guess he smelled my arousal and pushed his head under my skirt. I didn’t stop him and stood there, feet spread and patted his head. It was all too much. I quickly took off my panties and sat down and let him get me off once more with that amazing tongue of his. I also decided to let him mount me as I knew he wanted. But I resisted. I definitely did not want my first real fuck to be with a dog.

The Walden came home and went straight to the bedroom. Mrs Walden came out and smiled. She knew I had used the vibrator. Neither of us spoke. She knew and I knew she knew. All that week I would use the vibrator and Goldie. I was in heaven. My days were filled with delight and at night I would disappear into my room and watch the videos. I was starting to get comfortable with the idea of sex with Goldie but I remained adamant that he would not take my virginity. Friday, when Mrs Walden talked to me I think she knew what I was thinking. She smiled and said she understood my stance. “Yes honey” she said “your first should not be with a dog”. Of course that meant I had to find a boyfriend to “break me in”.

Saturday morning I reported for work. They had breakfast as normal but Mrs Walden went to work. I hadn’t seen Mr Walden leave. I started to clean up and I heard a noise. I looked around and Mr Walden was standing in the doorway. He was wearing a bath robe. “Mrs Walden has already gone” I said. “Come into the lounge room” he said “let’s talk”. I had no idea what he wanted but I went with him. I sat on the couch and he sat next to me. “Fiona” he began “Lisa said that you have been looking at bestiality videos. Is that right?” I blushed and said yes. “She also told me you have been playing with Goldie. Letting him lick you” he continued “and playing with a vibrator she bought for you. Is THAT true”. There was no use lying as Mrs Walden had obviously told him everything. I just nodded.

He smiled “I know you saw Lisa and me with Goldie the other week” he added “and both Lisa and I are sorry you saw that. Did it excite you my dear?” Again I just nodded. “Would you like to do that with Goldie yourself?” I went even redder. “It is ok Fiona. I know you are interested but you don’t want to give your virginity to him. Don’t be embarrassed. Lisa told me that too”. With that he opened his robe. He was naked underneath. I gasped. “Mr Walden, you are married. What would Mrs Walden think” I said. He just smiled “why do you think she went to work alone this morning” he whispered “she and I talked about it last night.

I sat stunned by what was happening. Obviously Mrs Walden had given her husband permission to pop my cherry. My brain was trying to compute what was happening but my eyes stared at the first male erection I had seen live. “Go ahead and touch it” he said. I hesitated and then wrapped my hand around it. It was about the same size as the vibrator. I looked up at his face and he was smiling. “Stroke me honey. I really like that” he whispered. I began and he moaned. “Oh yes, like that” he sighed. Minutes later he told me to stop. “Let’s go to the bedroom my dear. Let’s have some real fun”. He stood up and I followed him as if in a trance.

Once in the bedroom he began to undress me. I was shaking all over. He kissed me and fondled my naked body. Then he pulled me onto the bed. He kissed me again then kissed my nipples and slid down the bed. His tongue found my clit and I squealed and opened my legs. I have to admit that his tongue wasn’t as good as Goldie but it still made me cum. “Are you ready honey” he said softly “do you want me to continue”. I looked at him and said “yes, I want you to fuck me”. I think he was shocked at how explicit I was but I was so turned on. Seconds later he was thrusting his cock into my virgin hole. I gasped, I squealed, I moaned, I groaned. I had him all inside me.

He was so gentle at first, easing back and forth. As I became more relaxed I urged him to go faster and harder. He hesitated suddenly. “Shit, are you protected” he said. “Yes” I said and he continued. In fact I had been on the pill for years as a way to control my periods. I began to thrust up as he thrust forward. Both of us now moaning. It was the most amazing time. Then he groaned and thrust hard and started to cum. I moaned as I felt his cum filling me. I clung to him and began babbling. It was a minute or more when he pulled out. I hugged him. “That was so good Mr Walden” I whispered. “Roger darling. You can call me Roger” he said. I smiled “Roger can we do it again?”

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