Falling at the Johnson’s



A continuation of Albert’s journey through life. He feels he has found love, but the trouble could be looming from his days on the Farm.

Tasha was the most beautiful girl I had ever met. We became instant friends. We would talk at school, text until the wee hours of the night, and we spent every free minute together.

Tasha was an all-around athlete. Her father had been transferred to the power plant that sat on the outside of town. He was an engineer and worked long hours. Her mother had passed away from cancer three years prior to her moving to our town, so it was just her and her dad.

She had been an all-district hitter and outfielder in softball. She also ran cross country and soccer. She was eagerly welcomed to each of the respective teams at our school. She instantly moved up to be one of the most popular girls in the school. She was smart, athletic and beautiful, everything you would want in a woman.

Our relationship started as friends and quickly progressed to the point that everyone at the school, but us, considered us a couple. We hung out, but we had not ever held hands or touched each other in any special way.

Mrs. Johnson invited her and her dad to dinner one night. Her dad and Mr. Johnson hit it off instantly. They were both college football fans and soon the conversation turned to that. Tasha and I helped Mrs. Johnson in the kitchen. I had become a pretty good cook under the teachings of Mrs. Johnson, and I enjoyed it. The night was a big success.

Tasha was at my house the next day. We were in my room doing homework when the doorbell rang. We continued to do our homework as Mrs. Johnson answered the door. I heard her talking to a woman and the voice sounded familiar. I stopped what I was doing and listened closer. It was Mrs. Rich, my case worker.

After a few minutes of the ladies talking, Mrs. Johnson came to my door and asked if I could talk a minute. Tasha remained in my room while I went into the family room. Sure enough, there was Mrs. Rich sitting with her bag full of files, just as before.

“Albert, how are you doing? Mrs. Johnson has had nothing but praises on the arrangement we have. You seemed to have adjusted well to your new surroundings,” Mrs. Rich said as she looked over a file, my file.

I nodded and smiled.

“I wish my visit was all pleasure. Unfortunately we have some problematic things to discuss, do you mind sitting down?” She continued.

Mrs. Johnson held my hand as I sat on the sofa. I had a knot form in my stomach. I thought back to New Years night when I took advantage of a drunk and incapasitated Samantha. They had found out, they were going to move me again. I began to panic inside. I felt sweat begin to bead up on my head and neck.

“I will catch you up. The authorities found Mr. Benson in a cabin in the mountains. He and the girl he abducted had set up house there. They arrested Mr. Benson, and took Trudy into custody. The state has also decided to charge Mrs. Benson with statutory rape. She is very much pregnant with what seems to be your child,” she placed the file back in her bag.

“With all that being said, the Benson’s are facing some stiff charges. Mr. Benson has a list of charges as long as my arm, and Mrs. Benson isn’t too far behind him. So you and the other’s who had been under their care are being asked to give depositions on the events that happened on that farm. You, being a character witness, are going to be asked to testify in court for the state,” she took off her glasses, and took a deep breath.

“All you have to do is tell the truth. That is all. I will get the information to Mrs. Benson as soon as the dates are set. I will be at the deposition, and the trial as your representative. It is going to be a long process, but we will get through it. Do you have any questions?”

I thought for a minute, “How is Trudy, Tommy and Heather? I have not seen or heard from them since we were split up.”

“I am sorry Albert, but I can not reveal that information to you. It would violate the federal privacy act,” she replied without taking an ounce of consideration. “If you do not have any other questions, I have to run. I will forward you the dates as soon as I get them.”

She stood up and headed for the door. Mrs. Johnson followed and walked her out. I just sat there in a trance. I thought all of the Farm stuff was out of my life. I rarely even thought about it anymore. Why were they going to make me relive it all?

Mrs. Johnson came back into the family room and assured me that everything was going to be okay. I got up and went back to my room. Tasha looked at me with a caring look as I sat on the bed beside her.

“I am sorry Albert,” she laid her head on my shoulder and placed her hand on my leg. “I was going to the kitchen to get something to drink and heard what that lady said. I am here if you need to talk.”

“You really do not want to know the details,” I responded while staring out of the window.

“Yes I do, I care about you Albert, please talk to me. Tell me what that lady was talking about.”

“Your feelings for me will change, you will think I am some sort of a monster.”

“No, I will not Albert. Nothing in your past will ever change my feelings. Your past helped to make you the person you are today. The person that I care about. You can not change the past so anyone that faults you for your past, never care about you to begin with.”

For the next forty-five minutes I told her everything. I told her of the bath time masturbation sections, I told her about the weekend sexcapades that we had. I told her how Mrs. Benson had seduced me in the barn that rainy day and how she had gotten pregnant from it. I described to her in detail the last two days I spent with Heather and how we had had sex numerous times while waiting for the state to come. I even spilled my guts about the night I fucked Dana and how I felt so bad about being used.

I stopped with that. I could not tell her about New Years night with Samantha. I was too ashamed to spill how I had taken advantage of her. I had not found it in my heart to forgive myself and I didn’t think she would either, no matter how understanding she was.

When I was done, I continued to stare out of the window. Tasha sat in silence. I was too ashamed and embarrassed to look at her. I felt the bed lift as she stood up. I could hear her pacing at the foot of the bed. I still could not bring myself to look her way.

She finally walked in front of me. My eyes could not look into hers. She squatted in front of me and just looked at me. She placed her hands on my knees. I finally looked down at her. Her blue eyes were filled with tears and she had a streak in her makeup that the tears had washed away.

“Albert, I am so sorry that you had to go through all that. I am sorry that I asked you to relive it,” she stood and stepped closer and pulled my head into her stomach.

Her fingers slowly stroked my hair. She smelled amazing. If I had not been on a pity party, I am sure I would have thought of something sexual being in that position. I didn’t though. I didn’t even get hard as I was being held by the most beautiful girl I knew.

Tasha was true to her word. She treated me the same way she had before she knew about my past. Actually, she showed me a little more attention and was more flirty than before. She would make a sexual connection to almost everything we talked about. She even flashed her ass at me one day after I commented on how her new leggings looked on it.

Tasha stayed at our house. She would come home with us after school. We would do our homework, we would eat dinner and after dinner Mrs. Johnson would take her home, if her dad had not picked her up. We arrived home one day, and Mrs. Rich was sitting on the side of the street.

When we got out of the car, she walked up to us. She explained that she was in a hurry, but wanted to stop and let us know that the depositions would be the following week. I was to be at the Family Services office at 9am on Monday. She also said that the court date had been set for three months from that very day. She thanked us and left.

Mrs. Johnson looked at me with a concerned look. Tasha took my hand and squeezed it. We went inside and began our daily routine. Both of them were concerned. I was concerned, I knew what the Benson’s had done was ethically wrong. I also knew that what they allowed us to do was legally wrong, but guys and girls my age have sex everyday. The way I saw it was the Benson’s took charge and set rules and safeguards on actions that were going to happen anyway. I did not want to be the one that caused the first family that made me feel welcome to go to jail.

The next day was Friday. There was nothing special about it. I went to school. I made an A on a Trig test, and another A in physics. I ate lunch with Tasha, Jimmy, Robbie and their girlfriends Brenda and Stephanie. After lunch I went to my Finance class, and after that to the gym for weight training.

While in weight training, I was spotting Tasha while she did squats. I watched her amazing ass as she lifted and went back down. She poked fun at me when she caught me staring at the mirror. She told me that she was going to have to get a new spotter that wouldn’t stare at her ass instead of spotting.

On the way home, she mentioned that her dad wanted me to come over the following day, Saturday, and grill. She said he wanted to get to know me better. I nodded and Mrs. Johnson quickly said that I would be able to go, that it would do me good to get out of the house. I told her I would go.

That night, we took Tasha home because her dad was working late. I walked her to the door, as I always did. I also walked into the house and made sure everything was okay. It was something Mrs. Johnson had requested I do to assure her that Tasha was home alone. As I started to leave. Tasha took my hand and pulled me to her. She raised up on her tip toes and kissed me.

I was shocked. I thought Tasha was hot, and I had feelings for her, but I did not know how strong those feelings were until we kissed the first time. She lowered herself down off her toes. I wrapped my arms around her and picked her up. I pressed her body against the wall and we kissed again.

The kiss was full of heated passion. Her arms were around my neck, and her legs wrapped around my waist. Her tongue slipped between my lips and I hungrily sucked it into my mouth. She had thin, spandex leggings on. There was no way she could not feel my hard penis pressing between her legs. The heat I felt between her legs was intense.

Mrs. Johnson brought us back to reality when she tooted the horn of her car. Our kiss broke almost as quick as it started, but I could not let her go. She felt so good in my arms. We just looked into each other’s eyes. Both of us were breathing uncontrollably. I slowly let her back down so her feet were on the floor.

She held my hand as I walked to the door. Before opening it she pulled me in for a shorter, but just as passionate of a kiss. I opened the door to leave. I closed the door and started walking to the car.

I heard the door open and I turned back. “ I will see you tomorrow, Albert,” she said with enthusiasm, and shut the door back.

When I got in the car, Mrs. Johnson was smiling. It was like she knew what had transpired inside Tasha’s house. All I could do was think about how hot it felt between Tasha’s legs and how good her kisses taste. My penis was painfully hard, especially while in the sitting position.

As soon as we got home, I went to relieve myself. While sitting on the toilet, stroking, I replayed the kiss. I replayed how it felt with her well toned legs around my waist. How her breasts were pressed into my chest, and how my penis had felt between her legs.

I imagined us in the same position, but naked. I wondered what her breasts looked like outside of her shirt and sports bra. I wondered if her cunny was bare like Samantha or hairy like Heather. My imagination went wild thinking about how good it would feel to be inside her. To feel her cunny erupt while inside of her. The images were too much. I quickly jumped up and sprayed my gunk into the tub.

I felt guilty after the last jet escaped my penis. I had never had a sexual thought about Tasha. I liked her a lot, and I valued our friendship. Although everyone at school considered us a couple, I had not. She did not seem interested in any other boy and I had no interest in another girl.

Saturday morning I woke up and went for a run before breakfast. My mind had not stopped all night. The kiss that Tasha and I had shared the night before had stirred up a lot of emotions. When I was younger, my never resting mind kept me up many nights, and I had learned then that a run would help relax my mind, so I hoped it still worked.

I returned home and had breakfast. I helped the Johnson’s around the house. We had lunch and I went into my room and took a nap. I rested well. When my alarm went off, I got up and showered to get ready to go to Tasha’s.

I had received my driver’s license a while back, but due to having only one vehicle, I never drove. However, when I told Mr. Johnson that I was ready for him to take me to Tasha’s, he tossed me the keys. He said that he and Mrs. Johnson had a nice evening at home planned and they would not need the car.

I pulled into Tasha’s driveway at 4:30 that afternoon. The days were getting longer, so it would not be dark for another two and a half hours. The weather had gotten warmer too. I was wearing a t-shirt and gym shorts with sneakers. I had brought along a light jacket because the nights were still a bit cool.

I walked to the door and rang the doorbell. Tasha’s house was nice, but simple. What I really liked about it was it was outside of town, and even though there were other houses in the neighborhood, the houses were not on top of each other like the Johnson’s. It was a wood framed house with vinyl siding. It had three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It was built with an open concept. The family room, dining room and kitchen was almost like one big room. Only an island sink with a serving bar separated the kitchen from the other two rooms.

I waited patiently at the door for a couple minutes and was greeted with a beautiful smile as Tasha opened the door. She took me by the hand and led me into the house, and into the family room. It was odd, because as I looked around the house, I did not see Tasha’s dad.

“Would you like something to drink or eat,” she asked as I sat down on the sofa.

“A bottle of water will be great,” I answered. My nervous condition had my mouth very dry.

I watched as she walked into the kitchen. She was wearing sweatpants. She had the legs pulled up halfway between her knee and ankle. Her t-shirt was too big for her, and hung past her bubbly butt, and she was bare footed. I noticed that her toenails were painted the blue and gold, our school colors.

When she came back and handed me my bottle of water, I noticed her fingernails were painted the same colors. I had not noticed them before. I thought hard to try to remember if they were painted the night before, but then I remembered I did not remember anything from the night before, except that kiss.

“Did you get your nails done today?” I asked as I brought the bottle of water to my lips.

She held out her hands and spread her fingers, displaying them to me. “I did, Daddy took me before he left for the airport,” she said with a sly smile.

I almost choked on the water I had just swallowed, when I heard the word airport. I quickly brought the bottle from my lips and looked at her. She grinned like the Cheshire Cat, as she saw my reaction.

“But you said that he wanted me to come over to grill. That is what I told the Johnson’s.”

She crossed her legs under her and sat up straight. “Would they have let you come if they knew we were going to be here alone?”

“Probably not.”

“Okay, then don’t worry about it. Daddy knew you were coming and left money for us to order food when we were hungry.”

We sat in silence for a few minutes. I did not like the idea that we had deceived the Johnson’s. They had been so trusting to let me use the car, and now I was here with a girl alone. I looked at Tasha. She was so sexy, even though she was bumming in her sweatpants and oversized shirt. Her hair was pulled into pigtails. Her blue eyes sparkled as she looked at the soccer game on the television.

As I was looking at her, she turned and caught me looking at her. “There you go again, the way you look at me tells me one of two things. Either you are a creepy stalker, or you like what you are looking at,” she blurted.

One thing I liked about Trudy was that she had no filter. If a thought came through her head, it came out her mouth. Her comments and statements had been the source of many of a laugh among our friends. She was so spontaneous.

I was the total opposite. I sometimes overthink my responses and comments. I know how it feels to be picked on and made fun of, and I do not want to make anyone feel the way I have felt, not even my worst enemy.

“I would have to confess it is the latter, although you may think I am a creepy stalker, I don’t know,” I responded.

“So you like what you are looking at, huh?” she smiled with that sly smile again.

“Very much so,” I replied.

She nodded. “You could have fooled me. Well, you had fooled me until last night. I have been throwing you hints ever since the day we met. I was beginning to think you only thought of me as a friend, but that kiss last night. Oh god, I thought about that kiss all night.”

I could feel my face blush. The kiss had the same effect on her as it did me. For some reason, that gave me relief. I started to tell her that the kiss had kept me up all night, but she didn’t give me a chance, before she really blew my mind.

“That kiss had my whole body tingling. I had never felt anything like it. If Mrs. Johnson had not blown her horn, I would have probably lost my virginity. My panties were soaked after I felt your cock against me. What the girls say is true, you know. You are definitely blessed down there,” she pointed towards my penis.

“Tasha, I have never heard you talk like that,” I replied, “but it’s kind of hot.”

We both laughed hysterically

My heart began to pound in my chest. She laid her head in my lap and watched television. My penis was hard at the thought that my best friend had considered giving me her virginity. I gazed over her body as she lay there. Even bumming, she looked like an angel.

“I feel you looking at me again,” she said without turning her head.

“Sorry, I can’t help it. You are so beautiful.”

She smiled and sat up. She took my hand and pulled me to my feet. Then she turned and wrapped her arms around my neck and looked me directly into my eyes. Her eyes were twinkling and I could feel the desire building. My hands were sweaty as I wrapped them around her waist.

“There is no one here to blow the horn today,” she stood on her tiptoes and our lips touched.

We picked up where we had left off the night before. Her tongue was back in my mouth and I was sucking it passionately. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around my waist and tightened them.

My hands rubbed up her back. I did not feel anything under her oversized t-shirt. A bolt of electricity shot to my penis . I turned and pressed her against the same wall, in about the same exact place as the night before.

Our lips broke apart and I moved my kisses to her neck. I kissed down her neck and back up to her ear. I nibbled on her lobe and ran my tongue around the inside of her ear. This caused her to moan softly and tighten her legs around me. My hard penis was pinched between her cunny and my stomach.

“I want you Albert, take me to my room,” she whispered into my ear.

Still holding her, I turned and walked through the dining room toward the hallway. Our lips pressed together as I passed the bathroom, the spare bedroom and turned into her room. Her room was decorated with pictures and awards from her sporting events. I laid her onto her full sized bed.

She rolled over and got on top of me. She broke our kiss and sat up with her legs straddling me. Her hands moved to her shirt and she lifted it above her head. I had been right, she was not wearing a bra.

Her breasts were beautiful. They were like two cones pressed into her chest. They were pale, unlike her tanned stomach and shoulders. The nipples were pointy and hard. The area around her nipples were a pale pink, my hands quickly moved to them.

I gently squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples between my fingers. She let out a soft moan as her hands covered mine. She twisted her hip and ground her pelvic area against mine.

She slid her body down my legs. I reached down and pulled my t-shirt over my head. She lowered her head and kissed down my stomach. Her fingers hooked into the waistband of my shorts and she pulled. I lifted my hips and gave her the access she desired.

Her eyes widened and she let out a gasp when my shorts passed over my penis and it snapped back and hit my stomach. She pushed my shorts passed my knees and moved back up. I kicked them the rest of the way off as her fingers wrapped around my penis.

I questioned to myself her claim of being a virgin when she stuck out her tongue and licked from my scrotum to the tip of my penis. Her tongue swept over my head and smeared the leaking precum. She opened her pretty lips and placed them around the head and lowered her head.

She only took about a fourth of my penis into her mouth, but she masterfully pleasured what she had. Her fingers tightened around my base as she bobbed her pretty head. I could not resist, I grabbed a hold of her pigtails and held them like handlebars as she pleasured me with her mouth.

I took all I could take. I had to have her. I pulled her up. She released my penis from her mouth and moved up my body. I turned us over and brace myself on one arm while I sucked her breast into my mouth. My tongue swirled around her nipple as my hand moved down her toned, flat stomach.

My hands slipped under the waistband of her sweatpants. My hand traveled lower. I felt no hair, but what I did feel was plump, wet lips that were on fire.

“I shaved this morning, I hope you like it,” she said breathlessly.

My hand cupped her cunny. My middle finger pressed against the engorged button that protruded from her lower stomach. Her back arched as she moaned loudly.

Her hand moved to her waist and she pushed her pants down her shapely hips. I repositioned between her legs and helped her remove them. I took her left leg and lifted it as I looked down to look at her cunny for the first time.

Her moisture was glistening as I kissed her painted toes and up to her ankle. I kissed down her calf and knee. I kissed down her thigh and moved down in the bed to get face to face with her needing cunny. She took my face in her hand and pulled me up.

“I want it now!”

I positioned my penis at her opening and rubbed it up and down her slit. I pressed into her. She grimaced with pain as I attempted to push into her. She gripped my sides as I poked and poked but I couldn’t get more than my head inside her.

“I have an idea,” I suggested as I sensed she was going to tell me to stop.

I moved back between her legs. I used my fingers to open her plump lips. I began to lick and suck her like I used to Heather. Within seconds she was twisting and moaning on the bed. I slipped a finger inside her with ease as her moisture increased. I continued to suck and lick. I inserted the second finger. She was so tight.

Her legs tightened around my head and her hands pressed my head into her cunny. Her butt lifted off the bed as she let out a loud squeal, and her body convulsed as her juice flooded onto my lips and tongue. I continued to slurp her juices until she relaxed and pushed my head away from her.

“That was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced,” she struggled to say as I repositioned my penis at her now relaxed lips.

I pressed into her. She jumped as my penis made its way inside her soaked cunny. She was very tight, but my fingers and her orgasm had relaxed her enough to allow me inside. I pressed half inside her before she pressed her hands against my chest to stop.

“Let me get used to it,”

I braced myself on my arms and looked down at her beautiful naked body. My skin looked dark against her pale skin. Even though she was tanned, it was no comparison to my darkness. She reached and pulled my head down to hers and we kissed.

She tasted herself on my lips and she hungrily wanted more. We passionately kissed and she pressed her pelvis against mine. I pushed the remaining length inside her and held it.

I slowly worked my penis in and out of her. She grew accustomed to her invader and was moving in rhythm with me. We kissed passionately. I gripped her firm butt as my thrust became more intense.

I felt her cunny tighten around my shaft as another orgasm washed over her body. Her body trembled under me as she stuck her tongue deeper into my mouth. Then her body relaxed. She fell limp as I continued my gentle assault on her no longer, virgin cunny.

When she recovered, she was back at meeting my every thrust. I could feel the pressure building inside my stomach and balls. I quickened my thrusts. She must have sensed what was happening and she wrapped her legs around my waist.

“Don’t cum inside me, please,” she pleaded.

I nodded and continued to rock my penis in and out of her. Her legs fell to the bed as I felt her cunny tighten around me again. I could not handle it again. The wetness, the tightness and the fact of taking her virginity was all too much. As her orgasm hit, I pulled out quickly and shot my gunk on her stomach.

I stroked until the last drop landed in her belly button. By this time she had relaxed and was watching my penis erupt. She dipped her finger in the gunk on her stomach and lifted her finger to her lips.

She raised her eyebrows and dipped her finger in it again. She cleaned her finger and acted like she wanted up. I moved off of her, and she got up and took my hand. She led me down the hall to the bathroom. She bent down and turned on the water in the shower.

She took a cloth and wiped the gunk off her stomach and tossed the cloth in the laundry basket. She motioned for me to get in the shower while she left the bathroom. I stepped in the shower and let the water wash the remnants of her juices from my body.

Soon she stepped in the shower with me. She stepped closer and wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me closer. We kissed again. The passion had not been spent. She was as hot as she was before we had sex.

“That was the most amazing thing I have ever done,” she said when she broke the kiss.

“I could get used to having that beautiful cock inside me all the time.”

Her words boosted my ego. It also rekindled my penis. As the water sprayed over our bodies my penis grew between us. Her fingers wrapped around it and stroked me slowly. She stopped and stepped out of the shower, but came right back in.

She opened a condom and rolled it down my penis. She turned around and placed her hands against the shower wall and opened her legs. I stepped closer to her and slipped my penis back into her cunny.

I took her hips and began pumping again inside her. I moved my hands up her stomach and kneaded her breasts as my stomach slapped against her butt. Her cunny erupted as I thrusted harder and faster. I slammed in her and filled the condom. The swelling of my penis inside her tripped her over the edge again.

We both waddled back to her room after our shower. We cuddled and kissed, after we dressed. She used her phone and ordered us some food. We went back into the family room and cuddled on the sofa until it arrived. We ate and watched a movie on Netflix.

We had sex again before it was time for me to leave. I could not imagine how good she made me feel. When I was with her, nothing else mattered. She was the center of my world and everything I did was for her. We were inseparable before, and we would become even more so after.

The next day, I was allowed to go and pick her up and we went back to my house. Her dad was still out of town, so she spent the entire day with us. It was noticeable that our relationship had changed and it seemed to please the Johnson’s that I had found someone.

At dinner, Mrs. Johnson reminded me that I had the deposition the following morning. Her words knocked me off the cloud I had been on and back to reality. She told me that I should wear my suit and tie, and to look as professional as possible. She and Tasha had me try my suit on and made adjustments that were needed.

When I took Tasha home, her dad had returned. I walked her inside and hung out a few minutes. When I went to leave, she walked me to the door and gave me a good night kiss.

“Good luck tomorrow, and just tell them the truth, that is all they want,” she said as I nodded. “Text me when you get done, okay?

I said okay and kissed her again. I then turned to walk to the car. When I got in she was still at the door and waved as I left.

When I arrived home, I went to let the Johnson’s know I was home. When I approached the door, I heard the bed squeaking and moaning from behind the door. I smiled to myself and went to the bathroom to shower. I didn’t stroke that night, I didn’t need to. Tasha had drained me

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