Fiona gets a job – Chapter 1



I get a great job but it has a complication. I left school after year 12. My mother was keen for me to graduate. She said it would make it easier to get a job. The truth was I had no idea what I wanted to do. So after graduation I settled on the couch or in my room and “thought”. It was maybe a month later mum finally got sick of me being under foot. “Your father and I had a talk” she said “and I have one thought for you. Fiona, get a job”. I tried to tell her it was hard to find work in our small town but she mentioned the fact that I hadn’t even tried. Of course she was right.

A couple of days later dad came home and said he had been at a local supermarket and they were looking for staff. Mum, at the same time, mentioned that she had heard a local couple were looking for a house-keeper. Of course she did mention I never cleaned my room so maybe it wasn’t for me. The thought of working in a supermarket didn’t inspire me. Packing shelves or being a checkout chick seemed boring. So I agreed to talk to this couple. Mr and Mrs Walden were lawyers and had a practise in town. I saw them, they seemed nice and so they said they would get me a trial. Mum and dad were very excited.

Bright and early the following Monday I fronted up to work. Basically I would clear the breakfast dishes after they went to work and then clean the house, make the beds and feed their dog. Oh yes, the dog. He was a golden Labrador called Goldie. Not very imaginative. Large and furry and cute. The time I saw him I fell in love with him. From the very first day he followed me around the house. I think he enjoyed having company for a change. His only strange behaviour was that when I patted his head he tried to muzzle my crotch. I would push him away and he stand with head to one side looking sad. It was weird.

My job was five and half days a week. The pay was good so working Saturday morning didn’t worry me. I had been there for a couple of weeks when Mrs Walden called me and told me they were very happy with me and they wanted to offer me the job. I was so pleased. Mum and dad were extra happy. The job was pretty easy, no stress. I learned not to pat Goldie on the head but he still followed me around. He was like my shadow. I wondered if he was making sure I did my job properly. I settled in to a routine and it was all fine.

One Saturday I finished at midday and prepared to leave. I said good bye to the Walden but halfway out the door I remembered I had forgot to dust the furniture in the dining room. Not wishing to get into trouble I went back inside the house. Mr and Mrs Walden had disappeared so I breathed a sigh of relief that I didn’t need to explain why I was back. Grabbing the duster I set about finishing the dusting. I heard Goldie growling and looked around but couldn’t see him. Then I heard Mrs Walden squeal. I started to get worried. I crept down the hall to see what was happening. What I saw blew my mind.

I stepped back and leaned against the wall. The scene I saw would be seared on my brain. Mrs Walden was naked and on her hands and knees. Goldie was on top of her humping like crazy. Mr Walden was on his knees in front of her, also naked, and although I couldn’t see I guessed that with his head thrown back and eyes closed she was sucking his cock. He was moaning, Goldie was growling and Mrs Walden was making muffled moans and squeals. My legs felt weak but I managed to get back up the hallway and out the front door. I got home and mum said I was just in time for lunch. “What’s wrong dear?” she asked “you look flushed”. Flushed indeed. I gulped down my lunch and went to my bedroom. I lay on the bed thinking about what I saw while I masturbated. I did it quite often but this time my orgasm seemed twice as strong.

Having calmed down I wondered how I could go to work on Monday, knowing what I knew. I ummed and aahed all weekend but decided I should go back. So on Monday I arrived at the normal time. All seemed normal but that image was stuck there. Mr Walden said hello and said it was time to leave. Mrs Walden said “you go ahead love. I want to talk to Fiona”. He left and she told me to sit in the lounge. I was worried about what she wanted me for. I was sure they hadn’t seen me Saturday.

She sat opposite me. “Fiona we know you were still in the house Saturday and we know what you saw” she said. It was no use lying. While Mr Walden’s eyes appeared shut they weren’t and he saw me. “I am sorry Mrs Walden” I said. There was nothing I could say. “I promise I won’t tell anyone. Please don’t sack me” I added. She smiled. “Oh honey we are not going to sack you” she said “and thank you for not telling anyone about our little secret. Goldie is a lovely dog and well trained and I love him to bit. But I think you already know that. Has he tried to do anything with you honey?’

I told her that he did follow me around all the time and I realised that if I patted him he would try to get under my skirt. She nodded “yes my dear that is a signal he knows. Pat his head and he knows I want him to lick me”. I sat stunned that she seemed so at ease talking about it. “OK Fiona, it will be our little secret. Now forget about it and just do your job. We are very happy with your work, by the way. Now I better go to work. You can even put Goldie outside if you feel safer. He does get excited at times and I have to give him what he wants”.

Mrs Walden left and I breathed a sigh of relief. I still had my job. Glad because the pay was good and glad because I didn’t have to work at the supermarket. I stood up and found Goldie had been locked in the backyard. I did the dishes and made the beds but standing in the bedroom brought back the memory of what I had seen. My pussy was actually tingling thinking about it. I fought the feeling as I began dusting but finally I sat on the couch, slipped my hand under my skirt and into my panties and got myself off. As my orgasm washed over me I opened my eyes and there was Goldie looking at me though the sliding door. At that moment I wondered what it would feel like to have him lick me. I had only had one boyfriend and he never did more that finger me.

“What are you looking at” I said as he stood there wagging his tail “you are such a naughty boy aren’t you”. I swear he smiled at me. I went back to work but the harder I tried the more I thought about him and what Mrs Walden had said. Patting his head was a signal she wanted to be licked. It was around 2pm when I finally let him into the house. He was all excited and rushed up to me. I stood there wondering “could I really pat his head and what would happen if I did”.

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