Fiona gets a job – Chapter 2



I get a job as house keeper but there is a twist. Fiona gets a job but soon finds out that the couple she is working for have a secret.

I looked at Goldie and my mind was racing. I knew if I touched his head it was a signal for him to dive into my crutch. I pondered and he stood there his tail wagging. I snapped out of her trance and resumed my work. “I can’t do that” I mused “that is really weird”. But the thought of what would happen could not be forgotten. Goldie followed me everywhere. “I should have left you outside” I said, scolding him. Goldie put his head on the side and stared at me. “Don’t look at me like that” I said “don’t be so sad”.

Goldie gave a little moan and lay in the corner of the lounge room. I was tidying up and kept glancing over him. Although laying there he never took his eyes off me. I went into another room and he remained on the floor. As soon as I came back he lifted his head. “What is your problem” I said, exasperated with him “I know you want to lick me. You do don’t you?” He picked up his ears. I felt my pussy tremble. I sat on the couch and looked at him. “Mrs Walden will never know” I said to myself “maybe if I try it once, just once, to know what it feels like”.

I stood up and slipped off my panties. Biting my bottom lip I called Goldie over. “Come on boy” I said “come over here to me”. Goldie immediately got to his feet and padded across the room. “Good boy” I whispered and started to pat his head. True to his training he immediately pushed his nose under my skirt. I opened my legs and squealed as I felt his tongue vigorously licking my pussy. I tried to move but without any real conviction. His tongue was hot, rough and wide. I spread my legs wider and it felt like his tongue reached into my pussy. “Oh my God” I moaned “don’t stop” and continued to rub his head. Shortly after a scream resounded throughout the house as I orgasmed.

“Stop, stop” but he would not be denied. Finally I got up the strength to stand up. Goldie stood there looking confused. “Oh Goldie I am so naughty” I wailed, tears in my eyes. I rushed to the bathroom and stood looking at myself in the mirror. “Why did I do that” I said out loud “you are such a little slut”. But the feelings that Goldie had generated could not be denied. I had only ever cum before by masturbating. I had crossed the line. Was I able to forget it? I reached down and touched myself. My pussy was soaked and my clit extended. No, there was no way back.

Time was ticking on and it was only about an hour before the Walden’s got home. My pussy was still buzzing. Try as I might I could not forget how good Goldie’s tongue felt as it slid up and down my pussy and clit. I mumbled to myself to relax but it wasn’t working. I looked at Goldie lying there and my stomach churned. I looked at the clock. “Come on Goldie” I finally said “come and make me cum again. Come and lick my pussy”. As if understanding what I said Goldie advanced. I, who had already shed my panties again, spread my legs and patted his head. Like a programmed robot he dived right in. I squealed and closed my eyes. “Yes doggy, do it to me” and as I continued to rub his head Goldie played his part by once again tipping me over the edge. This time once wasn’t enough and I moaned and squealed and came again before I pushed him away and flopped back on the couch. No retribution this time. No regrets. Just a feeling of total bliss.

When Mr and Mrs Walden got home I had sufficiently calmed down. Cleaned myself up and put my panties back on. While enjoying Goldie I did feel a twinge of regret that I had been so ready to get pleasure from a dog. Unfortunately Goldie was still excited and when Mrs Walden came through the front door Goldie expressed his excitement by leaping at her, his cock clearly peeking out of its hiding place. She looked at me as if to say “I know what you have been doing”. I gave the game away by going bright red. Nothing was said as they both went and changed out of their work clothes.

I prepared to leave but Mrs Walden called me into the lounge. “Honey I know you have Goldie all excited. I will have to calm him down later. Please be very careful” she said. I got even redder in the face. She smiled “it feels so good doesn’t it?” she whispered “but poor Goldie gets very excited when he doesn’t get his reward for pleasing someone”. I tried to say someone but the words would not come out. “I am not angry” she added “but please be aware that he expects more”. I finally found voice and said I was sorry. “Look, if you want to know what happens please check this website. It will give you all you need to know” and she wrote down the address on a piece of paper.

I went home wondering what there was to know. I had no idea what bestiality was all about. Until I saw Mrs Walden with her dog I had no idea such things happened. Mum asked how work went and I said fine. Then went to my room and changed. My panties were still damp with dog saliva. I had dinner and then back to my room. I looked at the address Mrs Walden had written down and hesitated. Then I clicked on. For the next nearly an hour I looked at videos of women with dogs. I was flabbergasted. First I found there were hundreds of videos. Lots dogs, big and small. Women were obviously enjoying the sex. I saw that dogs had this big lump on their cocks. What shocked me most was some videos had women sucking dog’s cocks. In the end I had to get myself off as I watched. It was amazing.

I almost had a heart attack when mum knocked on my door to tell me my favourite program was starting. I quickly closed my laptop and went to the lounge. I watched the show but I don’t remember any of it. My mind was still looking at those videos. Later I logged on again and watched a couple more before going to bed. I now understood more about sex with dogs. I was sure I couldn’t go all the way but, still, I was fascinated by the idea of dog sex. And the size of some of their cocks. My God those women seemed to enjoy it so much.

Next day Mrs Walden told her husband she would follow later. After he left she asked whether I had watched any videos. I told her I had and was shocked at some of the things I saw. She smiled and told me some of the moaning, etc., was fake but it really did feel good. I asked how her husband thought about it. She laughed and said it was his idea. I told her I didn’t think I could go all the way as I was a virgin and didn’t think my first sexual experience should be a dog. She said not to worry and that she would consider that. “Just remember that Goldie is trained to mate with me so careful you don’t tease him” she said and left for work. I looked at Goldie who had been watching us and wagging his tail. I wondered if Mrs Walden also sucked his cock.

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